Morgan Freeman calls Tea Party racist

Start mocking-up Shawshank Redemption posters with Hitler mustaches! Shawshank star Morgan Freeman, who also famously played the president in the 1998 popcorn film, Deep Impact, tells Piers Morgan that the Tea Party movement is racist for its efforts to make Barack Obama a one-term president. The Oscar-winning actor said that Obama’s election has made race relations in this country worse, because the Tea Party movement is “a racist thing.” “Their stated policy, publicly stated, is to do whatever it takes to see to it that Obama only serves one term,” the actor said. “What’s, what does that, what underlines that? ‘Screw the country. We’re going to whatever we … can to get this black man outta here.'”

Freeman dismissed Morgan’s notion that the Tea Party’s motivations were strictly political, and expressed concern over the influence the Tea Partiers were wielding. “It just shows the weak, dark, underside of America,” he said. “We’re supposed to be better than that.” Watch below.

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  • Joanna

    Sure…it’s because they’re racist…not because Obama is a horrible president and the country is in far worse shape than it was 3 years ago. I just lost a lot of respect for Morgan Freeman.

    • Bobbys Robot

      Well, Obama is just trying to clean up the mess that the previous moron left us with, with no help from the GOP that hates average Americans and only wants power for themselves and their rich cronies while acting like they’re the voice of the Real America. Freeman’s right, but he left out homophobic, anti-semitic, sexist, Islamaphobic…

    • Tonic

      Whatever problems you think Obama brings would be X1,000 with a Republican in office.

      Then again, maybe you’re a multi-millionaire or Corporation, in which case Republican is the way to go for you!

      • tlo

        All of those people at the tea party rallies probably aren’t racist, maybe even the majority of them. But I have noticed that racists seem to feel awfully comfortable at those rallies, with their racist signs and monkey dolls with Obama name tags. That’s pretty telling to me.

      • Monty

        Why can’t a person support a candidate or conversly disagree with another candidates policies because of their political beliefs? Why is skin color the only determining factor?? Lets judge Obama, one way or the other, on the content of his character, not the color of his skin. Can’t people like/dislike him because of his beliefs and actions? Sure, racists are not for Obama based on his skin color, but doesn’t mean all people who aren’t for Obama are racists.

        Besides, do we really care what the opinion is of a man who had an affair with his step granddaughter? You don’t go fishing for mistresses at the family reunion, Red.

      • Martillo

        The problem with that Monty, is that Obama has governed as, at best, a moderate republican. These tea party yahoos screaming “socialist” aren’t credible because Obama’s policies aren’t even liberal, much less socialist. Most Bush policies have been carried over, and Obama has doubled down on the wars in the middle east, kept Gitmo open. Even “Obamacare” is an a republican plan Obama settled on so he wouldn’t have to fight for anything better, but of course, republicans disowned it as soon as Obama endorsed their own plan. The stimulus? Most of it was just republican tax breaks. Since Obama is governing as a republican, it’s hard to see what tea partiers are so worked up about if not his race. Instead of admitting that, they just pretend Obama is something he’s not. The next election will be what amounts to a moderate republican running against a more right wing republican.

      • Joanna

        No, thankfully I’m a middle class, hard working employee. If I was a multi-millionaire, Obama would be trying to tax me to death.

      • rick

        Tax multi-millionaires to death? You mean the additional four to five percent that would bring the percentage back to what it was in 2001? Heck, Bush even agreed to that when he passed the tax plan. I would say you have a way of overstating things to an almost comical degree.

      • Liza @Martillo

        I totally agree with you Martillo, Obama caves in to every Republican demand and he even brought more cuts to the table during the budget talks. He doesn’t stand up for liberal or progressive ideals yet the tea party claims he does. He’s even been much harder on illegal immigrants than Bush was.The new crop of republican presidential candidates are far right leaning and some could even be categorized as religious radicals. Even Bush looks tame in comparison, even liberal at times. This is because they need to differentiate themselves enough from Obama while still staying conservative because Obama is so middle of road, slightly right at best. Makes me think it must be a race issue for many tea partiers or maybe they are so completely brainwashed they have no idea about what Obama has actually done and just believe whatever Fox News or the republicans tell them.
        In the end if everyone was more educated in general about the facts of government everyone would be able to make better decisions. Get out there and get the real facts, don’t watch just one channel or read one paper. Get different points of view and do real research about the topics and issues that matter to you. Follow the money, read the candidates background, figure out what bills they’ve written, voted for or against, etc. If everyone had this information you probably wouldn’t see so many people hating Obama . They’d probably start to hate everyone in government so much Obama will just seem like another cold hearted bought and paid for politician like the rest.

      • So True

        Mongo Free-man sounded like he was drunk again. Too bad he’s incapable of reasonable thought. Playing the race card to divert attention from the abject, colossal and total failure that Obama is just shows him to be the small-minded racist that he truly is. He hates white people, just like most blacks do. Real Racism is voting for a black person because they are black, just like most blacks admitted doing in 2010. Blacks are the real racists … always have been and always will be, because they are stupid. F*ck Morgan Freeman.

      • So True

        This world would be so much better if all the liberals, demoncraps, and Hollyweirdos would kill themselves.

      • @So True

        You make a statement that blacks are stupid, and you’re supposed to be morally superior to Morgan Freeman? President Obama kept us afloat by saving the auto industry, but do people remember that? Osama was captured under his watch, but does he get any credit? He compromised during the debt ceiling debacle to save us from default, when your beloved Tea Party didn’t care what they were doing to the country’s credit rating because they were more concerned with putting the screws to him. Answer me this, how is he supposed to get things done if they’re twarting him at every turn? The war has cost us billions, and it’s still draining us, but the Republicans say we can’t pull out and they even want us to fight Libya! Any gain we make is going to be eaten up by these astronomical war costs. Why can’t people understand that? It defies all reason! You’ll call President Obama a colossal failure, yet you’d probably say Bush was a good president. He managed to take a massive surplus and turn it into a massive deficit. President Obama started with a massive deficit and it’s still a deficit. How is that worse?

      • So True

        The majority of blacks are stupid, or they would be able to support themselves with high-paying jobs or by creating products and marketing them. I am superior to Morgan Freeman in every conceivable way. And you, too, for that matter. Did you mean thwart?

      • So True

        Obama is the worst ‘president’ this country has ever suffered, followed by Carter, Johnson, George Bush, Sr., and then George BW. Bush. So, you are wrong. Again. At lease two car companies have failed, so you don’t know what you’re talking about there, either. So, just shut up.

      • So True

        “..least ..,” not “.. lease.”

      • @So True

        I see by your last post that you make typos too. Two car companies have failed, but they wouldn’t have lasted as long if he hadn’t taken action. If you look at the cold hard facts in a non partisan way, there’s no way that you could say that President Obama is the worst president we’ve ever had. As far as your assertion that blacks are stupid because they can’t support…blah blah blah, that is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. Morgan Freeman has a high paying job and so do a lot of other blacks. Believe it or not, some even own companies and market their own products. Many whites don’t have high paying jobs or fit any of your requirements for intelligence. Does that make them stupid? BTW, I’m not offended by your telling me to shut up. It amuses me that you would resort to something like that.

      • So True

        It amuses me that you stupidly think that I care if you’re offended. I don’t. Bottom line: Morgan Freeman lucked out. He’s a b actor that hates white people. This is not the first time that he’s made racist remarks. Blacks with high-paying jobs are usually ‘entertainers’ or athletes. The majority of the rest got what they have as a result of Affirmative Action handing it to them. Get you head out of your @ss. Blacks can’t survive without whites paying their bills. If that weren’t true, there wouldn’t be lazy blacks on welfare … a role that they feel entitled to. The ratio of whites paying taxes to blacks payinhg taxes is so disproportionately huge that it is unmeasureable. Whether it’s can’t or won’t, the outcome is the same. Blacks are lazy and whites get stuck with the bill. I can, and do, say that Obama is, without question, the very worst ‘president’ ever. Stop telling me what to say, you commie.

      • @So True

        So it’s alright for you to be a racist, but it’s not alright when blacks make racist remarks about whites? The fact that you’ve lumped all black people together shows your level of intelligence, because according to your theory there’s no decent black people and all whites are hard working, supremely intelligent, and law abiding. So all those blacks who bravely fought in the military, or lay down their lives as police officers and firefighters are lazy bad people? What about that man who lay over a white man who fell on the train tracks and saved his life? Would you have done the same? All human life began in Africa, and if you got a DNA test you’d find African genes. I feel sorry for you, because your poisonous hatred is going to hurt you in the long run. You can spout more abuse, and you can have the last word. I won’t be reading your reply. It’s not worth my time.

    • Mia

      Worst shape than the reign of terror known as the Bush Chaney era?

      I love how people act as if nothing bad happened until President Obama took the oath of office. The economy was perfect until he moved into the White House, and anyone would any sense would know that this country could not get fixed in two years time. Whomever would have won would have had the same results. Somehow, I think you’d be more patient if McCain and Palin had won instead.

      Just a hunch.

      • Mia

        I meant to write “The economy was just perfect, right? That is until he moved into the White House…”

      • Joanna

        I’m not a Republican, and if they can’t come up with a decent candidate, then we’re going to get to suffer through 4 more years of bad decision making. The economy wasn’t good before, but are you seriously trying to say that it’s not FAR worse now? Unemployment around 10%…Obamacare…the worst housing market ever…and a president who knows NOTHING about basic economics?

    • Caiti

      Does this mean he was racist when he voted against Bush in 2004?

      • BMW328


      • Mary lee

        No, smart!

    • Nathan

      Obama inherited the worst possible situation of any president in memory, Bush and Cheney left the place in such a terrible mess, even Superman couldn’t do much to turn things around.

      • Cmon

        That’s so false its not even funny. Reagan FDR, Truman (in a war time) LBJ, Nixon + poor ALL had it worse than Obama did coming into office. Know your history before you try to speak about it

      • Mo

        I’ll give you FDR in that list, otherwise, not true at all.

      • Really?

        Sorry Mo, but if you think Obama had a more difficult office to take over than Truman you are just f*cking stupid.

        Off the top of my head:
        Came into office after the death of the most popular president in the last century, if not US history
        Was fighting a world war in Europe & Asia
        Had to make the decision whether or not to drop the only 2 nuculear missles ever used.

        I can only pray that you were homeschooled otherwise that means that there are other people out there taught by the same people who made you as stupid as you are today. Please don’t reproduce. Ever.

      • Mo

        Wait, you wrote all that nonsense, and you think I’m the one that’s home schooled? That speaks for itself, I won’t even bother listing the reasons why (not to mention that Truman didn’t drop any “nuclear missiles” WTF).

    • TopherGraceSucks

      Anyone in the White House is better than Topher Grace

    • Javadude54

      People like you will be blaming President Obama for everything that republicans screw up for the next 12 years, just like you did President Clinton.

    • kate middleton

      Agree with you, Joanna. It’s a shame that Morgan Freeman has lowered himself to this rhetoric. I just don’t understand people who insist that anyone who disagrees with Obama is a racist. Absurd.

      • @kate middleton

        He’s not saying that. There are democrats who don’t agree with President Obama and he’s not calling them racists. He’s saying the Tea Party has a racist agenda in their mission to destroy President Obama, and he’s right.

      • the_girl

        the methods the Tea Party uses clearly amount to racism. I have seen Tea Party members holding up posters depicting Obama as a monkey and wearing blackface. who is really going to try to argue those things are not racist?

    • Damon

      I’ retired from the military after 20 years. Been stationed some of everywhere with 3 deployments. I’ve seen 3 presidents during that time. To me Clinton was the best. I didn’t agree with everything but he made since. Every president has inherited a something from the previous and every president has a war or conflict within the world to deal with. If we had done the right thing in the beginning we would not be where we are today. If you look at statistics, what makes more sense? Going to war with Iraq or Iran? Iraq because we knew it would be easier. What benefits us? Oil. Who was president at time Bush. Who was CEO of Haliburton? Chaney. Biggest contracts in Iraq given to who? Haliburton with subsidiaries like KBR(Kellog, Brown and Root). So who stood to gain? Take a guess. What did we have to gain in Afghanistan? Nothing. Iraq was never a true threat. That’s why president Bush in 90-91 never invaded Iraq to remove Saddam. Nor did Clinton. But there was an agenda there with GW Bush. You can call it what you want but look. We didn’t stay long in Somalia for long now did we? No benefit to us financially and it didn’t sit well with the American people getting our soldiers killed. Or when with killings in Sierra Leone at the diamond mines. We sent the Marines in to remove the Americans. Yes diamonds are profitable but not like say oil. At least in Iraq we can have someone in that will be more to our liking than say an African country which has been very unstable and violent for years. Why have we not invaded Libya? Think about the American people and how that would take a toll on them. We’ve been through a lot in the last 21 years. We need to focus on us here first. No matter who’s the president not everyone will be happy. Just a fact.

    • pinky

      Mr. Freeman, when you make this type of assumption it reveals a lot about yourself. When people wanted to impeach Clinton or Bush no one ever said it was race related, but now all of a sudden THAT’s the issue? Get real.

  • @Joanna

    LOL I needed the laugh. The country is in worse shape because of Obama… LMAO!!!!

    • Blair

      Unlike when America was losing 800,000 jobs a month during the last year of Bush’s term??

      How exactly do you think this country got so screwed up? Bill Clinton left a huge surplus that Bush turned into a deficit.

      You’re clueless.

      And, yeah, the Tea Party is filled with idiots and racists who are happy to see the economy die in hopes that it will lead to Obama losing the 2012 election.

    • Joanna

      Hey…I like to give the uneducated a laugh every once in a while.

      • @Joanna

        Don’t forget the war that we’re still paying for.

      • Ibro

        What about yours?(OK:1) Find a picture you like that will still look dnceet when it’s small. Save it to your PC. Yeah, you’ll probably be breaking a copyright law, but don’t lose sleep over it.2) Go to and follow the instructions on how to link your pic to your email address (the address you use here).3) When you’re done, wait a few minutes, refresh your browser, and check it out back here.)

  • Lauren

    Why do I have a feeling that this comment thread is going to get ugly?

    • Shannon S

      …it will, people always get nasty when it comes to politics. Especially when they think they can complain and insult other people free of any repercussions.

  • Shannon S

    I actually agree with Morgan that it’s more political than racist…Republicans are willing to do anything and reject any plan that inches them closer to the White House. And don’t misinterpret my comment…if John McCain had won in 2008, Democrats would be doing the exact same thing right now. We no longer have a government invested in our best interests, but in whatever supports their own party and forces out the current administration.

    • Tom

      Well said. Nice to see a comment that actually looks at both sides rather than doing what Freeman does in his comments. The Tea Party would be trying to get rid of Hillary if she was in there too…or any other Democrat. And the Democrats will be doing the same the next time a Republican is elected.

    • Squishmar

      EXACTLY. It’s this partisan BS that needs to go… on BOTH sides. The country is suffering because of it… the people in office need to work together or nothing will change except a steeper decline.

    • the_girl

      The reality is that the Tea Party is not afraid to use racist techniques to show their disapproval of Obama. Carrying posters depicting him as a monkey? Are we really going to argue that that’s not racism?

      • Morgan Freeman

        He is a monkey, just like me.

  • Your mom

    I’m so tired of the Tea Party being ‘relevant’. It’s still a minor player in a bigger picture… they just yell louder than most.

    • Kevin

      It’s true. They’re a fringe element at best. But they’re LOUD and the media loves their brand of crazy.

  • @@Joanna

    Bush used the country’s credit card without paying the bill. Combine that with policies that rewarded the CEO’s of corporations, tax cuts, and the effects of outsourcing which left us with very little industry, and you’ve got a country so deep in the hole that no one who inherited that mess could have gotten us out. People forget that the Pres. saved the auto industry, and kept us from going under for as long as he could. The main mistake Pres. O. made was that he didn’t stop those tax cuts when the Dems. had the majority. From the minute he took office, the Republicans vowed to take him down, and they didn’t give a d@mn who they had to hurt to do it. Now they’re setting it up so minorities will have a harder time voting so they can weasel their way back in. If people don’t wake up, we’ll be back in the fifties. They make me sick with their fake @ss Christianity- they have no problem cheating, and treating a decent man like dirt if it means winning. Do you think they care about you? Only if you’re rich.

    • tae

      This 100% I pray for the day people will actually pay attention to c-span and the news instead of interpreting it for their own twisted hogwash

    • jim

      Do you think the Democrats care about you? They don’t. I just want the government to stop taking so much of my money and pissing it away. That’s it.

      • @Jim

        I’m not naive enough to believe they care about me personally but they’ve proven that they care more about poor and middle class people than Republicans do because their policies reflect that. They’re not trying to make the average person shoulder the majority of the financial burden. The Tea Partiers have proven that they’d rather have the country fall off a cliff than work with President Obama. Also, the Republicans have continuously stabbed Americans in the back by outsourcing our jobs to make a quick buck. Yes, the whole system is broken and corrupt, but these TP’s are a whole new breed of evil.

      • tae

        If you really want the truth I don’t think either party has my priorities in mind except for re election time but 9 times out of ten I’ll take I dem over a republican yes they may spend but at the very least I can have the right to be who I want and not get ignored from ignorant ,closed minded, patriot toting, rich cheats

      • Blair

        LOL! Do you drive on public roads? Do you want a police force or fire department? How do you think that gets paid for?

        Don’t tell me, you don’t think that millionaires and billionaires should pay any taxes because they’re “job creators”? Right? Right!

        Republicans don’t care about the middle class. None of their policies benefits middle class or the poor.

        It’s hilarious to listen to Republicans talk about Ronald Reagan ignoring that he raised taxes, massively increased government spending (and the deficit), and was pro-Social Security and unions! (Reagan was the president of the actors’ union when he was a movie star.)

      • Squishmar

        Blair, Reagan didn’t let unions hold the country hostage though. Remember the air-traffic controllers?

  • ps

    always fun to see actors speak on issues on which they have no authority and (in this case) little knowledge of what they speak.

    • Bobbys Robot

      Actors have as much right to speak out on any issue they please, just like the rest of us. It’s called America. At least until the Republicans get back in power, God help us.

      • TR

        As I recall, no one stopped actors from criticising Bush when he was in power. In fact, the language used against him was much mworse than anything said ababout Obama.
        Get over your paranoid fantasies.

      • @TR

        “In fact, the language used against him was much mworse than anything said ababout Obama.”

        You’ve got to be kidding, right? Even if it was true, it would kinda be justified since Bush started an illegal war and such…

    • Blair

      Yeah, and actors shouldn’t have the same rights as the rest of Americans to speak their minds?

      • @Blair

        Actually, I’d prefer they just kept to their scripts. Thankyouverymuch!

      • Actors Are Stupid

        Nope, they shouldn’t. They spend their miserable lives pretending to be someone/something else. They are frauds. And greasy, fat pigs like Alec Baldwin should be executed. Actors: eff your opinions. Shut up and entertain.

    • Crystal

      That also, I’m sure, is a self-esteem thing, but in this case the low self-esteem is associated in their minds with their own ace, eticinhty, etc. In this case, instead of convincing themselves they are better than people who are different than them, they convince themselves that they are an exception to the general rule and are better than the people who are like them. Then they try to better themselves by identifying with the dominant culture or race, trying to fit in there instead of with their peers, whom they shun.

  • mb

    Comments like Joanna’s continue to baffle me. He inherited a mess that was 8 years in the making but was expected to fix it all immediately. Republicans and the Tea Party started criticizing him and not supporting ANYTHING he proposed from the minute he was elected. This country’s turned into an embarassment because no matter how you want to interpret what is said about Obama by the tea party and repubs, it does come across as racist, and personal. It’s very unfortunate, and hurts America in the eyes of the rest of the world.

  • TR

    He doesn’t say how disagreeing with the President is racist.
    Are we now in a country where political disagreements get you labeled as a racist, simply because the president is black?
    I thought it was okay to disagree with our government.

    • @TR

      Do you really believe that they would have done this to a white man? They don’t even have respect for his position. They want this black man out of their White House. Get real.

      • theBigE

        They would have done this to a white man. Trust me, the Obama dislike is political, not racist.

      • Squishmar

        It has *nothing* to do with Obama’s race. YOU get real. If it were Hillary in there they would be saying the same thing… would they then be sexist instead of racist? Absurd. It’s a *Democrat* issue… “partisonism” is what it is. And the Dems are the same way regarding the GOP.

      • TR

        I didn’t voter for him and don’t plan on voting for him next year.
        I disagree with the guy.
        Does the fact I didn’t vote for him make me racist?
        I resent you or Morgan calling me a racist because i didn’t vote for a guy.

        Calling someone racist today is like calling someone a communist in the 50s.

        Is that where democrats want to go..a new age of McCarthism?
        What happened to open minds and fredom of political discourse?

      • ikagirl

        This is political partisanship, not racism. It’s ok to disagree with government, you know. It’s unjust to call someone a racist just because they disagree with the President.

      • @all of you with your eyes closed

        When Clinton was president, Clinton compromised with the Republicans and was able to pass moderate policies like welfare to work. Some might of hated him, but most compromised with him and the country grew a surplus. Bush cheated his way in the White House, but the Dems respected him as the president, especially after 9-11. From the time Barack Obama ran, there has been a nasty, racial tone to the rhetoric, from the whole birther nonsense, to this idea that he hates white people and the false accusations of being a traitor, a danger to this country and a Muslim. When have you ever had party members yelling insults while a president has made a speech or saying they’re not even going to bother to show up because he has nothing to say worth hearing? This president has done nothing but try to reach out and he has been treated with the kind of disrespect that has never been seen before in this country’s history- even to Nixon! Now you can stick your heads in the sand and pretend that racism doesn’t exist anymore because everyone is as fair and non prejudiced as you all are, but that’s not the world most of us live in.

    • Toshinori

      The U.S. Constitution and Communism/Socialism don’t mix. Never have. Never will. FDR, JFK, & LBJ figured they could fool enugoh people to get Communism going here before We The People caught on. Now We know. Communism and The Constitution of The United States are mutually exclusive. If you want to be a Communist, go to Cuba.

  • Al

    Morgan Freeman slept with his own granddaughter.

    • Blair

      No he didn’t. Look up the facts.

  • George

    Both the democrates and republicans are nothing but a bunch of worthless crooks. Have the republicans been ruthless to Obama….yeah. But were the democrates any different to Bush. Every day they were ripping on his intelligence…..and I heard plenty of voices on the left to even go as far as Bush knew 9/11 was going to happen and he let it so he would have an excuse to launch his war in Iraq…I don’t think any republicans have gone so far as to accuse Obama of anything as evil as that. The fact is both parties love to be in power and when they lose it they both do and say anything they can to get it back…which isn’t racist….just selfish.

    • @George

      First of all, during Bush’s election minorities down in Florida were kept from voting. They’re going to have to do some praying for their souls because to get that man in, they made a deal with the devil. Democrats eventually let this go, even though they thought Bush was ill equipped. They were right, however they showed respect for his position as President and never tried to sabotage him the way this group has Pres. O. During 9-11, differences were put aside, and we all came together as one country. This is about race. During Sarah Palin’s campaign, the crowds called Obama racial slurs, and a great number of Tea Party supporters have ties and sympathies with white power groups. Also, they’re targeting minority voters with crooked policies to keep them from voting. Why do they keep saying, We’re taking this country back? They’re not taking it back for minorities or poor people, are they? They want to go back to the good ole’ days when a white man was the chief.

  • Matt

    You know, I think the Tea Party is a bunch of complete self-centered lunatics. But just because they want Obama to be a one-termer doesn’t make them racist. (It just makes them idiots, and part of the problem rather than the solution.) Morgan Freeman should be thinking a lot harder before he starts throwing around incendiary speech about something like racism.

  • Squishmar

    This is surprising to hear Morgan Freeman say this. It’s a PARTISAN thing… not a RACE thing. They would do the same for ANY Democratic President. He’s foolish to think otherwise.

    • @Squishmar

      They’d be difficult alright, but it wouldn’t have gone this far.

  • RyanK

    I’m not one to question the word of Morgan Freeman, and I really dislike the Tea Party, but even I think he’s seriously stretching this. I see political dislike. Nothing I have seen can even unreasonably be stretched into racism.

  • D

    i know it is politically incorrect to call anyone racist in the US nowadays, but the truth is, most of the public out of the US see the Tea Party as racist as well. at least, that’s from my encounter with people from Europe and Asia, where people point out the obvious that Americas are afraid to say out load. i mean, seriously, use common sense to see and hear what these people are saying…they are racist.

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