Brad Pitt revisits Jennifer Aniston comments: 'I have a knack for stepping into s–––'

Since the controversy surrounding his comments about his marriage to Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt has learned a lesson that would probably benefit a lot of folks in Hollywood: “Don’t talk.” Talking with Today‘s Matt Lauer, Pitt said, “I don’t wanna live on guard and I should be more on guard, I guess.” He added, “I’ve got a knack for stepping into s—.” What was Pitt really trying to say during his interview with Parade magazine, and has he spoken with Aniston since the article started a media frenzy? Find out and watch the full clip after the jump.

Pitt insisted he wasn’t talking about Aniston at all during his interview with Parade. “All I know is that my point was, the best thing I’d done as a father is be sure that my kids have a good mother,” he explained. “It has no reference to the past. And I think it’s a shame that I can’t say something nice about Angie [Jolie] without Jen being drug in. You know, she doesn’t deserve it.”

Pitt called Aniston “a dear friend” and said, “She’s good people. She, you know, there, there should be a statute of limitations on this.” When Lauer asked if Aniston called him for an explanation, Pitt revealed that he hasn’t spoken to his ex since the article hit newsstands: “She’s also a seasoned veteran.”

Clearly uncomfortable talking about his personal life, Pitt refused Lauer’s suggestion to read the comments aloud. He said he stays away from media about himself. “I live outside of that, and it’s a much healthier place to be.”

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  • Kiersten

    They have been divorced longer than they were ever married. I never bought into that “Golden” couple Barbie and Ken thing with them. Jen seems a lot happier without Brad and vise versa. What Pitt said was stupid but tabs twist words to get more gossip. Look how much “scandal” is coming out of this. I like Matt Lauer but his yes/no relationship game seemed a bit juvenile. Pitt’s like 48 now. Give it a rest.

    • DTO

      Yeah, it’s like they’re still sticking with the “poor Jen” storyline that they’ve been going with for years. Everybody’s moved on, yet people still want to do the Team Jen/Team Angie bullsh#t. Yes, a Statute of Limitations should be instated on these stories.

      • MrsT1

        I think B abd A have done more to keep the gossip going more than any Tabs. This recent incident proves my theory. Brad is great to look at BUT DUMB AS He!!!

    • Get Real

      Now, if one of Angelina’s exes starting dragging her name through the dirt, I don’t think good old Brad would be so amused.
      Zip the lip Brad.

      • Rita

        I believe an ex of Angie’s did try to drag her name through the mud. He hasn’t worked on many good projects in Hollywood since then. Billy Bob.

      • Get Real

        But Thornton, who was married to Angelina for three years, insists the quotes were completely fabricated, and the interview has since been removed for all of its inaccuracies.

      • mags

        Brad didn’t drag Jennifer through the dirt. He was talking about himself and how HE was acting during the marriage. He didn’t say anything about Jennifer or her behavior.
        Brad and Jen have been divorced for years. Both have moved on and seem happy in their lives. Why can’t the media (and some fans) move on as well?

      • OopsyDaisy

        Brad Pitt, JUST SHUT UP! You are now acting so much like a woman scorned. It’s been 6 years! You’re not the injured party, don’t act like one. MOVE ON…. we all did (well, except the media and millions of JA & AJ fans).

      • Rita

        @Get Real. I didn’t read an article about Billy Bob, I saw it in a video clip. You know, Billy Bob speaking words that came out of his mouth & not a journalist’s interpretation. It was quite awhile ago tho. (B4 UTube) Not sure what you’re talking about.

      • Get Real

        You saw a video clip B4 U Tube… ya, right .
        Angelina Jolie recently said she was “proud to be his wife” and “still loves him dearly”.

      • Rita

        Oh. you’re the type that just keeps saying, and if you shout the loudest & longest, that means you’re right. So that’s interesting but not persuasive. We do agree on one point, however, and that is that Brad has to quit talking. I also think that Jolie *would* say that she loves Billy Bob dearly; she’s seems to be a no regrets kind of woman. Really like that about her.

    • Choyce2020

      At last I found a website were people are sane & able to see that Brad was not dissing Jen. He was dissing himself. Everyone is responsible for themselves actors are no different. Glad he finally stood up & realized there were other things out there he could explore. Cheers to those of you who “get it” & you others who don’t, what can I say. Keep searching I suppose.

  • amy

    Let it go Brad, let it go, PLEASE! Everybody else has!

    • Diane

      The more he talks the more this story grows and the dumber he seems. He (maybe inadvertantly) dissed Jenn. He said he’s sorry. Now he needs to STFU

      • Sims

        Obsessed fans need to STFU. They’re more annoying than the actual folks like Jen and Brad who are trying to lead a normal life without fans sticking their noses in their homes everyday.

    • Janell

      Agreed. He needs to just stop talking about it and promote his new movie.

      • kathy60

        Hey stupid….he is only answering somebody’s question. He IS NOT initiating the conversation. I’m sure if he was asking the questions, he would NOT be talking about it!

  • sunoverla

    oh i don’t know, how about they both just shut about it!! oh my gosh. talk about navel gazing!!!!

  • Phyllis

    With friends like Brad Pitt, Jennifer certainly won’t ever need any enemies!

    • Bart

      Jen has moved on, and so has Brad. Unfortunately a few obsessed fans and media mongers haven’t and they continue to drag those two names through the muck. Just let it go, guys. There’s a life after Jen and Brad. Really.

  • d

    he is trying to promote his movie and jolie at the expense of jen. that’s all!!!

    • sly

      puh-lease! he’s doing no such thing … people need to get over it … I’m also amazed that Jen has not been vilified like Angie and Brad when she stole Justin from another woman … oh wait … you can’t steal a person!

      • @sly

        Yeah, Justin was living with his girlfriend for 14 years when he started cheating on her with Jennifer Aniston. They were still living together when Jen & Justin were photographed out together.

    • kathy60

      You are so wrong!

  • Chris

    The only one bringing up the past is Pitt. Jennifer has obviously moved on so why can’t he do the same. Someone truly happy and content with his current partner and life shouldn’t be thinking or talking about an ex-wife that he chose to cheat on and divorce many years ago. I think he’s in need of a shrink to sort out his feelings.

    • d

      his feeling is to promote his movie and jolie

    • Barbara

      Jen’s moved on? Have you watched Chelsea Handler lately? She’s doing all of the nasty Angie bashing for her friend…

      • @Barbara

        Chelsea even bashes Brad & Angie’s kids. Chelsea’s never met Angie, but she HATES Angie and makes no secret of it.

      • don’t believe it

        I don’t think that anyone has to goad Ms. Handler to be nasty.

      • Tim

        Chelsea is a douche for her insane bashing of Angelina Jolie and her children.

      • Janell

        Jen and Chelsea talk about Jolie all the time. They both need to just grow up. Obviously, Jennifer is not over what happened because she keeps talking about it. I will never forget her sit down with Oprah shortly after the breakup and they toasted with champagne. How pathetic!

  • K

    He’s still talking? Wow! But more importantly, where is ANTM recap? That and PR are the only reasons I come to this site. Bummed.

  • Marla

    He’s soo ugly now. Why dont he just shut up and move on with his slut.

    • daisy

      ok, i think he is being a douche too, but to say he is ugly is just stupid

    • kathy60

      Angie is no slut. Jen is the s–t. Just look at ALL the guys she has been with since Brad dumped her. She will spread them for anybody – and she did with a LOT of them.

      • andi

        how do u know? were u there?

  • V

    This tired drama has been going on for how many years? give it a rest Brad the rest of the world has moved on.

  • Janet

    The only reason he keeps bringing it up is because they ask him about the Parade comment in every interview. I used to hate Pitt after the divorce but I actually fee a bit bad for the guy. He’s too clueless to be rude/bitter. Plus, Jen has slammed him a few times. (Not that I blame her) And her friend Chelsea Handler has said awful things about Angelina and their kids. I think all three of them need to take a time out.

    • bee

      Exactly. I agree 100%.

  • M


  • stella

    I think the EW article stated it best with the observation that Pitt has been acting a long time but has not yet had the “iconic” role that has defined him. He has officially crossed over for being more famous for his personal life. People in the media need to move on from the Aniston/Jolie debacle….most of us have and we don’t care anymore. Pitt, find a new career.

    • Art

      I disagree. It’s not like he’s Lohan. I think he has had some great roles in great movies and continues to have a well received career. To say that Fight Club isn’t an iconic role is crazy. Plus Oscar nods for 12 Monkeys and Benjamin Button. I thin he has transcended this BS and its all the people who for WHATEVER reason can’t let go of TEAM JEN/TEAM ANGIE that keep it going. I could care less about his personal life as long as he is in good movies.

  • mia

    Doesn’t Matt Lauer looks like Kevin Costner?

  • SUE


    • @SUE

      He’s not using Jen. He talked about himself and people twisted it to mean he was talking about Jen. Now they keep asking him to clarify his statement. Brad & Jen were broken up before he hooked up with Angie. Even Jen doesn’t think he cheated on her. All of them are happy in their lives now, so why don’t you move on too?
      PS: Using all CAPS is like yelling and is considered rude.

      • Peace and Love

        So why did Jennifer state that Brad was missing a “sensitivity chip” if she didn’t think he cheated on her or did anything wrong? Just asking the question.

      • RaRa

        @@Sue – Jen had always said she believed Brad didn’t cheat on her. However, AJ made a statement once that one day she would tell her kids that the promo pic of AJ and BP in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” was taken “when their mommy and daddy fell in love”. At that point Jen realized they actually had “gotten together” during the movie and felt very betrayed.

    • Janell

      Jennifer Aniston has been promoting the “poor Jen” forever act. She has played that card day 1 when she went on Oprah and the toasted her future. Jen won’t let it go and has gone from “Friends” to world class tramp. Jen sleeps with all of her costars because she’s hurt. I mean really, how many times will she go back to John Mayer who said she was boring too!

      • Chris

        Don’t like the girl next door? LOL. The only ones promoting the poor Jen stories are the media because it SELLS and what sells makes the media rich. Comprenez? Jen is one of the classier actresses in Hollywood with zero scandals to her name, popular and respected by her peers. She has never had a sleezy reputation. Ever. Now if you want to talk about a tramp with a notorious past well you’re better to focus on someone like AJ.

      • Truism

        There isn’t one person in Hollywood who doesn’t know that Stephen Huvane, Aniston’s PR Svengali, plants EVERY SINGLE “poor Jen” story in order to keep her life-support career afloat. He even signed Handler to his roster and “surprise surprise,” Handler immediately STOPPED bashing Aniston(as she had earlier done) and EXCLUSIVELY made bashing Jolie her life’s work.

  • Renee Fontana

    Saw the creening last night in Roseville, CA. Great movie. Great cast. Lots of baseball stuff. Love the A’s.
    Brad Pitt has my vote for an Oscar!

    • andi

      sorry Renee

      not mine, I say boycott all brad pitt movies (ALL)

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