'How I Met Your Mother' premieres tonight: What's on your season 7 wish list?


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Update: Read a rundown of the premiere here.

I love premiere week — probably more than my birthday and all major non-present holidays combined! And tonight brings one of my favorite shows back from hiatus: How I Met Your Mother.

Having seen the first half hour of the premiere (yes, that’s me gloating), I can’t wait for y’all to see it. And yes, I’ll be back later today with some thoughts on it. But while the show is on our brains, I wanted to toss out a question: What do you want to see this year?

This is something I’ve given lots of thought in the months we have been without the show, because this might just be the second to last season of HIMYM. After the show snagged the two-year pick-up, it certainly seemed the end was nearing. In fact, creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas expressed similar sentiments earlier this summer when we chatted about the upcoming, answer-filled season. “The thing we’ve loved about the show, and especially as we go into the last few seasons of the show, nothing gets left behind. The slate is never clean. The characters are growing and building upon their experiences in good ways,” Bays told me back in August.

If true to their word, we’ll get answers to a lot of our major questions this season. (*Namely, they’ve hinted this will be the season we learn the identity of Barney’s bride.) I can’t wait for that! But, meanwhile, here are some less-pressing (but could-be entertaining) things I’d like to see this season.

  •  A return from Barney’s brother, James (Wayne Brady)! Why? Because I think Barney’s brother, who is married, would have a lot to say about his ongoing love issues and help him sort it all out. Also, I just love the character.
  •  The final slap. Yes, this seems like something the show would keep in its back pocket until the final season, but I want it now. I’m impatient that way.
  •  A Mother’s Day-themed episode. It’s Lily’s first. Can you imagine how cute that’d be?
  • More Robin Sparkles — because that’s just what the world generally needs at all times.

Your turn! Dazzle me with your obscure references and wow me with your ideas.

*MINI-SPOILER: The last minutes of the first half possibly give a big hint about one of the major questions we have right now. We will discuss after the show.

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  • The Brit

    I hope this will be the final season and Josh Radnor and Cobie Smulders do more mainstream movies from now on like their co-stars.
    It has some positive qualities but they are really dragging it on now and are taking the mickey if they expect audiences to wait a few more years before they finally reveal who the mother is.
    They should have made it shorter but better written and they could have ended it by now.

    • Meredith

      To be fair, Colbie is stepping in to do The Avengers… so regardless of it being the final season, she’s making her way to the mainstream movie scene.

      • bruno

        that role will be like a burp in the entire movie. i mean, still, good for her, but i’m not anticipating its going to add up to much.

      • zjm

        Agree. It dragged on long enough that we stopped watching and I just check online to see if it has been revealed. It just is not interesting anymore.BTW,I wanna share a good news to you.My best friend ,she just has announced her wedding with a millionaire man who is a celebrity !they met via Millionaireloving.C óM ..it is the largest and best club for celebrity and their admirers to chat online.You do not have to be rich or famous. ,but you can meet one , It’s worthy a try,Maybe you wanna check it out or tell your friends!

      • Atom Manhattan

        LMFAO Maria Hill in Avengers a BURP?! That will prove to be a GREAT role for Smulders, and you can take that from someone who actually knows what the Avengers IS and how important/huge that flick is going to be…

    • jcpdiesel21

      The Brit: the show got renewed for two more seasons in the spring, so this definitely won’t be the final season. I kind of wish it was as well; the show is starting to spin its wheels at this point.

      Unless they have something amazing up their sleeves, I’d prefer that Carter and Bays resist from doing yet another Robin Sparkles episode. At this point, revisiting the character isn’t nearly as fun as it used to be since they’ve returned to the well twice.

      • Kelly

        Have they ever shown the Robin Sparkles/Alan Trebek variety show?

      • ChaoChao

        when can i download it ??anybody can give me a link???

    • pie thrower

      They are out of ideas and all they resort to are poop/doody jokes.

      Plus Neil Patrick Harris is so far above the rest of the cast in talent that it is not even funny. He should have his own show. He makes the other actors look like they are doing community theatre.

      • carrie

        Uh, Alyson Hannigan!!??! I think she’s very funny. And so is Jason Segal. Did you watch “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” Neil Patrick Harris is great yes, but the whole cast is. Maybe he is a smidge better but lets not be unrealistic :-) Are you still upset about the Marshall’s dad’s death last year??

    • Tina

      Agree. It dragged on long enough that we stopped watching and I just check online to see if it has been revealed. It just is not interesting anymore.

    • umm

      Your all idiots. last season was the best one yet.

      • Thiyagaraja

        I’d prefer it if they dragged it for at least 3 or 4 more seasons, I NEVER WANT IT TO END!

    • pastafarian

      Someone remind me, how did he meet their mother again?

    • Nicole

      This is an awesome show and I dont think its dragging along at all. All their seasons have been very entertaining. The whole point to them not showing who the mother is yet is for people to keep watching. I’ll keep watching this show even if they make 5 seasons or more until they get to the final season where they show who the mother is. If people dont like this show then dont watch it and dont worry about them releasing more episodes because there’s still people out there that enjoy it!!

      • Atom Manhattan

        Soorry, I have been with this show since the beginning, and the writing has mos def hit a down slope. It’s good when it’s good, but it has been quite inconsistent the last two seasons. Writing has been very ‘off’…

  • bruno

    season 7 wish list?
    that this show will end already.

  • Sara

    I’m excited for these next two season – I’m one of those that enjoy pretty much every episode of HIMYM, but I like the idea of an end date so we can focus back in.

    I’d like more call backs to previous seasons (and based on spoilers I’ve read, I’m really excited for the guest stars from seasons past!). I’d also like to see Wayne Brady again.

  • Ms. Chanandler Bong

    I hope for as little baby mentions as possible, which isn’t going to happen, but I can wish right? It’s going to be all baby all the time. Blarg. and boo. Babies are the kiss of death for me.

    • Melissa in CA

      100% agree!! I hope they do NOT do a Mother’s day episode. Barf.

    • dk


  • elena

    I kind of want Ted to become serious about finding “The Mother” again. He’s had his trainwreck spiraling crazy dating (thank goodness zoey’s gone), but now he needs to settle down. and can Robyn get a good job again? but other than that there are a lot of promising things coming up, including wedding (!!!) and a baby.

    • Aura Lee

      Robin has a good job just not an interesting job. I thought she was working at a serious news network as a researcher. Did she quit and I just don’t remember?I’m hoping that the last slap comes out at the very end of the series, maybe one last Slapsgiving?

  • Emily

    Given that they know they have 2 more seasons, I wish they would work up to the reveal of the mother at the end of this season/very beginning of next season. That would give us then give us a year of Ted and the mother with a season worth of the mother’s perspective that all leads up to their wedding as series finale. I seriously doubt this will happen, as it seems they are going to wait until the very last moment to reveal the mother, but nobody is going to care if we don’t know who she is or there is no fall out. (Especially if she is Barney’s sister!)

    • Ann

      I think the mother won’t be revealed until the series finale.. At the end of this season, we will find out who Barney’s bride is. At the beginning of next season, we will be at Barney’s wedding, where Ted will meet several women. One will be Barney’s sister. He’ll be dating other women that he meets from the wedding and they’ll all be red herrings for the mother . Ted stays away from Barney’s sister though…since sisters are untouchable to douchebags like Ted and Barney (according to the episode where Barney sings songs about shacking up with Ted’s sister to the tune of Christmas carols). Until Barney later realizes that Carly (Barney’s sister) is Rachel Bilson’s roommate…the one that Ted’s been looking for and pining after all these years and Barney gives Ted permission to date his sister so they can become real bros. The instantly fall in love by talking about the greatness of architecture. Ted says, “I love you” on their first date, just like he did in the first episode of the series, only this time, the girl is just as weird as he is and reciprocates that love…afterall, she and Rachel Bilson have spoken about him for some time, so the both already kind of know each other. Then, Bob Saget’s narration is used as a voice-over as we see a montage of the life Ted and Carly have. The end.

      • Ann

        ^ This is my dream ending. Carter and Bays, make it happen! Don’t disappoint loyal fans to appease newer fans who haven’t watched since the beginning. I don’t care if the ending is sappy and predictable. The Mother needs to be Barney’s sister!

      • Melissa in CA

        Ann, that’s a good dream! :)

      • elena

        and boom goes the dynamite. can you forward this to HIMYM’s creators? I love it.

      • corey

        Great great great ending Lol. But Idk Barney had a sister. Wat episode do they say this

      • Kaz

        Corey, Barney’s father told him over dinner about his son, named after himself, and his daughter that goes to college. Barney’s half-sister. The episode was called ‘Legenddaddy S6Ep19′. And correct me if i am wrong with the episode.

  • Joe

    It’s always seemed to me that by the time Ted tells the story to the kids, the mother is out of the picture. Considering the circumstances, I suspect she passed away.

    What do I want in the next two seasons:

    A big reveal that Robin is the new step-mother!

  • Michael

    My season wish list is that they piss off all the gay people who want the show to end

  • Melissa in CA

    I WANT TO KNOW WHO THE MOTHER IS!!!! It’s been six seasons already! They need to start telling the story.

    • Ann

      But don’t you get it? They’ve been telling the story…you just don’t know it yet because it’s not over. Let’s assume the mother is Barney’s sister. Okay…Ted marries Barney sister after meeting her at Barney’s wedding. How is it that the self-proclaimed lifetime bachelor getting married before Ted? Because he wants to live a quiet suburban life, like his father who he just got reacquainted with. How did he meet his biological dad? Because Marshall’s dad died, stirring emotions inside Barney, making him finally get the nerve to ask his mom about his real father. Barney has changed so much through the years as we’ve seen from the various episodes. SO, who is the girl that finally gets Barney to settle down? Robin! Ted’s date from the first epsidode…Awesome show!

      • Sara

        I would love that if that was true. It make so much more sense.

      • Melissa in CA

        Yeah, I get it. I guess what I’d like to see is us knowing who the mother is and then finding out the story, instead of the reverse. I’m just getting impatient I guess.

  • Kate

    So, I watch this show a lot in reruns and I have majorly noticed something, there are stretches in every season where the show is brilliant followed by some very uneven episodes. What comes to mind first is when Barney and Robin were initially dating and there were those episodes including the perfect couple debate, the sexless inn keeper etcetera. Then just complete uneveness only somewhat broken by breaking Barney and Robin up. This past season there were those excellent stretches during Marshall’s father’s death, concluding with the Clue episode (and I thought Katy Perry was funny). Then weird un even episodes even through John Lithgow. There were sparks during Nora episodes, but then, flat. I hope they remember is the best episodes are the storyline from different view points and the comparing past experiencing episodes.

    • Aura Lee

      I would agree with this but I think that a huge problem I have with HIMYM is that I really dislike having external characters for multi episode arcs. The core 5 is so good when interacting (Marshall’s father episodes, Barney and Robin) and when they add someone else it throws the dynamic off (the Zooey episodes). I really hope they focus on the core rather than worry too much about throwing red herrings all over the place.

      • elena

        I’m so with you, Aura Lee. I feel like the only legitimately good character that was introduced for a multi-episode arc was Stella, and maybe Victoria. (I mean, I would also include Wayne Brady in there, but he was always more minor) I’ve just lost faith in the HIMYM creators to make a believable and funny guest arc for someone (zoey was just awful…)

  • Michael

    AUra lee what your saying is you want the show to be Big Brother

    Do you see the same five people everywhere you go Work church etc etc No why because there more then 5 people in the world

    • Aura Lee

      I’m saying that they don’t use their guest stars well. With the exception of Wayne Brady I don’t really think any of the major guest stars have been that great for the show.

      • lacey

        I agree that the guest stars are a waste of time and space. Because I love this show I’m happy that it can get so many guest stars but it’s frustrating when episodes have to be built around those stars. Wayne Brady is the exception because his episodes aren’t just about him.

  • Paxton

    equal your things nearly it In what way I Met Your Source imbue 7 premiere: Thing soever transact you wish for to see? | PopWatch | EW

    • Monty

      Are you ok? Did you just have a siezure or a stroke?

  • tim

    I wish we would find out who Teds wife is this year and we could just have them date for awhile. I think it would be a great breath of fresh air for the story. I also hope the Barney ends up with Nora they have great chemistry together. Lastly would love more flash backs with Marshals dad they are very emotional and powerfull scenes.

  • AJ

    I want to see Robin’s mystery man. Last season in the episode where Lily and Robin try to force Barney and Marshall to make up, they made it seem like the guy Robin met at the bar was going to come back around at some point. I’d like that to come to fruition.

    • Monty

      Not gonna happen. The dude has another show that got picked up. They cast a different guy to be her next person of interest.

      • AJ


      • Kaz

        Oh, it’ll definately happen…They’ll bring him back. Michael Trucco would just have started working on the new show that, as you said, just got picked up. HIMYM has their season 7 episodes down. All thats left now is getting their act straight for season 8.

  • Kelli

    Paxton: The operation has been aborted. Abort, repeat, abort. All codes canceled, all orders rescinded. Go to ground and wait for contact from your handler via the usual channels.

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