Larry Merchant wants a shot at Floyd Mayweather ... in 1961.

Undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather knocked out WBC welterwight champion Victor Ortiz in controversial fashion last night, throwing two mighty punches at a defenseless Ortiz after the champion had lowered his gloves following a pause in the fourth round. While boos rained down on Mayweather after the fight, he redirected his fury at Larry Merchant, HBO’s infamously meandering 80-year-old analyst, who persisted with questions about the fight’s climax that the new champ tried to sidestep. Finally, Mayweather exploded, “You never give me a fair shake. HBO needs to fire you. You don’t know sh– about boxing!”

Merchant shot back, “I wish I was 50 years younger and I’d kick your ass” before handlers separated the two men. Watch the exchange, courtesy of TMZ, below:

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  • Aldo


    • ROK

      I’ll bet Larry would kick his ass

      • las vegas

        no guy floyd size is beating him not in the next 4 years

      • Mark C

        Then you’re even dumber than the guys who bet on Ortiz.

    • MARINE

      II think Mayweather gave a cheap shot, and disagree with the outcome of the fight.

      But I think that Merchant has a knack ffor making condescending remarks to fighters after fights. Some of the things he has said in the past would make me want to retaliate, but maybe not to that extreme. Merchant could use a better choice of words when he interviews. He’s a bum too, in my opinion.

      • Robert

        Mayweather needs to remember that it is HBO that rakes in the money that pays his fight purse.

      • dave

        Yeah, but no one’s tuning in for Merchant. Some real journalistic integrity on his part too, with the I’d kick your ass comment. Mayweather’s a punk but he was right, HBO should fire Merchant.

      • Mark C

        “Mayweather needs to remember that it is HBO that rakes in the money that pays his fight purse.”

        You’re an idiot. HBO needs to remember that it’s Mayweather who brings in the viewers, not that Merchant moron.

    • lisa g.

      How unprofessional of that old man. He crossed the commentator line! Sure Floyd is a punk but merchant is supposed to be a professional n should know how to handle every kind of sports personality!

    • Senior Citizen

      Mayweather will be sorry if Larry squirts some Ben Gay in his eye.

  • William B. Witherspoon

    Larry Merchant would kiss Mayweather’s ass if he were 50 years younger! I’m 47 and I would knock his block off with one punch!

    • xyz

      yeah, 50 years ago, the black guy was still a slave. Come one, he the black fight is man enough, why would he pounch the other guy without his defense. By the way, I am asian. I give a damn about balck or redneck.

      • las vegas

        Your an idiot!!!!

        2011 – 50 = 1961… not 1861, and from what I read we where into the civil dont be a Dumb@ss, the point is this old guy was rude and biased he isnt suppose to recant about his personal belief, he is supose to be pro active and for the record floyd would really hurt this old bastard!!!

      • Money

        Those of you who think you have a chance against Mayweather need to get your a$$ into a gym then give the pound for pound best fighter in the world a call. Why do you think Pacman is using his “I’m afraid of a drug test” excuse. F**k Larry Merchant.

      • Greg

        xyz, I agree with las vegas, you are an idiot but I’m not going to leave you there. Find a college catalog, I’m sure there is an English composition class somewhere near you! Good luck with that.

      • Chris


      • Ambs

        I am assuming you are an Asian-AMERICAN right? Then you have no excuse for not knowing that blacks weren’t slaves 50 years ago. Get off the internet and go read a book.

      • Patrick

        Hell you guys snuck us with our defenses down with that sneaky Pearl harbor attack. So try try to play Mr. Honorable now. ‘course you guys still got your asses kick pretty bad even after your sneak attack. Remember?.

      • dave

        @money, what are you talking about, Pacman said he’d do it and Mayweather’s response, was to call him a liar. Mayweather’s scared.

      • JOEY G


      • lisa g.

        Xyz…….needs ESL……

      • Chuck

        If anyone wants to call the pound for pound best fighter, don’t call a chicken s hit bum that cant win a fight without sucker punching the other guy. Nice job Maydumbass on paying off the ref, hes an idiot also. PACMAN doesn’t this classless idiot anyway. All you nig nogs keep tooting for the fool and you’ll remain the same.

      • Dee

        You’re stupid

    • jake

      ha ha, floyd would slip your old man punch and break your jaw. lol, i love how tough people think they are! Pacman would beat the crap out of Money Mayweather. Money doesn’t want any part of Pacman and you can believe that. He is too worried about keeping his record untarnished. It’s not a priority to fight the best out there.

    • Pete

      wow…you could take out an 80 year old man…you must be one tough SOB

    • weedsauce1

      Floyd can box, but he’s a loudmouth punk. boxing is more than just throwing punches. any real fighter knows that having respect for your opponent and sport is a huge part of any martial art. He needs to shut his mouth and fight Manny, win or lose, to salvage any respect he ever had.

      • DjTajay

        Weedsauce1, I agree with you…..there was no need for that. You can’t claim to win with a sucker punch. There is no honor in what he did as a fighter. He is disgusting and a bad name for the sport….especially with the rant on Merchant. Not called for especially if he thinks he is the best lb for lb. They should strip his title and make him fight for it.

  • rider

    Floyd—No Class.

  • Ian

    Mayweather is a full-blown cartoon villain at this point. He’s like a boxing Lex Luthor. He’ll next be telling Kryptonian villains about Superman’s trap to remove their powers, that’s how cartoon-ishly ridiculous he’s become.

    Drunk Larry FTW!

  • vel

    In all honesty, this is great fodder for the sport of boxing which has steadily declined in viewership over the years.

    • jake

      overall that may be true, but these big fights still rake in record pay per views

  • Joe E

    Mayweather is a fraud. He was afraid to fight Manny P and he had to stoop to this level to beat Ortiz. What a punk.

    • sarCC

      Agreed. He’s one of the main reasons people don’t watch boxing anymore.

      • Art

        Yea that’s why the PPV orders were through the roof, cause no one watches boxing.

      • Jeff C.

        Actually he’s probably one of the only reasons people still watch boxing.

      • Jeff G.

        The majority of those PPV orders were to watch Ortiz and the Canelo fight at the Staples Center.

      • Matt

        First fight I’ve watched in ten years, first time I’ve cared in ten years.

      • las vegas

        watch ortiz people didnt even nowho this kid was until floyde sid he was fighting him, come on people dont be supid becuase you dont like this guy, he is the sport of boxing and really dont have a true reason to fight manny, he can make 40-50 milliion fighting bums that are champions!!! everyone will see the fight they want in may or june of next year!!!! floyde will killlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll pack-ewww-wow!!! and still get no love in the states besides LV

    • Warren Cooper

      Idiot, he was winning the entire fight.

    • Sina

      So if Floyd is a punk and he had to “stoop” to that level to beat him……than what about Ortiz? He had to stoop to that level and head butt Floyd to beat him. Floyd is a cartoon but he can box and he doesn’t head butt!

      • Alan

        LOL, days/months of training with his uncle Roger, it’s that what they trained for??? box a defenseless and unguarded opponent??? a clean win though with respect to the rules, yet in a shameful and gayish way. Shame on Floyd.

      • Money

        PROTECT YOURSELF AT ALL TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • jake

        i think floyd reacted out of anger, not only did the guy head butt him, he then caught him with a left hook as cortez was breaking them up. he follows that up with a kiss???? wtf??? what boxer tries to kiss another boxer? that guy was an idiot for not protecting him self. after the headbutt / kiss, he deserved to be knocked out. i hate mayweather’s persona, who knows if it is authentic but the guy can flat out fight and he does it cleanly.

    • Ron

      Yeah because of idiots willing to pay outrageous fees to watch them, then bitch about the outcome. Boxing is hardly worth watching anymore let alone paying $50.00 to see.

  • Joe E

    Oh and one more thing, soon we will hear his camp playing the race card and say that we are all racist.

    • indeecee

      Actually, everyone seems focused on whether Mayweather’s last two punches were fair or not. YOU are the one bringing up race.

      • RS

        This is no longer true. If you google news for the fights, there is plenty of talk now about how all non-Mayweather fans are “racist.” Totally ridiculous. We don’t like him because he has no class and that was a cheap shot.

      • BJ

        So what was Mayweather supposed to do, say put up your dukes?

    • B

      Now that you brought race into it, Joe… who the f@#$ is “we”? It is ok to hate someone regardless of their color, Joe. You don’t have to be paranoid…. racist bastard lol.

  • Ben

    I think Floyd got turned on from Ortiz’s apologetic kiss and wanted to take 50 Cent home ASAP for some lovin.

    • Artiz

      Good for him that he’s finally come out with Fitty. They make a lovely couple.

      • Teemo

        He’s got that thuggin love.

      • Boxinggurl


    • B-Baby

      He wants Pacmans behind in the bedroom and not in the ring.

    • Alvie

      It’s true. Floyd bought him expensive jewelry…probably cuz he cheated on Fifty or something. As for the head butt, I think Floyd wanted that but he wanted them separately from Ortiz (head then butt).

      • Mary

        eww…but funny.

      • Pop Pop!

        Floyd wanted to POP POP!

    • Art

      You must practice that lifestyle and have those type of dreams. No REAL man would think like that even if they were jealous Mayweather Haters. The same thing will happen to juicing Manny P and not even the juice will save him. That’s if he makes it pass the guy who beat him twice before Marquez. I doubt Manny P will win that fight. Ortiz is dirty and hoped the head butt would take Money May out of his game. Instead it made Jim mad and Ortiz got knocked the $@@” out. Haters keep hating..Lmao

      • Everett

        Manny has agreed to Floyd’s testing so why is Floyd dodging him? Floyd’s not a real man so he may as well be getting it from 50.

      • Everett

        Manny has agreed to Floyd’s testing so why is Floyd dodging him? He’s spouting out crap to avoid him. Floyd’s not a real man so he may as well be getting it from 50.

      • Barry

        Doesn’t matter…Floyd would rather be in jail than fight Pacman. Correction, he’d rather screw in jail than fight Pacman.

      • Art

        A lot gay guys on this website.

      • Mac

        @Art these are the guys hidden in Mayweather’s closet.

      • Man in Mayweather’s Closet

        Hi Art! Nice to see you again. That was some nice pounding from Mayweather (I don’t mean the in ring)

      • Art

        I don’t think so hater… see that bomb &@” Latin babe he has…I know you hate that huh? Only person dreaming about other men in their closets is YOU and the rest of these hater..LMAO

      • Ben

        Floyd probably beats up that woman too. You know how he likes to beat up people who don’t challenge him and it’s why he’ll always duck the true King of Boxing, Pacquiao

      • Telepathy

        Ofcourse Manny will win that fight how cant he? He is fighting Marquez now that he is near 40 like he did with Mosley and he is making him come up in weight after hearing Marquez say he doesn’t feel effective at that weight… and Manny will be on roids to top it off. I heard Manny wants to fight Mohammed Ali next but at a catch weight LOL.

      • Sam

        You’re right. I’m a Mayweather hater…and proud to say so. He’s a stupid PUNK. Nothing more. I wish he’d never come back…boxing doesn’t need people like him with no ethics or integrity.

        He needs Manny more than Manny needs him…and I hope that Manny NEVER agrees to fight him. ..unless perhaps Floyd is willing to make a genuine apology to Larry. (That’ll be the day.)

        BTW, which “God” is it that Floyd thanked after the fight? He doesn’t strike me as being a man of faith…any faith.

    • Avery

      @Ben, you are wrong about the latin woman. That chick’s a tranny. Floyd likes d1cks. It’s why he beats up women when he finds out they’re really ladies.

  • E-Hustle

    Like Mark Jackson says while calling NBA games “Hand Down, Man Down”.
    It’s protect yourself at all times in a Boxing fight. He got what he deserved by being dirty and purposely headbutting Mayweather.
    43-0. Now go cry me a river to everyone in here hating.

    • mechengg78

      Ortiz just probably forgot the “Hands Up, Pants Down” thing that Mayweather told him to do, so he doesn’t lose his 2.5 mil paycheck from his boss Mayweather.
      If I’m only in Ortiz’s shoes, I would do the same. He is only 24, he still have a long way to go, while his boss is 34, just trying to buy everything that he can to pad-up his supposedly 43-0 before calling it quits. The way he answered Larry Mechant’s interview question only shows that he is really a man with no respect to anyone especially people who are older than him. Did you notice how he tries to change the topic? I think he doesn’t want to come into the point when LarryMerchant will ask him who he’s goin’ to face in the ring next time.
      I don’t know if he can use his money and the same trick he did last night should the long awaited match up with his rival MP, ever happen.
      I still believe in the golden rule that goes this way: “Do unto others what you want others do unto you”.

      • Telepathy

        His rival MP is busy taking steroids to fight the oldest opponents available. Floyd just faced a young strong champion and frustrated him to the point that he had to result to head butts cause he couldnt land on Floyd.

      • Robert

        if the last line you wrote is true then , Mayweather was justified in knocking him out for the head butt !! (your words not mine)

  • Stephanie

    Mayweather is such a bitch. In his own words “we aren’t here to cry about what he did dirty or what I did dirty”, by his own admission he knew this was the only way to win a fight. Besides that they NEVER touched gloves. Watch the replay.

  • Frank

    Last night Floyd sealed his legacy in boxing as a low classs, cheap shot, coward.

    • Telepathy

      Ortiz wants to head butt Floyd and then try and kiss his ass right after “NO!” Floyd doesn’t have time for his emotional games. That’s the second fight that Ortiz was in that he turned into an emotional sissy cause he was losing… he also ruined the Maidana fight. Floyd did the right thing… didn’t show that chump no respect after he disrespected him.

    • joe53ist

      You nailed it Frank. He’s a narcissistic blow-hard punk. He didn’t want to fight a guy who was ready, so he takes his cheat ass coward shot. I expect nothing less. Pacman will knock him on his aZZ!

  • Ralph

    Saw Mayweather and his old man going at it. One piece of s**t going after another piece of s**t. The apple don’t fall far from the tree.

    • Art

      Hey Ralph, I hope you also noticed the disgusting tattoo on Ortiz’s back! A reminder of him and his dad’s relationship. Ortiz is a quitter (as seen in his previous fight) any indication of him not falling far from his dad’s tree? His dad quit on him and left. Hummm, I wonder

      • Mateo

        Both Ortiz and Floyd showed no class.

        Ortiz lied about the head butt but what was Floyd thinking getting in a shouting match with Merchant when Larry had not said anything?

    • ali

      Ralph and what part of the mule’s ass you came from. It is so funny how you folks(white) thinks you all came here from Europe as royals, sit down you old fart. Also some of you Asian can’t stop acting black even if we paid you guys to stop. All you non boxers need to get a life.

  • bebs garcia

    Mayweather doesn’t deserve to win. I’m not a boxing enthusiast, but when I saw Mayweather hit Ortiz when the latter was so defenseless (apparently waiting for the referee to signal the start of the game again), Mayweather was out of line. Thousands of people are watching the World Boxing Organization on its reaction to Mayweather’s tactics. Something needs to be done here, so we can continue to have faith in the fairness of boxing.

    • K Fox

      Did you see Ortiz head butt Mayweather? Don’t start what you can’t finish and don’t comment if you do not know the rules of boxing. If Maywether was wrong, then something would’ve been done!

      • Art

        Agreed, the people here obviously don’t know anything about boxing or they are just mad Money May remains undefeated. If things had been the other way around, Mayweather headbutting Ortiz and Ortiz knocking out Mayweather, these same clowns would say” Mayweather should have had his hands up” Ortiz was dirty and got what he had coming. He was out classed and out matched. He was losing the fight and would have been knock out anyway. Who cares what alcoholic Merchant says! Pacman the juicer

      • Jo

        One dirty hit deserves another dirty hit?

    • Jeff G.

      Mayweather is a b****. When he defeats Pac man, then he can call himself a champ.

    • gerald

      When did boxing become Kumbaya in the ring. Why aren’t they talking about the head butt? The reason is, they hate Mayweather and want to see his downfall. He did the right thing by going straight after Ortiz , this isn’t lets hug it out int he ring. The only thing and I mean the only thing I think he did wrong was get out of control with his interview. Other than that you are not int the ring to be best buddies. Was it wrong? Absolutely not!!!!! So stop crying and move on

      • money

        people are acting like mayweather was losing then did a cheap shot. he dominated the fight. anyway he waited forever for the fight to continue, punched gloves and game on. ortiz knew he was going to get destroyed, head butted him intentionally out of pure frustration and now is acting like he was gonna come back. your all just playing into what ortiz wants, that he should have won. he could fight mayweather a hundred times and hell lose every time. period.

  • bebs garcia

    Mayweather, return the title, you don’t deserve it. Shame on you.

    • K Fox

      Shame on Ortiz for making a punk move by head butting Mayweather. He accepted Ortiz apology then handled his business. All boxers know when you touch gloves, game on. Blame his trainers for Ortiz not knowing rules of boxing.

      • Kev

        What boxing greats do you know has won with sucker punches?

  • Art

    Or headbutts

    • Gayweather

      I am in love with Fiddy.

      • crb

        You idiots deserve your stupid comments, Pros and Cons. Floyd and Ortiz both got paid and both are laughing all the way to the Bank. Go get a FKNG brain!

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