'Real Housewives of New Jersey' star Jacqueline Laurita insults Teresa, says she's quitting. This time, is the 'drama' real?


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The most interesting thing to happen on last night’s Real Housewives of New Jersey was the revelation that — according to Teresa Giudice — Clinton is the current vice president. Still, it looks like there’s plenty of drama on the Housewives set this season, even if most of it is going down where it mostly takes place: behind the scenes. But, lucky for us, Twitter exists, and Jacqueline Laurita is filling us in on the drama 140 characters at a time.

So who is the Garden State star hoping to weed out of her life? As always when it comes to RHONJ (oh, Danielle, how we miss your insanity!), the off-set drama is vague, confusing, but seemingly very juicy. Over the weekend, Laurita released a barrage of tweets accusing one-time friend Giudice of setting up fellow cast member (and Giudice sister-in-law) Melissa Gorga, and spreading a rumor that Gorga was at one point in time a stripper. Tweeted Laurita, “Teresa told me that ‘rumor’ about Melissa when she first started the show. She wanted to out her then. She knew. She plotted it. She even played dumb on camera and even defended Melissa.”

This was posted just days after Laurita hinted at a confrontation at a fashion show filmed for season 4 (“Someone( not me) got set up tonight. There are some sneaky people trying to make someone look bad & then play innocent on camera. Sad.”) and a possible exit from the Housewives franchise: “I can’t be part of the Charade anymore.It’s unsettling. It’s disturbing & against what I stand for. I’m a REAL housewife.” (Laurita even said she wouldn’t be attending the always dramatic reunion this season.) Bravo has not responded to EW’s queries about whether or not Laurita will be leaving the series, but Giudice is firing back on her Twitter: “You know Bravo loves it when bloggers make up crazy stories to get people excited about the show. Aren’t we exciting enough w/o the lies? … Remember when I was supposedly punched in the face? Now supposedly Jacq slapped me. And I hired a male stripper to expose Melissa… LMAO.”

Usually, the cynic in me would cry “ratings ploy,” especially since the third season in the Jersey version of the franchise is winding down. Giudice, for her part, is even using the drama to pull in viewers for next season. Tweeted Giudice about her setting up Gorga: “Sorry, it’s NOT true. But y’all have to turn in to Season 4 of RHONJ to see what really happens (the truth is actually way scarier…)” But it seems RHONJ doesn’t need any help in that department: Since season 3 premiered to record ratings in May, its numbers have remained respectable from week to week. (Season 3 even premiered higher than the season 2 debut of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which aired shortly after the series made headlines following Russell Armstrong’s suicide.) Could it be that RHONJ is simply the most dramatic Housewives series?

These days, it’s difficult to ever believe the authenticity of the series. Since Real Housewives of Orange County bowed in 2006, we’ve learned that the series — like most reality TV shows — is not quite as “real” as its title implies. Even starting with Real Housewives of New York City, the show’s stars began discussing shooting schedules and manufactured drama on the reunion episodes themselves. So how much of the RHONJ drama can we really believe? I’m inclined to believe that Giudice & Co., love the “crazy stories” as much as their network, but is it possible that some of this feuding between former friends and allies is actually real? No, probably not, but it’s still fun to pretend, isn’t it? And, at the very least, Laurita now has a storyline on her side that doesn’t involve deadbeat daughter Ashley. That’s good news for all.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Is this getting your mouth watering for season 4? Or are you hoping to wave goodbye to Laurita after season 4? And could any of this actually be real? And do you, like me, get nostalgic at the mere mention of Cop Without a Badge?

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  • Jennifer

    I like Jackie and I despise Teresa’s backstabbing and childish ways of getting at people. She is a very jealous person. She needs to look in the mirror and at the dufus next to her and fix that before she opens her mouth about ANYONE! And, yes, viewers CAN see through her. Jacqueline and her family, including her problems with Ashley, are more realistic. I was a young mom, single most of the time, and I gave and gave to my daughter and had an “Ashley” for a while as well. You see ur mistakes. They will grow out of it after they have a few hard knocks of real life….as we do.

    • lisa

      Fake! The guidices n gorgas r laughing all the way to the bank with this fake nonsense! Jacqueline is Soooo boring who cares if she leaves! With that long chin of hers! Howd she pull Chris? He is too hot for her dumpy matronly asz! And unless tv by the #s is wrong, Atlanta remains the TOP rated franchise, not these tacky women!

      • Petlover4

        What do you look like. Why do you have to put in something about a long chin. Your the fake, Lisa

      • Supa Suzie Sloan

        She can say whatever she wants to ya dumb, pea brain go shave ya chin

      • @petlover

        Shud it up. You ain’t running nothing. Play your part in life—–a nobody——you don’t run nothing ole wrinkle neck bloodshot eyes geisha gul.

    • Al Sharpton

      Out of all the franchises, this one seems the most African American friendly (not counting Atlanta for obvious reasons). These ppl seem to mix n mingle with blacks n for that i commend them. I’ve yet to see that on OC.

      • SaraS

        What? When, where?
        These Italians stick to white Italians as I’ve seen.

      • Al

        Juicy has a black employee at the pizza parlor. Albie, Christopher and Chris appeared to have a black associate at the black water dinner meeting, Melissa and Joe Gorga seem very comfortable around the black music producers. Is that enough?

      • @Al

        You’re really reaching here. I don’t recall seeing them interact with any of those people.

      • Al mf Sharpton

        What do you mean? I’m not saying they will be in the running for NAACP awards but I’ve seen more blacks sprinkled here than the OCT or NY! And those people were on the show…we don’t get to see the full extent of their interactions. It’s not a 24 hr livefeed of their life.

      • @Al

        I’m saying why even make the point they seem more “African American friendly”? They barely show any black people, and definitely not interacting in any important way. As for the music producers – oh big deal. Kim did the same thing on Atlanta and the Countess in New York. Doesn’t mean they’re in their lives at all. We all know it’s not a 24/7 feed of their life but there’s no reason to make a point that NJ is more black-friendly when it hasn’t been shown.

      • Al

        I get your point but comparatively speaking, I still believe it is more black friendly. We will have to agree to disagree my fellow Blogger!

    • Closet

      I’m tired of Albie and Albert hiding in here!

      • Jean Skorupski

        Why does Jaqualine always have to get in the middle of controversy. If someone is not getting along there she goes stirring the pot,why is she repeating things, and we all present our feelings from our own perspective, Jaqualine does not know the meaning of true friendship.i think Melossa and her suit each other well all about themthemthem . I would never want you as a friend. I remember how you played Donna and Danielle I am sorry ,but you area trouble maker . But I love your husband he is a class act. When Teresa needed her friends you all jumped on her and my god what was so bad inthe book.

    • juicy

      Joe gorga make it pop pop pop like a zit baby!

  • Karate Pants

    I’ve noticed a strong correlation between stupid women and nine-shades-too-dark lip liner.
    Oh, hi Jacqueline. Hey, Teresa.
    Girls, girls. Stop arguing, you’re all dumb materialistic wh0res.

    • Lori

      Don’t forget the big fake squared-off french manicure nails!

      • Karate Pants

        Yes, and the disgusting french manicured toenails as well…yuck.

    • SaraS

      Yes – and the way too dark spray tan, fake boobs, black eye shadow and liner all the way around, etc etc – these girls just look so trashy and SO much older than they really are!

  • kate middleton

    There have been rumors for at least a month that Jacqueline is leaving, and she skipped the reunion. I will be sad to see her go (but not sad to see Ashley go).

    Cannot stand Teresa. I am glad these ladies are finally calling her on her manipulation and fake innocent act. She is an awful person.

    • JackieB

      Agree with everything you said. However I also think Jacqueline acts immature and doesn’t understand her daughter — 20 year olds do whine and bitch sometimes, especially if they’re stuck in your home (which you passive aggressively act like you don’t want- but really do, by putting down their goals of moving).
      Teresa has been an awful person since the beginning. Her daughters are spoiled and bratty, her husband basically hates her and treats her like crap, and she is so fake about it all.
      I actually miss Danielle, because she would call these ladies out on their hypocricy. The way Teresa dropped the bomb about Melissa’s past reminds me of how she did the same thing to Danielle and the book and tried to demonize her for it– who cares about their past!?

      • M Bush

        I thought I was the only one who felt sorry for Danielle. It was so easy to blame her for everything. Listen, she did not live an angelic life but it is obvious she was real. Also, she had the best behaved kids on the show. I remember when she corrected Christine for saying “butt”. So “Hot as Balls” via Lauren would have been out of question. I also wonderful if the “Duchess of Nothing”, Caroline’s hate for her because of her calling CPS on Dina was misdirected. I think it was the evil Kim G and she knew that Danielle would be blamed. As for Teresa’s kids. They have always been selfish,demanding,spoiled and bratty. MILANIA just carries it to a new level. Also, the Manzo’s wanted Jacqueline to put Danielle out of her life, because they did not like her. Is Dina going to keep a relationship with Audrianna( her Godchild) , now that Teresa is persona non grata? Just Asking?

  • Charles S

    I absolutely love jaqueline!!! Dina(was),Caroline, Jaqueline, and Kathy are the best thing about this show and are the reasons I watch!! I hope that she doesn’t leave. Teresa is easy to see through her BS and I couldn’t care less about her, but her kids are adorable lol

    • Child Please

      Oh yeah Malia is adorable……..NOT. and one kid looks like she was kidnapped n is in the wrong family!

      • Lauren

        Haha! You are right!! I have thought the same thing!

    • Judy

      I agree with you completely. I would love it the next season Jacqueline, Caroline, Dina and Kathy would be on the show. Take Teresa out she is a mess she thinks it’s all about her and I’m sorry she has the IQ of a 3 yr. old

  • Gina

    I’ll never understand why some women like to look like drag queens. I’ve never been to NJ but is it normal there to look like male strippers dressed as women?

    • M Bush

      No, Gina. Most of us are very nice women who care about our families, our careers,our communities, our religions ( not the fake kind ala Teresa who has the audacity to bless herself in the opener each week) our charities and our country. We work, go to the grocery store, cook, clean and take care of our husbands,our children,our parents, our grandchildren and care about what is happening in the world.We certanly know who the vice president is and what is happening in our towns.our state and our country. We pay our bills, our taxes and most of us do not shop with cash in the thousands of dollars and then claim bankrupcy. I have never, nor have I ever been in contact with anyone who has flipped a table. I have never “sat on my husband’s face” nor taken a picture of my daughter who has diarrea and is vomiting. What I am saying is please come and see us. Our shores or beautiful, our Mountains delightful. We have wonderful fests of all kinds. Irish, Italian,September and October. We really are normal people who speak the English language and have pride in ourselves.

      • Judy

        Thank God! Because let Teresa say it all real Italians are like her. NOT!!!

    • aimee

      i’m from NJ and do not know anyone like these ladies. most of them are like caricatures. everything is overdone. too much makeup, too much jewelry, the clothes — no class at all. they think the more they show the money they can spend, it gives them value. But I think you have this type everyhere. But they do make for an entertaining show. And
      I’m sure there is a lot of playing to the camera, especially by Teresa. (poor thing, she is pathetic) I’m just surprised about how stupid most of them are. But please know, they are not trully representative of New Jersey. Maybe a small segment, just like Jersey shore represents a small segment. (thank God) But just want to add that I think Kathy and her family are wonderful, Melisa is adoreable, her husband is a riot, and all the kids are beautiful.

  • ‘Lish

    Teresa is awful anymore. But are we really supposed to buy all of this, as the article suggests? Lol, I think not.

  • ‘Lish

    I’d lived in Jersey most of my life and I can honestly say that, NO! They do not look like these awful women there. It’s completely manufactured for tv.

    • man woman tran-e

      Well Jersey is huge. Only a fool would think all the women look like 5 or 6 women on a reality show so no need to explain sweetie.

  • E’dee Cromwell

    Sometimes this show is so high school with all the jealosy,etc.. I like Caroline, Kathy and even Jacqueline..
    Melissa seems like a spoiled child and theresa needs to LISTEN when people are talking instead of flying off the handle..

  • heej

    Jackie always reminded me of Julie from the first Real World.

    • Look Ma I’m Zexy

      With a longer chin n dumpier bod.

  • juliaxx

    I think they are both looking to create drama..it might even be a set-up between the both of them..whatever it is..the new jersey housewives are the best show on tv, reality or scripted.

    • Dupq

      I disagree. Jackie and Caroline are boring. Teresa is tiring. I like the husbands better. Both Joes are hilarious!

  • tina

    I love Theresa, although some of the things she does is uncalled for, there are things that she does that are with passion and i believe she is a good person

  • ?????

    they are filming the 4th season, the 3rd season is the one airing now.

    • Jethro

      Caroline said last night, on What what Happens, they are currently filming season 4. Season 3 ends next Sunday.

  • Nisha

    I personally like Teresa G and the whole crew. Not sure how Caroline fits in but I can see that the show is totally scripted now. Its been coming the whole time. All of the shows are just about scripted for ratings and money. They are laughing all the way to the bank and we are helping them.

    • lisa

      I agree! I even think the fight at the christening could have been fake . I don’t think that was the real christening. Because think about it…had it not been for that fight getting the ball rolling, what would this season have been about?!

      • M Bush

        Can we also say that Audriana was left “unattended”. Teresa says her mother in law had her. Well, her mother in law is the blonde that was in the middle of the fracas. No matter, this was not the time or the place. And Joe Guidice thru the first punch. More importantly, who is he to call Melissa names? He has 4 daughters, is that how he wants them talked about? I find him extremely stupid. Who has an accident and then takes a drink? Who signs his partners name to anything worth $260,000.00? Then who shops with thousands of dollars in cash and then claims bankrupcy? All of this hurts my head.

  • JJ

    I think that Jacqueline quit the show because of the issues revolving her former husband and the troubles with Ashley. She has always hated the drama and has resolved to keep her personal life private. PS: JACQUELINE DID NOT ATTEND THE REUNION SHOW TAPING LAST WEEKEND.

    • ugh ugh

      I bet she didn’t quit. Talking about Teresa is her life!

  • Luvforjacqueline

    She will be missed, she was my favorite housewife out of all the shows!!! I mean all of them.

    • @Luv

      Why? What does she do other than bad parenting and inserting herself into Tree’s life?

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