'How I Met Your Mother': Did Victoria just make this a lot more complicated?


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I think we can all agree that we sometimes become too invested in our television programs. That’s why we cry during season finales, scream at our TV, and in the case of last night’s How I Met Your Mother, literally fall out of your chair. Well, perhaps the latter just happened to me. In any case, let’s talk about that ending…

But to do that, we have to quickly recap.

We left off last week with Ted locking eyes with Victoria at his big architect ball. Yes, Victoria/”Buttercup”/Bakery girl/Ran away to Germany girl/we never got any freaking closure girl. Yup, her. Thrilled? Yes, I was — just a bit (!!!!). Ted was excited, too, in his dorky Ted way. And in this episode, Ted told the story of their encounter while Barney obsessed over Lily’s growing pregnancy boobs. (*There’s more to this duck tale, but I’ll get to that in a minute.)

After he crossed paths with Victoria (and, I suppose, ditched Robin as a date), Ted accompanied her back to her bakery where he washed her dishes. That’s not a bad euphemism for sex. If anything, it was metaphor for Ted cleaning his conscience for the way things ended with Victoria. He still carried the guilt over kissing — and almost sleeping with — Robin, he said.

As one might have predicted (and, as many of us hoped), the two did end up sharing a kiss, but the excitement was marred by the revelation that Victoria’s boyfriend Klaus (not this one, unfortunately) was planning to propose soon. (Also, there was a funny bit where Ted also realized that Victoria had started dating Klaus just days after their break up.)

So Victoria left to be with her boyfriend (even though the pair briefly looked like they were about to make my dreams come true and run away with eachother). But in re-telling the story to his friends, Ted kept to himself the one major nugget from their encounter: She thinks Robin is the reason none of Ted’s relationships have worked.

So…what now? The last frame of the episode would lead us to believe that we’re about to revisit the Barney-Robin-Ted love triangle that we’ve already dealt with, but I can’t believe that’s true. 1) It was too painfully sad the first time around. 2) Unless the show is pulling a Simpsons and spoofing its own repeated plots, I honestly don’t think we’re going to blatantly retread this storyline. 3) There’s a chance that I am misinterpreting Victoria (and I’m sure that was the intention). Her reasoning seems sound, but I have to believe there’s a twist. I mean, this is How I Met Your Mother. There’s always a twist. Edit: I like Mike’s idea (from the comments)! Does anyone else agree?

I welcome your theories and thoughts on the episode! Do you think that’s the last we’re going to see of Victoria? If so, do you wish there was more? Do you think we’re headed to love triangle land once again? And what the heck happens when we throw Nora back into the mix, too?

* I had planned on working this into the post above, but there’s just no way of artfully weaving a mention of a subplot about boob flashing into a post that deals with the deepest matters of the heart. So here’s the short of it: Barney wanted to see Lily’s big boobs and almost won a bet that would have allowed him a squeeze. But Lily flashed him while he was executing the task that would have led to victory. Well played, Lily Pad. Well played. And as a result of losing the bet, Barney now has to wear Marshall’s nauseatingly ugly duck tie for a year. #awesome #loser #speakinginhashtagsisawesome

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  • Mike

    I think what Victoria meant was Robin was too involved in Ted’s life, not that they should get back together. And Barney should not have had to wear the tie he lost the bet in an unfair way.

    • Eli

      This is exactly how I understood it as well. Having such a close relationship to your ex means you will constantly compare your new girlfriends to her and makes it a really toxic environment for love to grow.

      And they make Barney wear the tie cause Barney is supposed to be the “evil” one and as such according to sitcom custom he has to be humiliated in the end. This is how American tv works ;)

      PS: I second more Victoria, Ashley Williams is funny and beautiful and so much more pleasant to watch than all the other previous girlfriends (except Rachel Bilson, but I don’t really count her, they barely dated at all).

    • thin

      Right. I dunno, but that seemed pretty clear to me that was what she meant. Remember that they had the whole conversation earlier about how it was weird that Ted and Barney had both been in relationships with Robin and still hung around with her every day. Victoria wasn’t saying it was weird because they should get back together, she was saying it was weird because Ted hadn’t/couldn’t move on, and that was what she meant at the end when she told Ted that Robin was the reason his relationships weren’t working.

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      • jong

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      • Erika

        he SAYS the mother is in his class at school. Don’t people realize that he would’ve recognized Victoria and certainly Robin if they were in his class?!?!?!

      • rachelleet

        @Erika…TOTALLY agree with you. I hate having to clarify to people that there is no way Robin is the mom. Although, sometimes I get a weird feeling that it could go all Definitely, Maybe and he ends up with one person but Robin is who he really loves. Not sure… But, I read somewhere that the mom could be Barney’s half-sister (something about his dad saying his daughter was going to school in NY and he meets her at Barney’s wedding).

      • Erin

        I think their “love triangle” has been hurting them all on some level, but I’m almost positive it’s been hurting Robin the most. When they finally realize how sucky their relationships actually are, I think that’s when Robin hits her breaking point and is the reason she goes into therapy…and meets Kal Penn.

      • Tesl

        No, she’s condemned by court to go into therapy because she has offended a girl who was trying to ruin Barney and Nora’s relationship. Very sweet.

      • Tess

        It’s not Robin. He calls her Aunt Robin when he is speaking to the kids.

      • Joy

        I’m not buying the “Ted won’t move on” bit. I think that’s exactly what we saw at his wedding, that he was really ready to move on — even when Robin was there admitting that she hadn’t moved on, and opening the door for him, we saw that he didn’t hesitate — as far as he was concerned, she was there only as his friend, and if he had to choose, he was willing to let even that go. That’s not to say he doesn’t backslide sometimes when he’s got nothing else going on — but it’s not something that’s getting in the way when there’s someone else he’s ready to commit to. So I think we have to anticipate some kind of twist — “Ted won’t move on” was almost certainly what Victoria meant by what she said, but I suspect it will turn out her words were true in some other sense altogether.

    • SaraInSeattle

      Yes… like on Friends when Emily asked Ross to stop seeing Rachel all the time. Look how well that worked out for them.

    • dana

      i definitely agree with that. i think in the back of his mind, robin is still his dream girl and she has set the bar very high for ted’s other girlfriends. i dont think victoria meant that they’d be dating.

      • riltjhehgiohd

        It doesn’t matter what she “meant”. The writers can go in whatever direction they feel like when they get there.

      • Ann

        I agree. Robin is Ted’s dream girl and until she is able to move on, Ted won’t either because there’s always a glimmer of hope…they do have that deal that if they’re both single at 40, they’ll marry each other. Maybe that’s what he’s subconsciously hoping for. Which makes me even more thrilled, because that would mean Ted won’t move on until Robin gets married. Maybe she marries Barney (I got that sense from the last scene which Ted said that Victoria was right, but they just didn’t know it yet). So…Robin marries Barney so that Ted can move on and stop being on Robin’s “hook” (this term is used in a previous episode many seasons ago…I love watching HIMYM repeats!). Once Robin marries, Ted is finally able to move on to meet the Mother.

      • Jenny

        OMG, I love the way Ann thinks!!! I love that idea! I hope you are right! My excuse for the end had a weak connection to Barney and Robin, but yours makes so much more sense! I love Barney and Robin, and I care mroe about whether they end up together than who the mother is! lol I’m quite sad, really. You just gave me hope!

    • estab1971

      Agreed. Ted is already emotionally part of a “we.” Until he’s just “me,” he won’t meet the mother.

      • Drea

        that is it, exactly. well said

    • Colleen

      Barney lost the bet unfairly? He took a class to learn how to cook at a Japanese Steakhouse and conditioned Marshall to want to go there by sneezing in the event he needed something from him (or Lily) someday? He earned the duck tie!

      • Big Walt

        And didn’t anyone else find that whole thing disturbing? I know it’s a sitcom and I know it’s Barney but still, if the Barney of our group was that obsessed with any of my wife’s body parts he wouldn’t be in our group anymore.

    • Ashleigh

      Absolutely, Mike. Victoria said something that Robin was a much bigger part of his life than he even realizes, but that doesn’t have to mean in dating terms. I see Robin as the girl that Ted compares all other girls to. Not that Ted wants to get back with her, but she’s the comparison. Once she is completely out of the picture (involved w/ someone else) Ted can finally move on and be fully committed to someone else.

      However, I do think that people can be friends with exes, and see them on a regular basis, and still have healthy relationships with others. But Ted needs clarity first.

      • O’Brien

        I think it has a lot to do with the fact that while he’s not with Robin, she’s like a safety blanket. He still has the emotional reliance on her that you would normally have in a relationship. She’s there for him. They live together, so you can easily do all of that comfortable couple stuff – watching tv, cooking dinner, etc. – without having to have a relationship. You don’t have to look to someone else for those things, and it makes being “alone” a lot easier.

      • Whitney

        @O’Brien – Exactly! Add in the fact that they still have that marriage plan if they’re still single by a certain point… and somewhere deep down, it’s just keeping Ted from moving forward.

      • Rebecca

        Just a thought- my explanation probably is not too clear, but because of the ambiguity of Victoria’s statement that Robin is a much bigger part of his life than he realizes makes me think that maybe Katie Scherbatsky (Robin’s sister) may be the mother.

        1) It fits the “Aunt Robin” theme pretty well. I know that this term can also be used for a close friend of the family, but I think this works pretty well. And, it does make a little sense that the whole Robin/Ted dynamic works, but that they can’t be together; however maybe Katie/Ted could because Katie could be a lot like Robin? It sounds a little sick because then he’d be with the sister of his ex, but I think it could work.
        2) By the time that Ted teaches the “architecture” (economics) class, she was in that classroom. Katie would be about that age where she would be attending college. And, we haven’t seen Katie since the one episode she was in, where the crew was taking her to see the top of the Empire State Building. It also doesn’t seem to have where Robin really stays in much contact with her, so it’s kind of left up in the air.

        Again, just a thought, just to toss it out there to see what other people think.

    • KCB

      Duh, Sandra. Of course that’s what Victoria meant. I say Sandra cos she called out that she likes ur theory Mike.

    • Bill

      Yes, that’s what she meant. No, neither “Aunt Robin” nor Victoria are the mother. The mother was in Ted’s “architecture” (really an economics) class. He would’ve seen Victoria. I hope it isn’t Katie Holmes, and that the Slutty Pumpkin’s arrival just turns out to be a 2-3 episode arc.

      • Bill

        Oh, and I think this is going to make Ted distance himself from Robin this season, not get closer to her. Add that to an increasingly pregnant Lily (and Marshall) and the Barney/Robin pairing (Barbin? Bobin?) reignites.

      • WTF?

        Obviously the Slutty Pumpkin is just filler until the real mother is introduced. This season is shaping up to be a Ghosts of Firlfriends Past/High Fidelity type thing where Ted revisits all his past “loves” and figures out what went wrong, yadda, yadda, yadda. Robin is not the mom, Victoria, no. The Mother has a yellow umbrella, plays bass, uses bread to perform showtunes, likes the douchy books Ted likes, yellow schoolbus figurine, etc. None of the past flames have had this, which people seem to forget. Guh, I’ve been watching this show too long and am getting a bit impatient, even though I still love it!

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    • KaraS

      Maybe Barney had to wear the duck tie because he is, in fact, A DUCK (and not a rabbit!)

      And by the way- They better reveal the mother soon. The flashbacks are in the year 2030, and those kids on the couch are what- 14 or 15? That would make the daughter born 15 years before 2030- Which would be about 2015. It takes about a year to be pregnant- So the mother has be knocked up by 2014. So we’re to believe he isn’t even DATING the mother yet, but just about 3 years from now she’ll already have his baby? TICK TOCK WRITERS! TICK TOCK!!!

      • Erik

        KaraS. Great points all around. I didn’t even think of the Duck Tie/Duck-Rabbit correlation. And you’re so right about the age of the kids.

  • Mike

    And yes more Victoria

    • Tjhooker

      The show is called “How I met your mother” not “How I met the woman I stayed with for the rest of my life.”…..he is going to end up with someone that we already know……as a recently divorce dad.

  • Katherine

    I think Future-Ted saying, “It didn’t work” is also alluding to a problem later on with Robin being friends with Barney when he’s in a relationship. Also, Ted has his 40-deal with Robin as his “back-up wife,” so the “what-if” is always there in the back of his mind. I think Robin becoming unavailable (a committed relationship, married, etc ) will give Ted the closure he needs to give 100% to his other relationships.

    • Ann

      Wow, I just posted almost the exact same thing earlier before I read this comment. I agree with you 100%.

    • cam

      Am I the only one who thinks that Victoria’s statement meant that Barney and Robin should be together? In a roundabout way, b/c how would she know. But I think your comment that Ted has to move on and can do that when Robin is totally off the market…with Barney. Although them getting married seems to be too easy, but who knows.

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  • b

    They kind of shut the door on Victoria and then cracked the door a little. I hope its not the end for Ted and Victoria; I think they had the best chemistry by far.

    • SaraInSeattle

      I agree. I also liked that he wanted to apologize for what happened – what a nice, mature thing to say/do. It made me like him a little bit more :)
      Also yes Victoria was a nice surprise – she seems like a normal, pretty girl. When she said “No.. I LOVED you” I believed her. It’s funny how 6 years can seem like not so much time with exes.

    • Remy

      What I REALLY want to know now is: the night that Ted nearly slept with Robin while waiting for Victoria to call – what WAS she wanting to talk about that night? I don’t think we ever got an answer to that. I bring it up now because it makes me wonder if she was calling to break up with Ted so she could see Klaus. Because that really does shake up their story a bit.

      • Ann

        She might have wanted to tell Ted that she was afraid of falling in love with her classmate, Klaus. I got the feeling that she maybe had wanted to end the long distance relationship. Victoria stated she never cheated on Ted, and I believe her….but I think she was going through a lot of emotions while in Germany and the fact that Ted cheated on her made it easier for her to break up with him.

      • krisb

        Maybe she wanted to tell him she was pregnant (twin boy & girl – they look the same age to me) and Ted was the father?

      • Timothy

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    • Diane

      I know–Victoria’s Klaus was getting ready to propose and at the end he said she’s “probably” engaged. I hope Klaus turns into a mess and season seven is Victoria’s. Or heck-she and Klaus can move into Ted’s building and they can all be besties. I just want more Victoria

      • Anna

        I have been waiting for YEARS for Victoria to come back and be the Mother. And I was so happy to see her! She and Ted were so funny and sweet together, and I want him back to his romantic, blue-french horn stealing self! The show has lost a lot of that sweetness and hopeful spirit, and I’d love to see it get some of that back.

      • Tess

        I can’t stand Victoria. I really hope she never comes back.

  • Samantha

    I’m going to be so pissed if we revisit the “is ted in love with robin” story line. It’s not necessary and would ruin the show. I do think we’re going to revisit all/most of Teds exes this season though so Ted can have closure and make things right.

    • Ann

      You know…what I think will happen is that Ted tries to rekindle his relationship with Robin but Robin is still in love with Barney. So, after realizing this, Ted helps Robin and Barney get back together and marry. It makes Ted happy that Robin is happy because he loves her so much, but that also helps him move on.

      • Big Walt

        Didn’t we already have that exact same storyline?

    • Colleen

      I don’t think they can revisit the Ted/Robin thing. I think the ep where he tells her she’s not needy and disliked that about her (where she keeps saying “I got this”) but Barney loved that about her ended any chance of Ted & Robin as anything other than a drunk lonely hook up. He can’t dislike such a major part of her personality and think they have any kind of future other than as friends. Not to mention Robin is still openly pining for Barney.

      • Ann

        Ahh..I forgot about the “I got this” episode. Yeah, Barney loves that Robin isn’t needy all the time…I forgot about that little aspect of why Barney liked Robin so much. Barney and Robin were meant to be together!

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  • RyanK

    What I got from the final Victoria line, (and I thought they made this pretty clear) is that they were saying Ted and Robin wouldn’t be able to keep up their best-buds type relationship they have now. As in their friendship will fall apart. I thought it was great (and depressing!) foreshadowing.

    • shannon

      especially when we know at the wedding, the bride asks to speak with Ted! Could it be Robin and Ted patching things up?

      • Mike

        Oh God I hope not, if Robin is the bride at Barney’s wedding then they might as well call this show Friends.

      • WTF?

        Well, it sort of IS like Friends, just for Generation Y instead of Generation X. Nothing wrong with that; it’s not like Friends has staked a claim on ensemble sitcoms about a close-knit group of friends living, learning and loving in the big city. HIMYM is just paralleled because it’s the most popular of a long line of shows like it that have come and gone in the past several years.

      • Bruna

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    • Xena

      That’s exactly what I understood. And yes, it was very depressing. We know from the later years of referring to “Aunt Robin” that she remains a part of Ted’s life, but that could be because she married Barney. Maybe Robin is Barney’s bride that needsto speak to Ted at the wedding, to patch things up. The “Friends”-like buddy-buddy will be over.
      On a side note, I must be the only fan who dislikes Victoria. Maybe because I dislike the actress? She seems too cocky and arrogant. Could be her roles in other shows are influencing me, and I know it’s shallow, but her smile irks me. For that alone, I hope she’s not the mother.

  • Johnification

    I think what’s coming up is this, sort of: Lily and Marshall will probably be spending less time at the bar due to the fact that, y’know, Lily can’t actually drink. This leaves a trio of friends in Barney, Robin, and Ted. Down to those three and with this fresh seed in Ted’s head, it’s bound to become as awkward as it probably should have been all along, leading to some sort of fracture, one that either a) forces Ted to do more introspection and change, or b) simply put Ted directly on the path to The Mother. Bays and Thomas have always said there’s a good reason this story started with the night Ted met Robin…

    • Pipp

      Yes, I was also thinking about that comment Bays and Thomas made. In my opinion Victoria meant indeed that Robin is too involved in his life to have him move on. If I remember correctly Bays and Thomas also pointed out earlier that Robin en Ted living together would play a big part somewhere in Ted’s journey. I really don’t hope they’re going to do the whole Ted-loves-Robin thing again. I think they’ll let Ted rethink his earlier relationships (including revisiting some of his exes) and Robins role in them. To conclude eventually that he has to keep Robin at a distance, untill he has find closure. Meanwhile, Robin has these feelings for Barney, while he’s in love with Nora. So yes, the three of them hanging out like pals won’t work. BTW, I really hope HIMYM will stay a sitcom, because its slightly heading to a soap opera now. I don’t like this that much.

      • Nick

        Really? Because I enjoy the fact that they can make it funny yet still have some serious dramatic moments.
        I believe that it gets ppl more emotionally involved. Thats why i enjoyed the first few seasons better than the last few because they starting steering more towards sticom but now it looks like they may be going back towards the middle which i enjoy.

      • Pipp

        Yes, I also like the combination of hilarious scenes and emotional scenes, I think that’s what makes this series so strong. But I meant the whole I-want-you-back-but-you-want-my-best-friend-whose-into-someone-else kinda stories, which will go on and on and on.

    • Big Walt

      It won’t just be Ted-Robin-Barney, it will be Ted-Robin-Barney and Nora. You know, the girl Barney ends up marrying.

  • Davidj

    I guess I’m one of the only ones who LIKED Ted and Robin together. They always seemed like such a great match, and still seem to have a great chemistry with each other (Robin/Barney always felt forced as hell to me).

    • Mike

      I think Barney and Robin have a lot more chemistry but hey that is subjective

    • kevin

      I like Ted and Robin as a couple more. If you look back to when they were dating.. there were lots of nice romantic moments. Robin and Barney were more of a lets have fun kind of relationship instead of a serious commitment. But IMO, Robin is not the mother. Ted needs to get over his first true love (Robin) before he can find his next love. Oh, did you remember Robin asked Ted not to get marry to Stella before the wedding? Deep down I want Robin to be the mother but the triangle relationship is so complicated. I hope no one gets hurt in the end.

      • A

        Also, when future Ted is talking to his kids, he refers to Robin as Aunt Robin… I think that sort of makes it obvious that she is not the mother.

    • Paige

      I liked them together too, but I guess I just find it frustrating since you know she’s not the mother. Because of that, I would rather them not get back together.

      (kevin, we know she’s not the mother already. His kids call her Aunt Robin)

      • Ashleigh

        I completely agree. I thought Ted and Robin worked together, which made me sad that she wasn’t the mother (which we learned in the pilot). But the first time, I knew it helped tell the story of the How He Met The Mother. But if they rehash it now, make it Ted and Robin again, it will feel cheap, because it didn’t work out before and we know it doesn’t work out. But the first time, I did like them together, even though we knew it wouldn’t last.

  • Kaiulani

    I’ve always wished that Robin was the Mother, but know it can’t happen. But I agree with Victoria that Ted will never be able to move on until he deals with having Robin in his life which won’t happen till she marries Barney.

    • Regan

      Yes, I think the reason futer Ted wad like “she was rite” was b/c Robin is the bride at the wedding and as soon as Ted see that he can’t have her. BAAM he finds the mother. Just my idea.

    • Caiti

      I agree. I think it’s awkward 3 exes hanging out together- maybe less awkward if Robin and Barney get married. We know they stay friends, because the kids know her as Aunt Robin (which would support the Ted-marries-Barney’s-sister theory) but Narrator-Ted did say at one point that they faded in and out of each other’s lives from time to time. I Think it will solve itself. Hopefully they won’t make a huge deal of it.

      • bob

        Some kids grow up calling their parents’ friends Aunt and Uncle. It’s not that unusual. They don’t actually have to be related.

      • Monty

        Yes Bob, we all know that is true. However, this would add another layer to it. Yes, Marshall & Lily aren’t related to Ted but he calls them Aunt and Uncle when he speaks of them to his kids. Having Barney and Robin ACTUALLY be the kids’ aunt and uncle is the twist in this situation.

      • Pipp

        I’m sorry, but did we ever hear about Barney’s sister? Or is that just a thought?

      • WTF?

        Pipp, apparently Barney’s bio dad mentioned something about Barney’s half-sister going to school in NYC. Honestly, I don’t recall in which episode the comment was made, but I think that could be the final piece of the puzzle. It really does make a lot of sense when you think in hindsight. we shall see!

      • Ann

        @Pipp, in the episode where Barney meets his father, John Lithgow shows Barney a picture of his family. Lithgow makes an off-hand comment that “This is my daughter Carly. She’s away at college.” It was really brief and subtle. I definitely missed that comment the first time I saw that episode, but if you watch again, I guarantee you would not miss that very brief comment.

  • The Brit

    I wish this was the final season. It has some positive qualities but they are really dragging it on now and are taking the mickey if they expect audiences to wait a few more years before they finally reveal who the mother is. It’s become so repetitious and onotonous.
    They should have made it shorter but better written and they could have ended it by now.

    • Ralph

      The show has been extended for 2 years. I don’t know if there are plans to continue it beyond that, but I have read that the show runners are currently planning for this two year arc, and I think we will catch up to Barney’s wedding at the end of next season. I continue to optimistically hope that the writer’s have a plan that doesn’t involve too much repetition.

  • The Brit

    I wish this will be the final season. It’s become so repetitious and monotonous.
    It has some positive qualities but they are really dragging it on now and are taking the mickey if they expect audiences to wait a few more years before they finally reveal who the mother is.
    They should have made it shorter but better written and they could have ended it by now.

    • henry

      maybe at the end of this season, ted will meet the mother. then the next season will be about their relationship leading up to them getting married. the creators of the show have said the show doesn’t have to end once ted meets the mother. that could avoid the monotony of the show.

    • Takako

      Dijana казва:zdravstias sam od makevodonija i iskam da mi kaztee kade v Blagoevgrad moga da namerja va6ite proizvodi i dali imate matraci so dimenzija 188 160 ili nesto priblizno so tove razmerizvinjavajte za moe ezik ako ne e dobarmersipi6ete mi na mail

  • ace

    Victoria pissed me off, because what she said was true. Going to be interesting to see what happens between the three of them.

  • Pipp

    Bays and Thomas about Victoria: “We knew that she would be part of the endgame of the series. She’s all over the third episode. And I don’t know exactly when she’s coming back beyond that, but there’s definitely going to be more to the story.” And: “She’s bringing with her a little bit of wisdom that will become very important to Ted as the season goes on and as the series goes on.” That’s for sure the Robin-comment. So since Robin won’t be the mother, meeting Robin, being friends with her, (probably) keeping her away for a while, will let him to the Mother. I guess this season will end with Barney and Robin getting back together and eventually marry (although a big part of Barney comes with him being single, not only the women but also all this crazy stuff he does, so I don’t know what kind of dynamic that’ll bring), so Ted will find his closure on Robin and next season is all about Ted finding the Mother. The end.

  • Pipp

    Last comment: I really don’t like how they cut the scene where they tried to guess Ted’s ex he had run into. The extended version is way funnier.

    • sd

      where did you see the extended version?

      • Harp

        That’s where I saw it..

  • Meg

    I like HIMYM, but this is starting to turn into “Definitely, Maybe” by bringing back the exes. Girlfriend A, Girlfriend B, and Girlfriend C–which one is the mother? Which one is the one he secretly loves through the marriage? I’m afraid of HIMYM turning into a romantic comedy with the ending becoming so obvious that it ruins the snark and heart that made me a dedicated watcher.

    • Kinsey

      I am so happy you wrote that because I had thought the same thing with Victoria coming back, and the slightly more dramatic themes! I loved “Definitely, Maybe” but not as a sitcom every week

    • Sarah

      Yes!!!! That’s exactly what I think of too, is that movie. It’s really starting to make me wonder if one of the girlfriends we’ve met IS the mother, and this is the “Definitely, Maybe” twist. The only way this would make me happy is if it was Victoria. Otherwise, I hope, hope, hope it’s someone completely new.

      • Rory

        Victoria SHOULD be the Mother! They’re perfect together, I’ve always thought so. MORE VICTORIA!

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