Elisabeth Hasselbeck feuds with Michael Moore, gets free publicity for 'Angels Among Us.' Will you watch it tonight?


Putting Michael Moore and Elisabeth Hasselbeck in a room is like combining Mentos and Diet Coke. You know you’re going to see something explosive, yet you can’t help but be fascinated by the mess. So it was no surprise that on Wednesday’s episode of The View, Moore — on the show to promote his memoir, Here Comes Trouble: Stories From My Life — Moore and Hasselbeck got into a spirited debate about (what else?) politics. (Watch video embedded below.) Specifically, the politics surrounding Osama bin Laden’s death. In short, Moore believed we should not have killed bin Laden (“The way we show the world that we’re different is that we give even the most heinous person their day in court,” he said), while Hasselbeck doesn’t seem to quite trust our justice system. (“Why, because Casey Anthony’s trial went so well, we should put Osama bin Laden on the stand?”)

It was a debate that, as you can see by the very existence of this article, launched quite a few headlines. That’s a good deal for Hasselbeck, since her new CMT series, Angels Among Us, premiere tonight. Though her new show takes on quite a different format than the Hot Topics of The ViewAngels follows stories of real-life men and women who believe angels saved them from tragedy — free publicity is free publicity, right?

Though I often — scratch that, mostly — disagree with her views, I actually enjoy Hasselbeck’s presence on The View, and loved her on Survivor: The Australian Outback. So I admit I am interested in seeing how she comes off on a show that’s more sensitive than sensational. She has managed to seem sympathetic doing good work for breast cancer awareness, so perhaps a show like Angels is just the outlet for her: One in which she can embrace her spiritual side without pissing off half of the voting public. After all, in Angels, she won’t have to rely on her often-grating debate style — even in the Moore argument, the way she asked him “You’re pro-life?” after he shared his views on bin Laden would make anyone cringe.

So, PopWatchers, are you looking forward to Angels? Or will it get a season pass? And who won the great bin Laden debate? Vote in our polls below!

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  • Viv

    I never agree with Michael Moore but I do agree in this case. It was disgusting watching Americans celebrate in the streets after OBL was killed. How can you claim that you are righteous when you celebrate murder?

    • @Viv

      So what should have been done instead?

      • onty

        When Michael Moore and Elizabeth Hasselbeck open their mouths, we all lose…

      • Katie G

        to @Viv – I think it probably would have been impossible to take OBL alive, I don’t think he would have allowed himself to be taken alive. HOWEVER – I think the greater point is that the celebrating that followed was in bad taste.

        We condemn others when we see them celebrating American deaths/burning American flags in the streets – so why did so many Americans do the exact same thing?

        I don’t celebrate anyone’s death, not even terrorists.

      • Michael

        Uh…not celebrating in the streets. That’s what could have been done. I understand the relief that some felt(even though it was a false sense of relief considering the expansive Al-Quaida) and the sense of closure some(those who lost loved ones in the attacks) might have felt. But our reaction, by and large, was classless and a little primitive. We haven’t evolved much as a species, even though of us who have the privelege of freedom.

      • steph

        The celebrating afterwards was disgusting. No different from when videos were shows of people in the middle east celebrating after the towers collapsed.

      • Mick

        Um, Steph and Katie, I have to point out that the celebrating WAS a little different, whether you like it or not. Osama bin Laden was responsible for the towers falling and the murder of almost 3,000 people. Those celebrating the fall of the towers in the Middle East were celebrating a murder that was done out of sheer hatred and bias, unprovoked by those that died. Big difference. Generalizing the celebration of “murder” as a whole is ridiculous in this case.

      • Jim

        Steph, “no different than his supporters celebrating in the streets after 9/ll” So you are saying our hunting him down after what he caused on 9/ll is the same thing as what he did on 9/ll. Tell me it ain’t so, missy.

      • Tom

        Don’t give us that Catholic b s. That man didn’t deserve the same rights as real Americans. That man declared War on us, you morons! Michael Moore is a traitor to the people who died here. I’m sick of him, and this propaganda show.

      • Ana170

        The people celebrating in the streets after 9/11 were celebrating because they felt vindicated after years of US-supported oppression. So, yeah, the behavior’s very similar.
        I’m actually torn on this subject because I actually agree with Michael Moore in principle but I’m not sure that a trial would have gone well. Not because I think he would have gotten off but because I think it could have cost the US more money and suffering in the long run.
        Oh and Tom, the issue isn’t what Bin Laden deserved, it’s about how we as Americans choose to conduct ourselves.

      • kim

        he should of got his day in court notonly in the name of justice but also for all his victims to be able to take part in seeing justice served

      • barry

        Do just what Moore said. Arrest the bastard for all to see. I’m against Military murder anyway. But that’s the Republican way. Did anyone watch the debate the other night..? Apparently people should die if they have no insurance. And the audience cheered in over whelming approval. Made me sick to my stomach. The right is so filled with fear and hate, thanks to FOX , Beck and all the AM radio stations they now own that they are the real traitors. The Tea bagger’s are true anarchist. And this crap about eliminating entitlements. That’s INSANE. Over 60 million poor and elderly out in the streets or living in their car’s. Could be people right down the street you used to like. Now there scum. I’m becoming to believe the right is anti-American and want to make a whole new America. What would they name it..? Richland..? Anyone middle class or poor, get the hell out. Maybe Gov. Perry is right and let Texas succeed from the union. Unfortunately that’s TREASON. Remember the Civil War..? The south wanted to succeed to keep their free labor ( aka. slaves). It was all about Treason ( succeeding). The slaves was the reason for the TREASON, you dopes. Please, STOP WATCHING FOX.

      • Anthony Naughton

        The American people celebrating in the streets over Bin Laden’s death is insane; when we did that, we became no better than the ragheads that do that when they kill US Citizens and soldiers.

        Moore is right when he says that killing for the sake of killing goes against everything we stand for as a country. We tell the world that we do things at a higher standard and hold ourselves up to that standard when we brow beat them over civil rights abuses, genocide, etc…, so taking the tack of THEY DO IT ALL THE TIME, SO NOW WE WILL SHOW THEM WHAT IT IS LIKE is childish and stupid. Especially when you consider the fact that they don’t care if you do it to them because they have been doing to themselves for centuries.

      • M

        Well, with all the mispellings from people that sit on the sideline, idle, typing their opinions on the internet. I say shove it. Michael Moore is a fat lazy a-hole who makes a living out of point out problems, and providing 0 solutions. From his first movie, to his most recent, he has never provided solutions, just poked holes in others. He is the liberal version of Ann Coulter, just uglier, dumber, lazier, and amazingly, more egotistical

      • Hi

        @ Anthony…this you say after you call them “ragheads?” Where’s your class now? Pretty sure that’s just as offensive.
        And he didn’t get a trial b/c he resisted arrest. Just as the police shoot ANY american resisting arrest, firing a weapon at them or even POINTING a supposed weapon at them get shot…he got shot! And no body would be saying anything if people celebrated a convicted child molester got shot resisting arrest.

      • Jess

        I agree 100% with Mick here. 10 years ago, when the towers fell, when the Pentagon was hit and Flight 93 crashed, those in the Middle East celebrated the fact the this happened and 3,000 INNOCENT people lost their lives. We celebrated because the person behind the aforementioned tragedies was killed. While it may have been in poor taste as some of you think, the 2 scenarios are different.

      • jayemeff

        Show that we are more civilized than the people who celebrate in the streets whenever an American or other Westerner is killed.

      • Swiss Guy

        Americans kill…Arabs kill…Jews kill & Muslim kills. What the difference really?

      • rush

        if was criminals like slobodan melosovich and saddam husssein get trials, why doesnt osama. dont get me wrong, its not like i would have let him live. but when other war criminals/mass murderers have been caught they got trials…..

      • Tom

        I think of The View like I think fondly of Disco. While at the time, it might have been mutually enjoyable, after a while, the mystic wears off, and I feel dirty for being part of that tacky mess of stupidity. Michael Moore selling books about his childhood should make this self-evident.

      • Well…

        @Tom… What on EARTH are you saying?!?! This is absolutely ridiculous. Disco is still WAY awesome.

      • Your Mama

        Elizabeth is the perfect poster girl for a BLONDE BIMBO. Excuse me, a BRAINLESS BLONDE BIMBO. If any subject doesn’t have the word “god” in it, excuse me again, “her god” in it, she just doesn’t give a dam

      • Natalie

        Excuse me, but did we not bomb the heck out of innocent people’s land and homes and kill thousands of innocents in the name of revenge? We killed way more innocent middle Eastern people in our “war on terror” than were killed on 9/11. That’s not noble.

      • Tom

        When your most important holiday each year is to celebrate parading around a hunk of meteorite placed in an aluminium looking folddown toliet seat in some wasteland; And when the rest of your life is smelly noisey goats, phlegmy bearded women , living in the desolate hottest god-for-saken place on earth, any excuse for escapism would probably make sense.

      • Nicki

        I agree with Tom.

    • Rhys

      100% agree with you.

      • JB

        Steph: You can’t equate the two celebrations. One was celebrating destruction of INNOCENT lives and the other is the celebration of taking out a very evil human being. OBL is in the same league as Hitler. When people like that die, it is a good thing for mankind. Celebration is definitely in order.

      • Storm

        Comparing Hitler and OBL is wrong..Hitler at least had honor… OBL was a disgusting waste of genetic material..although Hitler’s motives werent as heinous (although they were AWFUL none the less) as OBL

      • pastafarian

        Wow, really? Good ol honorable Hitler. Sure he killed millions more than bin laden, but at least he didn’t cheat at cards.

      • sally

        Storm, you’ve got to be kidding. You must be a teenager who didn’t have history class taught, too much time spent on being sensitive to gays, transgenders and hating Christians. Hitler BURNED MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ALIVE OR GASSED THEM TO DEATH! I visited Dachau years ago and saw the actual OVENS and gas chambers. So which is worse ramming planes full of innocent people into buildings/beheading innocent ppl, or gassing/burning them to death? hitler’s motives not heinous??? You are obviously a hypocritical “tolerant” libtard and hate Jews. Tell that to the holocaust survivors.

      • @Storm and @sally

        Storm – Really?!?! The only difference between Hitler and OBL is that Hitler was much more prepared for his massacre and had the means to execute it to levels in which millions were affected. OBL was just as heinous and although he’s now dead, who knows what seeds have been planted via the internet/social networking in this day and age. As for “sally”… although I agree with your assessment of what Hitler did, you too seem to have some hate running through your veins toward a certain faction of society that Hitler also felt it worthwhile to destroy. Are you saying that terrorism and murder are ok if the only intended victims are gays, or transgendered people? Just so we are perfectly clear, generally there are two types of Christians, those who try to abide by Jesus’ original teachings… the acceptance of ALL no matter what differences lay between them because God is the only being (if any) who can ever judge. Then the other type, the ones who use religion as a weapon and a way of fragmenting minds and making the Bible their excuse for having such hate and contempt for something they perceive as different. You’re showing your true colors “sally” and they aren’t as righteous as you’re pretending they are.

    • Stacie

      Comparing what happened to OBL and the detainees who’ve been locked up in Guantanimo for years, his swift death seems humane.

      • Tom

        The View is like Donahue was in the 80s, without the toupee.

      • patriotgirl

        I love the way the comments are so extreme! Do you think she would say that about any other non-American? One who had NOT taken thousands of American lives for his own pleasure? Probably not. I seriously doubt you should worry about her wanting non-Americans dead just because they are non-Americans. That is EXACTLY what Al Quaida wants but you are all fixated on one comment made by one conservative on one day-time talk show. If she were a liberal, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. You would all agree with her 100% because MSNBC and Chris Matthews told you to.

    • duh

      I think they had a little more evidence as to Bin Ladens guilt then they had with Casey Anthony. How can you even compare the two?

      • steph

        exactly! the prosecution did not do their jobs in the Anthony case – all of their evidence was circumstantial!

      • Shelley

        There was PLENTY of evidence of guilt in this trial. Wake up!

      • Noelle

        I think what he means is that Osama clearly, on video, took responsibility for 9/11, while Casey Anthony tried to play innocent and not get herself put in jail.

      • gary

        they had soo much evidence, that the FBI never formally charged OBL with the WTC disaster(fact) and were quoted sayin they ddnt have enough evidence……and soo much evidence that when the Taliban offered to give us OBL if we gave them the evidence, the U.S. refused……..that could have prevented the whole war in Afghanistan……..there was no real evidence against OBL just like there was no real evidence that Sadam had weapons of mass destruction…………you peoplel need to research the facts and quit blindly believing what the government and corporate controlled media feed us

      • gary

        Noelle……do u speak Arabic? Obama did not clearly take responsibility for anything. In fact, the first video after 9/11 he claimed no responsibility. As far as the video sited as evidence of him claiming resposnsibility, other translators have brought up the fact that the areas of the film they are referring to are inaudible. Plus, hes wearing a gold ring which Muslims dont do, hes writing with the opposite hand in which hes known to write with, and the many physical features that dont even ressemble OBL. OK, its easy enough for anyone to fake videos and anytime that anyone has a video thats contradicts someones belief its a “doctored video”. On the other hand, if the U.S. releases a video theres no possible way that its been doctored. I guess theyre incapable of doctoring videos but any other ol individual can do it with ease. Not to mention, our government is known to be SOOO HONEST………..theyd never do anything like that!

      • patriotgirl

        Right! I just HATE that these people, who are responsible for the 9/11 attacks on some level, have to eat 3 meals a day and have shelter and are given everything they need for their daily prayers! They are living much nicer than MANY American citizens who are trying to work to make a living! Try taking an inner-city tour of the US. Ask the homeless how many of them would GLADLY take their place! Just because people are IN prison doesn’t mean they aren’t imprisoned!

    • gladoblisdead

      I usually like Michael Moore. Didn’t he live in US on 9/11? Whateva..

      • Tom

        I saw his movies. I like them. I don’t like people who are sore losers either. I don’t like guys that can’t admit some problems with the argument when it becomes this obvious. Even Charlie Sheen is on TV tonight saying that he might have been an idiot. I’m not interested in buying a book about Mike’s childhood right just now.

    • jack

      enjoy your kool aid!

    • Steve

      1. The people that celebrated were mostly college kids that wanted a reason to drink and party. Go look at the vids.
      2. I’m sorry but some people grieve, heal, and grow different ways. Maybe some of these people lost their family, friends, or job due to 9/11 and the pent up emotion overflowed through celebration. You may think that’s wrong, others like myself, think that’s natural. Either way, I would not give a damn what other people felt of me if I was directly affected, not mentioning everyone who was indirectly affected through psychological problems and economic problems due to the attack. If everyone should cope the way you do, that’s a very fascist way of thinking.
      3. The death of Evil should be celebrated. If we can’t distinguish what is evil, then we have no hope for this country.

      • Tracy

        I agree that wanting to celebrate is natural, but that doesn’t make it right or appropriate when held up to our values as a great nation. Many things that are natural are deemed, by our society, to be wrong.

      • Tom

        Michael and The View have an aspect of Shamelessness that really reflect society very well lately.

      • Tara

        everyone always cites the celebration utside of the white house which i completely disagreed with (although you are absolutely right about the college kids). But no one ever mentions the people who went to ground zero for a vigil to remember all those who died there. that was an appropriate response.

      • Marie

        And who gets to decide what Evil is and when it is destroyed? Many Arabs see us as evil for killing thousands of civilians in the Middle East in the name of revenge and in our quest to find OBL.

    • Rica

      How can you claim that you are righteous when you celebrate murder? – Please come to my home so I can demonstrate how. I lived near the Trade Center you a**hole!!!

      • K

        I’m STILL celebrating! Don’t f with our country!

      • guru

        I worked there and was there that day!! I have a right to celebrate!!! you are the aeaeaehohle

    • Jim

      But it was fine for his supporters to celebrate across the waters from NYC on 9/ll? Give me a break.

      • jennrae

        But aren’t we supposed to be better than them, being the “greatest country in the world” and all?? And really, we got revenge on OBL, but he was only one person. The energy we expend on vengeance isn’t helping the dead, and “justice” isn’t for the victim, like we claim, it’s for ourselves.
        I also find it ridiculous that Hasselbeck would compare Casey Anthony to Bin Laden. No, our legal system doesn’t always work, but why not concentrate more on all the INNOCENT people found guilty rather than the rare case of someone wrongfully acquitted.

    • Noelle

      Viv- ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND? You obviously didn’t see the people who had to jump out of the twin towers because they’d rather fall hundreds of feat then be burned to death. After Osama’s actions killed 2900 people, WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE RIGHTEOUS? You must be on drugs.

      • melissa

        yes, we are supposed to be righteous. Supposed to not be like the enemy (the bad people). How can we point our fingers and act all victimized if we do what they do.

      • Tracy

        Noelle, you are absolutely right that it would be very difficult/almost impossible to be righteous. I remember the trauma and misery of that day. However, I believe we-as a nation- are BETTER than those who attacked us and we must strive to be better than them and rise above our baser instincts. I don’t think they deserve justice, but I think we should give it to them anyway because of who WE are rather than who they are.

    • Pauly

      for the sake of argument, i’ll accept hasselbeck’s premise that we’re still at war. in war, when the enemy raises his hands and surrenders, do we still shoot him? as for the 3,000+ who died on 911, how many innocents died during the firebombing of dresden? where was the american outrage then?

    • ajcatman

      You call it murder, I call it Justice.

      • D


      • MelissaM

        and Hallelujah

      • Tom

        I just call Orkin, and go see a movie. Problem solved.

      • Carly


    • tim

      There is none righteous! No not even one…

      • Well said…

        Thank you “tim!” I’m glad someone pointed that out.

    • wakeforce

      When the Muslims in Palestine were celebrating the murders of 3000 Americans, you bet we get to celebrate the death of bin laden.
      Michael Moore was using the fact that he is a Catholic for letting Osama live, Elizabeth was just saying as a Catholic, abortion is wrong. People who say they are against killing convicted murderers are OK with the deaths of unborn babies. If you are truly against killing, you should also be against abortion. I am pro-choice, yet I am also pro-death penalty. Be consistent!

      • Rico

        I appreciate consistency; but really? You’re ok with slaughtering the innocent and ok with killing the guilty. Having a hard time understanding your statement. It’s makes sense to want to defend the innocent and punish the guilty. That’s consistency.

      • Samantha

        There is no conflict in these two positions. You can say it’s wrong to murder people while saying that woman have the right to abort a group of cells that haven’t fully formed into a living person. If you don’t believe abortion is murder, you can still say that murder is wrong.

      • jennrae

        Pro-lifers and pro-choice-ers just see abortion differently. Pro-lifers think abortion is killing babies. Those who are pro-choice aren’t pro-abortion, they are pro-woman, pro-rights over your own body, pro-FREEDOM. It’s just a different way of thinking. Because of that, I can also be against the death penalty. It solves nothing. No victim of a crime feels peace that way, and I am speaking from experience. You get it through meditation, self-reflection, talk therapy, and so on, but not vengeance.

    • carol


    • Hilda Berk

      You must believe in what bin laden stands for, terroism and murder…

      • carol


    • Jackson Five

      I agree. The way many Americans celebrated in the streets after finding out OBL was murdered reminded me of the way those radicals in the Middle East celebrated on 9/11. Are we really THAT much different?

      • Tom

        When your most important holiday each year is to celebrate parading around a hunk of meteorite placed in an aluminium looking folddown toliet seat in some wasteland; And when the rest of your life is smelly noisey goats, phlegmy bearded women , living in the desolate hottest god-for-saken place on earth, any excuse for escapism would probably make sense.

    • Rick

      It wasnt murder, it was justice to the 10th degree. So, in your opinion, put him on trial, he is found guilty. If he receives life in prison then we americans are footing the bill to keep this pitiful excuse for a human being alive for the rest of his life. If he receives the death penalty that would be #1 ok with you? and#2 we would be footing the bill to keep him alive for decades till he exhausts his appeals before he is put to death. This man killed thousands upon thousands of Innocent men, women ,and children. I am personally glad our seal team 6 killed this man and I wish they shot him again after he died just to make sure. If they buried him I would have personally wanted to dance on his grave holding the american flag :)

    • BW

      What I think is disgusting is watching Muslims celebrate anything that goes wrong for Americans!

    • Jessica

      And how many times have the terrorists celebrated the USA personnel & citizen’s murder? Yes, we are supposed to be better but in this case, I say, IT’S GREAT THAT HE IS DEAD!!!

    • Jodi

      I’m sure Bin Laden celebrated his victory in taking 3000 American lives. It was a badge for him.

    • annab el

      I totally agree with him, though was elated at first when heard that OBL had been killed. Everyone deserves a day in court. And Hasselbecks compares the Sacey A trial with the assasination of thousands is just like her, stupid.

    • chris

      Osama Bin Laden said it himself “We love Death and americans love life. that is the difference between us”

      SOB had it coming.

    • Accessmgr

      How can you claim that you are righteous when you celebrate murder?
      Really….really!!!! It is a closure on the SOB that hit our nation, the United States of America, as they celebrated the World Towers coming down and killed thousands of our people. So yes, to answer your question, I and many other Americans celebrated when OBL was killed….is righteous!!

      • Missoula Girl

        Here’s how…
        Murder: the crime of unlawfully killing a person especially with malice aforethought
        Self-Defense: the act of defending oneself, one’s property, or a close relative
        Defense a : means or method of defending or protecting oneself, one’s team, or another

        By Definition, Bin Laden’s killing was defense or self-defense, NOT murder.

      • LeeLee

        So what you are saying is that Americans aren’t righteous either because we did, in fact, celebrate murder.

        That’s strange rationality that you’ve come to. How was killing Bin Laden at that point defending anything? They killed him in his home–possibly unarmed. Perhaps a revision of some legal books would help you.

    • Yo

      I agreed with Michael Moore longlong before I knew we shared beliefs. Let them dance in the streets in the third world; we should be better than to celebrate death. Elisabeth Hasselbeck has moderated considerably; I find Joy more obnoxious lately with respect to politics and Barbara more obnoxious overall (she interrupts mercilessly). The American public in this debate was in Elisabeth’s corner before she opened her mouth. Who wasn’t cheering Bin Laden’s assassination? But no one called it an assassination – and it was one.

    • suebee

      As a New Yorker. I celebrated. Sorry America. It hit too close to home and it was a deserved end to a tyrant and terrorist.

      • MelissaM

        u tell ‘em Suebee!
        Let someone take your loved one’s life, then say how civilized you’d be…someone senselessly murders your child, see how much civility is left in your heart.

      • LeeLee

        @MelissaM Interesting. I wonder if your loved one was Iraqi and the “someone” was American if you’d feel the same way.

    • TONY

      whoever claimed we are righteous? we are JUST… theres a difference

    • Jake

      Most Americans were celebrating JUSTICE. To equate bin Laden’s death with murder is the kind of contorted and linguistic gymnastics only those adamantly opposed to capital punishment resort to.

      • Missy

        @ Jake – Agreed!

    • steve

      so, it’s ok for bin laden, a man without a country with his own murdering agenda against the infidels, to instruct others to strap on bombs and steer planes into buildings to intentionally murder innocents? There is a difference between killing and murdering.

      • LeeLee

        Yes there is, but murder is murder. Regardless of whether someone deserved it or not. That is a matter of perspective.

    • Chief

      But it was just fine watching the Muslim kids literally dancing on the street in NJ while the Twin towers burned and fell killing 3000 Americans in the background? We won’t mention the Palestinians handing out candy in the street celebrating Osama’s slaughter of innocent civilians.
      YOU SUCK!

    • gentlestrong

      You go, Elizabeth. After MM soapboxed about how it’s wrong to kill except in self-defense, she asked the logical question : “‘Are you pro life?” MM was momentarily speechless because, well, he couldn’t say yes, since he’s a liberal’s liberal. (He apparently is only pro-life when it comes to Bin Laden’s life). Barbara was clearly threatened by Elizabeth’s question — she swooped in to try to rescue MM . Pathetic. MM needs to be rescued from himself.

      • liz

        Total agree – it was an absolutely appropriate question.

    • RJM

      Agreed. He’s right, even if we all want OBL dead, it’s still unamerican to not give a criminal his day in court. That’s one of the main foundations of American law. But no surprise that a famous Republican disagrees with the (actual) foundations of American law…

    • mo

      obviously you forget how many of his own people he killed and perhaps, just perhaps, how he loathed the country you live and thrive in.

      • LeeLee

        That has nothing to do with it. He wasn’t killed because he hurt other Muslims.

    • James L Howlett

      Capturing him alive would have prevented him from becoming a martyr.

      • LeeLee

        F&F. We wouldn’t be arguing about this if he’d had a trial.

    • Ava

      So, what about all those people in New Yorks Times Square, dancing in the streets, after WWII? OBL deserved what he got: a surprise visit, like the surprise visit from OBL’s murderous cohorts. And since OBL openly bragged (in his video messages) about his own responsibility in this sneak attack, he doesn’t need a trial, HE’s GUILTY by his own admission!!! In a war, anything is possible. I think it’s really moronic to have to get permission to take down THE PERP> Should have been a standing order to shoot on sight, be careful of civilians, with min. or no collateral damage.

    • nancy

      After listening to Michael Moore I am kinda of mixed which way I really believe. I was happy and relieved when they found OBL. He deserved to die. I would have liked to see him on trial, but I agree he never would have made it here. All the celebrating, an excuse to party. It was a celebration. Let’s hope things don’t explore worst and the United States is ready……….

    • Missy

      @Viv – while 99+% of American’s DID NOT go out and celebrate in the street like those who would wish death to us, we all celebrated a little to ourselves. And if you say you didn’t at least breathe a sigh of relief that that monster OBL is dead, then you are kidding yourself. When our soldiers went in, he was reaching for his gun. He tried to hind behind a woman. There was no choice but to kill him. Personally, I feel he deserved everything he got and then some. I’m just sorry that I couldn’t have helped.

    • buccinni

      Here’s the difference: Bin Laden was a mass murderer, and the people killed on 9/11 were innocent.

    • Kerri

      I agree… seeing people celebrate in the street for a lost life, regardless how contemptable, is disgusting. OBL deserved to die, yes, but what we did was a cold-blooded murder and as Americans, we are better than that. Elizabeth Hasselback wants to deprive people of their right to face their fate in a trial if they’re not American? Wow… what a gal.

  • Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s Head


  • “combining Mentos and Diet Coke”

    What a dumb analogy.

    • Bug

      Yeah – I perfer pop rocks and diet coke…that actually kills people. It killed Mikey!

      • jules

        Nah…Mikey was killed in Viet Nam.
        Or was that the Beaver?
        I’m confused…

      • pastafarian

        Pretty sure it was Mikey, but he was taken out by Mr. Rogers back when he served as a SEaL.

    • Alyssa

      yeah…I was wondering about that myself. If its those fruity or minty mentos and diet coke…I have combined them and nothing happened.

      • @alyssa

        They explode big bottles of carbonated soda.

  • sly

    not sure how I feel about this debate in particular but have to say – love Michael Moore and have no time for Elizabeth the twit.

    • Jeannine

      My main problem with Hasselbeck? Not that I blatantly disagree with everything she says. There are many people I disagree with that I still have as friends or enjoy watching on tv, etc… But she refuses to let ANYone else have a say and then whines that she’s the underdog all the time. It is impossible to have a logical and rational discussion. She interrupts people when they are answering questions that she posed and sets up straw men as if they are actually valid debate points. In other words, she falls into the Bill O Reilly/Hannity/etc… school of interviewing. I’m all for hearing different opinions and am open to changing mine if valid, logical reasons are given; but this woman has no concept of this kind of debate. In fact, many (if not most) americans don’t. Maybe we need to make debate a mandatory class/technique taught in our school systems. Our political system and the debates that are part of it are a good example that critical thinking is sorely deficient in America. We revel in muckraking and emotional manipulation- not logic.

      • sherrie85248

        Elizabeth IS the underdog and always defending the right side against everyone else on the View. She does stand alone and that takes guts. Michael Moore is the biggest loser of our time and deserved what he got from her.

      • Mick

        Yes, and the rest of the women on the show are so fair and open-minded, not at all opposed to hearing other views. Really? It’s a fact that she is on a show with four other people that disagree with her on almost everything. But that’s what she’s there for. Good for the View for at least attempting to show another point of view.

      • Jim I.

        Sherrie – Moore speaks from a factual basis, the Constitution and Bill of Rights (and yes, we do give non-Americans rights in those documents) whereas Hasselbeck speaks from emotion. I, too wanted to see Bin Laden dead but assassination is not legal (by American or International law). If we do not abide by the rules then we are playing into the hands of the terrorists and we are the bad guys….which means they win.

      • Marjorie Schrag

        I so agree with Jeannine about Elizabeth Hasselback. She is arrogant, obnoxious, disrespectful and has no regard for the opinions of others. It’s her way or the highway, and she most certainly does not understand how to debate an issue. I love the View, but cannot stand her attitude and demeanor. It would be a much better show without her, and she makes herself the underdog by her behavior.

      • Giznat113

        So agree with this comment. She is hosting a show and has an invited guest on. Let them speak for Gods sake! However, BW is always interrupting also.

      • Andy

        So you’re saying the other four hags…uh, women on that show are open-minded and let others express opinions different than theirs? *snort*

    • cg

      I disagree with both of them. Don’t want to get into a debate about OBL, but I would hate to be put in prison by Elizabeth because another trial didn’t go the way she thought it should. And yes, HE did not need to be captured alive. And no, having him wait for a trial would not have been a good idea. Too many looneys trying to free him.

    • Jim

      You could have described yourself really in just two words, “flaming liberal.” Only a fool can care for Michael Moore, who laughs all the way to the bank.

      • Polly

        just because someone is a “flaming liberal” doesn’t make them wrong. Elizabeth is the biggest dip on tv. Comparing OBL to Casey Anthony? sheer stupidity.

  • Tommy

    Bin Laden needed to be killed. America would not have been satisfied with any other option. I understand what Moore is saying though. Perhaps in another situation, maybe if bin Laden were captured decades from now when 9/11 wasn’t still and open wound for this country, then a trial would have been appropriate.

    • Just A Guy

      Yeah, trials are only appropriate once the victims of a crime have had time to cope with things. What a crock.

      • Elli

        The time elapsed is not the issue. The fact is, if the troops had attempted to take Bin Laden alive their own lives would have been in danger as well as countless Americans since terrorists would have never stopped trying to take hostages in exchange for his return.

      • Rhys

        The man had a death warrant on his head, and the world knew it – yet Pakistan quietly permitted his residence there. He was a great evil that needed to be terminated, but it’s this idea of celebrating assassination that is difficult for me to fathom. We should not feel happiness, but relief and a bit of sadness, as it is a reminder that though he is gone we are still there and the war is not over.

  • Jill

    Elizabeth Hasselbeck is the main reason I quit watching The View, and I tried for over a year, but I couldn’t take listening to her anymore.

    • Jen

      So true. I can’t listen to her for more than a minute so I stopped watched the view all together. Her voice alone makes me want to run out of the room.

    • Seanti

      She is the very definition of shrill. There is nothing pleasant or enjoyable about listening to that woman.

      • wondering

        …and Joy Behar is pleasant and enjoyable to listen to??????

    • PAB

      Elizabeth Hasselbeck is the only reason I would watch the View. I do like Sherry. But I can not stand Joy Behar or Hoopie Goldberg. Joy Behar needs to be put in a cage. Hoopie needs to go back to making movies. She is a good actress. I just watched Ghost and she was great. I will watch Elizabeth’s new show.

      • jules

        Who the hell is Hoopie?

    • Jamie

      Amen!!! She is so annoying!!!

    • Missy

      Amen, Sister!

      • nancy

        I agree with with Jjll and Marjorie. i quit watching the View because of Elizabeth. I wish Barbara had gotten rid of her and kept Rosie.

    • sherrie85248

      Now that I am home during the day and can watch daytime t.v. I tuned into the View but they should have named it Whoopie’s Show because she is the only one talking. I’m giving up on the show because I was expecting different opinions and comments from the various people on the panel but they all join together in one thought and follow Whoopie’s lead. If they don’t follow her she talks over everyone, very loudly to make her point even when it’s unrealistic. Get rid of Whoopie and I will tune in again.

    • Beth

      I quit watching a long time ago because of the hateful liberals. Especially bad after Meredith left. So sad what this world is coming to. Glad Elisabeth stands up for what is right but wish she had a little help on the show.

      • gentlestrong

        Elizabeth is more courageous than the rest of them put together times 100.

    • Jill

      I am an independent, with left leanings, but on issues that I might be more conservative, Elisabeth actually makes me liberal because she is so annoying and argues so unintelligently. Unfortunately, she like Palin and Bachman, make women look stupid. They are all 3 pretty idiots. They hold women back because they reinforce the idea that pretty women can’t be intelligent, even though that is obviously not true.

      • EXACTLY!!!!!

        Thank you Jill… you nailed it on the head with your comment!!!!!!!

      • nancy

        I agree. She seldom uses facts but spouts the Republican rhetoric. She doesn’t seem to have an original thought or idea of her own. She belongs on Fox where they seldom use facts.

  • Seth

    Why isn’t “Yes, I plan to watch it, but only because watching shows about people claiming to have encountered paranormal phenomena is my guilty pleasure” a choice in the poll?

  • frank

    Elizabeth is a dummy, but she is hot so we put up with her. I liked her on survivor best when she was still young and emaciated.

    • sly


    • Shelley

      you apparently are low on brain cells. Freak!

    • Bonnie Myers

      Elisabeth is not a dummy. She’s probably 10 times smarter than you are. arrogant. Arrogant,obnoxious, & disrespectful. Are you sure you’re not thinking about Joy. Now she is the one who doesn’t care about anybody’s oppinion. She thinks everybody should think like her. Thank God not everybody does. As far as I see everybody on that show tries to talk above each other & the others are far worse than Elizsabeth including Barbara Walters. I like the show better when she’ not on. You liberals just don’t like her because she doesn’t think like you. Nows who’s disresptfull. She didn’t want Obama & neither did I but of course the others did & now we have this idiot & he is taking this country down the toilet with him & alot of people are thinking the same thing.

      • Justsayin

        @bonnie myers

        Please do the world a favor and go crank up the oven to 4-500 and pop your head right in there then just sit and wait patiently and eventually you will get to meet glen beck and the other leaders of the tea party!

  • Angela

    I normally would never agree with Elizabeth but I do like her line about the Casey Anthony trial. Priceless!

    • Bug

      Yes, because it makes total sense that because one trail outcome came back in what appeared to be an incorrect verdict, we should never try anyone for anything again and instead just shoot them in the head.

      • cg

        But officer!!!!

    • sue

      Casey Anthony neglected her child,then tried deteaching herself from the drowning .She should have been charged for these things .She didn’t Murder her child.GET IT?

      • Shelley

        You cannot be serious!!! Nobody duct tapes a babys face and head, puts her in trash bags and throws her in the woods to be eaten by animals and insects then goes out and parties over an accident. Get a clue!!

    • meghan

      actually the Casey Anthony part was what invalidated her argument, as far as I’m concerned. Comparing a extremist maniac that killed thousands with a sociopathic party girl who killed her kid was silly. The two cannot be compared on any level. Twelve people in Florida lack the ability to put two and two together, so we can’t trust the court system ever? Bin Laden wouldn’t have been tried by a jury in a district court like Casey was.

  • Goldblum

    Moore IS less…

  • Justin

    I never really agree with Elisabeth, but I don’t think she was all too wrong in her opinion of killing Bin Laden. I’m a raging liberal, and I never saw the problem in how we handled Bin Laden. Not that I was thrilled about someone’s death, but I could understand why most people were. In this case, I think Michael Moore is just over-reacting a bit and looking for trouble.

    • somet

      I think Bin Laden’s death is one case where it is OK to be thrilled.

      • Shelley


    • Just sayin

      I agree in his execution but her explanation is ridiculous and scares me.

    • Marianna

      I think it could be argued that Bin Ladin gave up his humanity and his right to human dignity a long, long time ago. He died as he lived, I didn’t dance in the streets but I wept no tears for the misbegotten b@stard either.

      • Mary Ellen

        You completely miss the point about why a person should always attempt to do the right thing. It isn’t about the object–whether they are good or bad–it is about the subject…the person possessing the vengeful behavior. The question is: What Kind Of Person Are YOU? The answer should never waiver if you are a person of principle…whether the object is deserving or not. It’s about YOU, not about THEM. That’s what having principles means. One does not compromise depending on the situation.

      • pastafarian

        Did someone just make sense? Thanks Mary Ellen, best post of this board so far.

      • Justin

        At Mary Ellen and Pastafarian, It’s not the best post. Yes, this makes total sense, but it also completely negates people’s natural instinctual feelings. We don’t all have time to sit around and analyze our feelings til we’re blue in the face. Coming from an analytical perspective, yes, I agree. But coming from a human perspective with just straight up emotions. I can see why people were so happy about his death.

  • Michael

    Really then how does that make us any different then the people who attack us on 9/11 by celebrating Bin Laden;s death we have proven to the world that we are no different then Bin Laden.

    Let be put it these way we may of Killed Bin Laden but by us celebrating his death he( Bin Laden) has Won the war

    • Justin

      Not to sound like a fifth grader, but the whole “they started it” argument comes to mind. When 9-11 happened, I think it was pretty safe to say that when Bin Laden died, people would be celebrating, and understandably so.

    • Hello

      Killing one guy who killed 3,000 people > Killing 3,000 people because you feel like it

      That’s how it makes us different

      • Charles

        Well, I think we should consider that Osama created Al Qaeda specifically because of our military and political intervention in middle eastern countries, which happened long before they attacked us on 9/11. Osama told us repeatedly that they would attack us if we didn’t take our troops out of the countries they considered sacred, but we ignored him, so I’m not sure the argument “they started it” is accurate nor is “killing 3,000 people because you feel like it”. Lots of middle eastern people were killed because of our policies and interventions, long before they attacked us.

      • Mick

        Heere we go, justifying radical murderous behavior…

      • Steve

        Oh for the love of God stop this BS of it was our fault. The British attacked us in 1812 because they perceived us as weak for: 1) non-interventionism 2) due to non-interventionism they thought we favored the French. Osama was pissed because we took action in Kuwait, which was a world wide justified war in defending a nation. Osama was pissed because we decided to defend the Royal Families in Saudia Arabia instead of him. It was wasn’t due to us interfering in a culture and or some sort of purity thing he alludes to, it was because he was jealous we were chosen over him for protection and due to that, he did not get money. These people that some how reason the actions of an evil man would have agreed with Hitler’s aggression over the Rhineland and allowed him to take over the countries that were “German” before. APPEASEMENT DOES NOT WORK. Stop following Ron Paul or the Loony Left and thing for yourself people. The answer is out there.

      • barry

        That’s dumb. With little resistance the military shot OBL. In anyone’s book, that’s murder. Now if he killed himself, that’s great but that didn’t happen. They found him and shot him.

      • Vince

        Its amazing that some of you knuckleheads can’t tell the difference Middle East Terrorists and everyday people having a normal human reaction. People who come off with this high and mighty attitude make it more about themselves than anything else. People celebrating the death of horrific mass murderer is a natural thing. If you can’t tell the difference between that and people cheering the death of over 3000 innocent civilians, then I feel sorry for you.

  • Dan

    Elisabeth wins the debate hands down.

    • Tracy

      You’ve got to be kidding. She’s a whack job and ultimately a Republican who doesn’t realize she’s actually a fascist.

  • Buffy Freak

    Normally I agree with Moore and disagree with Hasselbeck. But in this instance I’m totally fine with Team 6 taking bin Laden out.

  • dohrayme

    Michael Moore & Lis Hasselback arguing? Who in a million years could have seen that coming? In other astonishing news, it was reported yesterday that water is wet!…. To all the candyaszes boo hooing about us killing OBL , there’s a place for your kind. It’s called Europe. In a certain southern Italian town, they even erect statues to murderers. You’d probably like that too.

    • Jim I.

      You’re saying “love it or leave it”? So all the Americans who believe what was written in the Constitution and Bill of Rights should just leave the country of their birth, that they and their families have defended with their blood. and give it up to people who would exploit fear to profit from wars of aggression?

      • dohrayme

        1) You may not put words in my mouth. 2) Your hyperbole does not impress. 3) The Constiturion does not apply overseas. Period. And yes, I have a law degree. 4) Get your sorry rear end over to Afghanistan & pull off a dangerous mission without any hitch. There was a capture him alive if possible directive.

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