Does 'Skyfall' as a James Bond title scare 'the living daylights' out of you?


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When it comes to the James Bond franchise, titles to the 22 previous cinematic incarnations basically have gone one of two ways. One, short and sweet. Goldfinger, Dr. No, Thunderball. Even License to Kill. Brief and helpfully obvious. The other favorite option has been wordy tediousness, titles that sound more like perfume names than spy thrillers. For Your Eyes Only, Tomorrow Never Dies. And, yes, Quantum of Solace. Though even some of the most flowery Bond names are drawn directly from Ian Fleming’s pen, I lean towards simplicity — perhaps only because those titles seem to better reflect the depictions of Bond as “blunt instrument” that I prefer.

So I have to say I was encouraged to read the recent Internet scuttlebutt that the next Bond film might be called Skyfall. The whispering began after Sony reportedly registered several Internet domain names that included numerous combinations of “James Bond” and “Skyfall.” Though Sony and EON wouldn’t reveal whether Skyfall would be the title of Bond’s next adventure, they didn’t deny it either. Their silence shouldn’t be misinterpreted as confirmation, yet I’m already looking forward to learning what Skyfall might represent in the Bond universe before the film arrives in American theaters on Nov. 9, 2012.

Even without knowing whether Skyfall is some rogue space satellite or the newest thrill-ride at Six Flags, I like it. It’s much better than Carte Blanche, another Internet rumor back in August. Skyfall has some verve to it, and I’m already more inclined to see it than I was to see Quantum of Solace on title alone. Silly, I know, but historically, audiences seem to feel the same way. Of the 22 previous Bond films, the ones with one-word titles have averaged the most money at the box office, when adjusted for inflation. One-word titles are good for $294 million, on the average, significantly more than two- ($177.4), three- ($168.5), or four-word ($234.5) Bond titles. (Don’t waste our time, six-worder The Man With the Golden Gun!) Brevity might be the soul of wit, but it’s also apparently the color of green.

Does Skyfall feel like a Bond movie to you? I give you carte blanche to sound off about it.

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  • jawslives

    As long as it’s not Moonraker.

  • sakara

    junk by any other name.

    • Dan

      There’s plenty of Adam Sandler movies for you… leave the Bond films to the rest of us, thanks.

  • Cris

    Being happy because of the possible name of the movie is just like the people who complain that a movie is going to bomb because of a photo of a red-headed Lois Lane or a Catwoman outfit they don’t like.
    Let’s try actually waiting and seeing if the movie itself is any good, instead of getting our hopes up (or down) based on things that don’t really have much effect on the film itself.

    • derek

      In fairness to your second example, Halle Berry’s hidious costume did turn out to be a good predicter on how awful the actual movie turned out to be.

      • Summer

        Lol, yes.

      • GUS

        In all fairness look who directed cat woman… now look who is directing The dark knight rises… Point made

      • GUS

        In all fairness look who directed catwoman… Noww look who is directing the dark knight rises… point made

  • Peter Vee

    “Skyfall” doesn’t quite seem to fit; even Fleming’s short Bond titles tended to have a certain mix of bombast and twee humor to them. Anyway, it’s not a big deal by itself, but the title does strongly suggest the villain’s plot will involve satellites, rockets, or space stations, which IMO tend to be the Bond stories that get a little ridiculous.

    • Dan

      Except Goldeneye (and to a lesser extent Diamonds are Forever)

  • Scott

    Carte Blanche is the name of the new Bond book.

    • AT

      This. It’s really scary that a writer on an entertainment site with a book section apparently didn’t know that.

      • Rick

        Not scary. Typical.

  • Jose

    Skyfall? But all Bond movies are supposed to vace o’s so that they can incorporate the 007 logo in the title! I don’t think that’s the title because of that.

    • Johnification

      I can see them doing vertical 00’s in the S, maybe with a 7 coming out of the k.

      • You know…

        The S can be made into two o’s, and the 7 already contains a backwards 7. It won’t be hard.

    • Craig

      Oh, yeah? Explain Moonraker!

  • Joe

    Sounds more like the name of a Bond videogame than a Bond movie.

  • Nicole

    Skyfall just reminds me of Falling Skies on TNT (not bad, but it’s science fiction not James Bond, who is his very own genre, in my opinion) and the movie Skyline (which was also science fiction, but such AWFUL science fiction I nearly threw my laptop at the wall). So I immediately get a science-fiction-y felling from “Skyfall.” But they could make it work, I guess. I still haven’t seen Quantom of Solace and I have to admit… it was kinda because of the name. I just didn’t like it. Not that I wouldn’t see it NOW, I just didn’t want to spend the money THEN. If that makes sense.

    • Nicole


    • punch drunk fool

      I actually get your point skyfall seems scifi-esque. James bond titles I think should have a little class to them. Right now it sounds like a halo addition.

      • Brian

        Staunch Bond enthusiasts eagerly anticipated Eon’s use of “Quantum of Solace” as a title, only to be highly offended when it turned out to be the worst movie of the entire series. “Skyfall” is just lame as it has no relevance to James Bond or Ian Fleming. There are plenty of excellent unused Fleming titles to choose from, including short stories and 007 novel chapter titles. Why make up something dumb that has no roots in Bond-age?

  • Darren Roth

    I’d like to see Kurt Angle and Gary Daniels as villains in this film. There would be amazing fight scenes between each of them with Daniel Craig. I am waiting for a good hand-to-hand fight for Bond, not those brief fights he kept getting. There could be a fight sequence where Kurt Angle overhead belly to belly suplexes Daniel Craig through a glass wall and later executes the Angle Slam on him as well but Daniel Craig manages to beat him after a long, hard fight. Can’t wait for Bond 23! Oh, it’s real! It’s damn real!

    • Dominus

      It’s getting close to the point where we might souserily be thinking of Galvis as Rollins’ successor which has a broad set of potential ramifications, including the possibility of renting another player for a couple of years while Galvis finishes his preparations. I was not ready for Galvis to take this type of step forward.And, yes, I think Santana has taken a big step forward. It’s not easy to be 18 and hit in A ball with an okay average and power. He’s still got quite an upside.

  • Bridget Marsden

    I hope they film in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Las Vegas and include several American actors. They have excluded the U.S. from the film series since Licence To Kill (1989) and the sequence in Casino Royale (2006) at Miami International Airport was not even filmed in the U.S.

    • slippery pete

      Yeah, American films always cast Brits and other Europeans.

  • Katie Hart

    I wish they would film in Armenia. Hollywood should make more movies there. It’s right next to Turkey where they will be filming for the third time in the history of the film series.

    • Gustav Graves

      The only problem I see with filming in Armenia is that there is entirely too many Armenians there….

  • Canadian

    Up above….he’s not referring to Halle Berry’s catwoman costume but to Anne Hathaway’s which everyone hates although it’s just a photo from one scene of what will be a long movie…..

  • T

    If they’re looking for Bond titles, try the Raymond Benson 007 novels that followed after Fleming in the ’90s.
    Skyfall ? Sounds LAME !

  • Fatima

    Sounds like this writer wants the blandest names possible.

  • Andrew

    It’s a better title than “Quantum of Solice”.

    • slippery pete

      “Quantum of Solace” wasnt that bad of a title. What is everyone talking about?

      • Rashy

        I agree. Quantum is the name of the shadowy organization for the organized, haha (Daniel Craig from the film The Jacket), and he need solace after Vesper’s betrayal and tragic demise. that movie generates unpresidented hate anyhow.

      • Dan

        The name was much better than the movie, IMO.

      • SympleSymon

        How is everyone hating Quantum? Is it really so bad it makes you forget the horrendous Moonraker? Bond is NOT science-fiction, and it should never attempt to be.

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