The 2011 Miss Universe Pageant: 10 Awkward Utterances During Swimsuit Competition

Congratulations to Leila Lopes from Angola, who was crowned Miss Universe 2011 in last night’s 60th anniversary competition in Sao Paulo, Brazil!

I had every intention of compiling 10 Adorable Andy Cohen Faces for this post (he hosted along with Today anchor Natalie Morales). But as soon as the bikini catwalk started, I knew that the standout moments of this major television event were, instead, the 10 Most Awkward Swimsuit Competition Utterances — made by the well-intentioned but ohhhhhhh so corny skybox commentators Jeannie Mai and Shandi Finnessey. Body shots for everyone and my official ranking here:

10. Miss China

“She looks tall? She is tall.”

9. Miss U.S.A., Alyssa Campanella

“She’s a stunning redhead, but in real life she’s a blonde.”

8. Miss Puerto Rico

“I was totally noticing her body has all the right curves.”
Yeah it does.”

7. Miss Colombia

“If she won the lottery, she would buy a very large farm and create a foundation to give homeless dogs a better life.”

6. Miss Brazil

“I don’t see any imperfections on that Brazilian bikini body.”

5. Panama

“Her lips? In fact, they are real. At 7, she asked a dentist if he could make them smaller.”
“What?! No, Panama. Keep them just the way they are.”

4. Miss Angola (the winner)

“Look at how the yellow just jumps off her skin tone.”

3. Miss Australia

“She holds a special interest in holistic health. In fact, health is the first section she reads in the newspaper. First of all, the fact that she’s even picking up a newspaper? Smart and beautiful.”

2. Miss Netherlands

“She wants to be a child psychologist. But right now, she’s a male psychologist.”
“I know a lot of men that would want to lay on her couch.”

(I SWEAR those two are not the same person.)

1. Miss Ukraine (the runner-up)

“You know what? It may be sarong, but it’s so right.”

I feel like giving Miss Portugal an honorable mention here, because while nothing that weird was said about her during the swimsuit segment, her listed “interests” were window shopping and reading. She will always be Miss Universe in my heart.

Anyone make it through the whole pageant? Did the right one win?

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  • jacko

    Wow. The chick from Angola won? Judging by those pictures of her, they apparently weren’t going for “beauty”.

    • lady elle


      • Tom

        I missed my calling in life! I should have been a beauty pageant script writers. I say ___ like this all day long hanging out with my guy friends. People get paid to say this kind of stuff?? ha ha

      • Tracy’s Mother

        Jesus, Lady Elle—chill the hell out.

      • pageant

        I bet Jacko is not only white, she’s American, and feels that only a white American should win and would be considered beautiful, maybe? Miss America didn’t even get into the top 16! Yeh, Miss Angola is definitely beautiful Jacko. Take that!

      • Philip

        Miss Angols was a good choice from that particular Top 5. Sorry, but Brazil must have paid someone off to make it as far as she did. Miss Philippines was a total mess – and that dress! Yikes. She had no business being in the Top 20 let alone the Top 5. Her teeth were ginormous! Miss Ukraine was pretty, but kind of too posey. And China was gorgeous but she couldn’t speak her way out of a bag made from tissue paper. Thank goodness Miss Venezuela and her wig didn’t make it either. Miss France, Miss Greece, Miss Paraguay and Miss Malaysia should have been in the Top 5 with Miss Angola – at least then it would have been hard to guess who was going to win. Against the 4 that were standing there is was so obvious she was the only choice.

      • Dee

        You guys realize you’re arguing over a beauty pageant. Just that in it’s self finds all parties at fault and incorrect.

      • Tom

        party in my pants

      • @ pageant

        Really? Your statement is just as idiotic as jacko’s. Because someone is an idiot, they must be a white American? Get a life.

    • Tego Livi

      I don’t watch beauty contests, but when one is on, if I happen to see it while channel surfing, I usually stop briefly and take a look at the contestants. More often than not, the one who catches my attention ends up winning, and this time it was Angola. The others all looked alike: gawky, same hairstyle, pointy faces, plastic smiles. Angola looked serene, graceful, and unique.

      • Bus Driver

        Ditto. She had a beautiful smile and just kind of seemed “above it all” all night. The right girl won.

      • Jess

        I agree. I only watched less than 10 minutes but she was the one who caught my attention because when she spoke she seemed the most authentic.

      • Dana

        oh gosh, these awkward comments are hilarious!

      • KLH

        Authentic! hahahahahahahahaha

      • Missy

        I agree. Miss Angola got my attention the moment she walked in. She’s a stunner even in her simplicity. I don’t care if she’s not wearing too much make up, she doesn’t need it! Btw, I’m neither black or white. Beauty knows no color in my opinion.

    • John

      Why because your deranged image of beauty is anyone who is light skinned?! F*ck you @sshole.

      • John

        My comment was aimed to Jacko by the way.

      • danae

        Not that I agree w/ Jacko, but he doesn’t say anything about skin color. Read into anything too much?

      • subdude

        Clearly John has issues with anyone who disagrees or finds fault in someone of color. Very sad, this is why every white person is a racist, right John. Must be a big Sharpton fan! She wasnt my first choice, I must be a racist.

      • Ruby

        Yeah nothing was said about skin color. I liked Angola (see: not a racist!), but wished Ukraine had won.

        People who use the race card just ruin the word “racist” for when it is really needed.

      • 8675309


    • Zakry

      She was STUNNING! The hell — ??

      • Regina George

        Wow, you guys are mean. The rest of the contestants all looked the same, anyway.

    • RJP

      When I saw her in the country introductions….I said to my husband she was stunning and is going to win

      • angolan

        Angola, angola. i agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.angolan girls are beaut as they country.

    • Henry

      Jacko, if only it were that easy to incite. Anyway…..I’d suugest an apology from the producers of this neolithic beaut pageant but then i remember: Donald Trump produces. How apros pos

    • surfer

      I agree. Ms Netherlands and Ms Australia is way prettier.

      • Tom

        I concur.

    • surfer

      I agree.

    • wino

      the above pic isnt her best, she actually is a lot more striking. i saw briefly the top ten last nite, she along with Ukraine and Australia stood out for me.

    • Little comment

      You forgot to put “ff” at the end of your name jacko.

    • Edmonton Girl

      I think she is stunning and although I don’t watch pageants (I can hardly believe they still run them) I saw her response to the stupid question of which body part she would change if she could and I loved her answer. Possibly the only intelligent thing ever said by a pageant contestent!

  • fitzwilliam

    yes, the right one won: Angola. She was elegant and beautiful. How Brazil made it in the top 5 is beyond me. Between those eyelashes and that yellow dress, she looked like the bride of Dracula. China was cute but had no boobs. Costa Rica should have made it in the top five over Phillipines. But in the end, the prettiest girl DID win.

    • nesty r. ramos

      We have only the judges to judge, nobody has the right to say Costa Rica is better made it on top five
      than Philippines..who are you..check all the scores, the lowest rank of Philippines is rank 2..what else next.. …the crown..

      • yen

        yah.. i agree.. beauty and brains.. what more?

    • nesty r. ramos

      We should always bear in mind that Ms. Universe has its own way of choosing the best..its so happened that your bet don’t deserve to be on top 5…we have always next year to look forward…may be its your turn..lets closed this chapter of the pageant…

    • David g

      I agree, Miss Philippines wasnt really that pretty, but I think Miss Brazil, more than anyone did not deserve to be in the top 5, Miss China wasnt that pretty either. They shouldnt have been placed in the top 5. It would have been better Costa Rica and Colombia.

      • ART


      • Marcy Runkle

        Are you nuts? I think Miss China was the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen. Ever. I don’t think she deserved the win, but she was flat-out stunning.

      • @Marcy

        I disagree. I thought Taiwan was way prettier than China. I think Miss USA was robbed of the top ten, not because I am American, I could really care less. I just thought she was gorgeous (more so than many girls in the top ten) and not afraid to speak her mind. I mean she said she supported legalizing marijuana. That was risky. Brazil would not have made it that far if it was not held in her country. I actually thought Portugal was the all-around prettiest, but Angola was definitely beautiful.

    • riz

      of course not! Philippines deserve to win!

      • liyah623

        Everyone one of girls deserved to win but only one was able to charm their way to victory…. Miss Phillipines wasnt able to do that unfortunately for you

    • Philip

      Miss Philippines was a total mess – and that dress! Yikes. She had no business being in the Top 20 let alone the Top 5. Her teeth were ginormous!

      • keithlyful

        you could not judge MISS PHILIPPINES? she is beautiful than other contestants.. her long gown may not be good but it fits well to her body and she knows how to carry it with poise. she’s deserving.

    • Jhon Grevialde

      wow.. you must be very good looking to actually bash those girl’s beauty.. have you checked your self in the mirror?

  • brixy

    @ Fitzwilliam who are you to say that the Philippines does not deserve to be on top 5 I bet you are an ugly, idiot who doesnt know what is beauty, elegance and brain.

    • marie

      Yes. Miss Philippines deserves to be on the top5

      • Tom

        She looked too boney.

      • anne

        Ms.Philippines should be crown as Ms.Universe..As what Oprah Winfrey say’s via NBC news”what made her(Ms.Philippines)different from the rest is that she had no second to rethink of her answer as she had no interpreter to break the ice.the rest have their interpreters and having breaks on second to think about their answers,hands down,Ms.Philippines,answered straight to the point”.

      • Zakry

        Oprah is commenting on Miss Universe? She MUST be bored.

      • April

        She looked like a stuffed bag of bones out there. What are you guys talking about?

  • Rose

    Yes I think Angola deserves the crown. Ms. Philippines should have taken second place then Ukraine. But that’s just me.

    • TORI

      You are damn right, Rose! That too what I thought was gonna happen. But it’s OK.

    • Jon

      That’s right,. Miss Ukraine wanted to be Cleopatra??? What message does that send to girls? While yes, she was a powerful woman. She is a slutt!!!

      • Judy

        Jon, please don’t call women sluts. Thanks.

      • plushpuppy

        What makes a women a slut? Probably the same actions that make a man a stud. Women are allowed to enjoy sex and have sex just for pleasure. Welcome to this century.

      • Jen

        Well said plush puppy, hear us roar!

      • mari

        Actually Cleopatra is not someone that a woman leader should emulate…killing herself because her man died??? Please…that is just pathetic :P

      • @plushpuppy

        Sooooooo….what are you doing later????

      • Zoey

        Jeez Louise, someone takes Roman historians waaaaaaay too seriously. Cleopatra was a cunning, skilled leader. Sorry if that frightens you.

      • Squishmar

        Thank you, Zoey. Cleopatra is a fine woman to emulate. All anyone knows of her are the half-truths and outright lies. She was much more than what most people believe. And mari, she didn’t kill herself because her man died. Jeez!

  • Yorky

    Is it me or does Australia always seems to be in the final year after year?

    • Claudette

      Yeah. That’s because we Aussies do it best..:)

    • Marcy Runkle

      It’s the same as Miss America/USA… there are inevitably states that end up in the finals year after year because they have stronger and more competitive pageant programs. (Case in point, you see a LOT of Miss Kentuckys in the finals… not so many Miss Idahos.) Australia probably has a lot of girls competing, so they inevitably end up with a polished, experienced pageant winner representing their country. As opposed to, say, the less pageant-heavy countries who are proud to represent themselves but are really underdogs in the scheme of fierce competition.

  • Tammie

    SPEAK THE TRUTH JACKO! Ukraine is the true winner. A true beauty, stunning!

    • janet

      I had Ukrained first and Angola second. Both winners to me. Beautiful and well spoken.


    I am a Filipino, as much as i want Ms. Philippines to win the title however I also believe that Ms. Angola really deserves the position. But that does not mean that we are going to be bitter.. We are happy being the 3rd Runner-up though we know we could have made it atleast 1st runner-up but at teh end we are THANKFUL.. They are all there because judges see beauty differently. NO correct or wrong definition of beauty, it is SUBJECTIVE. :)

    • rhei

      i very much agree with you..i have so much fun reading all these shout outs, but the most educated opinion i have read was yours..yes indeed, we all have rights to speak out of our opinion but please let’s just stop saying bad words with each other just because of an issue..

      • cecille

        I 100% agreed to that. There must be no issues and controversies regarding the result of Ms Universe 2011. Beauty is beyond the eye of the beholder.
        But i firmly believed that ms Philippines must at least took the 1st runner up place next to ms Angola.

  • Rachel

    Angola did deserve to win. She was winning the online photogenic posts, when their pictures were first shown and by the end, the crowd was even cheering for her, over the hometown contestant.

    She also looked poised and unique in her gown, compared to some of the others. Sadly, most of the other girls looked the same, if not for the sashes, they could all be representing the same countries.

    I do say, now that most of the girls do understand and even speak English, using an interpreter is a slight advantage. They hear the question, and can start formulating a response, while the interpreter is translating. They also get gaps in between, to come up with better answers, if the first one falls flat.

    • metroboy

      among the TOP 5 only PHILIPPINES answer the question without interpreter…a true beauty and brain.

      • RK

        You need an interpreter.

      • robbie

        Miss Angola didn’t even finish answering her question, her time was up and she didn’t even know it. She should’ve given a concise answer and not pause to let her interpreter translate what she said while she formulated her next line in her mind. That is an unfair advantage over those who do their best to converse in English without any interpreter. Why even join the contest when you know that the pageant will be telecast in English and the winner will be travelling the world where English is considered the universal language?

      • Little comment

        The real international language is who slept with who.

    • Jhon Grevialde

      the crowd was cheering for her because Angola is one of the portuguese speaking candidate besides brazil.. those two were the most applauded.. if many asians or europeans are there during that time, we can’t say that she was the favorite.. it’s all about where the pageant was held..

  • Qwerty

    I think Angola is gorgeous and deserves the crown and Philippines should be at least 1st runner up. Meanwhile China sent Godzilla to Miss Universe.

    • Bpet67

      Isn’t it funny how every year the host countries contestant gets into the top 5??? Brazil made it to the top 5 in Sao Paulo, hmmmm. And Angola wins, and happens to be from a Portuguese-speaking country. And honorable mention goes to another top 10 finalist…Portugal!! Oh, and China made it to the top 5 because the Chinese probably hold alot of promisary notes over Trump. Just sayin’

      • TORI

        Yeah, I think you’re right! Even in beauty pageants, politics come in full!

      • David g

        At least Angola as really preatty, but Brazil and China? Seriously, what a rob!!!! The one from Philippines wasnt even that pretty either, though it was ok her placement in the top 5

      • sal

        You’re positively right. tha’s what i’m thinking too.

      • lenscrafter

        Look at the bright side, USA is usually one of the ones they keep way past her deserving, so at least this time she was cut early. I hate to criticize young woman, but she was too thin for me. Angola was BEAUTIFUL!!! Such lovely skin!

      • April

        such lovely lovely chocolate like skin oooh ooohh oooooooh

    • TORI

      Ha haaa!!! True! Dumb answer and dumb interpretation =D

    • Merwin

      hahahaha…u make me laugh….like it so much..i agree

  • eelohn

    As for me, my rankings are as follows: Miss U Angola 1st r/u Philippines 2nd r/u Ukraine 3rd r/u China 4th r/u Brazil. I’d say Angola deserves it. she’s pretty. but again, this is just my opinion. The judges still has the final say

    • wam

      for me my ranking as follow:
      miss universe- ms.phillipines
      1st runner up – ukraine
      2nd runner up – brazil
      3rd runner up – angola
      4th runner up – china

    • Aurel

      The ability to answer a question is not an indication of how much brain a person has. If fact just your inability to make that distinction shows how much brain you have. All I have to say for those pageants I would like to see those girls without any make up. We all know what wonders make up can do.

      • Jhon

        what u said about answering a question is the most dumb comment i read here.. how will it not measure your intellect??? geez! common sense! maybe you don’t have a brain yourself..

      • Squishmar

        Jhon, Aurel is correct. Answering a question like the ones on this show is not a measure of intellect. It is a measure of (perhaps) poise, the ability to think fast and to articulate a coherent and meaningful response; your ability to express your opinion and view on a certain subject clearly. But it could also just be a matter of memorization of answers to possible questions that could be asked. Nothing more (or less).

  • Bob D

    This whole “beauty” competition is the most stupid thing. Who is to say who is more beautiful than the next person? such a load of c**p.

    • Tim

      The redhead who was actually a blonde, she really should have won. Just sayin

      • surfer

        My thoughts exactly. Ms Australia should have won. She is gorgeous.

      • April

        I would have picked Ms Australia. I think this show was rigged.

    • Vick

      Uhm, it’s a competition, that’s what you do.

  • metroboy


    • Tim

      Thailand was so much better looking.

      • NYC

        she’s just a plain girls! nothing more..
        unlike other asian contenders specially ms philippines and ms china they are both awesome and gorgeous..

      • Jhon

        she’s pretty but maybe the judges just saw the scar in her knees..

    • anonymous

      I thought Miss Angola lives in the UK?? She speaks English and could’ve answered in English. I think she was staying true to her Angolan roots since their native language is Portuguese and she was representing Angola. It was her choice. Just as I’m sure that Miss Philippines speaks Tagalog and could’ve answered her question in her native language. It was her choice.

  • metroboy


    • TORI

      ….and that award goes to…CHINA!!!!! just like the candidate, the interpreter screwed it!

      • robbie

        the interpreters seemed even more nervous than the contestants!

  • shugun

    Ms. Philippines is the winner…..NO NEED FOR INTERPRETER….

    • Shogun

      Ms. Philippines was so bad they didn’t even include a photo of her here in this recap. My dogs even barked when she came on screen she was such a dog.

  • shugun

    metroboy : ur right…BEST INTERPRETER !……

    • lu

      The answer from Miss Angola was strongly applauded by the audience. they really cheered, they loved it. Guess why? Because she answered in Portuguese, the language of Brazil (and of Angola) and of 99% of the public present there. The audience didn’t need an interpreter and really loved what she said !

      So, accept defeat. Learn to lose with dignity.

      • Zakry

        Thank you Lu. Even the interpretation of the answer was brilliant, I can only imagine she slayed it in her native tongue. She’s pretty, but the final answer determines these things – they seemed ready to give it to Miss Ukraine, even though she obviously stumbled in Swimsuit. Miss Angola’s answer was so succinct and thorough, they HAD to give her the crown. ALL the contestants were beautiful from the jump! Give her credit for her poise!

      • Jerry

        The question was about physical characteristics, and Angola’s answer was about inner beauty. She did not really answer the question.

      • Jhon

        that’s the point.. bias.
        this pageant was politicized…

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