Scarlett Johansson on hacked nude photos: 'It feels unjust. It feels wrong.'


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Scarlett Johansson told CNN that she felt wronged by the illegal phone hacking that led to nude photos of her reaching the internet. In an interview about her trip to Kenya and other impoverished areas of Africa with Oxfam, she answered David McKenzie’s question about how she handles the unwanted attention of being a celebrity. “Just because you’re in the spotlight, or just because you’re an actor or make films or whatever doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to your own personal privacy,” she said. “If that is sieged in some way, it feels unjust. It feels wrong.”

Johansson’s attorney acted promptly when nude photos appeared online on Sept. 14, contacting several sites and threatening legal action if the images were not removed. “It’s an adjustment, but there are certain instances where you give a lot of yourself and then finally you just have to kind of put your foot down and say, ‘No, wait, I’m taking it back,'” said Johansson. Watch the clip below:

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  • Ken Stiller

    Why don’t they ask her why she took those nude photos in the first place?

    • Javadude54

      That sort of thing has become so common that I don’t think it’s much of an issue. It’s still a (mostly) free country last time I checked.

    • Steven

      Whatever she does in her private life is her own business! Whatever she does! OK fair enough she did this (personally I think she is a bit silly for keeping personal photos on a phone) but it still belongs to her! it still is her personal and private life! whereever the photos are kept! in a locker! a bag! an iphone! or even ipod!

      • Janette

        I love these photos, but the most iuigntring one is , img.9043 I believe,, the couple are standing infront of two piles of cars. on an aqua colored Fiat, or Fiet (sp) and the next pile has a blue car,, but what caught my eye. is between the two piles fo cars is a set of eyes and possible a part of a nose. or at least that is what it looks.. It may well be a trick of light or something, but I found it absoulutely facinating..Jeff your work is fantastic.Yours TrulyElizabeth Fleck-Lawrence..

    • AK

      You have no right to ask.

  • Lisa

    I understand that she thinks she has a right to privacy – and it’s true – BUT so does everyone and she has chosen to lead a public life, making her more likely to be a victim of this type of crime – WHICH by the way happens to everyone! My grandmother had some one go through her recycling and steal her personal information and she lost a lot of money – my 15 year old cousin had her cell phone taken from her locker by a bully and her pictures (while not nude thankfully) forwarded to tons of mean girls in her school. Scarlett Johansson you are not alone nor did this happen to you ONLY because you’re famous – this is the kinda stuff that happens now a days – so BE SMART – stop using one single password for all of your electronics and realize that you chose this – if you don’t want to be famous you don’t have to be – stop going to galas and wearing couture gowns – you can be a real actor on broadway and there will be less papparazzi and less of a chance that when someone hacks your photos – that everyone will care.

  • whatevs

    You know what. We all hate things about our jobs. You wanna make millions for 3 months of work, don’t take naked pictures.

    • Someone

      Here Here!

    • Steven

      Can you tell me what making millions has to do with private photos which is infact theft? I fail to see where the connection is! so what you are trying to say is it does not matter because she is making millions?

  • Bob

    Fap fap fap. Sorry, Scarlett, couldn’t hear what you said. By the way, nice pictures!

  • Max

    It is very just and it feels oh so right to me

  • Heidi Fisher

    I’m sure a lot of people who have been in a long-distance relationship or been apart from your partner for some time have done it. I’ve done it for my husband lately because I become a new mother several months ago and my hips are bigger…my breasts are bigger. I’m loving it! I feel like more of a woman now. It definitely makes me feel so much sexier than ever before. But it is indefensible to hack into people’s phones or e-mails.

    • Sam

      Yeah, saw those. Not bad. ;-)


      • Frank

        @ Sam. Hilarious. You made my day :D

  • KC

    I saw those photos and they were NOTHING to be ashamed of.

    • AK

      It’s not about shame. It’s about privacy.

  • Trish672

    Those photos were boring and tame and people would have forgotten pretty quickly if she hadn’t bothered reacting to it. Some would have even assumed they were fake. It’s probably best to just let it go and be more careful next time.

  • w2s

    Lesson learned have a better password ;) 12 chars, number letters and spaces ;)

  • val

    Don’t take pictures of yourself like that and they will never conme back to haunt you. No one is immune to the reprecussions of bad decisions. I don’t care how famous you think you are.

    • AK

      It’s none of your business what choices she makes. It’s not your place to judge her decisions. And her rights were violated. You should never think it is fair for someone to unjustly take away someone’s rights.

  • JPX

    Scarlett, you have no one to blame but yourself. You are a popular, attractive movie star. What did you think would happen if you took nude pictures of yourself? Duh.

  • Ben

    Although the photos were stolen and the theives should be punished for their crimes; the photo of her naked butt in the hacked photo does not look any different than the photo of her naked butt that was shown in Vanity Fair magazine.A crime is a crime, however, it’s the same bare rear end in both pictures-Vanity Fair and the stolen photo.

    • Steven

      The photos in Vanity fair she consented to! She consented to people viewing the photos and by the Owner of the photos to the photographer and to the person/persons in the photo they gave consent for those OFFICIAL photos to be published by the key word CONSENT! she did not consent for her photos to be stolen and distributed! therfor it is theft as no written and or verbal consent was given!

      • Ben

        To Steven: In the Very First Sentence of my response I wrote “the pictures were stolen and the theives should be punished for their crimes”. I wrote “it was a crime” to steal her pictures and post them in the third line. I wrote twice that she was the victim of a criminal act. Next time, why don’t you learn to read the entire post instead of just one sentence; Jerk!

    • Steven

      To Bed: your words “it’s the same bare rear end in both pictures-Vanity Fair and the stolen photo” also you did add the word HOWEVER! so indeed you are trying to say (yes its theft, yes they should be punished, BUT at the end of the day its pretty much the same that she has done for magazines in the past) is what you are trying to say!
      And to reply saying I am a jerk and to ay I need to start reading properly, OK, I will! once you start to have a proper discussion without insults or profanity!

      • AK

        And might I add to Bed: you are belittling the way that she should feel about having her rights violated. That is something a jerk would do.

  • JAM

    It’s wronmg and unjust because the grainy pictures sucked and she’s embarassed that they sucked. P.S. Scarlett, you can delete photos like this off your phone.

  • Elbyem

    Here’s a basic tenet to live by: don’t let people take pictures of you naked – no good can ever come of it.

    • AK

      Here’s another. Don’t violate someone’s rights and don’t blame the victim of a crime.

  • Pslightly Psycho

    Doesn’t feel unjust or wrong to this guy, ;-)

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