Dr. Oz (sort of) ruins apple juice. But that's not all!


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Dr. Mehmet Oz caught a lot of flack this week after suggesting on his show Wednesday that many brands of apple juice had unhealthy levels of arsenic in them. According to The Chicago Tribune, the FDA has since responded to the claim, and said in a statement, “There is no evidence of any public health risk from drinking these juices. And FDA has been testing them for years.”

With what’s being touted as inconclusive testing and misleading results (the FDA claims Oz did not differentiate between organic arsenic, which is harmless, and inorganic arsenic, which can be lethal), the daytime doctor is in some hot water for what some are calling “fear-mongering.” (Though it’s hardly the first time, as he came under intense scrutiny for plugging the H1-N1 vaccine.) According to the Tribune, a spokesperson for The Dr. Oz Show said, “We don’t think the show is irresponsible. We think the public has a right to know what’s in their foods.”

So, thanks, Dr. Oz, for ruining apple juice. But he’s done more than that: Here’s some other things that Dr. Oz has ruined inadvertently — or otherwise — for us on his show:

  • Scrubs: TV finally had made unflattering garb look sexy, thanks to the good doctors of ER, Grey’s Anatomy, and, yeah, Scrubs. But Dr. Oz undid all of it by wearing them while unleashing terrifying medical jargon. Ugh, just stop petrifying us and seduce a ghost already!
  • Poop jokes: You know what takes all the fun of a poop joke? Graphic, medically accurate details — and warning signs — about what’s in your poop. Heh, poop.
  • Oprah spin-off doctors: Viewers’ faith in Dr. Phil has already been a little shaky for some time. (He got himself into his own trouble in 2005 when he was hit with a class action lawsuit regarding his since-discontinued “Shape Up!” diet products.) But now we can’t trust Dr. Oz either? This simply will not stand. Not in Oprah’s good name!
  • Dr. Pepper: We’d never even thought to check his medical credentials… until now.

What has Dr. Oz ruined for you, PopWatchers? Does this apple juice flap bother you or do you still trust Dr. Oz’s advice? Share in the comments section below.

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  • Julie

    A surprisingly large portion of what he says is nonsense. My parents (doctors) can’t stand to watch because he attempts to “dumb things down” so much that he kind of lies about some stuff in order to make it seem more simple. Even me, with my meager high school biology knew that some stuff he said about ions reacting with cells in our body was garbage.

    • Bob

      As a chemist, I know for a fact that he’s full of it. Not to mention (I read up on this) the testing methods he used were for a waste water plant. These indicators are largely pH based, and waste water is not exactly acidic. Apple juice, however, is. Which throws results off to NO END. It’s infuriating knowing that this idiot is lying to people with bad science!

      • Kaz

        I’m becoming more and more convinced that Dr. Oz is a fifth columnist for the fundamentalists’ anti-science crusade.

  • Dicazi

    If apple juice caused arsenic poisoning, there would be alot of evidence for it.

    • Kenya

      And we would all be dead.

      • melinda

        LOL – good point!

      • Renee

        It is time to relax people trace amounts are not going to kill you or give you stomach problems. We eat more garbage from the fast food places we go to and what ever gets sneezed, coughed, or dropped into or food at restaurants (rodent droppings, flies, roach junk, how about food that was not quite right being served or hair off the chefs arms or hands did they wash their hands when they used the restroom especially the men) so why all the panic over something Dr. Oz said. Take with a grain of salt or pepto but do not dismiss it as all lunacy make your own juice if you are freaked out by this.

  • wierdalexj

    I wouldn’t worry so much about arsenic in apple juice. I’d be more concerned about the high amount of sugar in each serving.

  • marge

    I wish Dr. Oz would just go away. Here in the Indianapolis market they’re showing him twice a day like he’s the new messiah or something.

  • Kara_Dad

    The coverage on this is misleading. If you watched the show, he is talking about apple concentrate imported from China and other countries that use pesticides that have arsenic. The concentrates are used to make juice in this country. Doesn’t seem so alarmist, does it? If you drink apple juice from 100% juice, grown in this country, you’re fine.

    • lynn

      actually arsenic is produced from apple seeds.

  • kat

    I hate apple juice, so no big deal to me. But yeah, any advice you get you have to take it with a grain of salt because it is generalized out and not applicable to every individual or every situation. For instance, I keep having to explain to many a doctor when they suggest I get a colonoscopy that I don’t any longer have a colon, there is another test, but they get consternated at the first one. Or there is all this news about increasing fiber or pro biotics, again, I don’t have any thing to regulate and actually have to be conscious of that sort of stuff.

  • TraveLynn

    I think Dr. Oz means well, but if you’ve ever listened to his wife on his radio show, she is most likely is behind this garbage. She’s one of those over the top, all-natural, health crazed people. Not sure how he wound up with her… she’s annoying!

    • BOTR

      His daughter Daphne is going to be on that show replacing All My Children; I think she believes it as well.

  • @Rebecca Christiansen

    It’s “Dr Pepper”, not “Dr. Pepper”. kthxbye

  • marlene

    what i think about Dr. oz is that he is a really good dr. and about the apple juic ei am happy that he spoke up and said something because anything that concerns my child i will b pleased to know to save her life. i wouldn’t get upset about it because some people wouldn’t speak the truth so they could make money thats all this world’s about not about being truthful when it comes to letting u know something for your own good and for the good of your love ones. thank you Dr. oz

    • Bob


    • rhagle

      Right on Marlene, agree with you

  • Justin
  • Justin

    Throws giant bottle of apple juice in Dr. Oz’s face and laughs.

  • Melly

    well, just one more reason why I don’t drink apple juice, the first – it makes me gassy…

    • Regina George

      TMI, Melly. But I don’t think I’ll be able to drink another glass of apple juice for a long time, which sucks since I love apple juice. Thanks a lot, Dr. Oz!

  • Anya

    My father told me about this and to be careful with giving my son apple juice. He also believes everything on FoxNews, so I politely told him thanks for letting me know, then looked it up myself.

  • Martha

    Remember the baby food from China that caused illness and death in young children.

    • rhagle

      Martha if people were more informed, they wouldn’t be
      making fun of Dr. Oz

      • Julie

        Informed about? It has already been PROVEN that organic food is not anymore healthy for us than inorganic. It is all about making money. There are unhealthy bacteria all over and in our bodies for a reason, it is only when there becomes too much that we need to be concerned; then again, too much of anything is not a good thing.

    • raelyn

      Yes martha…i remember that…and I to have witnessed and worked in labs testing foods etc. There is all kinds of scary unhealthy garbage in just about everything we eat. Thats why its important to pray over your food

  • NoOzFan

    His ridiculously hysterical reaction (some time last year I think) to having his tiny pre-cancerous polyp removed caused me to avoid this guy like the plague. It’s all about grabbing attention/ratings. Therefore I grab the remote control & don’t give him either.

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