'Glee' returns tonight: How does that make you feel?

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How do you feel about that headline? Are you so happy, you want to break out into song, or so angry, you just want to break something? Well, no matter how you feel, EW is here to serve your Glee needs. Sometime after the show, all my fellow Gleeks can log on to read my regular recap of the premiere to discuss what’s going on at McKinley High now that our little singers are starting another year and another run at the Nationals. (I’m personally a little excited to see Sue’s bid for Congress and all the insanity that will come from that, not to mention Mercedes’ new beau — yes, I said beau.)

But if you’ve groaned at every Glee headline this summer (and boy, were there a few) or are just waiting to unleash your latest rant  carefully crafted argument about how Glee is contributing to the downfall of society, join Keith Staskiewicz back here on PopWatch tomorrow for the first of his weekly meetings of the Diss-a-Glee Club. It’s always nice to meet with like-minded folk. Until then, you can watch tonight’s season premiere with us on our new second-screen app, EW.com’s ViEWer. Just click here to try it out. Do it!

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  • Flip

    I’m upset that Terri won’t be back. I hope the writing makes up for it.

    • SaraS

      Oh, please. She was horrid.

      • jong

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      • Flip

        Look in the mirror, SaraS. You’re horrid. And ugly. And a *unt.

      • Emeri

        What the hell? Just because someone calls a minor tv character horrid, is no reason to say such things. I think you need to take a look in the mirror yourself and consider a few things.

      • Ceppro

        I liked Rachel’s cover of “We Got The Beak”.

    • Ghostly Fan

      It doesn’t really matters, since I’ve lost my interest in the show a looong time ago, but it’s OK. I’m supporting 90210 and maybe view this one online.

    • matt

      I would not put my hopes on Glee’s writing staff. I hope you still enjoy your show, though.

      • Flip

        They have a new writing staff.

      • Trey

        @Flip Including the amazing Marti Noxon :D

    • beauty

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    • Trey

      You actually liked terri?

      • Blah

        I liked her, but they never found the right balance for her. You never saw anything that remotely suggested she and Will would have gotten married. Her impulsive lying and her darkly comic treatment of individuals (I’m looking at you, Mr. Bamboo) could have been salvaged if they gave her more than just the “crazy card” with which to work.

  • Moo

    That headline fills me with the sense of impending doom.

    • SaraS

      I’m looking forward to it because as a choir teacher, most of their songs FINALLY become available in print for choral settings. I just hope for 2 things:
      1) Consistently good song choices (i.e. more Valerie, Dog Days Are Over, Rolling in the Deep, less Billionaire, Livin’ on a Prayer…)
      2) Consistent plot lines that make sense and are high-school relevant/realistic.

      • HoneyB

        What was wrong with their mash up of Living on a Prayer and Start Me Up? But I agree… less Billionaire and Friday nonsense.

    • Regina George

      I threw a Glee viewing party last night.

  • jessica

    This time last year I was ridiculously excited about Glee. Then the season started…the last episode I watched was the prom episode. Every episode feels like the same:
    kids: no one like us!
    mr. schuester: well, let’s sing and feel better!
    kids sing, life is better.
    Also, the whole Rachel-Finn stuff got old and Ryan Murphy talking all summer about who was leaving and backtracking was stupid and rude to those people. It was no one’s business all summer. I have tonight’s episode set on my dvr but my expectations are LOW. I still love Brittany. “Dolphins are just gay sharks.”

    • Emeri

      EXACTLY. It’s just become
      1. Wayyy too predictable
      2. Much too full of itself. Too many tribute or themed episodes just for attention.

      I’m officially done with Glee this year. There’s several promising new shows that deserve views more than this.

    • tammy

      I agree…i was sooo let down by last season…not to mention, there were quite a few episodes that i couldn’t let my 11 year old watch, where as before, i felt ok with her watching them. It just felt like they were trying way to hard to be cool and tackle “hot” issues..when, in reality, it was the same type show every time. I will still watch it, because i do really enjoy the music, but the story lines are getting old. I’m especially over the “sue is mean and bitter and going around trying to ruin will and beat kids up” story line…she has some funny lines, but let’s face it…that crap isn’t even realistic and isn’t very funny anymore.

  • Annoyed

    Jeez! The headline reads: ‘Glee’ returns tonight: How does that make you feel?’, and then they tell you if you don’t like the show not to post today!? I’m so annoyed with this show, that’s how I feel about Glee returning. First season was good, their take on the music was nice. After that, just got preachy and they started churning out remakes of mediocre songs that sounded like what I can hear at the Ox Bow Saloon on Fridays for karaoke. Now, no one will shut up about the show, the least of which being (gle)EW. It’s not that good of a show! See you tomorrow Keith!

  • Jackie

    I’m excited for this season! I liked the ‘We Got the Beat’ promo and the audio clip of ‘You Can’t Stop the Beat’. If all of the musical numbers are that good, I’ll be very happy. And because I had this song stuck in my head earlier, I have to mention that I would love to see Lea Michele sing ‘Journey to the Past’ from ‘Anastasia’ this season (would be fitting with a storyline about Rachel’s mom).

  • kim in kentucky


    • Tad

      Lol me too.

      • ADTwriter

        Look, I really don’t want to get too technical, but you’re using the word nauseous incorrectly. If you INDUCE VOMIT, you’re nauseous. If you feel as though you MAY vomit, you’re nauseated. *source: Strunk and White, The Elements of Style . Personally, I am excited to watch Glee this evening, since I think that having an actual writing staff might improve its consistency, but you are welcome to your opinion.

      • kim in kentucky

        @ADTwiter – thanks for the correction — or could it be that the thought actually did make me vomit ?? LOL

  • Q

    At some point in the future, people will look back and say, “What were we thinking making that awful Glee show such a huge hit?”

    • Ed

      They better also think that about 2 and 1/2 Men.

  • sam

    As long as Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t on, it’s fine with me.

    • KT


    • Fingerlakes Dave


  • Laura

    Wont be watching this year.

    • Vander_V

      Yup, tired of the gay agenda being shove my throat.

      • uh

        You secretly prefer c**k in your throat.

      • AD

        I agree… It gets old after a while. Kurt is gay…life is sucky for him being a gay teen… lets have every episode be the focus of that. I just wish that other people have story lines this year. They have a great cast that gets overshadowed by Kurt and Rachel.
        We’ve got it Ryan Murphy, the kid is gay

      • Schwartz

        What exactly is this gay agenda you accuse Glee of spreading? Equality? Tolerance? Compassion? A desire to not be bullied for expressing ourselves and being different? That’s the “gay agenda” I see from Glee.
        Glee is not a perfect show, by any means. But it is entertainng to watch, and the music is great.
        You don’t have to watch, no one is forcing you to. If you have such a piss-poor attitude, no one wants you to watch.
        But don’t make flippant remarks about a supposed “gay agenda” to be funny, please, because all that happens is that people see your stupidity leaking out.

      • dee

        Is your TV stuck on FOX moron? You don’t have to watch ya’ know!

      • Loni

        Then don’t watch the show. The has to be over 500 other channels you could watch. And yet you choose to watch Glee and complain about it on a board that’s set up for fans of the show.

        The is no such thing as a “gay agenda” btw. It’s an “equality agenda” and just like the bigots in the 60’s who didn’t want blacks to drink from the same drinking fountain as whites, you will be ashamed of yourself years from now and wont tell your grandkids about your bigotry.

        Anyway, I loved GLEE tonight and thought the writing was superb, as well as the songs. Very entertaining, and as good as anything from the first 13 episodes. Welcome back Glee!

      • Brian

        I think you may have your TV on the wrong station. Glee is on the regular FOX network. You’re looking for FOX News.

  • gleeh8r


  • Matt

    No thanks. The show wasn’t too good last season, and we just can’t get away from it on the off-season.

  • kate


    • Yay

      exactly! not sure how I feel…

  • PJ

    Going to give it a chance to see if it can improve from the atrocity of last season, but Glee’s going to be on a short leash for me.

  • Jo

    Glee has become one of the most obnoxious shows on TV. I don’t see how anyone can even be entertained by it anymore.

    • Andrea

      I’m entertained by the show.

      • Sarah

        Me too ! all you glee haters can get off this article and read something you actually like

      • Liz

        We true Glee fans know that all these people will be secretly tuning in when it gets good. Because if you’re just talking without watching tonight’s episode you know that things have been down played A LOT!! For us true glee fans it’s going to be an awesome season

    • Fingerlakes Dave

      Then don’t watch :)

  • Terri

    I’ll be watching it for the musical numbers, and that makes me happy. If Heather Morris does her Britney Spears stuff again this season — cuz she does it soooo much better than Britney — I’ll be a couple of reallys happy.

    • Anderrac

      Totally there with you– I love watching the musical parts, but the inconsistent/nonsensical plot lines and uber-drama that was even beyond high school turned me off the show itself. I mean, honestly, I don’t like Finnchel period anymore– together or separately, they drive me nuts. I would be happier if they never interacted again.

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