'Dancing With the Stars': Eliminated contestant is....

Update: Annie’s recap is live. Don’t click through if you don’t want to know! After a results show featuring Mary J. Blige, Estelle and Chubby Checker on “The Twist,” and DANCMSTR Len Goodman actually dancing (kind of…), the couple heading home from Dancing With the Stars with no hope of eventually secreting sparkles in their hard-earned sweat (ewwww)…. is…. coming up, after the break!

Kristin Cavallari and her partner Mark Ballas were eliminated Tuesday night.

Did the right pair go home?

Come back later for my full results-show recap, and in the meantime dig into this fresh and funky pile of Hidden Gems!

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  • wootie

    Dam she fell off.

  • MCJ

    When Chaz and Nancy got spared I knew someone was going to be unfairly sucker punched. I was right.

  • Paula

    So glad I don’t have to watch Mark dance anymore

    • Katie B.

      Agreed. My first reaction (after recovering from the fact it could have been Hope) was suck it Mark Ballas

    • Bmc9999

      I am so glad I don’t have to watch the arrogant Mark anymore this season. I won’t miss the over-dancing, weird facial expressions or unmitigated ego. Oh, and Kristen what’s-her-name is gone too

      • kellen


      • Liz

        Buh-bye, Mark. Tired of your attitude, your selfish partnering and your spats.

    • Kt

      Not to pile on, but that was my first thought as well. Dude is SUCH an annoying TV presence and such a selfish partner (with all the showboating and attention-hogging and the de-emphasis of the celebrity partner). He might be a nice guy, I have no idea, but I can’t stand watching him dance with his partners on DWTS.

    • zoot

      YES!!! pile on! so glad Mark is gone but truly had no idea who Kristin was and couldn’t actually connect to her.

    • laura

      Amen!!! Can’t stand to watch Mark dance anymore. He has such an inferiority complex since he’s only won 2x to Derek’s 3fer. Sorry for Kristin, but glad to see Mark go….BUH-BYE!

    • bethany

      yeah, me too, all those things.

  • jmm

    Wow – I am sort of shocked – I knew she didn’t have a big fan base – but I thought Mark’s was big enough to keep her on a few more weeks.

    • kross

      well…you were wrong…Mark is getting pretty annoying with his “It’s all about ME” attitude. People are sick of him. Someone needs to mention to him that it’s not called the Mark Ballas show. Derek on the other hand, is just as talented but makes it more about bringing out his partner’s best dance possible. Bye Bye Mark!!!! lol

      • jmm

        You don’t have to be snippy – I’m not a Mark fan – but he does have lots of them, so I was surprised.

      • right


      • LillyCB

        I would REALLY like to know where you guys are getting this “it’s all about Me” attitude info, ’cause I seriously do not see that at all… I love Mark, he’s been one of my favorites since his first season on the show, he’s probably one of the best choreographers on the show. I really don’t get where all this hate is coming from. He’s always been a gentleman to his partners. Always. Lighten up people…

  • Forwarddad

    Wrong wrong wrong Len said it all. Go ahead America keep voting for Nancy Devil. Let’s keep throwing up the overexposed twins.

    • etm

      Lucy and John David or her boobs?

      • jmm

        LOL I thought the same thing!

      • M~

        Me too!!!!!!!!!!

  • chris

    I am shocked she went home. Thought it would be Hope.

    So glad Cher will be there next week!!

    • Anna

      Kristen emotional story could not match up with the others. Trying to decide whether to go to college or the entertainment industry vs lost relatives, social isolation, mental anguish, burnt housed, unaccomplished dreams etc. I think that was major factor tonight.

      • chris

        i so agree

  • Gemini

    She has no fan base so I am not too shocked.

  • SayWhat

    DWTS Curse of the beautiful woman strikes again! I would love to see a demographic of who votes on this show> This one is almost as bad as Sabrina.

    • Karen

      No it’s the jay cutler curse..

      • jillyb

        He probably didn’t help her gain any votes by being there last night.

    • snatchin tit-a

      Oh please. It’s all about how many fans you have. Period. Had kristen been on during her heyday, she may have faired a lot better. Got it?

      • A Better Speller

        Got it??

      • snatchin tit-a

        Great! Let me know who I should make this check for biggest a hole to! Always so funny when ppl get their rocks off by correcting strangers. Feel better? Good. Now u can go back to what youre used to…being a nobody. Got it?

      • Tony

        You know, someone who goes by the name “Snatchin tit-a” really doesn’t have any right to be so hypersensitive…

      • @Tony

        Who are you? You don’t dictate peoples dispositions, jerk!

  • Kristen

    Maybe it’s because she seems so unlikeable. She was a great dancer, but I didn’t vote for her because she doesn’t seem very nice.

    • right

      Perhaps! So annoying when everything is attributed to someone’s looks. She’s cute but she’s not all that!

  • DonnaW

    After Cher announced she would attend next week’s show, there was no way Chaz would be eliminated. I’m just glad it was Kristen instead of Hope who got the (sparkly) boot. Hopefully Rob won’t be on much longer either.

  • Neko

    I am surprised, but glad I don’t have to watch Mark.
    I was disappointed by Len dancing! They hyped it so much and he only danced for a couple seconds.

  • Kata

    When it comes to dancing… not a good choice. But as with most models, her fanbase was not big. Next week it should be Chaz and then followed by Nancy unless somebody else totally screws up.

    • Kata

      Ooooops. Me bad. I forgot Hope and Carson – neither are very good dancers. But Carson is lots of fun.

  • DonnaW

    Also, did it seem like we got a whole lot of teasing about Len’s big dance and then got, what, 15 seconds of him actually dancing? That was disappointing.

  • iggy

    I think the biggest shock tonight was that Chubby Checker is still alive!

    • Bmc9999

      LOL!!! I thought the same thing!

      • laura

        I thought the same thing. He actually looked so great. Wonder how he could walk in those tight pants. : )

    • mensa2

      Iggy, You are absolutely Right!!!, I was shocked as Heck to see Chubby Checker twist out there, and he looked pretty darn good!! DID you get a glimpse at Lyn?

  • KelBel3257

    CLEARLY, if couples were being eliminated based on talent, then Chaz, Nancy or Carson would have gone home tonight. Kristin wasn’t my favorite, but she definitely didn’t deserve to go home before any of the other three I mentioned. Ridiculous. Chaz is seriously AWFUL at dancing and really has no personality. Let’s be honest!

    • Zach

      Thank you! I am all for the LGBT rights, but Chaz is the new Bristol – not good enough a dancer (though she was much better! But her competition was still so superior.) and a BORING DUD OF A PERSONALITY..

      • Rick

        If you are actually for LGBT rights, then you might want to refer to him as a he, because that’s who he is.

      • Squishmar

        Rick… the “she” and “her” pronouns Zach was using were in reference to Bristol, not Chaz (i.e., “though [Bristol] was much better [than Chaz is]” and “But [Bristol’s] competition was still so superior [to Bristol]”).

        I’m pretty sure that’s what Zach meant. No need to jump at shadows.

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