Kylie Jenner: The final frontier of Kardashian Kontrol?


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The time has come, America. Unless 55-year-old Kris Jenner finds a way to augment her outsize clan with yet another baby, it seems we have entered the last phase of Kardashian domination. Yesterday, Kris and husband Bruce Jenner’s youngest daughter, 14-year-old Kylie, made her modeling debut. She strutted at Avril Lavigne’s Abbey Dawn New York Fashion Week runway show. As with all things Kardashian, it was a family affair since Kylie’s older brother Brody Jenner dates Lavigne. Brody was in the crowd to support Kylie, as were older sisters Kendall, Kourtney, and Kim, plus Kim’s husband, NBA player Kris Humphries.

By wedging herself between Kendall’s ascension to music video fame, Kim’s wedding (followed by an October behind-the-scenes wedding special on Keeping Up with the Kardashians network E!), and Rob’s upcoming turn on Dancing With the Stars, is Kylie positioning herself as a force to be reckoned with? Or will she be lost in the shuffle? Is she the final frontier of KardashiaNation (which I’m pretty sure is what Kris would call the U.S. if she had her way)? Or is she simply bringing up the rear? What do you think, PopWatchers?

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  • Mike

    EW, please do the public a service and take down this story. Please don’t give any more coverage to this vapid, untalented family. The fact that these people are “celebrities” is everything that’s wrong about North American society.

    • Jessie

      Agree. Greedy family.

      • get a LIFE

        Greedy or do the know how to monopolize their brand. If it works for them and their not hurting anybody have at it…

      • Rebecca Christiansen

        I thought the rules at Fashion Week were the models had to be at least 16 – its sick and you know what?? They are hurting those girls and all the other girls who look at this kind of vapid success and consider it a career choice. No one is jealous Kim – people are nauseous. You need to up your own personal ante and actually accomplish something in your life without thinking about the cash payout. These girls sold their souls and can’t have a single intimate personal moment in their lives without selling it to the highest bidder. That speaks to the worst in humanity. That is not jealousy. That is concern that society’s descent into the toilet is being expedited by the Kardashians.

      • joanna backman

        give her her 15 minutes. she will be yesterday’s news soon enough. it happens to us all.

      • L

        Jealousy is a bitch. Don’t hate because you can’t have what they have. Jeeze people, get over it. They are here to stay. Nothing you say will ever reach their ears.
        Just saying!!!

      • dj

        Isn’t it enough that this family has its own network. Seriously, how long until E! changes its name to K!

      • Delon

        Ethnic people are so overzealous.

    • cris

      I 100% agree with you!!!!!!

      • Tim

        It’s sooo easy and quite common to complain…perhaps some kind words would be better.

      • Dawn

        In regards to the age comment. MBFW isn’t just for adult fashion. There are quite a few childrens designers showing also. What???, should 16 and older models be fitted for the childrens clothing to show them? I think not. So, I really don’t think there is an age requirement.

    • kim

      you go girl, dont let all these ney sayers, rain on your parade their just jelous they dont have the look to be famous for looking good

      • janeen

        I agree!!! Just a bunch of jealous people and I promise you if it was them or one of their kids they would be to happy. You go girl!!! SO happy for you!

      • Rebecca Christiansen

        Okay kim the word is nay sayer..if you read a book instead of watched television – you might be able to spell…you and your pal Janeen are sick and twisted. No one wants their kids to be wh*res plain and simple. Money isn’t the answer to everything and proof there is you will not ever have enough money for the therapy its going to take to get beyond this fascination with this trashy family.

      • Hannah

        Totally Agree with Her! The Family in its entrily is pretty cool. There funny as hell on the E network. Atleast all the girls in the family are bombshells. Side Note; Kim + Kris = Sexy Love, Khloe + Lamar = Safe Love, Kourtney + Scott = Stupid Love. Come Kourney dump his sorry ass. LMAO!!!!!!!

      • Me

        Hannah- you have made up a new word. Entrily. Now please tell the rest of us what it means.

      • Dawn

        I think she looks beautiful. Hey, i’m sure that if all you haters looked anything like anyone of the Kardashian Ladies, you too would be struting your stuff. It’s great that a 14 yr. old has the ambition to do something with her life and have a career.. Unlike most 14 yr. old teens in the U.S. who think everybody owes them something and ends out sponging off their parents or the welfare system.

    • Jessica

      This is true

      • Lauren

        Oh please, I’m so sick of people saying we are jealous of these yokels. They are all after $ and that is it, especially that crazy mother of theirs, I can not stand her! She is an awful mother and have done nothing but taught her daughters that using their bodies is the way to go. The only 2 I could say I really like is Khloe and Robert, atleast them two are down to earth and not just uppity spoiled brats.

      • Regina George

        Yeah, definitely, Khloe Kardashian’s pretty down to earth. Nobody’s more down to earth than Khloe, that’s for sure! And right, good thing she’s not an uppity spoiled brat. Oh geez, I love making fun of stupid commenters.

      • Lauren

        Regina…if you want to make fun of stupid commenter, why not start with your own? That’s the best you could really come up with as far as making fun of a comment? Atleast it could have had some type of logic other than repeating what I wrote. If the best way you can respond to someone else’s OPINION is to call them stupid, I truly feel sorry for you. I have actually watched this family’s show and seen how their mother and the others have acted so, although I hate to stoop to your level, you can truly suck it. Have a nice day!

    • jay

      How long before the sex tape?

    • Tiger

      So true! I’m so sick of these people. I just want them to implode already! They pimp themselves out so much, it’s disgusting.

  • Rolling Eyes

    Boy, she’s come a long way from her big sisters stripper pole.

    • bailey

      when has Kim ever been a stripper you all need to read her autobiography she is self made the money her dad let her borrow to put her items on e-bay she pd it back and has been to the top every since… People are such haters which is why society is the way it is today

      • tvaholic

        I think Rolling Eyes is referring to an episode of the Kardashians a few years ago when she was dancing on the stripper pole in the house with her brother and his friend watching.

      • Jenni

        I’m pretty sure she is referring to an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians when the 2 youngest were swinging around a stripper pole. And actually I think it was their Mom’s, not Kim’s.

      • Me

        @Bailey. When are you going to learn how to use punctuation? A period here & there…maybe a comma. You need to think less about the Kardashians & more about how to form a sentence.

      • L

        the problem with society is that people hate on the Kardashians? nope, the Kardashians and all other tedious reality ‘stars’ are the problem

      • RODGER

        Yep, self made allright, self made porn flick..the whole family are nothing but greedy glad when this one grows up and we can have a series called. ” Who wants to keep up with the Kardasians”,,lol

  • jessica

    Actually it was her runway debut. She’s already been in print ads.

    Also…what’s with the questions? Are you trying to get more people to hate them, or are you trying to be funny? Honestly, either way you answer those questions, I find your article more annoying than I find people who think it necessary to comment on how much they hate the Kardashians everytime you post an article about them.

    • Jane


  • Who Craig?

    If we’re lucky, Brody will break up with avril, and Kylie won’t be modelling for abbey dawn. And hopefully rob gets voted off first week.

  • nodnarb

    These people should all be drowned.

    • get a LIFE

      For that comment if your not posting tomorrow NO ONE would notice but if they vanish the world would come together!!!!! So what does that say about you. (things that make you say uhm)?

      • get a diploma

        You speaking are English?


    To nodnarb
    Nasty comment, these people have found away to make a living. Dont like them dont even comment then!!!!

    • Jane

      “A way” & “away” have completely different meanings. It may benefit you to learn the difference.

      • Dave

        Who cares about grammar. Only losers like you care about grammar online, and jealous people like you need to stop hating on those more successful than yourselves.

      • Amy

        I will gladly take up the name loser to become the grammar police. It makes people look stupid and uneducated to write incorrectly, espescially when you are putting your comments in a public forum. There should be no wonder why immagrants can come to the USA and we can’t understand them…it’s because they speak better English than we do!

      • lucky 13 not 7

        Amy.. while I agree with you completely, you spelled especially and immigrants incorrectly. : )

      • Just Me

        lmao! I was thinking the exact same thing. Amy: Talk about the grammar police, you better do a spell check on your own comment or else you may look “stupid” or “uneducated” sweetheart. Just a thought. :)

      • Jane

        @Dave- you forgot the question mark in your question “who cares about grammar”.

  • jessica

    Can we talk about how generic Avril’s design looks?

  • lana

    Stay with the runway, keep it clean, and finish school and college. Your beautiful!

  • Gretchen Weiners

    Girls younger than 16 aren’t permitted to walk in major shows so why the exception for her? Because of her last name? Ridiculous. Obviously Avril Levigne’s little school project here isn’t a major show, but she should have to follow the same rules.

    • Tina

      It could be that she was allowed because Avril is dating her brother. It could also be because the line is geared towards teens that they allowed teens to model

      • Rebecca Christiansen

        Tina – no exceptions are supposed to be made just because you are related to a freakin’ Kardashian. Jeez, ladies not everyone has the same regard for this trash family that you do.

      • jessica

        Rebecca, Tina was simply offering what she felt to be a logical answer to the question that was posed. At no point did she insinuate that she had any regard for the family that differed from your sentiments about the family. In other words…CALM DOWN!

    • Regina George

      Hey, Gretchen, love the name! Plastics reunite!

      • Karen Smith

        Regina, is that really you!? OMG! Do you want to go to Taco Bell!?
        Oh, hi Gretchen!

  • Amy

    To me, she always had the look of the creepy girl from The Ring.

    • Jessica


  • Jessie

    The Kadashians try to make as much money as possible. Kris Jenner would do anything to pim her kids. They make me sick. Can kids live a normal life?

  • jill

    is there any member of this family Kris Jenner won’t exploit? Is that baby boy next? @ least these last two girls have Bruce Jenner as a father he will not let them pose nude or make a sex tape,that is what happens when you try to be their friend not their parent

    • STEF


      • Christina

        U said it perfectly….took the words right out of my mouth!

    • steph

      I def agree, I find that Bruce ALWAYS has to be the voice of reason every time I watch the show. He seems to be the only one with a brain. He is down to earth but he is trying to raise his girs, and other kids to do right and not follow the other ones footsteps. In so many other words and his gestures. He doesnt come right out an say it. He may have raised some or the Kardashian girs and rob since they were little but he can only do so much since he wasn’t really their dad and can only go so far with disciplining. That was Kris’ job, fine job she did! (right)

    • machelle

      you haven’t seen kendall’s pics in bathing suit on the beach with her tits hanging out! she needs some guidance in life!

  • Nona

    She is also carries a little too much weight to be a runway model. Sorry but I think she outweighs the real models by 15-20 pounds. She should go to school and do something with her life.

    • jen

      That is why she looks so much better. She is perfect!! Runway models look sickly.

    • Regina George

      Shut up, Nona. She’s fifteen so it’s a great thing she’s comfortable enough with herself to model in a major fashion show.

  • danielle

    Seriously @Nona? Shes perfectly fine the way she is! Big deal that Kris is letting these ladies have opportunities they probably wouldnt have! They are set for life with the money they are making. I think Kylie looks fabulous! why criticize them for making a living? what business is it of any of ours? Its their life, not ours.

    • Rebecca Christiansen

      and Danielle I suppose you just have to have money to be set for life right? What are you?? 14?? Your life experiences are sad — but at least the most that can be said for you is that you don’t sell them to the highest bidder…but wait, you probably would right? Anything for money.

      • @Rebecca Christiansen

        Real nice way to respond to someone you think is a 14 year old kid.

      • Delaney

        Excuse me but Rebecca, how do you have room to talk about sad life experiences. What are you like 40??

  • Unique

    The Jenner girls will end up being bigger than the beautiful Dash ladies. Bigger as in more class and true beauty. They will take cues from the hottest Dash Khloe. Forget the other boring Dashes. Be like Khloe!

    • Christina

      ^AGREED!!! Although, I do have to admit (Khloe is my favorite) Kourtney is beautiful and very down to earth! Kim (in my opinion) is OVERRATED, SPOILED, and not even cute….AND…Kris….I’m not even gonna comment!!

      • Just Me

        jealous, jealous, jealous…tsk tsk. And you have the nerve to say Kim is “not even cute” She is beautiful and you know it. I bet you’re fat, huh?

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