'The Big Bang Theory': Raj gets a girlfriend! Who he can talk to!


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As happy as I was to see Raj Koothrappali finally land himself a girlfriend on this week’s The Big Bang Theory, even if for one episode, I’m a tinge surprised it’s taken his friends over four seasons to realize they needed to fix Raj up with a deaf woman. Well, really they need to get him into some comprehensive therapy for his selective mutism — some hypnotism wouldn’t hurt either. But, still, finding someone who physically can’t hear Raj’s romantic verbal diarrhea seems like a pretty obvious notion to me. 

In any event, after last week’s virtually Raj-free episode, it was nice to have the adorably clueless doof back center stage. But it was really nice to see the Big Bang bunch behaving like such a bonded band of buddies. (Whoa.) This was a solid ensemble episode, with moments for each character and actor, especially Simon Helberg’s Howard and Kaley Cuoco’s Penny, as they introduced Penny’s deaf friend Emily (Katie Leclerc) to Raj and Raj proceeded to make a royal fool of himself. And yet Emily still stuck around, because, as Sheldon revealed to Howard, Penny, and Leonard, “the Koothrappalis aren’t just rich. They’re Richie Rich rich.” And how rich is that? “About halfway between Bruce Wayne and Scrooge McDuck.” (Again, I’ve got to ask, they’re only learning this about Raj now?)

So it turned out Emily was a gold digger, and although Raj didn’t care — he happily bought her diamond earrings, paid off her credit cards, and leased her a car — Raj’s parents sure did, and that was that. Ah, I guess it’s just as well. We all know Raj’s only true love is Howard, anyways.


I would say it was boys’ opening game of Dungeons and Dragons, but that served as merely the inspiration for what really takes the geek crown this week: Sheldon’s resolution to make all of his trivial decisions with a roll of the dice. The results: A dinner made up of a side of corn succotash and a pitcher of margaritas; a perfect pencil mustache that Sheldon needs to consider rocking more often; and a painfully full bladder the dice refused to let him void until he got home from the Cheesecake Factory.


There really wasn’t any science-y science in this episode, other than perhaps Raj’s understanding of the constellations. Really, though, this exchange between Bernadette and Penny about a suitable woman for Raj deserves the prize:

Bernadette: I met a really cute girl at work. She’s married to a guy in one of our drug trials.
Penny: Well, hello, she’s married.
Bernadette: Yeah, but her husband is in serious congestive heart failure, and a little birdie told me he’s the placebo group!

Which brings me to the…


Leonard: We enter the dungeon.
Sheldon: You see a dragon.
Howard: Really, so, we’re playing Dungeon’s and Dragons, and we walk into a dungeon, and see a dragon? Isn’t that a little on the nose?
Sheldon: When you play chutes and ladders do you complain about all the chutes and all the ladders?

Raj: I don’t know if I want to play anymore
Sheldon: Because you don’t have a girlfriend? Well, good lord. If that becomes a reason not to play Dungeons and Dragons, this game’s in serious trouble.

Leonard: Deaf women can’t be golddiggers?
Penny: Handicapped people are nice, Leonard. Everyone knows that.

Penny: This girl is trouble! What kind of relationship is it where you buy her gifts and she gives you sex?

Raj: Oh Penny, I hurt so bad… Sometimes I put the TV on mute just to pretend she’s still with me. But I can’t watch the close captioning without crying!

What did you make of “The Wiggly Finger Catalyst,” fellow Big Bang theorists? Will Raj ever find a suitable mate? What do you think the opening conversations about Howard and Bernadette’s progress on their wedding portends for when-or-if it will happen? And either gynecologists in India are very well compensated, or I presume the wealth comes from Ma Koothrappali, no?

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  • Joel

    This was a very sweet episode! Not huge on laughs, but very heartfelt and touching just the same. Pretty much all the main characters took a back seat and left Raj and (to an extent) Howard front and center. It was nice not to have a “Sheldon is crazy and Leonard sighs and shrugs his shoulders” moment for once. Great job writers!

    • Jack

      It did seem weird that the white girl would be interested in Raj in the first place. You never really see white women with Indians

      • MiaRW

        Really? Guess I’d better let my Indian husband know that I’m not really white.

      • Aisha

        Not true. I’m Indian, and a family friend is married to a white woman, as is an uncle of mine. There are others I’ve seen, as well.

      • uh…

        Are you serious? I don’t know where you’ve been hiding but there are a lot of couples that are believe it or not different races and not just mixing with white guys.. welcome to the 21st century, Jack LOL

      • Brett

        Jack, you even see Indian men with white men. Take a look around sometime.

      • Muni

        Love your photos. Thanks so much for stippong by my site. I’m going to pop by yours again. Anthropologie is one of those stores I enjoy going in to but never seem to buy any clothes in. I don’t think I’m chic enough.

    • Mary

      And Penny should date a hot guy…

      Leonard is not just ugly, hes FUGLY!!!

      • Cibila

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  • HM

    Raj gets a girlfriend? Raj finally gets some airtime and character development is more like it! FINALLY! After last week’s AmyFarrahFowlerFest, I was starting to feel like the show was writing him out.

    • Bishoff

      This was such a great episode, and I, too, am so glad that Amy wasn’t in it. I absolutely detest Amy! She’s a horrible actress, and she doesn’t fit into the group. I mean seriously, why on earth would a girl like Penny hang out with a troll like Amy? Please kick her out!!!!

      But yeah, I love Raj. Please give him more screen time!

      • impliedbazinga

        Hey Vary, do your homework. Although the first that we’ve seen, Emily is actually Raj’s SECOND deaf girlfriend. In Episode 405 (“The Desperation Emanation”), Raj mentioned that he had one (Leonard: How could you have a girlfriend? You can’t even speak to women. Raj: Two words — deaf chick. Doesn’t matter if I can’t talk because she can’t hear me.). Well, unless The Brilliant Showrunner a.k.a. Bill Prady backpedals with another quasi-brilliant excuse for this gross oversight from the writers again. Remember Sheldon’s “first” kiss? And he fact that Shelly once said that there isn’t a universe where he dances, and yet — voila! — he turns out to be proficient in the Rumba, Waltz, and Cha Cha? To quote Sheldon, “I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point.” (Is there no teleplay fact-checker of some sort for this show?) That said, despite his fondness for playing with semantics when giving an excuse, when I say brilliant, I mean it, by the way. Gotta love how Prady’s mind works.

        In other news, it’s getting troubling that even in just a minute (and literally, a 1-minute) scene, AFF managed to disconcert yet again with her Single White Female neediness. Seriously NOT adorable, ladies and gentlemen. Bernadette’s creeped-out expression after Amy’s bikini region comment says it all.

        Finally, not a fan of the pornstache (although a scruffy Sheldon — like we’ve seen at least twice before — is surprisingly delish), but am I the only one who was hoping to get a peek at Sheldon post-pitcher of Margaritas? If the past is any indication, an intoxicated Sheldon is always intoxicatingly fun!

      • impliedbazinga

        Amy was in this episode, Bishoff. She had a short scene with the girls in Penny’s apartment. The fact that you didn’t notice speaks volumes about the actress’s performance, though. I don’t blame you. Bialik had a freaking whole season to make her character evolve from annoying to endearing, and she failed miserably. I seriously liked Amy more when Season 4 began and she just appeared sparingly. Enough is enough! On the other hand, even in the shortest of appearances (episode 5.01, for instance), Melissa Rauch always manages to own a scene. No doubt, without stealing the main characters’ thunder, she’s made Bernadette a hilarious addition to the show.

      • Tank Girl

        @impliedbazinga I’m still wondering how germaphobe Sheldon could bear to put that toy train part in his mouth last week, without having explained how he put it in a sterilizer first, or some such thing. The writers are really falling down on continuation.
        But I totally agree with Bischoff about Amy. Many more episodes focusing on her and I’m quitting this show.

      • beechnut

        My husband and I both agree that AFF is one of the best characters on BBT! She’s been a great addition to the group, and I think the actress does a great job with the character.

      • Justin

        Amy is a hilarious character. You need a much better sense of humor if you don’t see that. Don’t worry, I’m sure BBT will keep her and disregard whatever hateraide you’ve been drinking.

      • impliedbazinga

        Yo, Justin. If you’re going to be intolerant of people who don’t share your point of view, then perhaps you should steer clear of sites like the one you’re on because chances are, at least 75.5% of the TV-viewing population will disagree with you. Case in point: Personally, I don’t get off on stiff, unnatural, rattle-the-lines-from-the-script-like-a-fembot humor; but if you do, then huzzah. I’m not about to bite your head off for your taste in hilarity. I happen to prefer the more sarcastic, deadpan humor coupled with natural physical comedy à la Matthew Perry or Jim Parsons, but hey, that’s just me (and oh, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences too, evidently). In case you weren’t cognizant of the fact, only the utmost of infantile egomaniacs think less of others for not sharing their points of view. Speaking for myself, as part of the key 18-49 adult demographic of TBBT, I take the time and make the lame ass effort of posting my comments about my fave TV show (and not off-topic insults toward other viewers who don’t share my opinions), hopefully to keep TPTB abreast with what the fans like AND dislike; and — no matter how remote the possibility — to perhaps be of help in keeping the brilliant show on the air for as long as we enjoyed Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, or even Friends. It’s not abhorrence, it’s called an opinion. And I’m entitled to mine.

      • Justin

        Hey, impliedbazinga, I was commenting on Bishoff’s comment, not yours. You’re entitled to your opinion, and I actually like your opinion, so back off.

      • impliedbazinga

        Your comment about my comment, Tank Girl’s comment, Bishoff’s comment … or even my current comment about your comment about what I thought was mine. WTF ever. A good rule of thumb before clicking on the “Post Comment” button on sites like this is to stay on topic about the subject at hand; and not to hurl insults to fellow aficionados who — gasp! — dare not to share your point of view. Capisce? And, speaking of staying on topic, this will be my last transmission with you, lest the EW.com gods banish me to a galaxy far, far away. Over and out.

  • Lisa

    FYI:Raj has always been rich. At least his parents, they have a Benz in India and various servants. His father is a gyno in India.

    His sister is a business lawyer.

    • Kia

      They have a Bentley.

    • Rock Golf

      An Indian friend of mine once told me, without meaning to be humorous, that his family wasn’t well off. They only had 2 servants.

      • Rock Golf’s Indian Freind

        I was meaning to be humorous.

  • Jennifer

    This episode was not funny or entertaining. Fail.

    • Eli

      This episode was hilarious, one of the funniest in a while.

    • Justin

      This episode was freaking hilarious. You fail.

  • Libby

    Raj isn’t funny. In fact, the show drags when Raj is the main focus. They need to give this guy some charming qualities and stop making him into a jerk. Yes, Sheldon is a jerk, and so are the others, but they aren’t intentionally cruel, and Raj and his sister are. I don’t know why the writers are slanting them that way but it isn’t funny.

    • Terri

      I don’t think Priya is intentionally cruel, she’s just a bitch.

    • Aura Lee

      WHAT?! Raj is my favorite character. They just underuse/misuse him. He was realyl fantastic in the first three seasons now he’s just background and I think it hurts the show.

    • langley

      Raj is sweet and endearing until he drinks too much but yeah, they DO need to stop making him out to be a jerk. If Wollowitz can get a fiance, then Raj should be able to be able to have a lasting relationship too. Writers, fix it!!!

  • Eli

    And the first politically correct complaints about this episode will appear in 3, 2, 1….

  • Francisco

    I hope Raj gets a decent girlfriend in the near future. His selective mutism running gag has played itself out.

  • Marla

    I predict Raj will be able to talk to the one girl who is perfect for him. But not until next season. Loved Sheldon’s dice rolling decision making process

  • Elizabeth

    I’m glad they didn’t drag the gold digging GF plot out into more than one episode.

  • Flame

    Nice episode. Wonder when we had the last episode focusing on Raj, and a bit of Howard. Was there ever any?

    About the wedding question: In the world of Sitcom, planning a wedding usually spells trouble. See How I met your Mother, Season 1.

  • Eric

    Yeah, I did the dice thing once, sort of. I took a few dice (a d4, d6, d8 and a d12) to help me on an exam in college I wasn’t prepared for. Needless to say I flunked the hell out of that test. Rolling dice on life decisions is a very bad idea. lol.

    Still, funny to see Sheldon doing it.

    • Incredibly Annoying Nitpicker

      Well, to be fair, Sheldon did say he would only roll the dice for TRIVIAL decisions, and I think we can all agree that a college exam is not trivial.
      Hard to believe I don”t have any friends, isn’t it?

  • Nick

    You know why it was a good episode? The sit down living room conversations and one on one exchanges. It’s one liners after one liners….They were funny and that’s what made me laugh…Creators keep Penny and Raj in more episodes.

  • JKH

    Not my favorite BBT episode ever… but Bernadette’s line about “a little birdie told me he’s the placebo group” had me cracking up.

  • Kevin

    It was nice to see the four guys together doing something geeky for a change, which has been lacking the past few seasons.

    • TKS

      I agree. I’ve always liked the show. But my favorite moments have been the geekiness I so relate to. Like when they had a conversation about how Superman would/could clean his costume. Or that “with enough start-up capital and research time, anyone could be Batman.”

      • footballmom

        That is why Batman is my favorite superhero…anyone could be him :) I love Batman

  • Rosie

    I liked the episode, it was funny and sweet. I really liked seeing characters work together when they usually don’t – like Howard and Penny, Raj and Penny. It’s nice that the writers are rotating central plotlines among all of the characters, instead of the usual Sheldon episodes. I adore Sheldon, but it’s great to see someone else shine once in a while!

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