'The Real Housewives of New York': Now auditioning brunettes


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Oh for the love of, let this be true. A report on today's HuffPost Celebrity suggests that Bravo has given the ax to Jill Zarin, Kelly Bensimon, and Alex McCord of the Real Housewives of New York. "No decisions have been made yet," is all a Bravo rep would allow to EW. If the network does indeed shed the trio, that would leave Sonja Morgan, Countess LuAnn, and two remaining original cast members Ramona Singer and Pinot Grigio. Poor Cindy Barshop, last season's disappointing addition to the line-up, didn't even warrant a mention. (Though she later coughed up a response to the pseudo news: "Everything out there right now is just rumors. Nothing is 100 [percent]

decided yet, it could go either way.”) 

Somehow I fail to imagine Zarin taking this lying down. I picture the woman desperately sending pleading texts to Bravo’s Andy Cohen while forcing Bobby to hand-deliver trays of cold cuts and cheeses to the network offices. What if she promised to dye her hair blonde? What if she agreed never to mention her Skweez tummy shapers again? What if she declared herself a lesbian for half a season?

Bensimon will somehow try to blame this all on Bethenny, employing circular logic that suggests she heard Bethenny wanted her fired, not that she really even cares, because mean people are not fun, and you know what’s hot? Life is hot. I checked out Bensimon’s Twitter feed to see if she had any response to the rumors. “If I were a hot book cover what would I look like????? Thoughts?” (Several.) On that note, Bensimon is hard at work on her upcoming book I Want to Make You Hot. No thanks!

If this all shakes out, Simon may take the news hardest of all. Alex, who surely doesn’t understand why she gets the boot when she sat on the side of right during the reunion, will probably convince someone to let her keep recapping the show. Their Brooklyn basement office is suddenly going to feel all kinds of sad and lonely without the Bravo production crew to keep them company.

Cindy, duh, she was always a goner.

But seriously, a cast overhaul can only be good news for what had become the dreariest of the Housewives lot. No more Jill spitting nails at Alex. No more Kelly being Kelly. No more birthday party scenes with François and the other little guy. I do have to wonder why the Countess may have made the cut. But I totally get hanging on to Sonja. I’ve always been endeared to the woman, even during her hoity toity arc last season. She managed to avoid tumbling into her own schtick a la Jill Zarin. And let’s face it: Love or detest the gal, there is no show without Ramona Singer. She’s kooky, good-intentioned, ridiculous, mouthy, often tipsy, and, most importantly, unperturbed by crowd judgment. The thing Bravo has to be careful about when casting new Housewives though is whether Ramona can play nice with them. So hire Joni. Bring on some of Sonja’s burlesque buddies (just not the woman who pees herself when she goes shopping). Consider putting together a cast that has some genuine connections to one another and likes to enjoy some laughs together. What if the genius of the new Real Housewives of New York was that for the most part they kinda liked each other?

What do you think Housewives fans? Is this good news? Would the network be cutting the right deadweight? Did you too feel badly for Cindy that she was left out entirely of the original report? Is there a single one of you who would ever employ Kelly Bensimon as your life coach?

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  • Amy

    The only one I really don’t like to watch is Ramona and she is staying! What’s a fan to do?

    • kate middleton

      Agreed. Well, Alex is my least favorite followed very closely by Ramona.

      • james

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      • cantstandAlex

        I totally agree. Alex seems to think she’s so right all the time. And Ramona needs to put the wine glass down once in a while. I like Jill..the others being gone I can deal with.

      • judy

        glad cinda gone and jill too mean kellywell she crazy sad about alex i really like her

      • YAY NEW CAST!

        Jill and Kelly NEED NEED NEED TO GO! I can’t stand Luann at ALL either…but she’s got her pinky so far up Andy’s butt that she ain’t ever leaving. Would miss Alex though…she’s not interesting but her husband is.

    • Yaya

      Soooooooo true! Why keep Ramona the drunk? Makes no sense to me!! Bravo, pleaseeeeee reconsider, Ramona and Sonja CAN’T possibly carry the show! You will find this out come rating time!!

    • FrenemyWatcher

      Ramona, to me, is all the things our dear Karen Valby already mentioned above. Ramona is the best kind of crazy, and a lot of fun to watch.

      • bj

        I agree…Jill is just mean, the Countless is even meaner and Kelly is just Crazy…and Cindy is boring with her mouth opened all the time!

      • FrenemyWatcher

        You’re so right BJ! Jill is a hater, and that has nothing to do with editing. Everything that comes out of Jill’s mouth is an effort to tear you down and assert herself as better than you all while acting like she’s being nice. Same for Luanne.

  • Christina

    I am only sad that the Countless will still be there. I think she did much to undermine Jill and Bethany, and was cruel to Alex. Countless LuLu needs to go, go, go!

    • SaraS

      Agree! She was a lunatic last season, walking out of lunches and calling everyone “bitch” instead of “darling”.
      But HALLELUJIAH they are getting rid of Jill, Alex and awful Kelly — FINALLY someone over at Bravo is paying attention to the fans and their feelings.

    • trish

      totally agree…………….and I always hate her excuses for her passive agressiveness and sometimes outright snide and snobbish remarks.

      • Arlyn

        agree also, way past time for the Countess to go, she’s so mean!

    • GIna

      My friends and I stopped watching when Bravo didn’t get rid of Jill and Kelly the previous season..I hope Jill puts her name on all her products so we can NOT buy them. As for LuAnn, she is so much fun to watch when you know the game she is playing and she’s such a smart cookie. Someone that pretty should never be nasty though! Alex was just tooooo confrontational. I guess we will be watching again now that they are gone.

  • Bia

    I would’ve chosen all of them to get the axe. Kelly squashed too much of the drama, Alex was poor and and her husband was a drag, Jill never was able to overcome her Cruella image after the Bethenny battle. Luann is able to rise above, while still stirring the pot, so I can see why they kept her. Not surprised she stayed.

  • Finally

    I sure hope this is true. But I also wonder why LuAnn would get to stay. Lots of viewers despise her. I’m convinced she has something on Andy Cohen/Bravo/production company that keeps her on. Notice how she always gets softball questions and when on WWHL never has to answer for her disgusting actions.

    • SaraS

      Hmm.. good point. I bet she’s getting married to that French guy this season and they want to showcase a wedding.
      Agreed Luann is disgusting and I cringe watching her onscreen. She’s so fake. Why can’t they find genuine cast members? For example the Jersey and Atlanta girls can be nutjobs, but at least they are genuine and not acting out stupid storylines.

      • Louisiana Lulu

        Yes to all neg. about Luann But she was great on a camel .

        Luann was so great on a camel !!!

    • betsybug

      Dahhling, I’m sure there is a third single that will need to be sung, recorded, and filmed this upcoming season. Plus, now LuAnn’s posse is gone… How will she fight against Sonja and Ramona?

    • bj

      True! True!!!

    • bob

      i disagree. i think she gets equally difficult questions from andy during the reunions and on wwhl. the big difference is in the way she answers those questions. luann is generally diplomatic, somewhat more self aware than the other girls, and conducts herself well in an interview. i mean, look at the last reunion special, out of all the women luann was the only one who conceded every now and then and wasn’t jumping down everyone’s throats. i’m definitely not a fan of the countess, but i understand why they are keeping her. she isn’t a shrill harpy like the others, but she is certainly no saint.

    • jo

      you all very agreeable. i liked jill and luann comedy value also came to like kelly once i knew where she was comming from. sonja n romona are irritating bt understand why their on the show. i see the HATERS here. may i say your all a tad bit hypocritical.

  • synapse

    Dear Karen Valby, please move to NYC, join the RH and become our new model Bethenny. Thank you very much.

    • betsybug

      Yes, Karen, this was an awesome post. Pinot Grigio as an original cast member….genius!

  • JJ

    RHONYC and RHOOC have become nearly unwatchable because it’s about watching women being forced to attend a jewlery party, a relaxation party, a wine tasting, etc. to be filmed while tried to avoid each other but ultimately getting in a fight. These women are not friends, do not like each other and only interact due to their contracts. RHOA, RHOBH, RHONJ are totally different because there’s understandable friction but also friendships. Even Miami made sense but NYC and OC need some kind of a connection/cast changes.

    • Kara

      Total agreed…OC and NYC are both brutal to watch, knowing how the women despise each other.

    • PJ1

      Agreed. They should dump them all and start over. Get real New Yorkers – not NYC wannabees.

    • jo

      thats just women friendships. full of complexity and passion.

  • tina

    Get rid of Luann. PLEASE. and yes, i would like to see people who like each other. The past 2 seasons have been so stressful to watch, I stopped watching!

    • Natalie

      I agree with your comment

    • JJ

      Reply to Tina –

      I couldn’t agree more! Luann is mean to the bone and has no business trying to teach anyone about class and manners. I, too, stopped watching for the same reasons.

      • Jordana

        Right on about Luannn JJ.

    • Nancy

      Yes, I stopped watching as well. Luann doesn’t bring anything to the show, she needs to leave and go hang out with Jill.

    • jnine

      Add me to the Luann needs to be booted club. She’s arrogant, patronizing, mean-spirited, etc. If she was more entertaining, I’d be willing to put up with her, but she’s just so snobby, I can’t stand her,

      • lynn

        I totally agree but you left one thing out…..She looks and sounds like a “dumb drag queen” just as Bethenny accused her.

  • Laura

    I’ll miss Alex a lot, even with the added baggage Simon adds. The others? Good riddance!

    • Jackie

      Two years ago I would’ve agreed with you and fought for her, but even she was making up stupid tiffs and showing her in lingerie with Simon — what was that!? She sold out.

  • Yankee51

    I think they made a mistake letting Alex go. In most polls that I’ve seen, Alex was ranked the favorite.
    Jill, buh-bye. I wouldn’t be surprised if she says leaving was HER decision.
    No surprise about Kelly. I’m sure most of us remember Scary Island. ..Apparent that Kelly isn’t the most stable person. After Russell Armstrong’s suicide, Bravo is not going to take a chance on her.
    I wish Luanne would have gotten the axe. She’s a nothing and certainly could use lessons in singing and class!

  • Natalie

    Happy to see Kelly gone!! She was so frustrated to watch never understood her. I like Ramona she’s real.

  • Gloria

    I want to see the energy of New York City…..restaurants, theater, museums..sharp, professional, women who value something in life and community AND fashion, interior design etc

  • Dorene

    Please, not another season watching Ramona’s drunken behavior. How about sending her to rehab and let the cameras roll?

    • Whymz

      OMG! That would be awesome! I’m sorry but Ramona is batsh** crazy!

    • bj

      At least Ramona tells it like it is! And will get up in your face!!! DRAMA!! DRAMA!!! DRAMA!!!!!

  • sandi2

    Jill is my favorite; she could carry a show on her own. Actually THIS was the best season ever; thanksto the brunettes. Alex and Ramona are worthless and MEAN to the bone.

    • Idiot.

      Hi Jill/Gloria

      • Americanwoman

        very funny – maybe is was susan sanders who wrote that

      • @Americanwoman


    • sharon

      Reply to sandi2

      Hard to imagine Jill being anyone’s favorite. She is so very, mean girl (Long Island) style. She is insecure, jealous and picks, picks, picks and has met her match in Ramona. I say leave her on the show if only to help her become a better person but strip her that uppity/unpleasant/fake LuAnn. LuAnn preys on the weak and only encourages the ugliness in Jill.
      Alex is smart girl (New York) who unfortunately got carried away and saddled down with a zero for a husband. Ramona and Sonja so very (New York City), soft & hard, mean & sweet, work hard and play hard, I adore them both. Kelly is to emotionally fragile and too much of a risk considering what happen in Beverly Hills.

      • Joy

        Your use of cities in parentheses is so strange.

      • guru

        Alex is a NY wannabe from Kansas married to a gay man

    • kate middleton

      Jill is my favorite. BUT, I just started watching this current season and missed all the drama and Bethenny stuff last season where the tide turned against Jill.

      • Leah

        Not to mention all of Jill’s off-screen mean girl antics. The only fans Jill could be a favorite of is other mean girls. I’m sure you’d agree if you knew about all of her bullying and trying to bring people down for real.

    • bj

      I’d stop watching for sure!!!

    • tara

      Well I guess I won’t be watching RHONYC. Loved Jill. Totally disliked Ramona; Alex should have never been casted.
      Andy, please bring Jill back.

    • GIna

      You must be related to Jill

      • Margaret

        Change the entire cast and start over with some REAL New Yorkers….

    • jo

      jill is my favourite too her remarks are so funny that youd have to be brainless to inturprit that as mean. its called a sense of humour.

  • MNaylor

    Sonja is my favorite, The Countess is classy and Ramona
    has a good heart. Jil is totally a mean woman, Cindy didn’t mesh at all. I liked Alex she is smart and classy but her husand just didn’t fit in with the group. Kelly ios so in another world I don’t think she has a grasp on reality. Good choice to stay on athe program. I agree get two more mesh well wit the original cast. Like Houseweives of New Jersey they all get along somehow and respectful of eachother and their families. I an an avid watcher of both.

    • slushy

      Really? Ramona has a good heart? Jill is totally mean? ALEX IS SMART??????????? If she is so smart, why doesn’t she realize she is married to a gay man? Their attempt at social climbing is sad and most of the time i just feel sorry for them. She is always, always acting on camera. (Acting, as in a 5th grade play.) Jill isn’t mean. She’s probably the most real of them all. Calling people out for bad behavior is not mean. I bet she’s relieved to be off the show and not having to deal with shallow, nasty, classless women, Don’t hate on Luann. She’s got it together and is the definition of class. Must drive her crazy to be grouped with some of these women. Finally, Ramona. I don’t know how anyone could even imagine her to be good-hearted. Just about everything that comes out of her mouth is hurtful or nasty. No filter, no consideration for anyone’s feelings. And what bothers me the most is how, while she’s drinking Pinot non-stop and saying very hurtful things to everyone she encounters (telling a very young girl she was interviewing for a job that she had bad skin), she wants everyone to know what about her and Mario’s line of “Christian” jewely.

      Can’t even comment on Sonja Morgan, but maybe she wants to tone down the sleazy. Kelly, too bad. I love it when she just shuts someone down.

      Of course, all that said, nastiness and bad behavior makes good tv. I love all of the RH shows but there is part of me that hates how it portrays women. Zeros in a bad qualities and really minimizes the good stuff.

  • Russell

    So sad!!! Jill is a staple of the NYHW. Cut your losses with that Kelly. Simon & Alex……Who….?

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