Farewell, 'All My Children.' Sniff.

Todd Wawrychuk/ABCOkay, I knew I would get verklempt over the end of All My Children, but I didn’t expect my heart to break even before the final show aired. But it did as I watched Agnes Nixon cry this morning on The View‘s grand goodbye to the long-running ABC soap. It was a fitting tribute with Nixon and many of the actors who embodied her characters.

I’m taking a deep breathe and getting ready to watch the finale. How about you? And I’m with you every step of the way — I’ll be back to EW.com to discuss the finale later today.

(By the way, fans can actually buy a limited edition print of the cast photo you see here, which was taken on the last day of production.)

UPDATE: Now that we’ve all watched the final episode, here’s what I think:I want to feel satisfied. I feel like I’m supposed to feel satisfied. I mean, it’s been like Old Home Week for months as former castmembers from Josh Duhamel to Sarah Michelle Gellar have dropped by for the farewell tour, and today’s episode was a mini-reunion in itself. Look! It’s both Stuart and Adam Chandler! Brooke! The Martins! All in one room! Things were tied up in neat little life-affirming packages. Erica’s longtime love, Jackson, even grew a pair: After waiting 20 years for Erica to put him first, he finally accepted that she never would. (I actually laughed out loud when Jackson did his best Rhett Butler, turning and dramatically saying, “Frankly, Erica, I don’t give a damn what you want.”)

But I don’t feel satisfied. Even with all the buildup to the finale, the big party to celebrate Stuart’s return from the dead felt rushed. The attempt to tie everything up in a big bow of mostly happy endings was simply not fulfilling, and I accept it could be because I just wanted the story to continue. But I hate David Hayward getting a free pass, and we still don’t know who the other person he brought back to life is. I hate even more that it was Angie who championed him. I hate that J.R. has become such an incredible all-around ass (he actually uttered the line “My son’s not getting raised by lesbians”), yet Tad and Dixie just waltzed off to a party.

And a cliffhanger? Really? J.R., the former Chandler heir-apparent, felt as though everyone had turned against him, and became so unhinged that he hid in the walls of his former home with a gun seemingly intent on shooting those who had in his eyes wronged him the most: His son’s mother, her girlfriend, and his own cousin. Erica began to walk off chasing after Jackson when the shot rang out and the screen went black. So instead of Dallas‘ “Who shot J.R.?” we now have to ask “Who did J.R. shoot?” And it’s possibly Erica? (Was I the only one who considered that Susan Lucci reportedly has yet to join the online version of All My Children in the works?)

I get it. You need a launching point for the new online show and you need to lure folk in. I’ll check it out no matter what, but I have to say, as a fan, I can’t feel great about this ending. That said, the actors are all to be commended for the roles they brought to life and for the fact that despite the dwindling viewership numbers, they forged a great connection with those who did watch.

And yes, I could see why those ads for The Chew rankled so many of you.

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  • clinton

    I”m sad and my eyes are filled with tears. Suddenly I am an unhappy teenager again, finding some comfort in the star crossed romances of Jesse and Angie and Jenny and Gregg. I remember laying on the brown and beige shag carpeting of my grandma and grandpas house as we all watched their stories. I grieve for my loss of my own history with the show as much as for the characters of AMC. My earliest memories of TV watching were the of the bumpy road to romance for Charles and Mona, Chuck and the hooker with the heart of gold, and the most wicked villain ever on TV, Billy Clyde Tuggle. AMC has entertained me and as it turned out, bridged the gap youth and loved ones long gone. When I went to NY for the first time I ended up in front of the studio they filmed AMC in then and there was a sign above it that said “Welcome to Pine Valley”,. Thanks for the Hospitality Pine Valley. I’ll cherish your stories forever.

    • Anne

      Ugh, Billy Clyde completely creeped me out! I still remember my shock at seeing the actor next to Christine Baranski on a red carpet — they are married! The Greg/Jenny and Angie/Jesse years were great — I still remember Jenny and Jesse having to run away to NYC! But the earliest one I really remember caring about was the romance of Cliff and Nina! That show was a HUGE part of my youth and if ABC had put it on nightime TV, I would have watched over two-thirds of the drivel they show right now during prime time.

      • somet

        Have not watched in years, so who cares.

      • Evil Melvin!!

        @Somet..unlike if you were to kill yourself…NOBODY would care!! but AMC has MILLIONS of fans that do care!…So, ah…how about killing yourself to prove me wrong…I dare you!

      • somet

        Hey I am a big AMC fan. Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and Mad Men are great!

      • Your Mama

        AMC – the channel – RULES! Soap operas? Not so much….

      • What they should have run…

        Everything is SOP in Pine Valley (you know, backstabbing, betrayal and survival of the sneakiest) when the shocking news comes over the television—an asteroid is going to strike the Earth within 24 hours—for certain—and will likely cause incredible damage to the planet. This has the effect of dividing some, and bringing others close together to make their peace in the fear of imminent death. At first, chaos grips Pine Valley—but as the time of the strike looms, a calm comes over the city and its citizens, who gather one by one at Erica Kane’s house so that they face the crisis together, rather than alone. The asteroid strikes—the sky turns dark and the house is struck by a violent blast. It appears no one has survived the destruction, as we see that Pine Valley has been leveled. As the camera tracks through the ruins of the town, we come back to Erica’s house, where a hand slowly pushes its way through the rubble. It looks like Erica’s, but we are unable to tell. The End.

      • jong

        Not to mention, It is tacky to show them during AMC and OLTL. TACKY.BTW,I wanna share a good news to you.My best friend ,she just has announced her wedding with a millionaire man who is a celebrity !they met via Millionaireloving.C óM ..it is the largest and best club for celebrity and their admirers to chat online.You do not have to be rich or famous. ,but you can meet one , It’s worthy a try,Maybe you wanna check it out or tell your friends!

      • David

        And the world keeps spinning…

    • plezundthonkyew

      No offense, but your attempts at turning a simple comment on website into garbled “literature” are so distracting, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Leave us a sane comment after you’ve come back to earth, please.

    • somet

      I think Clinton might be Gay

      • Maryc

        I don’t understand people who leave comments about the canceled ABC soaps who say what bad shows they are/were and other shows are so much better. What, are you shills for the people at ABC who canceled them? In any case, no “Mad Men” and other shows can’t replace the daily soaps. “Mad Men” is terribly overrated, for one thing. But they serve different functions. It’s sad for the people who love the show. I never was a fan of AMC, but I have watched “One Life to Live” and “General Hospital” since I was five or six years old and still follow the shows. They’re a part of people’s lives, like family, no matter how bad the writing gets at times. They’re like a safe haven. Networks didn’t nurture the audience that they had. It’s their loss, because I don’t think the replacement shows will draw as large or loyal of an audience. I’d rather know Erica Kane is still around, even if I rarely watched her, than the patronizing crew of “The Chew.”

      • Nettie

        And I think somet might be a douche.

        Correction, I know somet is a douche.

      • No, Clinton is a little tipsy

        cut him some slack. I LOVE Stacy by the way—please tell her she’s FABULOUS!

    • stu

      go do some volunteer work now.

    • jacybrown

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    • Marilyn

      Clinton – you wrote what I feel so beautifully. I hope you are a writer. You have a gift.

    • Marilyn

      Clinton – you wrote what I feel so beautifully. I hope you are a writer. You have a gift.

    • Miffy

      Oh, dear – the soaps are getting cancelled. Whatever will the dumb and fat people watch? Fox News, I suppose. Or perhaps they can go and buy Sarah Palin’s “Going Rogue”. Or maybe not – most of them can’t get off their lazy behinds to get a job, so they can’t afford to buy books. They like People Magazine, though.

      • Cindy Gee

        You must be a very sad and bitter person..o.r Michelle Obama?

      • Tammy

        I am so sick of people calling fans of soaps lazy I work everyday I do read books been to college.HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF A RECORDER. I Have books the The Holocoust Chron… The BIBLE. Even if you are untitled to a thought so are soap fans just being kind. u must be a sad person that u have to lable people just because u do not like something

    • Luzia

      This show needs to end permanently. It’s caused too much damage already

  • debra

    this is just too sad.. i am a 56yr old female who has watched this show since it first started, i even taped episodes so that i did not miss anything. i did this for years, i am not sure what CBS is thinking, I know things change but isn’t their enough food shows on the tv not every one enjoys cooking shows. why take from the true viewers who love this show. Their is nothing like Erica Cane

    • debra

      Sooo…you have been watching this show for forty plus years? Did you ever notice in all that time that it is on ABC and not CBS? Also, any real fan would know it’s Erica Kane – sheesh.

      • XSE Drake

        Debra. Lighten up. Please. The people in your life will thank you for it.

      • Ta

        Why should she lighten up on a day like today. Any real fan would know these things and today is to show respect to our Great Family not pretend to be a fan and understand the pain real fans feel today!

      • somet

        Give her a break, she spent years watching, she is 56 years old, and she is still taping it. It’s not like she could have been reading a book or getting some education.

      • Kristen

        How dare she spell a fictional character’s last name incorrectly? Shame! Get a grip, Debra.

      • Michelle

        @Somet – Says the person who, for the life of them, cannot use a comma properly. Perhaps you should remove yourself from these comments and go practice what you preach about education.

      • Umm…

        Debra is spot-on, b!tches. CBS? What. The. Hell?

  • Dan

    Two people not in the picture: Caleb and Maya. Guess they couldn’t fit them into the finale! Not that I care, but would’ve been nice for them to be in the final photo. Can’t wait to see the final episode later tonight (TiVo better not have any technical problems). Bon Voyage AMC on ABC! Looking forward to seeing you again on the internet!

    • Sue

      I thought the last episode was very disappointing, you would have thought they’d have the entire cast at the end of the show!! The View was more emotional than the final episode! I’ve watched since it started, I am heartbroken to see it go.

      • prestwick

        I thought the last episode was an insult to the series. I didn’t like it.

      • David

        I’ve been watching AMC since the 80’s. I was DEEPLY disappointed with the show’s finale. I expected a lighthearted, “and they lived happily ever after” kind of show. Instead we saw yet another predictable, television cliffhanger … who did JR shoot, will Jack ever love Erica again. Too bad. It seems like the show is just hoping everyone will tune into the internet to see who (if anyone got killed). I’d have watched the new internet AMC anyway but I now feel betrayed by the writers. As much as I love Susan Lucci, I doubt I’ll be a regular internet viewer.

      • bubbsieewubbisee

        I was also dissappointed in the final episode. I’ve watched the show on and off for many years, and will fine something else to watch at noon. I don’t have the stomach for “The Chew”

      • Tania

        I agree I didn’t like the end very disappointed

      • Ann

        It was extremely disappointing. They should have given it a proper finale on television. I doubt the online thing will work. Susan Lucci and Jacob Young (JR) have already turned down the web series, so I don’t understand why they were the focal points of the big cliffhangers. That was a very unfortunate ending for anyone who was a fan of JR and Jack & Erica. I also don’t like the way they lead us to believe the second patient was Babe and then never revealed the person. I certainly won’t be watching the show online. The TV finale was very disrespectful to long-time viewers.

    • cj

      I think Colby is missing too. that is Babe sitting next to JR. Colby had on a different dress on. and who is standing behind Liza ?

      • Ginny

        Looks like it’s Asher–another waste of a character. And good point–where is Colby??

      • Ann

        Yeah, where is Colby? Why is Babe sitting next to JR when she wasn’t in the finale? It would’ve been nice if they had reunited him with Babe in the end.

      • Traci

        Looks like Angie is mising also . . .

      • Vivian

        Angie is sitting on the couch, far left.

      • Cheryl

        I’m with you Ann, that was very disrespectful to us longtime viewers espeacially that ending, what the heck was that fadeing to black crap ending, we fans are already pissed about the show going off the air, and then they pull that copy cat crap from the sopranos with AMC…ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

    • Maryc

      They didn’t have a big finale because they’re coming back in Internet (and possibly cable) form. They want to keep their audience. If the network didn’t cut a deal with Prospect Park to continue producing the show, I’m sure it would have had a very different final episode and been more sentimental. I wish the show luck in its new venue and hope people who love it will continue watching. I hope a cable outlet does pick it up because not everyone has high-speed Internet but most people have cable or satellite.

      • Tess

        I get that they wanted the give people a reason to tune in to the web series but that’s a couple of months away at the earliest so most people will probably forget where things left off anyway…they should probably have considered going with the nice wrap up in a bow they were going to originally deliver before Prospect Park picked it up just so fans can be happy the tv version gets a happy ending and then launch the web version picking up from there. Is it so wrong for everyone in town to have a collective good day? I thought it was decent enough up till the gun shot – but to wait a few months and not just be able to pick up where we left off makes the shooting pointless since we won’t see who all was shot, just hear about the aftermath. I would’ve rather have Babe be alive and then she and JR could ride off into the sunset with AJ the way they planned before she “died”. That would’ve been better.

  • Wow

    I cannot believe that ABC just advertised “The Chew” during this FINAL episode – beyond tacky and tasteless.

    • js

      Agreed, I really hope that show tanks. So tacky ABC, you suck.

    • Kiki

      Completely agree! They should have showed AMC the respect it deserves!

      • ger

        They did.

    • Bubblegum

      Oh well, we can take comfort in the fact that The Chew won’t last very long and hopefully Brian Frons will (finally) be relieved of his duties at ABC Daytime.

      • Nettie

        He should have been fired a LONG time ago… worthless jerk. I flat out refuse to watch The Chew and I hope it sinks like a stone.

    • Denise

      agree… and why couldn’t ABC run the entire list of credits for the show AND play our beloved AMC theme song at the end of the final… INSTEAD of the promo for it’s replacement! Ridiculous!

      • Margaret

        My thoughts also..I at least expected that much for the last 2-3 minutes instead of the lousy ending. Every cast member deserved a credit at the end.

      • Cy

        Couldn’t agree more. A final slap in the face by not running the full credits. Cannot wait for The Chew to fail!

  • Won’t be watching

    The Chew or any other ABC programming with the exception of the local morning news and General Hospital.

    • Miffy

      Ugh – you silly soap people are SO WEAK! You are going to do a boycott, but you have all kinds of exceptions. Oh, I’m not going to watch ABC – unless it’s shows that I like.

      Yeah, that’ll show ‘em. Comments like yours just go to show why networks are cancelling soap operas – they only appeal to dumb people.

      • Cheryl

        Miffy you’re an ASS, and what kind of name is M i f f y anyway, do you have anything better to do…….oh I guess nooooot… People are on this site to vent about a beloved show that left the airwaves. You really need to get off of this site with your dumbass remarks……

  • Joline

    I’m so sad today….can’t believe how much the end of a television show has affected me. All My Children has been a part of my life for over 30 years. Such a shame.

  • Carol Beverly

    This will come back to haunt you folks. Not only me but thousands of fans of All My Children will cease to watch your programming…especially The Chew!!! That will also go for frequenting your advertiser’s products!!! THIS WAS NOT A SMART FINANCIAL MOVE ON YOUR PART!!!
    You will save money one way, but lose much more the other way!!

    • Lilly

      Oh please, what a hollow threat.

      • Danny

        Not really. I watched ATWT my whole life. I never have and never will watch a second of The Talk. And the ratings for Let’s Make a Deal are miniscule-GL fans were loyal to the show, not the network. I couldn’t blame P&G-they wanted the shows to stay on and were committed to them but I have never thought of CBS in the same way since. There are some CBS that I watch but I used to feel loyal to the network. No more.

      • Miffy

        Uh – nice lie. Ratings for Let’s Make a Deal and The Talk are higher than the low-rated soaps they replaced. It’s the ratings for those granny soaps that were minuscule. Come back to reality. And P&G desperately wanted out of the soap opera business.

        You are so misinformed.

      • Danny

        Sorry Miffy but the ratings for The Talk are much lower than ATWT’s – they even had to make concession to the advertisers and notice that now almost all the big names (who were also expensive) are off the show – no more Leah, Sharon or Holly (two are saying face-saving things about wanting to spend time with their family, Leah is being honest about the situation). And for all the soaps, their DVR ratings were very large and advertisers are caring about that now. Their replays on the internet with mandatory commercials were large. And they made money in international syndication. ATWT was one of the Netherland’s highest rated shows to the point that Elizabeth Hubbard starred in a Netherlands-produced show there. None of these talk shows will have the life-long loyal fan base that OLTL, AMC, GL and ATWT do (watch GH go next). We’ll have to agree to disagree about P&G. The two people I know that worked there tell me a very different story – part of the problem was that P&G was unwilling to sell the shows to CBS.

  • Diane

    I don’t beleive they had the ending they did! Are you serious?

    • lisa

      Hey, Diane — what was the ending?

      • Fingerlakes Dave

        Same here. Didn’t know it was ending until I saw the headline.

      • Abe Froman

        Lisa, think The Sopranos.

  • Opal

    Well I have to say I am so disapointed with the way it ended…

  • Joyce Mitchell

    Please let the fans know when the “Bone Head” that made this decision if fired. That will be the “Cheer Heard Arount The World”. God Bless all who are loosing their jobs due to this brain child’s move.

  • Bobbys Robot

    Sad that one of the original genres on television is disappearing.

  • Sherry

    I am watching the finale of AMC, then Sticking with GH. I will never ever watch the CHEW. And the mere fact they are showing promos for a show no one cares about, disgusts me. I want to see Promos for my Show not your garbage

  • judy scism

    I, like alot of people have watched this since the beginning and will miss it terribly. “The Chew” – give me a break another worthless cooking show when they tell us so many people are obease. Now I won’t ever have to watch ABC again. Has anyone heard about this being picked up on a cable network?

    • Kvivik

      Obviously you don’t read this site much. A production company has bought the rights for AMC and OLTL and intend to create new episodes and show them on the internet. However, it is proving to be much more difficult that they expected and there may never be a web series.
      Here’s hoping they can make a go of it, even if it’s simply to give the show an ending that it deserves.

  • Dr J

    Loyal 40 year fans got this .. unlike CBS with ATWT and GL .. or NBC with AW .. you send this classy show off with your ff’g greed. Do you think anyone who truly loved AMC will care about your stupid online version after you ended a beloved saga this way. Go to hell and NEVER come back.

    • SuzyQ

      Just FYI…the company producing the online version, Prospect Park (?), is actually trying to save AMC and continue the story. They are trying to bring AMC and ONE LIFE TO LIVE online. It’s completely separate from ABC & Brian Frons, who made the decision to end the daytime soap. Also, FYI, ABC is owned by Disney. So….good luck quitting everything owned by Disney, the largest media conglomerate in the world, which includes ESPN, A&E, Lifetime, Soapnet, Pixar, and Marvel Entertainment.

    • bootsycolumbia

      I was thinking the exact same thing while watching the final show today. Actually, the whole last month, with Dr. Doom (David) bringing back all these beloved characters from the dead, was just wretched. I probably should have stopped watching weeks ago, but it was like watching a train wreck. I felt so bad for classy actors like Michael E. Knight, Debbi Morgan and all the others who had to act the horrible storylines they were saddled with over the past few months. Compared to the dignified sendoffs of the soaps you just mentioned, this final episode of AMC has to rank as one of TV’s worst. And I do mean rank in both senses of the word.

  • Sherry

    Not to mention, It is tacky to show them during AMC and OLTL. TACKY

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