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I really want to love Up All Night. Unfortunately, I’m not there yet. But NBC is trying to make this relationship work. The network just gave the freshman comedy, starring Christina Applegate, Will Arnett, and Maya Rudolph, a full season pickup. So, I’ll gladly use the extra episodes to see if I can fully commit. And by commit, I mean having my DVR record the series.

In last night’s “New Car,” Reagan and Chris attempted to pack their tiny convertible for a day at the beach. But when they forget to add the most important cargo (see: their baby, Amy) they realized it might be time to grow up and purchase a family friendly vehicle. Cars considered: The Back to the Future DeLorean and The A-Team van. After consuming too much wine, Reagan bid on and won an A-Team-esque van delivered straight to her door by Pete Little Bear, who may or may not be a shape-shifting bird. Still with me? Reagan and Chris ended up finding a car that suits their needs and personality. And we applauded them for taking another step forward in their roles as parents/adults.

Meanwhile, Reagan’s boss Ava was in crisis mode because she’d been named one of the “Top 10 Celebrity Dropouts.” I thought this B-story fell a little flat, although I do cherish all of Maya Rudolph’s facial expressions. The only highlight was learning that The Facts of Life‘s Tootie (aka Kim Fields) went to Pepperdine. (I googled it, people. She really did! The more you know.) In an attempt to show off her smarts and have an author on her show, Ava tried reading the book Default: The Collapse of the American Economy. I almost fell asleep just typing that name, so I sympathized with Ava’s inability to make it past the cover page. (Also, when Chris started talking about the SEC, I thought he meant this one, not this one. I’m dumb, too!) But Ava shocked her audience with her smarts, and twisted the interview to work in her favor. And we applauded her for taking another step forward in her role as an adult.

What are your thoughts on Up All Night? Do you, like me, feel the need to purchase a pair of baby cowboy boots? (I don’t even have a baby….) The show doesn’t deliver laugh-out-loud jokes at every turn like some of my other favorite NBC comedies — I’m looking at you, Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock — but the characters keep me coming back every Wednesday night. Still, I haven’t been able to fully confess my love for the show. Am I alone? Sound off in the comments.

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  • Katherine

    The relationship between Reagan and Chris is why I watch. He’s sort of the husband for the modern day woman and Will Arnett is the rock of the show. I think that even though it’s not drop dead funny at every turn, it’s like another NBC favorite where you really can’t pinpoint why you love it or keep coming back, you just do (I mean Parenthood by the way).

    • Rachel Green

      I totally agree about Will Arnett. His character is silly sometimes but still smart. I wonder if people that don’t like this show don’t have children. My husband and I had our first child at 36 and when we watch the show, we constantly look over at each other and laugh because we have done some of the same things. My husband had to sell his beloved truck when I was pregnant. I’m just glad he didn’t see that the A-team van was for sale.

  • Tim S.

    This is one of my favorite new shows of the season. Both Will Arnet and Christina Applegate are great in it and Maya Rudolph almost always steals the show as the Oprah-esque Ava.

    • besimon

      I look forward to this show also. Loved that Chris callled Pete Little Bears daughter and he “swears she said he died 3 years ago.” And Ava is hilarious. Love how she got the geek Economist to talk about his bullying experience. She’s the new Barbara Walters.

  • Jeff

    It reminds me of Kath & Kim, but not the funny original Australian version. I really wanted to like this show but I was out after the second episode.

  • Poppy

    Sorry, I gave up on it after the first episode even though I love all the actors involved. Just didn’t feel it…

  • johnc

    I like the show. It has potential but not great yet. It reminds me of the early days of Park and Recreation. It probably requires a year to find its footing, like P&R.

    I am still disappointed NBC did not give The Playboy Club a fighting chance.

    • lisa

      parks and rec???? how dare you sir? how dare you?!?

      • Jeremy

        I actually agree with it. I feel the Parjs & Rec. season 1 vibe with Up All Night. Maybe it will improve IF its gets a 2nd season.

    • I love my kids

      Really johnc? Parks and Rec you knew was going to be good by the end of the first episode. This show makes me glaze over. Up all Night is only interesting (maybe) to people who have a baby, or who are thinking about having a baby. Anyone with kids over the age of 8-10 do NOT want to re-live that era, at least I don’t. I want to escape when I watch a sitcom. Unfortunately the writing isn’t funny enough to make me not remember how hard it was to work a full time job and take care of babies at the same time.

    • Mandy P.

      I agree as well. I love Parks and Rec now, but I gave up on it during the first season and only went back after hearing how amazing the 2nd season was.

      • E.

        Same here. I could barely get through the first episode of Parks & Rec. (Thought it was a bad rip-off of “The Office”.) Then when I heard how great S2 was, I gave it another shot. Became addicted and went back to S1. But even after I watched – as a fan – I could see that it took them most of S1 to figure out what they were doing and how to present the Leslie Knope character.

  • A Fan

    I’m trying, I really am but I’m not there. I don’t have to set the dvr since it’s on demand but I haven’t gotten through a full episode yet.

  • Lorie

    You’re not alone. I love Christina & Will, but I can’t say the same for their show. I really want to, though, so each week I keep hoping it gets better. I’m not ready to give up yet. Maybe I will in the near future.

    • kate middleton

      Same here. I just don’t think it’s funny, but it definitely could be. Every week I’ve been saying I’ll give it one more week….

  • Sara

    Maya Rudolph did not annoy me as much this episode, so, yay! Still not quite sure why Nick Cannon is there, but he’s good with the baby.


    What kind of bugged me was, where was the baby when they got the convertible packed up? Did Chris leave the baby in the SUV with the windows up and air-conditioning off while he was waiting for Reagan?


    Quibbles aside, I have to give them points for putting Christina Applegate in her Kelly Bundy attire for Ava’s flashback in last week’s episode. And, I was really, REALLY hoping that when Chris talked about his “negotiating suit”, he’d throw in a line about how much it cost.

    • Bus Driver

      Maya Rudolph is what keeps me from liking this show. Her character seems out of place.

      • Lana

        I agree. Her part wasn’t originally designed to be this big but they wanted to capitalize on her hit movie.

      • Mark

        Maya Rudolph’s character just isn’t working – she is more annoying than funny. NBC should see that her character isn’t working and go in a different direction or cut back her screen time.

  • CW

    Gave up on this show about 14 minutes into the pilot. Good actors just didn’t find the show interesting or funny enough to want to watch.

  • Kerri

    Ugh, I keep trying and trying to love this show, because I have a small child and can relate to many of the story lines between Christina & Will’s characters. But they totally lose me when Reagan goes to work. I can’t stand Maya Rudolph’s character. I don’t think she’s funny at all. They need to drop more of those storylines and focus more on the parenting issues and maybe they’ll keep me as a viewer.

    • KC

      I think you’re absolutely right. I don’t even have a child yet, but I, too, think the show loses its panache when she goes to work….it’s like the show’s trying too hard to handle both lifestyles, which of course many new moms struggle with, but the show doesn’t quite pull it off in an engaging way. I think the title “Up All Night” should allude more to the parenting side of things…that’s when it’s the most genuine and humorous.

  • J-Mac

    I’ve never been a fan of Will Arnett or Mrs. Applegate but I like both of them on this show. Their chemistry is great and and Will Arnett is the star of the show for me. My wife and I can relate to some of the dilemmas on the show (although completely exagerated) so I guess that helps too.

  • elevro

    I watched the first two episodes, but I think I am just too far out of its age range. I am 46; perhaps if I was still in my 30s I would like it better. I just can’t relate.

    • katy

      52 – and really like it!

  • pie thrower

    The show sucks and I have yet to see Christina Applegate prove her value as an actress in television. Why do the networks continue to gamble on her?

  • marilinda

    i like it a lot. i am not a parent, but my husband and i are thinking about getting pregnant soon… so i can relate to the thinking of buying a new car, refusing to give up my tape deck, etc. i think it needs a chance. but if the season finale involves a pregnancy test, then i may give up.

    also, nick cannon is hilarious on this show. i don’t know why, but he cracks me up.

  • Jess

    Couldn’t get through the first episode. When a network has to bleep half the words coming out of the main character’s mouths, it’s not worth my time. So, I took it out of the DVR.

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