This might be Kristen Wiig and Jason Sudeikis' last year on 'SNL'. How much does the show need them?


If there’s any truth to today’s rumors, then Saturday Night Live may soon be short two of its biggest a-holes stars. As is customary for SNL standouts who have successfully transitioned to the big screen, Kristen Wiig and Jason Sudeikis are reportedly leaving the show at the end of the season to focus on their film careers. This news certainly doesn’t come as a shock, but it’s probably still pretty unsettling if you’re a die-hard SNL fan. Vicky St. Elmo and DJ Supersoak are quality standouts on the show, and two of the biggest names on its dwindling roster. Whether Wiig or Sudeikis leave next year or in two or three, it’s going to be a huge loss.

But hey, for silver lining purposes, why don’t we put our selfish needs aside and look at the bigger picture? Even though we love seeing them on the show, Wiig and Sudeikis’ departures could very well work wonders for their careers and for SNL.

The first two episodes of this new season have proven that the show could definitely use some housecleaning. Wiig and Sudeikis have been repertory players since 2005 — they joined SNL after the high-profile exit of its early 2000’s star Jimmy Fallon, and assisted the likes of Andy Samberg and Seth Myers in giving the show a much-needed talent boost. Remember back in 2002 when everyone thought that SNL was doomed after the departure of Will Ferrell? Well, time and some folks by the name of Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Maya Rudolph (along with Fallon) quickly destroyed that theory. Ferrell had been carrying the show for years, and the gaping hole left by his departure gave these other stars a chance to prove themselves. Well, prove themselves they did, and it wasn’t long before they took Ferrell’s spot as the new SNL go-to scene-stealers. But then they all left, and everybody groaned and grumbled until Wiig, Sudeikis, and others proved to be worthy distractions.

So — rinse and repeat? I enjoy watching Wiig ugly it up as Dooneese as much as the next person, but I also would love to see a fresh crop of female comedians vie to take her place. And hey, maybe she is technically irreplaceable. Lorne Michaels himself said Wiig is among the “top three of four” performers in SNL history, and I happen to agree. But as an almost weekly visitor to the Upright Citizens Brigade, I can assure you that the talent is out there. How great would it be have another Wiig or Poehler or Fey on SNL while Wiig makes her mark on the big screen?

As for Sudeikis, I don’t think his talent will be quite as severely missed. Don’t get me wrong, he is clearly one of the strongest performers on the show. But while Wiig is the lone female superstar of SNL (Sorry, Abby Elliott), Sudeikis has the absolutely incomparable Bill Hader (Stefon!) as a viable back-up. His departure could lead to the casting of some potentially scene-stealing leading male comedians, but I also wouldn’t mind seeing some more from the guys we already have.

Finally, remember that Wiig and Sudeikis could always come back as hosts — and SNL could definitely use some new talent in that department. If their film careers go as well, as I think they will, then these two should be around to help Justin Timberlake, Steve Martin, and Alec Baldwin with the hosting duties for a very long time. Wiig will star as a romantically desperate playwright in Imogene in 2013, and Sudeikis is set to appear in Movie 43 in 2012. So even though they might not be around for the week to week, there’s a good chance that they’ll host the show to promote their latest projects, giving a new crop of talent a chance to make their mark. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

So what do you think, PopWatchers? EW was unable to reach Wiig or Sudeikis for comment, but keep in mind that casting decisions won’t be confirmed until next summer. If the rumors are true, do you have faith that the show can survive without them? Have any comedians to recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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  • whatevs

    Sudeikis doesn’t have a chance in movies.

    • wootie

      Da show wud savive it always has he don’t hardley play in no skits anyway and she beez in tu manee

      • M.

        Do you know how to speak english?

      • wootie

        Yez I speke ing lis just phine why nous axing why yous even care dis heya wootie wootie gon maik it hawpen ja dig

      • Cruz

        What if they don’t speak English? Does that make you better? Don’t think so!

      • anthony

        Hey Cruz it should bother everyone because even thouh I fully support that people from all over the world choose to come to America to live I do believe if you are going to live in America than you should learn how to speak the language which may surprise you but it’s ENGLISH!!!

      • wootie

        I is amurican foolio. I maint in no spail bea dis heya is for fun ya dumb bish

      • @Anthony

        @Anthony, you should learn to write in English. Ever heard of a period or comma?

      • RIDley

        My bust is large. Men always focused on them. My husband saw more in me.

      • Blake

        hahah seriously what is he saying?

      • @ Blake

        Wootie is saying he is American, that this isn’t a spelling bee and this is just for fun (blogging here).

      • jwickabdurrahim

        is this an airplane reference?

    • Larry in NoHo


    • Dana

      Sudeikis seems kind of boring to me. Kristen Wiig is hilarious though! I love her tongue-in-cheek, wacky and sarcastic sense of humor. Shame.

      • Dana is……

        Kristen Wiigs mother.

    • April

      Definitely…I loved Horrible Bosses but his part could’ve been played by anyone

    • lisa

      Bad news for January Jones….no child support!

    • hmmm

      whatever happened to that Orgy movie Sudekis did?

    • Cygnus

      Would be glad to see Wiig gone, but sad to see Sudeikas gone. The other gals are hilarious, and constantly get pushed to the back by Wiig. Would love to see Nasim and Abby get more prime skits.

      • L

        I agree. I won’t miss Kristen on SNL, she just annoys me on there. But I like her in movies, so I’m glad she’s leaving the show. I will kind of miss Jason though.

      • Jen

        Totally. I would start watching SNL again if Kristen Wiig left.

      • CJ

        Abby Elliot is one of the least funny people ever to be on SNL.

      • Alan

        There is always an annoying cast member. People hated Julia Sweeney as Pat in the 80s. I hated Rachel Dratch to the point I quit watching a few seasons. Then Chris Kattan who began out good for a while was just doing mango and it started getting over the top. But I must admit Wiig is annoying. So just like Maya Rudolph got a bit too much around 2005 so has Wiig. Its like the show likes that kind of person.

  • tracy bluth

    Count me in the group that finds Wiig annoying on SNL. However, she has been fantastic in all of the films she’s been in- Knocked Up, Whip It, and of course Bridesmaids. I think she should move on.
    Sudekis is hilarious, but Hader, Samberg, Killam (is he starting to remind anyone else of Will Forte?), Brittain and Pharoah could more than make up for his absence.

    • Dinjab

      I agree, Tracy. Wiig is a talent, but her high-strung whiny characters on SNL beg for a smackdown. She can never play anything subdued. I guess Loren Michaels is going for the Loco drinking kids.

      • Dominic

        I love them both but change is always good. As for filling gaps, Vanessa Bayer is my one to watch. She’s underrated at present and drop dead funny.

      • Matt

        Totally agree – love Vanessa Bayer, along with the other new women. I also think Sudeikis is pretty funny, too.

      • PN

        Maybe Kristin got tired of the whiny characters the producers and writers have hawked on her and said “I’VE HAD IT!!!! I’M LEAVING THE SHOW”. That’s why she’s branched on to movies and doing the roles shw wants to do.

    • Blake

      She’s great in movies cause she actually shows restraint, on SNL she has no subtlety so its just her being crazy the whole time, not very funny.

    • Lois

      @tracy bluth, thank you for not sayig that Fred Armisen could make up for Jason’s absence. It’s time for Fred to move on. His Obama is terrible, and with the election next year they need someone who can do a good Obama impression.

      • TJ. Church

        If it is time for Fred to move on, it is FAR beyond time for Hader & some of the other crap men (& ALL of the females) to move on.

    • abadstroller

      Wiig may be better in movies than on skit TV, from what I’ve seen. Vice versa, for Sudeikis. Just because you’re great in one medium doesn’t mean you’ll be great in the other. Either case, I wonder if it’s possible to keep their options open at SNL in case things don’t play out as hoped…still wishing both of them the best of luck though!

  • Anth

    SNL doesn’t “need” any performer. It has survived the departure of far more talented and versatile cast members than Wiig or Sudeikis. In the last 3 or 4 seasons, Wiig has been more irritating than entertaining, and Sudeikis has always been solid–nothing more, nothing less. Actually the show would be better off if it was less reliant on hanging onto veterans–it used to be rare for people to stay on for more than 5 years; now it’s becoming uncommon for them depart before hitting the 7+ year mark.

  • Lincoln

    A holes? Uh what the heck crawled up this writer’s butt? Gee whiz.

    • Heather

      its a reference to a skit that they were in together. click the link and you can watch it.

      • Steph

        @at Lincoln DUH

        Very Funny Skit at one point

        “Heah babe”

      • izzy

        He looks like a rabbit!

      • Esa

        Amusing. On par with most SNL openings I’ve seen. Really don’t watch SNL too often, unsles Timberlake is hosting. Annoying that they got the shadow dancers in the wrong boxes pants wearer on wrong side that shouldn’t have been hard to get right. Sure it’s a minor thing, but I noticed. Actually it would have been funny if they didn’t use dancers, but somehow projected stick figures on the shadow boxes.

  • Aura Lee

    Wiig is so funny when she’s not being written into terrible characters. I hope she gets away from SNL for the sake of her career.

  • Buckaroo

    Obviously you’ve never seen them in the “A**holes” sketch. It’s classic.

  • J

    the show needs over haul..get rid of most cast & writers, theyre awful.

    • Ben

      I find comment like this to be crap. Overhaul the show with what? More young writers who will write more stuff you get even less than whats on now? Maybe they could do you a favor and bring back the bee sketch. Appreciate the show for what it is and try not to be a giant lord douchebag and cling to the past. The show is cyclical, it always has been.

      • Whoaaaa….

        Ease the throttle on the caffeine there Ben.

    • Eliza

      The problem is that the Producers aren’t prepraed to move on ! And they want more of the same ! If it goes ahead , we will see a tired Zellweger eternally torn between her balding Hubby and the aging Lothario , Hugh , in the same addagio adlib that we’ve had ! It needs tightening but it won’t !

  • YeP

    Sudiekis sucks too..good LucK bro

  • hughster1

    They don’t come close to being as essential – or as funny – as Belushi, Murray, Radner, Murphy, Hartman, Carvey, Farley, Sandler, Ferrell, Fey, or Poehler were, and the show survived the loss of all of them. It’ll be no big deal.

  • sharona

    Wiig is sooooo annoying on SNL, yet Bridesmaids was funny. I fast forward through her SNL skits, so it’s better she focus on writing for film.

    • Jocimeire

      That whole episode was just pafunil watch and I actually usually enjoy SNL.Horribly unfunny. McCarthy just showed her one-joke comedy style, and it stopped being funny halfway through Bridesmaids.Melissa, you’re fame clocking is at 14 minutes and counting

  • Carl

    I’ve never been a big fan of Wiig. If she leaves, I won’t think twice about it.

    • Reda

      Melissa McCarthy could barely catch her bretah walking out on stage and that salad dressing sketch has been done 1000 different ways in comedy sketches over the last 50 years.. and probably in vaudeville for decades before that. The Chris Rock parody was kinda funny but the show was pretty thin on comedy. It’s been quite awhile since the show generated genuine laughs. I am getting older but rather than a comfortable old friend, the show just feels painfully dated.

  • Mark

    I hate Jason. Not funny. Sad about kristen wiig though :(

  • joe luck

    Wiig leaving? Don’t tease me like that.

  • Bus Driver

    Watching this week’s episode, I was actually thinking it’s high time for some house-cleaning. Wiig, Sudeikis, Kenan Thompson and possibly even Seth Myers have all stayed too long and gotten too comfortable. Clean house, let the show suck for a couple of years, but freshen it up already!

  • scorpo

    Jay Parhoah for one needs more airtime!

    • Kathy

      Are you kidding?? Jay Pharaoh is the worst part of this show. He does 3 good impressions. Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, and Will Smith. THAT’S ALL. He can’t play a single character that doesn’t resemble his 3 impressions. I was shocked to find out that he was even invited back this season. Not saying he’s not talented, but he does not belong on SNL.

      • Brandon

        Thank You Kathy! I’ve been saying this for a while. If all he can do is impressions, he is in the wrong place.

      • Jeremy

        How does anyone know whether or not Jay is good in non-impression skits?it’s the only thing we’ve ever seen him do!!! I’m sure if he got a chance, he could be Eddie Murphy lite.
        #RIPSteveJobs (as I type this on my iPad)

      • pastafarian

        he does a great Denzel too. Just sayin.

      • Fred

        How about giving him a fraction of the numerous characters they give to Keenan Thompson?

      • Brandon

        I’m all for giving him some more characters to do. Completely agree with Fred, but maybe they try and he just can’t sell anything but impressions. If that’s the case, he should go elsewhere.

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