'Dexter': Was the season premiere an incredibly promising start to the season? (Or are our expectations low after the season of Lumen?)


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I'll be honest: The last season of Dexter was not my favorite. I liked the Jordan Chase storyline and Michael C. Hall's performance was stellar as always. But I was not a fan of Lumen and I felt like the other characters needed more to do. And after we left last season on such an open note -- Dexter and the entire gang celebrating Harrison's 1st birthday -- I wasn't sure what to expect this season. Now that we've seen the season 6 premiere, which aired tonight, I have to say that things are looking up. In fact, this episode reminded me of everything I love about this series. Let's take a closer look. [In case you haven't figured this out by now, you don't want to continue reading if you haven't seen the season premiere of Dexter.]

From the first few minutes, I felt like we had gotten back to the roots of this show. Dexter was amid a tense moment (in this case, we believed that he had just been stabbed) and in danger of being found out. (He was dressed in his Henley, which meant he had gone killin’.) But after the paramedic’s arrived: TWIST! They were his victims. Brilliant.

The minutes that followed set up what looks to be an incredible season…I think. (I’ll address my reservations in a bit.)

We were introduced to Dexter’s new nanny — Angel’s sister, Jaime (Aimee Garcia). In Dexter’s words, “It’s not what you’re thinking.” They’re not romantically involved (and I hope they never are). Not only is she cute as a button, but I like that she’s seemingly too observant for her own good. Over dinner, she mentioned to Angel that Dexter often leaves at night. You’ve gotta know they’re headed somewhere with that…

Speaking of Angel, we learned that he and LaGuerta have called it quits — and are totally cool with that. So am I. I didn’t dig the whole Jon and Kate-level bickering they were delivering last season. To your corners, fighters! And for God’s sake, stay there. This leaves Angel open to do a lot this season, including, it seems, take over for LaGuerta, who bagged herself a pretty little promotion. Who cares if she got it through blackmail? Good for her.

That brings us to Quinn and Deb. I was not surprised when we learned at the end of the episode that Quinn was going to propose. The second he mentioned he was at the mall, I figured he wasn’t making a run to Abercrombie for more of his white tank tops and V-neck sweaters. But his plan was foiled by an attempted shooting at the restaurant where he and Deb were eating on the night he intended to pop the question. I’m glad that he’s attempting to take this to the next level because they need a shake-up.

We were also introduced to the characters played by Colin Hanks and Edward James Olmos. As of yet we don’t know much about them (and I’ll avoid going into any detail for those of you who have religiously avoided supplementary info on the season). What we do know is that Hanks’ character murdered a fruit stand man and put seven snakes into the man’s abdomen before sewing him up in the shape of a Greek letter. Disgusting — and fantastic. (Seriously, you can’t watch this show and not enjoy the sick things they think up.)

But more than anything, I enjoyed the kill of the week, which found Dexter going to his high school reunion in order to kill a former classmate who murdered his wife, another former classmate of Dexter’s. The awkward moments were charming and reminded me a lot of what we saw in season 1 — Dexter out of his element but trying to adapt. (Quote of the night? “I have no idea what ‘Hammer time’ is…or how it differs from regular time.”) I missed these kinds of laughs from this show — even more than I thought I did. Overall, it all left me incredibly hopeful about the season to come — and wondering how, after so many seasons, this show seems to be as incredible as ever.

But that brings me to my point, readers. (You say, “Yes, Sandra, it only took you 600 words.”) Was this a fantastic episode? Or were my expectations low after a lackluster season? Maybe a little bit of both? Or, did you perhaps not enjoy the episode at all? Sound off below!

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  • Susie

    Having just gotten caught up on Dexter since last December I have to say I loved loved LOVED this first episode.
    I think this season is going to be great. It seems like they are trying to get back to the basics of Dexter.
    And I also have to add that I thought I loved the character of Dexter Morgan but after tonight I am truly deeply in love with him. His questions about faith are the same I have had my whole life and I was raised in a faith.
    Can’t wait for next week!!!

    • Julie

      No, the whole episode would have been just as good (or better) without the religious angle. That was unnecessary and corny. Leave the faith crap out, and the show will be just fine.

      • Josh

        Didn’t you watch the little promo before the show? It’s character driven all based on questions that evolve Dexter in ways, and this time they’re adding faith into the mix of the many twist.

      • Kacey

        I think we’re going to need the religious stuff in there. It will all evolve over the season & answer, one way or another, Dexter’s questions about faith & God.

      • Antwain001

        Josh, were you not paying attention to the show, the WHOLE season this season is going to revolve around faith and religion

      • WWDexterD??

        I think the faith question, as Josh observed, is one that will cause Dexter to evolve more. It makes sense that he is concerned about faith in terms of Harrison, and the life he wants for his son.

      • Andy Donut

        I agree. Cut the faith out. These writers are embarrassing themselves. Very poor dialogue at the end there with Dexter and his prey.

    • Roger

      Last season was weak. Julia Stiles was a major letdown after the great John Lithgow. I thought last nights show was fine, I loved the reunion stuff and how about Dexter getting that nice reward from that cutie? I was jealous.

    • Jay

      The best season of Dexter was the John Lithgow episode.I did not like the first episode and I will not be watching the rest of the season.What was the point of the blo job scene? And Angel talking with his sister for so long? And Colin Hanks as a serial killer? What! No thanks Showtime.

    • Susie

      Wait, I changed my mind. Just watch it again and disliked it the second time around.

  • mae

    dex dancing was hilarious. i didn’t mind last season so much, it’s not like lumen was as bad as lila. the preview for this season did make me happy. it looks good!

    • untapttalent

      i’m with everyone here who finds it hard to understand why people didn’t like last season…i thought it was a pretty solid season and we saw a much different Dexter than we’re used to, which i loved. i also thought Lumen was an interesting character, in fact, even though i’m not a huge julia stiles fan, she really impressed me in that role. but yes, i looooooved the premiere of this season and think it’s going to be a great season…i really think hanks and olmos are going to be really interesting characters…and i can’t wait for mos def to enter into it.

      • Kate

        Season 5 was not as good as the previous season, and I’m not a big fan of Julia Stiles, but what bothered me most about the relationship between Dexter and Lumen was that it supposedly happened just MONTHS after Rita’s death…they should have played out Dexter’s missing her longer. Rita was fantastic and Dexter truly loved her and I don’t see him moving on to Lumen so fast after Rita’s death. With that said, Season 6 looks very promising and I loved the premier. Get’em, Dexter….my hero.

    • Asha

      I think people start to expect too much. They get into their minds that it’s supposed to be something and when it isn’t they just rip it apart. I really liked last season. I also really liked the third season which I’ve noticed is usually on the short list for most hated. I think last season was a slow burn and usually the others are a bit quicker paced.

      • Kevin

        Finally someone else who likes season 3. While I’m with the majority who think 4 was the best, season 3 is my second favorite. Jimmy Smitts was fantastic.

  • its true

    loved the premiere…i dont know why everyone hated last year so much…I liked the different vibe..some creepy killers this year

    • wildwest

      I liked the different vibe to season 5 A LOT. Personally, while I thought season 4 was compelling and intense … it was almost too intense. So sad. I appreciated that season 5 was more about healing. It seemed “right” that Dexter have a kind of healing project and not just straight out vigilante-ism.

  • Amy

    I actually really liked last season. I don’t get where the intense Lumen hatred comes from. I thought she was an interesting character, and I enjoyed that the main arc of the season was really about her revenge. It was interesting place for them to take the show plus I couldn’t help but route for her. I only wish they didn’t waste the first three episodes which were really bad and that they utilized Jordan Chase more. He was terrifying at the end.

    This season’s premiere was great. It did remind me more of season one with the awkwardness of Dexter in social situations. I absolutely loved all of the scenes of Dexter at his reunion. I also see great potential in the Edward James Olmos/Colin Hanks storyline. I am excited to see Dexter examine beliefs and religion on a deeper level. I think it is going to be a really good season.

  • Mike

    I hope the fact that the two main actors divorced doesn’t mean we’re going to be subjected to too many poorly framed exchanges like the one we witnessed outside the school–where we only saw one person at a time, going back and forth. I don’t know if that was just a poor choice by the director or if they’re trying to keep the actors who play Dex and Deb from having to be around each other.

    • dee

      Crap! I didn’t even realise that until you pointed it out!
      Not Good.

    • A Dexter Fan

      No, the editing was bad for that scene. I was on set that day, in front of the pre-school and they were always together during their scene and even talking while the crew were setting up the camera for another angle. (I have pictures to prove it!)

      • Mel

        that’s good to hear actually.

    • Asha

      Didn’t they divorce a while ago? Like prior to the filming of last season. I don’t think it’s going to be any more awkward watchign divorced actors talk to each other than it was to watch a married couple act like brother and sister.

      • Mangesh

        weekend, many people (and faiiemls!) attended Civil War Days at Dexter’s Gordon Hall. Check out the images below to get a feel for what all the hullabaloo was about. There was an

  • Jerri

    Great recap Sandra. Agreed on everything you mentioned. I’m liking this season so far, EJO is creepy, well played. He could very well match The Trinity Killer in his creepiness level. I”m enjoying this season more than the last one already.

    From a nitpicky perspective, when Dex called 911 to say he was stabbed, he didn’t disguise his voice & he called from a cell phone, so when the two EMTs go missing, it wouldn’t be difficult to track down their ‘last’ call.

    • Mike

      I had the same issue with Dexter texting the guy from his HS. Checking texts/calls is the first thing you do when investigating a murder/disappearance. I thought these sorts of inconsistencies would be remedied when they dumped the guy who came over from 24 (which was known for these kinds of oversights)… but I guess not.

      • untapttalent

        i agree with the phone call to 911 but with the text message, Dexter used Trisha’s phone to text him so it would’ve been sent from her phone.

      • Jerri

        True, but wouldn’t they suspect Trisha when Joe Walker disappears? And then it’ll come out she misplaced her phone whilst….”entertaining” Dexter ? Did he dump her phone too? (I can’t remember)

        Sandra, can you add a few ‘memorable quotes’ from each episode when you do the recaps? The first episode had a few great ones including the hammer time one. (that whole scene was great, dancing Dexter. nice! )

      • Julie

        ITA – they used to have memorable lines from the show at the end of each recap! Please bring them back!

      • Bob R

        The text actually bothered me for the reason Jerri mentioned. On the call in the beginning I just assumed he was using a pre-paid cell

    • Kevin

      I had the same issue. Plus, how would he know for sure that those two EMT’s would be dispatched? In a city the size of Miami there would be many ambulances and EMT’s. While it was creepy, I found it a little cheesy at the same time.

      • sd

        my cousin is a EMT and you are assigned certain areas so that particular warehouse was prob their jurisdiction during that time frame.

      • jacula

        With the EMT’s, I am sure dispatch would have noticed the ambulance didn’t show up at the hospital, and with stabbing the cops would have showed up too. I found that dramatic licence hard to believe, it distracted me the whole show.

    • Jennifer

      I thought the same thing about the classmate and the blood under his dead wife’s fingernails. Pretty sure the police where they lived would have checked this out…

    • Kate

      I noticed that too…trace his phone number and listen to his voice….BUSTED.

    • Kate

      I noticed the same thing…just trace his phone number and listen to his voice….BUSTED

  • Steve

    Can’t say I was very impressed. Most of the acting seems very stilted. It’s almost as though I can SEE the writing AS they are speaking. It never gets off the page. I’ll give it 2 stars out of 5, only because, at times, I liked the cinematography.

  • Trash TV

    I took my TV out into the woods and shot it with a deer rifle. I suggest you all do the same, then maybe you can get a life. TV is just an electronic drug. You’re all drug addicts and don’t know it. TV is bad for you. TV is evil. Kill your TV now! Kill it! Kill it! Go ahead, pull the trigger! Then maybe you can get your life back.

    • sara

      try getting off the internet nutjob.

    • batman

      Then why are you here? “TV is evil.” Like we didn’t already know that! Go away.

    • Kate

      Hey, Redneck….at least if I’m watching TV, I’m not out shooting things with “my deer rifle”. TV is my life…and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

      • Megumi

        Hey Landfill! Thanks for commenting. Yes we sommtiees get delayed with other things but will work to get the review up faster. I agree that the actress was very good and I did like how she sort of had us guessing and the back and forth between her and Dexter. I also enjoyed the “What is is with you and rape no one’s getting raped here.” And was bummed I forgot to mention that line. Yes the epiphany was huge and the point of her story we actually do mention it around 3:25 but it’s in the middle of me complaining about the storyline in general so maybe it gets lost . Anyway looking forward to seeing how this will move the plot forward this week. Thanks again for commenting. Hope you are great! Roth

    • emjay

      No. TV is your friend; a warm light in the darkness, it’s siren song lulling you to sleep at night. Ask your mommy to send down a sammich and a warm glass of milk and take your nap.

    • Axel

      try other sports- bbaketasll and volleyball. tim howard played volleyball. my old college coach was a NAIA All American player when he was in college and he played goal keeping and bbaketasll.

  • Estella

    It was a great premiere episode! The first few minutes were definitely a shock (no pun intended.) Loved the high school reunion angle. The only thing I didn’t like was the new babysitter. First, what happened to the previous one? And although she is really pretty, the actress can’t act to save her life. And why would Dexter allow for someone so close to Angel to know is comings and goings. I know she’s in another apartment, but she is the babysitter.

    But I have to disagree about last season. Even though last season didn’t have as many laughs as other seasons, I actually thought last season was amazing drama wise. Maybe my expectations were low because I just got caught up last month on the previous season and I heard some people didn’t like the direction. But I loved Lumen, and it was the first time I have liked Julia Stiles in anything. For some reason she usually bothers me.

  • sara

    Last season was terrible. And Stiles was painful.

    As for tonight, I loved it. Though I’ll nitpick the opening scene by saying how the heck did Dexter know a call to 911 would result in his 2 targets showing up? Are they only paramedics in all of Miami??

    • untapttalent

      obviously Dexter does his research and usually paramedics cover certain areas…so if a call goes out in a certain area he would know who would be likely to come get him, but it would be a risk.

      • jen

        “likely” isn’t a guarantee. And his eyes were closed until he stabbed them with the needles, so how would he even know for sure at that point?

      • Rick

        Or maybe its a scripted TV show, and the writers thought it would be cool for Dexter to M-99 2 guys lol. Fiction can be fun, maybe if you turn off your inner comic book guy you can accept that.

  • Heather

    I thought this premiere was wonderful! I actually really enjoyed last season (definitely thought it was better than the Miguel Prado season), but I always have high expectations for Dexter to rise to a new level each season. This season looks like it has that potential and I think Olmos and Hanks will be great additions to the big bads of Dexter!

    • untapttalent

      i liked last season as well, but i disagree with you about the Miguel Prado season…in my opinion that was the 2nd best season behind the Trinity killer season.

      • Aura Lee

        I agree. I don’t understand the hate for the Miguel Prado season. It was streets ahead of the second season and better than last season.

  • Davidj

    Totally agreed about last season. As much as I normally like Julia Stiles, I just didn’t buy her as that character at ALL. And Dexter had become way too soft and cuddly as well.
    This season is already looking much more promising.

    • untapttalent

      i don’t get it when people say Dexter was soft last season…he wasn’t soft, he was just in a different place mentally than he’d ever been before…remember the season picked up just moments after he found Rita’s body…i mean he killed a completely innocent man by brutally beating him to death in the bathroom…do people forget that…he was out of control and helping Lumen was a way for him to gain that control back…it was a great season.

    • Katiana

      Yeah, it’s definitely a UI issue. It took me a while to figrue it out after the facelift they did a while back. Once you figrue it out, it’s easy enough though.What you do is click on Friends in the left sidebar. This will open a sub-menu that starts with Recently Updated and Status Updates (this is the real UI blunder in my opinion), but right below that starts the list of your, well, lists. Unfortunately, only the first two show until you click More , then you get the rest of them there in the sub-menu. Clicking on the name of the list should show you the feed just for those friends.Don’t know why there isn’t just a drop-down menu directly above the feed pane for you to select the list, kinda like there is in the Facebook iPhone app.HTH~G

  • Samantha

    Dexter sure did enjoy is bj. lmao.

    • Aly

      I am so glad somebody brought this up! It was hilarious! I really enjoy seeing the occasional comical side of Dexter.

      • Hali

        “Shut up Dexter.” lol.

  • IAmWWEman

    Thought it was a great opener! Love the idea of Dex exploring ideas of faith and religion! Will he find it all to be hypocritical, or true? The baddies in this season are crazy, and creepy! And I am one of the people who really enjoyed last season and the lumen character.

  • Valley Girl

    I enjoyed the premiere, and agree that it was more getting back to the old Dexter.

    Lumen did not bother me last season; some folks on the boards seem to dislike Stiles, but one doesn’t get nominated for an Emmy for a bad job…

    I’ve always enjoyed Olmos in past projects and am looking forward to his storyline, though it’ll be difficult to top Lithgow as a Big Bad.

    Dancing Dexter was pretty funny, and also that Harry was cheering him on.

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