'How I Met Your Mother' season 7 premiere: A shocking blast from the past. Do you like where this season is headed?

himym-radnorImage Credit: Karen Neal/FoxThe creators of How I Met Your Mother, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, had promised that this season would once again make us care about Ted’s hunt for love. I honestly wasn’t sure how they were going to do it, considering I had been so invested in everyone except Ted for a few seasons. At the end of last season, I cared more about Barney and Robin; Barney and Nora; and Lily and Marshall than I had cared about Ted in years. It was a tough task ahead. Then I watched tonight’s two new episodes, and, by God, they did it. But before I tell you how, let’s rewind. [Spoilers ahead, y’all! Don’t continue unless you’ve seen the season premiere of How I Met Your Mother.] 

The first half hour took us to two weddings: Barney’s and Punchy’s. (In the grand tradition of Ted’s ADD storytelling, he flashed back to Barney’s wedding before flashing back within that flashback to Punchy’s wedding. Still aboard? Good.) For me, the stars of part 1 were Barney and Robin. Robin, for her “truth voice” and that scene where she helped Barney talk to Nora on the phone. And Barney, for his hilarious bad pick-up attempts. (My favorite was the vampire. I’m not sure why, but vampire NPH was completely adorable.) Also, that dance? I will be dancing that in the next EW talent show.* (*This doesn’t exist, but I wish it did.)

Moving on, the second episode found us in the aftermath of Marshall’s drinking binge (=hangover) and worried that a background check for his new job would lead his possible future employers to a video of naked, college-age Marshall as “Beercules.” In this episode, we also welcomed Martin Short to the cast. (He’ll be popping up again soon for a longer appearance.) Meanwhile, Barney confessed many of his schemes to Nora in an attempt to clear the air with her (but it only ended up pushing her away), and Ted attempted to choose between two girls to find a date to an architect ball. Barney’s persistence with Nora eventually paid off in the form of a second date, and it even inspired Ted to abandon the idea of “choosing” a girl. He instead said he’d look for someone who would instantly feel like the one and only choice. It was a sweet sentiment.

But the warm and fuzzies didn’t finish there. In the final minutes, we were thrown a curve ball. At the architect ball, where Robin was Ted’s date, Ted saw, through the parting crowd, pastry chef Victoria (Ashley Williams) from season 1. Yes, Victoria, who I absolutely loved! Frustratingly, the episode ended there. But I can’t wait until next week.

Drumroll, please?

So here are some questions to get the discussion started:
+ How do you feel about Victoria’s reappearance? (Me? I LOVE it!)
+ Did you see that Lenny Kravitz thing coming from a mile away?
+ Which was the better episode 1 highlight: The phone call or the dance?
+ Did you like the peeks of what we have to come, like Marshall at the casino, and the duck tie?
+ And what do you think of the direction the season is headed? Promising? Personally, I think this could be the best season yet.
+ Thank you for reminding me, Matt (in comments)! Was the end of first episode a huge clue about Barney’s bride? Why would the bride want to talk to Ted? She has to know him! Does this mean it’s Robin?

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  • Tim

    I’m completely psyched about Victoria’s appearance. Love Ashley Williams.

    • Color Me Impressed

      I’ve been hoping for a long time that Victoria would re-appear, she was always my favorite of Ted’s girlfriends,and I secretly hoped that their would be some loophole that would allow her to be the Mother. When she showed up at the end of that last episode I was so shocked and excited!!!!!

      • angle3

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      • lizzieb

        I was happy to see her back too. Don’t know why, but whoop, there it is.

      • Rachel

        I was excited and then I remembered ted cheated on her with robin…
        Also I am working under the assumption that Barney is marrying Robin. In the pilot we are introduced to Robin but told she is Aunt Robin. So she has SOMETHING to do with meeting the mother. Otherwise the whole last 6 seasons Future Ted was going off on a tangent to his kids.

      • sd

        Rachel, Ted didn’t technically cheat on her with Robin though he was intending to, She called before anything happened and to be honest Ted was planning on breaking up with her.

        Also some people (myself included) are instructed by their parents to call their parents really good friends “Aunt” and “Uncle” even if they aren’t technically related. Its a sign of respect by the kids while still being able to use the friends first names and not have to call them Mr or Mrs. etc.

      • Matt

        Robin leads to the mother anyway. Breaking up with Robin led to the tattoo, which led to Stella, which led to the university job, which led to returning the yellow umbrella. As long as he meets the mother at the wedding through the yellow umbrella, everything tracks.

        Though yes, I think Robin is the bride.

    • Color Me Impressed

      I do however have one complaint about this season so far: we’re two episodes in, and NO MCLARENS?!!! WTF?!

      • Keri

        In the first episode they were at McClarens. Carl hugged Lilly when he figured out she was pregnant and in a flashback of Robin’s truth voice.

      • Ronald

        They were at Mclarens early in the begining of the first episode. But your right i really hope the diner is not the new mclarens

      • Chris

        Lily is preganant, I think they are going away from McClaren’s cause why would a preganant woman hang out in a smoke filled bar where everyone is drinking?

      • dave

        You can’t smoke in bars in NYC.

      • dkny

        there’s no smoking in NYC bars

      • Sunny

        So True. I Hated The New Restaurant They Were In, Felt Like I Was Watching Seinfeld.

      • jcb1628

        Total tangent, but wasn’t the graphic the used for the blown up Arcadian the same one the Seinfield diner was supposed to be in? I think they are setting up the dinner to be the new Maclarens becuase of Lily’s pregnancy.

      • Mom

        The Arcadian facade often shows up on Bones, not Seinfeld.

      • Monty

        I don’t think you need to worry about that. They needed a place where Barney could stay indefinately until she agreed to date him again. He would have been kicked out of the bar if he tried that there.

      • jcb1628

        Thanks “Mom” I couldn’t quite put my finger on it!

        And I think that the show will switch to the diner as the main hangout since lots of people have hang ups and find it offensive to see pregnant women in a bar even if they aren’t drinking.

    • Kevin

      I’m so excited about this! I remember watching HIMYM reruns on FOX over the summer and watching the ones with Victoria and thinking: “Why don’t they bring her back? She’s perfect for Ted!”

      • kristi

        please don’t do this i love how i met your mother from the past and now can you please make it go on kevin

    • Viv

      I really liked Victoria too. Plus Ted met her at a wedding, she could totally be the mother, she kind of looks like those kids.

      • dave

        Except she’s already been on the show and the kids have heard the story of how he met her. Plus I’m pretty confidant she wasn’t in Ted’s architecture class unless she was hiding. I like her but I see no point in bringing her back.

      • MiaS

        Dave- I thought she was in the Econ class that Ted taught for a while by mistake. Or am I getting the 2 confused?

      • dave

        Hmm, you could be correct. Regardless it’s clear we haven’t met the mother yet. I mean I think the kids would know that their mother’s name is Victoria and she was a pastry chef.

      • Rohan

        Also, Ted once said that his wife was one of his gf’s roommate. At that time I think Victoria was in Germany.

      • AJ

        I’m pretty sure it was his fist architecture class and not the Econ class (just saw it last week on a rerun – hopefully memory isn’t that bad)…it was at the end when he was wrapping it up the episode when he said that she was in there.

      • Monty

        Ted thought he was teaching his first Architecture class, but he turned out to be in the Econ room. So the class he was in front of was the Econ class, which the mother was in. He left after he learned he was in the wrong room.

    • Georgian from NY

      Me too! She’s the only one of Ted’s girlfriends who I actually liked, besides Robin of course.

    • Meg

      Please stop using “y’all.”

      • rob

        please NEVER stop using ya’ll!

      • Liz Mo.

        Why should anyone ever stop using “yall “? I’ts a southern colloquiums and its part of who we are. What would you rather us say? “You all” … Now that just sounds silly!

      • ALM

        As soon as northerners stop using “youse guys”.

      • Mike

        Please…get it right…it’s PHILADELPHIANS that use YOUS. :-) My mother does it, but thankfully I was spared. lol

      • Jason

        Only New Yorkers and Guidos say “Youse Guys”, not all Northerners. But ALL Southerners say “Y’all”

      • Babs Jansen


      • alimcbklyn

        Meg, please stop being a jerk.

      • Dissident-Aggressor

        I totally agree, Meg. “Y’all” is the most annoying Southern thing going. I hate it.

    • JJ

      Wow, she had some seriously fat arms. Hope Ted takes her to the gym

      • C Men

        I agree. Clearly sampling too much of her own product.

    • Grace

      I agree! I love Victoria!! When I see one of her reruns, I’ll dvr it. She has been, by far, my favorite of Ted’s gf’s!

    • Ann

      I’m glad to see Victoria back and hope they bring her storyline good closure. I never liked how that one ended. She’s obviously not the mother, because we already know that Ted stated he met the mother for the first time at Barney’s wedding…

    • Lisap

      I haven’t kept up with the spoilers too much (I want to be surprised when I see anything on a show I like as much as HIMYM) so don’t know if I was out of the loop or if they kept it a secret but I was shocked and so happy when Victoria appeared. It constantly gets to me that we KNOW this is not the mother, we know we won’t meet her until Barney’s wedding but I am still completely taken in by what will happen.

    • Tess

      I HATE, HATE, HATE Victoria and I’m so disappointed she’s back. I was so excited for the return of this show, and now I’m just dreading next week’s episode.

      • dave

        I don’t hate her I just don’t understand how bringing her back moves the story forward in any way that isn’t lame and contrived.

      • nat

        I don’t hate her but I don’t care for her either..I actually thought she was quiet annoying

      • Claire

        I actually shrieked NNOOOOOOO at my TV when I saw her. NO NO NO. She makes me sick to my stomach

      • Annie

        I agree — I really can’t stand Victoria, or the actress who played her. Hope she has improved beyond clenched-teeth, wooden line delivery in the past six years.

    • Color Me Impressed

      Also, there are so many people in the next couple pages saying stuff like, “Well we know Victoria isn’t the Mother, so Teds just gonna screw stuff up again!” But has is occured to anyone that maybe there relationship will end the way it was suppossed to? He’ll approach her at this architecture gala, they’ll work out their issues and she’ll forgive Ted for almost cheating. They will then proceed to have ONE night of “unadulterated awesome”, just like they did the first night they met, complete with tap-dancing and cartwheels, all the while with Victoria cunningly refusing to give up her new phone number, adress or place of employment. They will go to bed together and shell wake Ted in the morning, asking him for a dance (complete with the same song they danced to at the end of “Drumroll Please”). Shell then tell Ted that she has a surpise for him and he needs to close his eyes and count to 5. Ted will do so, and when he opens his eyes: She’ll be gone. And thats it. At least thats what I hope happens.

    • Dana

      I love Victoria too! She’s obviously not the mother, but she might turn out to be Barney’s wife. There’s a possibility of that happening.

      • kaitybee

        oh, I like this idea! interesting take on things.

      • Mirily

        I thought I was the only one thinking this!!

  • chocolateislove

    I actually yelled “VICTORIAAAA!” when she popped up on the screen. Much to the chagrin of the rest of my floormates (I was watching it in my dorm lounge).

    I was never that into her when she was first on the show, but I believe she was really underused, so I’m excited to see what happens.

    • Jacquelyn

      I started yelling too! I was so shocked haha. My roommates thought something horrible had happened.

    • Remy

      My thoughts exactly!!! I loved her character and everything, but something about their relationship never worked for me. Nevertheless, I’ve always hoped she’d return, and I screamed with excitement last night. I can’t wait to see where this goes!

    • Tom B

      I got rather over excited – glad I didn’t stay up and stream it like I’d planned (Live in the UK) cause I’d have woken the house up – Victoria was awesome and so glad she’s back! :D (Just wish all those people saying she’s fat would shut up… judgemental idiots!)

  • Brandie

    I love seeing Victoria again, but that’s tempered somewhat by knowing that she’s not the Mother (since Bays and Thomas have said in the past that the Mother hasn’t been shown on the show yet). Still, I think it’ll be interesting to see where the reunion with Victoria takes Ted. At the very least, it makes his storyline interesting again!

    • Robert

      I really really hope that Bays and Thomas end up saying, oops we lied, and figure out a way for Victoria to be the mom. They had a great chemistry in season 1 and I think would be perfect to find out some way for it to be her.

    • sd

      I think the roll Victoria will play is getting Ted to be that guy again, the one who believes in love and not the one who was crushed by Stella, or forced to be something he wasn’t with Zooey. She’s gonna be the girl who gets him back on track.

      • doctorevil

        agreed!! i thought that she would be the person to make him hopeful again esp after that speech on the balcony. cheers victoria!

      • nk8950

        I agree…exactly what I was thinking. Ted said he was starting to lose faith in love and destiny…I think she wll bring that belief back for him.

  • Matt

    Two things, at the end of the first episode it was highly implying that Robin is Barney’s bride by having Ted being summoned by the bride.

    Second, during Marshall’s casino flashback, you can totally see Barney on the phone with a stunned look on his face.

    • MJ

      I didn’t think of that originally, but so true! I hope that’s the case.

    • Julia

      Not to mention, he’s wearing “the duck tie”

      • Dark Defender

        So if he is wearing the duck tie, does that mean he doesn’t marry who he is set to marry in the flashback? Didn’t Lily say something about the duck tie and it was not what Barney was “wearing”.. it was the alternative.. Could this mean he is set to marry Nora, but in the end realizes he is in love with Robin and marries her? or maybe I am mistaken..

    • Joe

      While I would love for Barney and Robin to be the couple getting married, I don’t think we can read that much into the bride summoning Ted. He IS the best man, and you have to assume that if Barney and Nora have been going out for a while before they get married, that she would have been integrated into his friends circle.

      • Lee

        Yeah, I kind of think they put that there on purpose to make us think its Robin. I really hope its not as thats just too much how “Friends” ended. I think Barney should marry Nora and Robin ends up moving away to anchor BBC in London or something.

      • Matt

        I also feel like we shouldn’t read too much into the bride summoning Ted, but something I immediately thought about was how in the Christmas episode in Season 6 Robin made a point of (only half-jokingly) asking Ted to be HER best man. This show thrives on very subtle, seemingly meaningless things having a big impact on the series. I don’t think that line should be taken lightly.

      • RyanK

        Great point Matt

      • Marianne

        I hope it’s Robin and Barney getting married. But if its not…I think she will do an ” I object”. Or at least talk to him in private…but still pull a mosby and tell him how much it’s their destiny to be together and how he’s the one. And then Barney would say that he loves Nora, but standing up there at the altar he realizes, it will always be Robin, and leave Nora.

        That is what should happen if its not Robin who is the Bride.

      • miss k

        @Matt, good point! I didn’t even think of that.

      • Jessica

        Does NOBODY remember in episode 21 of season six Robin’s “crush” played by Hot Uncle Cooper from OTH Michael Trucco?!

        Robin met him at some clothing store and they had awesome witty banter and narrator Ted said that WASN’T the end of their story. Therefore, I’m really hoping we see him again, which also leads me to believe that it’s not Nora Barney marries, but perhaps Ted’s sister? Her and Barney got along really well and she would definitely ask to see him before the wedding… just saying.

      • Ann

        The only way I can accept that Robin isn’t Barney’s bride is if Robin was given a happy ending with Don.

      • Lee

        Ooh, great point Matt. At any point in the flash forwards does Ted say he is Barney’s best man and not just ‘best man at Barney’s wedding’? Maybe he’s actually Robin’s best man and Barney’s brother is his.

      • Beth

        you got it! I was wondering who was going to get that logical point…

      • Wendy

        I’m sure by their wedding Nora would be on a friend basis with the rest of the gang. Maybe she is summoning Ted to introduce her to a friend who came for the wedding aka the Mother.

      • Rohan

        At the end of season 2, Ted said that Robin ended up travelling to Argentina, Japan and so on…I don’t think she’d do that after marrying Barney.

      • nk8950

        I agree with Marianne!

      • nk8950

        Don’t agree with the first thing you said, Lee, but I agree with the second. Jessica…I’m sure they will bring back that guy and close that storyline. Rohan…I think Robin would go off and do those things after marrying Barney…he would go with her…I bet he could do whatever it is he does freelance…or they’re the type of people who don’t have to see each other all the time…they could travel back and forth. Barney has a lot of money.

      • allykat

        @Rohan Robin has been to Japan and Argentina already. She was an anchor in Japan and went to Argentina after she broke up with Ted. Also she is still a reseacher for a major news organization I am sure there will be more travel for her.

      • Mom

        All long, when talking to his teen kids, Ted refers to Aunt Lily, Aunt Robin, Uncle Marshall, and Uncle Barney. These are honorifics, possibly but not definitely blood relations. Anyway, the Aunt/Uncle thing implies that the kids have a close and ongoing relationship with Lily/Robin/Marshall/Barney. In one of the flashbacks last night, Ted says to his kids “You remember Nora.” If Nora were Barney’s bride, then she would be a part of the kids’ life. Ted would not have to remind them about her. Ergo, Nora is not Barney’s bride.

      • Pipp

        @Jessica Exactly! The crush, I also thought about that and I think he’s going to be the one letting Barney discover his real feelings for Robin. And @Mom, great point, the kids shouldn’t have been reminded about Nora. I think Barney’s bride is either Robin.or someone else.

    • Joe

      NOT a great point. First, the wedding is a forward flashback. Who says Ted doesn’t get to know Nora prior to the wedding? Actually, I’d expect Ted, and the rest of the gang, to get to know her. That’s the way they roll. And if Barney ends up marrying her, then definitely everyone would have met her.

      Secondly, he’s the best man! Even in the off-chance Ted would have never met her, what would be so out of the ordinary for the bride to ask the best man to do something wedding-related?

      I think the only point of Lily saying the bride needs to see you was just to tease viewers thinking we were about to see who it was…then not seeing her.

      • Lisap

        As soon as Lily said that I knew people would be reading all into that meaning Robin. But let’s consider:

        – anyone Barney marries is going to know his friends, especially his BEST friend

        – it is not unusual at all for the bride to want to see the best man since she s not supposed to see the groom

        – this show has as many red herrings as clues, this seems like a pretty obvious way to get people talking without any info actually being given

      • AAR

        I actually thought the way Lily said, “the Bride,” implied it was Nora, not Robin. She didn’t seem to enthusiastic about the wedding, which to me implies that Barney is marrying Nora, and Lily knows Robin still loves him. This could also have been implied by the comment, “Really? You’re wearing that tie?” I also agree with Matt- Robin asked Ted to be her best man. If it were Robin and Barney’s wedding, Ted would be on her side. I’d actually love it if Barney had Lily as his Best Woman; those two always seemed to me to have the deepest understanding of each other.

      • O’Brien

        AAR, I totally agree. The tie comment, to me, was the kicker. Just because Barney has a wedding…I mean, have they said he’ll go through with THAT wedding? And not another? As we all know, HIMYM weddings are nothing if not a drama-fest. I could see him about to marry Nora, and then Nora talks to Ted, while Lily talks Barney out of the wrong tie. I know they’ll do a double-switch. I mean, they’ve told us, by the end of the season, we’ll know who the bride is. Not who Barney’s WIFE is.

      • Marianne

        @AAR : But during last season’s finale, she also said “The Groom wants to see you”. Couldn’t she have said Barney?

        So in reality, it could still be anyone.

    • nk8950

      I agree…The bride wouldn’t be calling for Ted before the wedding unless it was Robin…the bride usually asks her maid of honor to do things for her not the best man.

    • julialmoore

      I think Barney is marrying Ted’s sister…that’s why he’s UNCLE Barney. Doesn’t explain “Aunt Robin,” but I like the setup for dramatic tension.

    • Exactly

      I agree Matt, that’s the first thing I thought. Of course, they could want us to think that, making it more surprising if we find out that the bride is someone other than Robin. But, last season there were lots of clues that Barney was the one getting married, and people said the clues were too obvious, but it actually ended up being pretty straightforward.

    • Toni

      My husband actually pointed out at the end of last season that she just says “Best Man, the Groom wants to see you.” And brought it up again last night when Lily said the Bride wanted to see him – Ted very well could be Robin’s best man as the Bride and Barney wanted to talk to him.

      • Pipp

        Ted could be Robins best man, although it is implied very much that he is Barneys. And on top of that, In my opinion both Lily and Ted look a bit wondered when the bride is asking for Ted. That wouldn’t be the case if he’s Robins best man.

      • Beverly

        I don’t think the producers have chosen a bride yet. I’m pretty sure they have already created a story line for each, Robin and Nora, but I think they’ll choose whomever the audience is fonder of. I seriously hope it’s Robin. The last season left the impression that Robin has rekindled feelings for Barney, but they also showed Nora. I truly think they will choose Robin because in the New Yorker episode Ted says that Barney tripped him so Robin could win. It’s a really simple thing, but it is very kind–especially for him, I mean he ran a marathon and lost his legs’ strength just to prove he could do something. Why would he stop for Robin if he didn’t feel more?

  • Brian

    Hated Victoria the first time around. My guess…Norah is the mother.

    • Ronald

      No, the mother was in the Econ class from ep. 1 of season 6 so it can’t be nora

      • Brian

        How do we know she wasn’t in there. They haven’t fully flushed out her back story yet. But they have dropped one or two subtle clues about her that matches the description we know of the mother.

      • Jacquelyn

        If it were someone we had met, they would know that Ted dated their roommate and taught the Econ class. These are not small details people just forget.

      • dave

        Brian your posting privileges have been revoked. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve seen on here.

      • Pipp

        Ted hasn’t met Nora yet, so how could she know Barneys friend Ted is the Ted her roommate dated and taught the Econ class? Barney and Nora have only been on two dates (of which one was only about Barney’s lies) so they couldn’t have figured that out yet. Although I think Nora is not going to marry Ted. They don’t fit.

      • Pipp

        I’m sorry, Ted has met Nora already. So forget what I wrote.

      • Lawr

        we saw the ankle of ted’s wife! different color nora kindof sexy brown while ted’s wife was undoubtably caucasian :/

  • Jose

    I got into this show at around season 3 so I had no idea who Victoria was.

    And totally random, but now I kind of want to see an EW talent show.

    • KLH

      Me too. Don’t know Victoria. Can I dance too? :)

    • Jacquelyn

      That is unfortunate. The first two seasons are the best of HIMYM.

  • Rebecca

    I had a feeling Victoria was coming back, one of the producers mentioned a blast from the past, so I thought it might be her. Hoped it wasn’t, but I was wrong. The character of Victoria just annoyed the bejesus out of me, she was soooooo sickly sweet and dewy eyed and I don’t know, she just annoyed me. But I agree with Sandra, I kind of stopped caring about Ted seasons ago, so as long as she is not as annoying as Zoe was (and really, how could she be?) and Marshall/Lily/baby is good and Barney and Robin get back together eventually, I’ll deal with annoying Victoria.

    • Summer

      Victoria bugged me much less on repeat viewings, after Ted and Robin had finally dated and broken up.

    • Diane

      Ted was that sickly sweet doe eyed boy too. That’s why the fitted so perfectly together

    • Lisap

      Yup Diane, “sickly sweet, doe eyed” hopeless romantic? Who do we know who fits that?

  • Amy

    I loved the episodes. I think last season HIMYM started course correcting and this season shows it. Team Swarkles all they way! It HAS to be Robin. It can’t not be. Please, writers, please. Also, loved Beercules and Edward Forty Hands. Also, gasped when I saw Victoria. Glad to see her and her cupcakes again.

    • Exactly

      You pretty summed up my feelings on both episodes!

  • Melissa

    I loved seeing victoria….I have always been saying that Victoria should be the mother. She could totally be in the class at columbia…maybe she went back to school

    • Frank

      So hoping that is indeed the case. She could have not wanted at the time to talk to him, being still pissed over the break-up. I even found myself thinking she might have had her hair died blond for a while, explaining the blond hair in Rachel Bilson’s apartment when we saw the roommate. Also, maybe she can also be Barney’s stepsister (who I thought was the mother as well for a while). In any case, Barney’s wedding will need a cake, and she should be baking it. See… everything fits… doesn’t it?!

      • Frank

        died = dyed.. ehum…

      • Diane

        Except wouldn’t Ted have noticed his exgirlfriend in the class? I’m not sure dyed hair would have made that big a difference

      • Lisap

        Except we know for a fact no one from the first few seasons is the mother. Actually, they have been pretty clear as to when we will meet her and it hasn’t happened yet.

      • eek

        And Barney’s sister’s name is Carly.

    • joe

      I think she would’ve been the mom if the show wasn’t a success.. It’s why they made sure they had great chemistry in case they had to end. When it got a season 2, she was sent off to Germany. Sad but necessary. That said I’m excited to see her again.

      • Ann

        Yes, the producers already stated that if she show had only last 1 season and didn’t get renewed, Victoria would have been revealed to be the Mother in the finale.

    • Kevin

      My only complaint: She was a cupcake baker when she left, went to Germany to study on this awesome cool scholarship … and now she’s BAKING CUPCAKES again?? What the heck kind of career advancement is that?

      • Hannah

        Two Things:

        1)In this economy many people with master’s degrees don’t go as far as they thought they would. Sometimes you have to fall back on a lower tiered job.

        2)maybe her cupcakes became one of Oprah’s Favorite Things and now Victoria is rolling in dough. Pun intended.

      • Bren

        She was catering a party featuring Lenny Kravitz. How many other cupcake bakers can say that?

      • Ashleigh

        Didn’t she go to Germany on a culinary scholarship? So, she could have done that, but if her passion is baking, that could totally lead her back to catering the ‘biggest architectural soiree of the year’, or whatever Ted kept calling it, right?

  • Lisa

    Seriously very happy to see Victoria. Surprised that I didn’t even skip a beat remembering her name, when I saw her.

    • pdx

      That’s because the Kink’s “Victoria” had been playing throughout the episode! Nice touch, I thought.

      • bae415

        I heard the music and recognized it but didn’t start singing it to myself like I usually do. If I did I would’ve known that Victoria was going to show up!! Then again it would’ve ruined the end for me. I agree–nice touch!

  • aps

    Personally, I loved Victoria. I can see how some didn’t like her that much. She’s one of the few that i’ve actually liked though. but I was certainly happy to see her again (if only to see Ashley Williams).

  • Jason

    Did anyone notice in the casino scene when Marshall is going nuts that he’s wearing a shirt that says “Marshall & Steph 4-Eva” that was surrounded by a heart?

    • Marianne

      Theres probably a good story about that. Who knows maybe he got drunk again, and stripped down, and it was the only shirt they could find for him.

      • cheffy

        maybe steph is his daughter?

      • Bob

        Then why would it have his name on it?

        I’m really curious about who steph is… I paused my DVR to make sure I had read it right. My first though was the baby but I think they’ve told us it’s a boy…

    • Mia

      WHO is this steph?? The baby? Marshall and Lilly can not break up

      • Steph

        i think its his daughter

      • jimmy

        They said its a boy

    • Aprilcot26

      I wondered if anyone else noticed that…

    • bobby

      I’m assuming it’s some chick he married Hangover-style. I know I know he’s already married but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t have had the ceremony with another woman.

  • Allie

    I remember her best as the black widow from Psych… lol I like her though!

    • Sarah

      She was on Monk as the Black Widow and as a childhood friend with a Dad who has Alheizmer’s on Psych.

  • Kira J

    I screamed at the end of the hour! I was so thrilled.

  • Darth Pablo

    I yelled out “Buttercup” when i saw her, but had a feeling she might be showing up. I remember reading somewhere a couple months ago on a poll about who everyones favorite ex girl of Ted was, and it was Victoria. Then about a month ago, I remember seeing something about someone that Ted dated was coming back into his life. Didnt think it would be tonight, but i am excited for this. Cant wait till next monday

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