Are you a responsible pet-lover suffering from 'Harry Potter' withdrawal? Padfoot is now up for adoption!

Over the past few weeks, beta testers for J.K. Rowling’s Pottermore experiment have expressed a range of opinions about the interactive site. Many have complained about the slow admittance process, but the fortunate few who have seen the site have praised both its artwork and the completely immersive experience it has to offer. Keith Staskiewicz, EW’s lucky Potter-tester, said the site will “let you experience some of the fun of living in the world of Harry Potter.”

The fun of living in the world of Harry Potter, eh? Isn’t this ‘fun’ what we’ve all been chasing since our first visit to Hogwarts in 1997?  Isn’t it the reason behind the valuable time I’ve spent taking Sorting Hat quizzes (Hufflepuff? I think not), and debating whether to  buy a plane ticket to Orlando to sample Universal Studios’ interpretation of Butterbeer? My verdict is a definitive yes. Anyone who has read this series without experiencing the serious side effect of Hogwarts-envy is probably a Death Eater.

Well, now Potter fans (or really just responsible dog lovers) can join in on the fun by making a beloved member of the Potter family a member of their own family! Berry, the 10-year-old German Shepherd who played Sirius Black’s animagus Padfoot, is now up for adoption in Britain. Berry and his best friend Porridge lived with stuntman Paul Thompson for most of his life, but both dogs are now homeless because Thompson can no longer care for them.

Is your heart broken yet? No? Well, here’s an excerpt from Berry’s essay, The Realities of Rescue, which was published on his landing page on the German Shepherd Dog Rescue site:

My Dad contacted German Shepherd Dog Rescue because he realised he didn’t have the time to look after us properly anymore. His work takes him away from home an awful lot and whilst his friends and family tried to help look after us, we weren’t getting the walks or brushes we were used to… Apparently there were a lot of people on the film I was in, something to do with a Harry Potter, who became very rich and very famous from it and they all live in lovely houses of their own. If it wasn’t for German Shepherd Dog Rescue and my Mums and Dad I would not be as happy and cared for now as I am, but I am still waiting for a home to call my own. If only I had become rich and famous as well then maybe I could have helped these wonderful people help more dogs like me and Porridge… Please read what mum told me about German Shepherd Dog Rescue and if you can help in anyway, Porridge and I would be most grateful.
Love Berry

He added six x’s on the end. That means six kisses from this marauding pup, who would surely light up your life and give you the kind of love Crookshanks never gave Hermione. Any PopWatcher who might be looking to add a sweet German Shepherd to their home can contact the GSDR here. In the meantime, maybe Berry can crash at one of Daniel Radcliffe’s numerous multi-million dollar properties.

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  • whatevs

    Ugh, so sad. I hope a nice, loving family adopts these pups quickly.

    • Angela

      That’s the lamest spam I’ve seen in a while.

  • JeffDJ

    When exactly did a real dog portray Padfoot in PoA? Wasn’t he all CG in that movie?

    Anyway, nice looking dog. Hope he finds a home.

  • Morgan

    Shouldn’t someone from a movie franchise that made billions help him out?

  • Seriously

    Does he come with Gary Oldman? ‘Cause that would be awesome!

  • Liz Lemon

    I want him! His owner should be ashamed of himself!!!

    • pastafarian

      It sounds like lack of time, not lack of desire. I know I would love to have a pet, but my schedule doesn’t permit it, so it would be unfair to any pet, regardless of how much I’d like to have one.

      • Nancy

        You’re obviously very loving and considerate. But please rethink the “no time” issue. People always use the word “unfair” about a pet when they have little time, etc. but in reality it’s usually a cover-up word. It covers up the person’s desire not to deal with a pet for whatever reason. I work 10-12 hours a day. I have large dogs. They are home alone (and crated) for long periods. They also have a good life. Not ideal. Not out of this world incredibly the best ever. But a good life filled with some time every day with me, and of course free run of the house at night. Consider this: none of have as much time as want to spend with loved ones or as much money as we want to do things.. But does that mean we just ditch our loved ones and give up on doing things? Nope. We ADJUST. So we spend less time but quality time. We do few things but they’re great to do. So why do we say that a pet has to have an “ideal” environment in which we spend all kinds of time with them all the time? Because we’re trying to rationalize our own unwillingness to take on the commitment. Ask yourself this question: how is it “fair” to kill a dog or cat, when they could have a good life with someone even though there isn’t much time to horse around? Hmmmmm. I’d rather live in a one room 5th story walk-up cold water flat and eat bread crumbs than die! At some point that will change, just as at some point your life will change. The trick is to get a dog or cat whose temperament and needs match your situation! Please, please, please consider adopting an older cat or dog — they need little from you except a comfy place to rest, food, and a quiet hug each day. They are low-maintenance, low energy and delightfully wise. They’re been-there-done-that and they simply don’t you to go out and race around with them every day. They’ve reached a gentle, quiet, almost lazy time of life. Yet they’re dying by the hundreds of thousands in our pounds every year. Please give it some thought. You would be a great home for an older dog or cat!

      • @Nancy

        As an animal lover, I hear your plea. But if someone says they don’t have time, whether that is actually the case or not, then they probably aren’t going to make a good pet companion and there is no need to write a novella to convince them.

  • Tia

    Great article! Although, anyone who reads this has to be made aware that both dogs are part of the package, not just one. I absolutely love his picture though, and wish I lived in Britain

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  • ghdsale

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  • dmss

    This is so sad. Older animals do not do as well in shelters. However, it sounds like a German Shepherd Rescue group has taken them in which means they are in foster homes until they find a permanent placement.

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