'The Big Bang Theory': Amy Farrah Fowler's top 10 moments

When discussing Thursday night’s new episode of The Big Bang Theory, I could explore the growing friction between Bernadette and Howard as the betrothed couple navigate whether their wedded bliss will be spent under the caustic and oft-constipated gaze of Ma Wolowitz. I could marvel at how much childlike fun Sheldon seemed to have playing with his new model train set, and how much a conductors hat suits him. I could bemoan the fact that Raj was virtually MIA, or, for that matter, that Penny had scarcely anything to do other than scarf down the final dumpling at the start of the show.

Instead, I think it best to focus completely on one Amy Farrah Fowler, since her slow-burn kooky courtship of Leonard Hofstadter utterly dominated the episode. So brilliantly, Emmy-baitingly played by Mayim Bialik, Amy asserted herself as a major comic force on tonight’s Big Bang, so much so that I suspect a few of you will be spending your time on the message boards complaining that there was much too much of her. I will not be joining you. Nope, I adore Amy. Forthwith, in chronological order, here are my top 10 favorite Amy moments from “The Pulled Groin Extrapolation”:

No. 1:
Amy: Should I go? I’ve been told sometimes I overstay my welcome.
Leonard: Oh, who told you that?
Amy: Well… most recently, my gynecologist.
Leonard: Well, you stay as long as you like.
Amy: I’m glad to hear you say that, because I’m having a wonderful time. Hmm. I said the same thing to my gynecologist.

No. 2:
Amy: The only person who signed my high school yearbook was my mother. “Dear Amy, Self-respect and a hymen are better than friends and fun. Love, Mom”

No. 3:
Amy: No date to the prom, two dates to a wedding? Hmm, how times change.

No. 4:
Amy: [To Penny, as she does Amy’s make-up]How about making my eyes like Cleopatra?
Penny: Really? For a wedding?
Amy: Perhaps you’re right. My cheekbones and beckoning pelvis already have a certain “Hello, sailor” quality to them.

No. 5:
Amy: Leonard, you may not have noticed, but I am being a delight here.

No. 6:
Leonard: I’m sorry, this wedding reminds me of my kinda-sorta girlfriend 9,000 miles away.
Amy: I have a kinda-sorta boyfriend who’s playing with a model train set right now, you don’t hear me bitching about it.

No. 7:
Leonard: Hey, I’m just as much fun as you are.
Amy: Really? Are you willing to draw a mustache on your finger as a conversational ice-breaker? [Raises finger to upper lip, which does indeed have a mustache drawn on it] I am.

No. 8:
Leonard: Thank you…for breaking the head off of the ice swan so I could hold it against my pulled groin.
Amy: I excel at spatial reasoning, and I had a hunch that the graceful slope of its neck would cradle your genitals nicely.

No. 9:
Amy: Oh Penny, much as I would treasure knowing that the two of us had be defiled by the same man, Leonard just doesn’t get my motor running.

No. 10:
Amy: [To Penny] In the morning, I’ll send [Leonard] an email letting him know this body is never going to be his wonderland. I mean frankly, you’ve got a better shot than he does. [Raises her mustache finger to her lip. Grins.]

So, fellow Big Bang theorists, what were your favorite Amy Farrah Fowler moments from Thursday’s Big Bang? And, okay, who didn’t also adore Bernadette when she transformed herself into Howard’s mother after bringing him breakfast in bed?

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  • its true

    show is a little overrated..

    • The Truth

      A little? That’s an understatement. This and Two and Half Men are the worst sitcoms on TV. And Whitney.

      • Summer

        While I agree with Two and a Half Men and Whitney being the worst sitcoms on tv (along with How To Be A Gentleman), I respectfully disagree with your saying that of TBBT.

      • Hollywood Plant

        A real gut buster of a show!

      • Cookie

        Aw, come on. Have you even seen more than just a handful of episodes of this show? It’s ridiculously funny, and as long as the writers put a lid on the sexual content (WAY too much in S4), the humorous dialogues are actually profoundly unique for primetime TV. To be fair, it’s nothing like Two and a Half Men’s banality. NOTHING.

      • MelindaB

        I agree with you, Cookie, that the show is best when it focuses on the geek humor rather than relies on sex jokes for laughs. I didn’t watch the first season because it conflicted with Chuck–I guess I just love nerds–but after seeing an interview with Jim Parsons, I just *had* to watch the show. I love how Amy Farrah Fowler is emerging from her fembot, humorless shell, yet is still inappropriate and awkward much of the time.

      • PJM

        Yeah, BBT will never compete for an Emmy. Oh, wait…

      • Gandalf47

        I think that so far this season, Chuck Lorre and company have tilted the bathroom humor and sexual innuendo jokes in the Two and one half Men direction. Much of the intelligent humor that usually earmarks BBT has been watered down in favor of cheap jokes, mostly by AFF, who, in small doses is very funny, but when dominating a whole show is tedious, at best. I’d prefer a show dominated by Bernadette, or Raj who are hilarious! Sheldon is becoming too cartoonish, as well. I think they should stick to what worked early on, and not get too full of themselves.

      • ME


    • bfd

      You’re not watching the same show. Either that or you’re showing your ignoramous.

      • Acaseofgeo

        Why is no one mentioning Sheldon’s hand-chop on Leonard’s shoulder. “She’s not for you”……Wow….JEALOUSY. That tiny little scene could be a HUGE moment of growth for Sheldon.

      • Dolph

        Yes, and it’s very funny.

    • Mel

      @its true Then don’t read the article if you don’t like the show. Idiot.

  • Diego Sierra

    I LOVE Amy Farrah Fowler!!! =)

    • Asha

      I do too! I think TBBT was a little stale and she really was a bit of fresh air. It has made the show much better.

    • footballmom

      She is so awesome! I love love love her! Nothing more fun than an intellectual horny girl! I love her approach to sex and relationships. How cute was Sheldon??

      • footballmom

        I really never thought the words “How cute is Sheldon” would ever happen!

    • Jack

      I like her a lot too. And thanks for this article, fun reading in the morning.

      • sheila

        LOVE her too!! She is the female version of Sheldon. And she’s a real smartypants in real life I believe, left TV world after her show Blossom was over and got a MATH degree!!

      • Mark

        It’s funny you should mention that sheiia, because what I thought what Malik did best was change from what her character initially was – a female version of Sheldon – into something much better: an equal to Sheldon, but one who could finally teach him something about the human feelings – that he can deny all he likes – that truly do exist in him.

      • alan of montreal

        Actually, she has a PhD in Neuroscience. Danica McKellar from The Wonder Years is the one with the math degree

  • impliedbazinga

    Aside from the usual comic genius of Jim Parsons (who, I concur, looks ridiculously adorable in that silly conductor’s hat), it was Bernadette — and, I’m sorry, not Amy — who stole the show despite her limited scenes. Three episodes into the season and we’re already having an AFF overload. A role is what makes an actor, and although talented in her other past roles (e.g., she was a charm in Beaches and Blossom), Mayim Bialik simply CANNOT pull off a socially-inept character with lovable élan like Jim Parsons does. The 2-time Emmy winning Parsons manages to make Sheldon adorkably arrogant; the fembotesque Bialik just makes the female Sheldon intolerably arrogant. Unlike Melissa Rauch’s sweetly hilarious Bernadette who grows on you with every appearance, Bialik’s Amy, unfortunately, has become grating as a regular fixture on Big Bang. After their first two uproarious episodes, this one was quite a buzzkill. For me, for you, dawg. (OK, wrong show. My bad.)

    • HM

      For the most part I agree, though I’m somewhere in between finding Amy “intolerable” and finding her “ADOOOOOOORRRRRRRABLE” as Mr. Vary does. I think she’s fine, though I would have appreciated a few minutes less of her and more of Raj and Penny this episode.

      I also think that, despite their shorter air time, Bernadette and Sheldon stole the show.

    • Abdul

      Sorry, disagree. Crazy about Bialik’s Amy…

      • Paula Abdul

        Are we related?

      • Snsetblaze

        Ditto. But I also love Bernadette. Can’t you picture her acting like Howard’s mother to their kid(s)?

      • Acaseofgeo

        I love ALL the characters and I think that BBT is second only to MODERN FAMILY (which had a horribley bad distaster of an episode the other night) as the best comedy currently on network TV. The only only little part that I found “wrong” with the episode was at the end when Amy was sure Leonard had fallen in love with her. That was a bit much. But it DID lead to the awesome line that Amy told Penny she had a better chance with her than Leonard did.

    • Jamie

      I think they have fleshed Amy’s character out and she is as likeable, if not more so than Sheldon. Amy has man redeeming qualities that off-set her aarogance, the least of which is that she wants to have friends and wants to be loved. That makes her more relateable and human than Sheldon right away. She struggles somewhat to fit in even though she is different and that is also relateable to a lot of people. I love Amy Farrah Fowler!

      • Michael

        Agreed. I do find Jim P to be comic gold, but Sheldon is not very likeable as a human being. Amy, despite her arrogance, has more redeeming qualities as a social misfit who desperately wants to fit in.

      • Mike

        Definitely agree. I was not an Amy Farrah Fowler fan when she first appeared, as she simply *WAS* the female Sheldon with nothing new to bring to the table. Over time they’ve started using her in really creative ways and fleshing out the character to make her much more relatable. Teaming her up with the other two girls last season was a brilliant move (making her Penny’s “Bestie”) and provided some of the show’s best moments. She may have been a little overshowcased last night, but I really enjoyed it nonetheless. And yes, Bernadette’s final scene was epic as well.

  • NOno

    Leslie Winkle was funnier than Amy. Amy is boring. They should stick to the 4 male characters and Penny. The episode tonight was very boring. Only Bernadette made me laugh when she copied Howard’s mom. The guests (like Amy and Bernadette) should only perform in 2-4 max episodes and that’s it. The story should turn another way into a new comedy adventure realm. One of the 4 scientists/engineer should become a new university professor (Sheldon). The college setting would be funny. One of the males should become an out in the field researcher (Howard with Raj as sidekick) like Indiana Jones type. The production of this episode is so cheap. They should take shots outside of the studio with new comedy adventures. Howard should move out of the mom’s house now and we want to see his adventures of going on his own. Come on, scriptwriters. Lead us to new comedy adventures and new settings! Penny should meet another nerdy guy that all 4 of the guys hate. Hire some breakout character guests in the show for 1-4 episodes and that’s it.

    • Dave

      Mayim Bialik & Melissa Rauch aren’t “guests” … they’re full time regular castmembers now.

      • footballmom

        AND they are both fun! Love both girls :)

    • Tii

      Sounds like you want to be a wrlter for BBT?

    • Meghan

      You know, if you have SO many problems with the direction of the show that you’re no longer getting any enjoyment from it, no one’s forcing you to keep watching.

    • Kate

      Ugh. I hated the whole Bernadette/Howard’s mom storyline. Howard’s mom has always been the most tired, sitcom-y part of TBBT. The idea of adding another grating voice? No thanks.

    • Alyson

      They ARE in a college setting, and that creates some of the comedy, with the various rivalries and the ways the guys take advantage of certain things (like the panini press in last week’s episode).

      The times when they have done research in the field (like the time they went to the North Pole) weren’t exactly comedy gold. The characters work better when they’re negotiating the day-to-day things that they’re sometimes socially ill-equipped to deal with.

      Penny briefly dated the guy at the comic book store, and that ended because it was only good for a few laughs. It’s not the comedy goldmine that you seem to think it might be.

    • Yoshira

      i love the idea you give… some new places… new faces as well, will bring another interactions with the main characters… well done!!!

    • Jan

      I would not watch this new, completely-unlike-BBT you have described. I much prefer what the professionals are doing. Go make your own show.

  • Carolyn

    I’m with Adam and feel Amy is brilliant, particularly how she’s developed socially through exposure to Penny, just like our geeky boys did through seasons 1-3. Amy has become so dependent on Penny for fun and is wonderfully needy in this regard. (btw, did we learn last night that her feelings for Penny have deeper implications? or are we glossing over that for now?) Anyway, I feel Amy enhances Penny’s exalted position in the story rather than being a competitor, which makes her a perfect supporting character. (yes, Adam, come the Emmy nom! Ms Bialik can do more with an eyebrow twitch than most people can with Ophelia’s madness scene…) Also, through Amy’s relationship with Sheldon he was developing some superficial social niceties throughout season four which provided great comic moments, so her influence in the show, to me, is totally positive.

    However, and I believe this was the most exceptional feature of Thursday’s ep, these social niceties seemed to totally evaporate as Sheldon descended into his childlike state. In fact I didn’t just find it odd that he struck Leonard, I was a little upset by it. Well, I love that it harbings a totally unprecedented ‘possessive’ nature in Sheldon but, except for with his siblings, the idea of him physically expressing his emotions is not simply new but rather troubling. At the core though, it’s all this ‘new’ stuff that’s so very compelling so far this season: Raj and Penny, Amy and Penny, Leonard and Amy, and perhaps Sheldon and Amy, as she seems to need him less and the others more, while he might be caring about her a bit too much. Such fun!

    Bernadette is also wonderful (and again a fine contributor to the female influence on the lads) but I feel her resemblance to Howard’s mother was already well established (ep 23 season 4 and ep 1 season 5) so nothing new was revealed with those scenes at Howard’s place, as funny as they were. Theirs is the relationship that will need some creative boosting to remain interesting in my view.

    Well, haven’t I run off at the mouth. It would appear I am quite taken with this television programme to the exclusion of more pressing obligations. I’m off to pretend I care about other things…

    • Mrs M

      I completely agree about AFF’s exposure to Penny! One of my favorite moments was the shoe shopping episode last season. I think she is great.

    • Snsetblaze

      Bernadette only seems like Howard’s mother when she’s with Howard’s mother.

  • TuneBear

    I for one absolutely love Mayims’ Amy. She and Melissas’ Bernadette are great additions to an already stellar cast. They’re both quirky characters-let’s see, hmmm, seems that’s what TBBT is all about. Team AMY & BERNADETTE!

  • bluebonnetbelle

    Melissa Rauch’s Bernadette has shown shades of Mama Wolowitz before, but tonight we got to see how great Melissa’s impression is…to me she is a wonderful and unexpected source of comedy on the show.
    I have not been a fan of Amy Farrah Fowler but tonight when the show was over I found liked her quite a bit more still not completely sold but I no longer roll my eyes every time she shows up.
    And I know I sound like a broken record but I adore Jim Parsons!

  • Mariana

    Amy Farrah Fowler is my favorite character on the show. And I’m excited to see how her & Sheldon interact this season. My favorite line was the self respect & hymen one, by far.

  • JLC

    I’m surprised Adam forgot to mention Sheldon’s jealous neck chop when he discovered Leonard had a good time with Amy. That might be the one signal that this show is trying to climb out of the doldrums it’s been in lately.

    • Gwen

      I agree. While I love Amy’s character, the neck chop made me laugh out loud because it was so unexpected from Sheldon!

      • Mikepcfl

        The neck chop made me think back to the neck chops that Captain Kirk would use anytime he fought on Star trek.

      • kim in kentucky

        OMG you’re right – that’s prob where he learned it

      • GHB

        She’s not for you!

      • Dicazi

        Actually, I would have thought Sheldon would do the Vulcan nerve pinch.

  • Julie

    I’m glad we got to see a somewhat Amy-centric episode. I’m glad that the show is experimenting with the two newest regulars on the show. After all, let’s be honest here they add something more than the good old routine. At first last season I wasn’t found of Amy but now I cannot imagine the show without her. I liked that Sheldon and Amy are not really in a relationship but are at the same time; it’s like they don’t know how to manage even saying the word itself. Anyways I’m rambling I’m in love with this show, and my biggest wish now is for Priya to officially break up with Leonard!
    (Though I did adore this episode I do wish we could have seen more of Penny and Raj, but we’ll get back to them I’m sure of it hehe!)

  • T

    Interesting show last night but I missed Penny a lot and much as I like Amy Farrah Fowler – it was weird between her and Leonard – she belongs with Sheldon as his “she’s a girl but not-his-girlfriend” friend. Interesting reaction from Sheldon at the end, thou.

    Amy and Sheldon are both mostly emotionless brainiacs who were really suited for each other – thanks to Raj and Wolowitz meddling….

    The Priya thing would have to come to an end since I don’t think they can make a long-distance relationship work unless Leonard starts up his long distance flyer miles traveling back and forth.

    And the thing between Bernadette and Howard and Howie’s mom was creepy – I don’t want Bernadette to turn into Howard’s mom down the line, transforming into a screeching harpy, I want Bernadette to remain her own sweet smiling self but …..Howard needs to MAN UP and get out of the house on his own soon or he’ll lose her. ……and also is there a story on his father’s disappearance ?
    And let Raj meet a girl….a hot American girl for a while at least so he doesn’t feel like a 5th wheel.

  • Shaun

    I always think that Sheldon is gay. He just hasn’t realized it yet. Writer is dropping hints? (‘I have a kinda-sorta boy friend who is playing with a model train set…’)

    • JLC

      I think Chuck Lorre has said he views Sheldon as asexual. But his neck chop on Leonard may be signaling a change in that direction.

      • Sue1

        The neck chop was an indication of his childish jealousy–It has indeed been made very clear that Sheldon is asexual and that won’t change.

    • Rock Golf

      The producers have already indicated Sheldon is not gay, and there’s not the slightest indication on the show that he is sexually interested in anyone.
      Projecting much?

      • aughra

        But, as you recall, his genitals are “functional and aesthetically pleasing” (yes, that’s my current favorite Sheldon line). Sheldon’s not asexual, it’s just not his top priority. I don’t think he thinks of sex every 9 seconds like the average guy. Maybe 9 minutes? I don’t think his jealousy was just a childish “mine”–the neck chop was a total Kirkish move, and who’s the sexual dynamo on the Enterprise, eh?

    • Cookie

      Um, is this a list of Amy Farrah Fowler’s Top 10 moments OR the writers’ top 10 doozies? It’s a fact that the writing of TBBT is freaking brilliant (WTF, Emmy voters?), I just don’t think that Bialik is. A lot of the lines fell flat; and frankly, turned out downright annoying with her. Like a lot of Big Bang fans, although I started out quite protective of Sheldon’s being uniquely “Sheldon” and not being with anyone, I’ve been slowly appreciating the genius and hilarity that comes with our socially inept physicist trying to make odds and ends of his new, discombobulating emotions for another homo sapien. Parsons pulls off the sweet clueless shtick flawlessly. So if this is the direction the writers truly want for Sheldon, for him to evolve into being with someone — please, can we cast someone else as Sheldon’s “kinda sorta” girlfriend? Jim Parsons and Christine Baranski can make supposedly disagreeable characters utterly likeable; Mayim Bialik unfortunately fails to do so. Ugh. (And before the Shamy shippers out there burn me at the stake, I’m entitled to my own opinion about my all-time fave show, yes? Now to quote Raj, “Namaste, white people!”)

  • Fallonlatrece

    I’m usually a fan on Amy, she is quite funny most times. However I don’t want to see her all of the show I want to watch the four guys interact more than anything. The best part of the episode was Bernadette. I love when she turns into Howard’s mom. If they break up it will be because he says he doesn’t want to marry his mother.

  • Tii

    I have loved BBT from the start and loved it last night. It took time for me to warm up to AFF but have come to like her as I have Bernadette. These characters have blended in well with the others. AFF was great last night. I look forward to the rest of the season and maybe a girlfriend for Raj?

  • benjamin gerstein

    She is not for you!

    • footballmom

      Great Line! loved this part of Sheldon!

      • Tan

        Loved this part! When Sheldon gives Leonard a karate chop to the neck/shoulder. Hilarious!!

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