Astronomers have officially discovered Tatooine

Tatooine has always been the coolest planet in the Star Wars galaxy — except maybe Nar Shaddaa, and if you’re the kind of person who is currently contemplating commenting “Nar Shaddaa was technically a moon!” then shut your face and also I love you. But now, Tatooine can also lay claim to being the only Star Wars planet that actually exists: According to The New York Times, NASA scientists have discovered a planet that orbits two different stars at once, which means that someone standing on the planet’s surface could feasibly stare pensively into the distance at a double-sunset (just like Luke Skywalker), and if you’re anything like me there are only two possible responses to this information: 1) “Truly, we live in a strange and wonderful universe,” and 2) “God, Science is so f—ing cool!”

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  • Nava

    I knew it its real………

    • mikeym2

      Brilliant! I was going to leave a similar comment when I saw this one! Great minds think alike.

      • jack

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  • mikeym

    At 200 light years distant, does what we see from there now qualify as a long time ago and far, far away?

    • Steph

      This news just keeps getting better and better.

    • Nava Orlok

      Good comment!

  • jeff

    yesterday an article on a very close brown dwarf with a superstorm today an article on planet with two suns whats next the article on brown dwarf approaching and giving us two suns. just food for thought because so many things are taking place right here on earth makes you wonder 2012?

  • Samuel Fish

    Truly, the Lord is great. Am I the only one thinking this is the kind of planet that Jesus may be residing upon, awaiting the right time for His return as described in the Scripture?

    • David Hill

      That’s a pretty safe bet.

      • No!

        Stop pimping that poor dead Jew.

    • Don

      So, Heaven is a planet now? I can get theree with a powerful enough spacecraft and not through salvation and death? Interesting.

      • Samuel Fish

        No. You still must put your faith and trust in Him; even if you had a spaceship powerful enough to reach that glorious kingdom it would be prevented from entering.

      • mikeym

        Maybe if one were to “fly casual” and submit an old clearance code that still checked out, the ship would be allowed passage through the protective force field.

      • Liz

        These are not the sinners you are looking for.

      • pastafarian

        Sooo.. Mormon?

      • Joe

        It’s a trap!

      • Samuel Fish

        No I am not a Mormon only a follower of the one true Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Believers are not afraid of science we know that God made everything and that the universe is His creation to understand. It stands to reason that if there is a purpose to everything than this would be a good place to find Jesus. Why else would we find it at this time when the end times are so clearly upon us?

      • MosBen

        Oooooh, I see, you’re saying that God lives on Shakari, and we’re separated from it by a Great Barrier.

    • Aura Lee

      I think you are the only one that thinks Jesus is there. Personally I think the rest of the habitable planets in the galaxy are probably full of beings who are monitoring our sad pathetic existence and when we kill our planet they’ll swoop in and destroy it once and for all to make room for an intergalactic highway. After all, we are mostly harmless.

      • Samuel Fish

        That is a funny book. Truly, there is a spaceship that will take you to God’s kingdom, and it is called “Love,” which exists in Faith.

      • TrooperDyl

        Indeed, so be on the look out for the planning charts and demolition orders. By law they must be displayed for at least 50 Earth years at the local planning office.
        That should be plenty of time to set up a little shop to sell intergalactic knick-knacks and such at the side of the highway.
        When life gives you lemons etc…

        Jesus Christ
        Project Manager
        Heavenly Transportation Industries Inc

      • MosBen

        Is this Love Spaceship similar to the Love Train?

  • Heidi

    Very cool

  • Maeve

    “shut your face and also i love you” is definitely the greatest thing i’ve read all day.

  • Rod

    Best news I’ve heard all day!

  • Dr. Funke

    Of course on the new Blu-Ray, it is probably edited down to one sun due to the global warming effects on the planet…

    • Nerwen Aldarion

      Win!!! LOL

    • Joe


  • Steph

    Best planet EVER!
    too bad the official name is kepler 16b.

  • Thierry Fleurisca

    I knew it! It was just a matter of time before astronomers would find a planet orbiting a double star system.

  • Mary

    It’s a space station.

  • Greedo

    Jesus was my second target. Damn you Haaaaan!

  • Richard

    Yeah, if you read the description of the planet, it really sounds like Tatooine. It’s a gas giant w/the temperature of Antarctica. The only thing they have in common is having 2 suns. Gotta give the scientists credit for finding a way to drum up interest though.

  • Daniel

    which planet is hell? & is jar jar there?

  • wgalvira

    That does it! George Lucas really is an extraterrestrial!

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