Kate Gosselin on 'Today' claims fans 'are devastated,' says Jon wants 'mediocre for his kids'

Oh, PopWatchers, aren’t you just going to miss the all-around warmth and charm of Kate Gosselin? Did you grow to love her kids more than your own? Have I already laid on the sarcasm too thick? If you answered ‘Yes, of course, you jerk!’ to any of these questions, then by all means, read on.

While visiting Today to promote the final episode of her once-massively popular reality series Kate Plus 8 (formerly Jon & Kate Plus 8), the TV mom spoke rather somberly with host Matt Lauer about what she called “the end of an era.”

Gosselin said she was not only sad for the Kate Plus 8 fans (“They’re devastated. They’re saying, you know, you’re the neighbor moving far away and we won’t see you again,” she said), but also her co-stars children: “I feel sad for my kids because of all of the opportunities that they’re now questioning.” Of course, there’s no one Gosselin feels sadder for then herself. “[The show] has been the start essentially of my career and my job and the way I’ve been providing for my kids for six years. And so you know, it is a little scary,” she said.

Perhaps in a final attempt to get on Anderson Cooper’s RidicuList once more, Gosselin suggested that reality television provided her with the means of giving her eight kids “the best opportunities in life.” The former Dancing With the Stars contestant — who threatened assured if the right project came along, “I wouldn’t be opposed to it” (a Kate Gosselin dating show, anyone?!) — also noted, “I’m sure you will see my kids again at some point.” Then she got in one final pot shot at her ex-husband Jon Gosselin, who recently spoke out and suggested that she give the normal life a try. Said Gosselin: “Jon may be accepting of mediocre for his kids, and working a regular job … I want the best for my kids.” Hey, lady, Jon Gosselin may be a lot of things, but mediocre isn’t — okay, I kind of see your point.

Watch the full interview below, in which Gosselin talks more about the finale, as well as the blowout-gone-viral with her babysitter Ashley:

Are you one of Kate Gosselin’s “devastated” fans, PopWatchers? Or do you find yourself reluctantly siding with Jon Gosselin and think she should give the spotlight a rest for good now that Kate Plus 8 is over? Share in the comments section below!

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  • Candace

    Nobody cared that much about the cancellation, Kate. Kids don’t need to be in front of a camera to have the best life, and they certainly don’t need two immature parents making public snide remarks about each other.

    • LH


      • Alona

        all 669 of them that signed the petition she’s twitting about.

      • JKC

        14:59…seven years too late.

      • Jerry

        It’s high time everyone gets off of this reality TV bandwagon.
        The Gosselins, Kardashians, these Jersey Shore morons.
        What is this country coming to?

      • Jerry

        I just came up with an idea.
        A one-off reality show about a one-way trip to the moon with all of these useless @$$holes on board.

      • Marcy Runkle

        I was a fan at the beginning. When Kate was a normal, sweet struggling mother of 8 who had a naive but supportive husband in Jon. I can’t pinpoint the exact moment when she turned into this insane witch – maybe when they went to a Harlem Globetrotters game and were recognized and got a bunch of extravagant behind-the-scenes stuff – but it is just so, so sad. I haven’t watched for a few years now but I’ll probably watch tonight. I do feel awful for those poor kids.

      • Clarece

        I can’t wait – in 13-15 years we are going to be reading in People magazine about the lawsuits the kids will be filing against her for mis-managing the money they were paid for being lab rats. Of course Kate will be on any TV talk show that will have her defending herself and trying to look like a victim in all of it. Good luck kids – something tells me you are so going to need it!

      • Annia

        Yep, all 3 of them are devastated. LOL.

      • Christine

        She is such a terrible person. Calling someone getting a job “mediocre”. She is SO BAD to her children. I can’t wait until she goes away and gets a dose of reality away from the cameras.

      • Doodlebug

        This is in response to Jerry – I believe people watch these reality shows for the same reason we used to all watched Jerry Springer…. What happens on these shows, the way these people act – is just so difficult to pull ourselves away from. We sit there mostly not believing our own ears/eyes and wondering ‘are these people for real’?

      • Evil Richy

        Never watched Springer. Never watched Kate. Make fun of those so called fans.

      • Tom

        I wonder if this lady saved any money from this circus to put her kids through college.

    • Tara Simpson

      Kate has a severe personality disorder. She is a narcisstic sociopath.

      • Alona

        Agreed. Is she on meds or does she needs to get off her meds?

      • Kelly

        Tara Simpson….You hit the nail on the head and said what I was trying to say. You are 100% correct. Kate G. needs help and her kids need a normal life. They will be scarred for the rest of their lives.

      • J. Davis

        Narcissists live to impress people….yeah, I would say that is about right.
        They also can keep friends for about 4 months and then need to find new ones.

      • kelliegirl

        You better believe it ! She verbally and emotionally abused and denegrated her husband Jon which caused him to leave. Last week I watched an episode of a final bus trip to Grand Canyon and she just went off on her nanny and another girl caring for her children, plus her body guard. Nobody needs to put up with her drama and abuse. If you listen closely to her voiceover, she never apologizes for her actions. She just majorly rationalizes herself and sees the situation only from her eyes. She’s never examined her actions, attitude or her people inter-action and thinks she has the right to treat others with such disrespect. Where is all the money they’ve earned on TV for all these years. Why would anyone give birth to all those children without first seriously planning on how they would be supported. That cheap shot about her husband Jon’s job is really low. Leaving her was the wisest thing he ever did, for his own self preservation. Yes, she is a narcissist who wants to stay in front of the bright lights. KATE GOSSELIN … THANK GOD ITS OVER ! I’m celebrating ! Voted the #1 Person No One Wants to See.

    • Cygnus

      “fan is devastated”. Jon doesnt want his kids to be mediocre, he wants some normalcy for them, and not for them to be some get-rich-quick tool for Kate. She’s a psycho, and the courts should look at her ability to be a good, sensible mother to so many kids at once.

      • Art

        Yeah! Jon just wants my kids to be mediocre like the losers who watched my show… I mean “fans”.

      • K

        Notice how she said “his kids” and then “my kids”. I think she doesn’t realizes that they are parents to the same kids!!!!!!

      • Alice

        In saying that Jon wants her kids to be “mediocre” because he thinks she should get a regular job and live a quiet life, isn’t she calling all of us who have regular jobs and aren’t on television “mediocre”. I think I’m a little insulted.

      • L

        @Alice — Now we know what she thinks of her “fans”.

    • Annia

      I’m sure the children will be as happy wearing clothes and shoes from wal-mart and eating PB&J, and Mac & Cheese everyday, with the love their parents give them. Kate only concerns for herself & using the children as an excuse. Enough of her already. The children will be fine.

      • Lisap

        I think it is fair to say that before the TV show they were really struggling to provide for their kids. Eight dependents is no joke, having them in multiples complicates everything.Though I must agree that there is nothing mediocre in teaching your kids about about the realities of life. Like she said, this is how she supported fro family for years, the idea of finding a new way, that certainly provide her with less, I’m sure is overwhelming.

        They should have canceled the show after the second season; it was still a charming look into the realities of their lives, the kids were too young to be effected by it, and the parents hadn’t gone crazy over their “fame” yet.

    • Kelly

      News flash Kate: There are many people who raise eight kids without the benefit of fame and fortune. Your kids need normalcy, and you need medication. Above all else, I hope no one watches you on TV in the future so you can get a grip and try to be a REAL parent to your children.

    • Regina George

      Sniff. Sniff. The end of an era. Sob.

    • Lisa

      Mediocracy is probably wonderful for those children.

    • Heidi

      She’s so scared it makes me sad, because she’s transferring that to her children.
      They NEED to be attending school full time, participating in after school activities, ,enjoying the beautiful home and land they live on and bonding with friends. The interesting thing is that those are the things the kids commented on being most scared to lose. Not trips around the world or being on TV. Kate needs to LISTEN TO HER CHILDREN and get counselling to deal with the childhood she viewed as horrible because they never left her state. That’s her OWN issue, not her children’s.

    • seymour

      Wow. She’s even worse than I thought. To suggest that being raised by parents who work for a living is “mediocre” – wow. Is she aware that her “fans” (all 3 of them) are very likely people who work and provide for their families? Hopefully, that’s the slap in the face any remaining fans need to dump this idiot.

  • ICK

    Class act, Kate!
    Now disappear forever!
    Your “fans” are a bunch of inbred morons.
    Get a REAL job and quit trying to be a celebrity!

    • jw


    • Necro

      I concur.

      • Professor Bean

        I may not concur, but I absolutely do agree.

  • Eric

    I see a future for Kate in…..PORN!

    • Meep

      She should donate her brain and stretched out vajayjay to science.

      • K88

        Both Kate and Octomom did not go through natural child birth, they both had cesarians, so their vajajays are in tact.

      • Miac

        Everything about both your comments is wrong.

      • Nick

        “Both Kate and Octomom did not go through natural child birth, they both had cesarians, so their vajajays are in tact.”

        Wow, just… did we really have to go THERE?

      • DSM-IV

        Thanks for making me think–even if just for a second–of that vile woman’s lady parts…

    • miller

      @eric. That was the first job, that popped in my head when I got news of her show being canceled…lol

    • WifeBeatnPusCeater

      Awesome, where do I sign up, I want to abuse all of her holes. Fill them with my pearly, milky, protein. hmmm good.

      • DSM-IV

        You’re a far more courageous man than I.

  • The Dolt

    (staring blankly at the wall, unable to accept that Sweet Kate won’t be on TV anymore).

    • Tom

      Don’t worry. We have some more suckers ready to go for our latest reality show attempt. It’s called, extort a midwestern family until they become petty hollywood druged out losers.

  • Nick

    She is a piece of work….No one cares…

  • Asha

    “Jon wants ‘mediocre for his kids'” and what do you want Kate? You want to ensure that they will be in therapy or jail and live their lives hating you with a seething rage? Well guess what! Great success. I’m sure every single one of those kids is going to be massively effed up. I’m sure in 40 years they’ll wish they had a mediocre upbringing.

    • BJG

      I agree Asha. In Kate-speak, “opportunity” means rich and “mediocre” means normalcy for her kids and anonymity for her. Her kids on tv, no matter the toll it takes it takes on their psyche, means that Kate stays rich and famous. It’s a simple as that.

      • Annia

        I hear hair weave or extension cost a lot. How is she going to pay for it now? Oh, wait, Kate, you can make your little ones holding tin cups on different corners of your town. I’m sure they’ll earn enough for you!

  • Bobby’s Robot

    Truly one of the most repulsive creatures reality TV has foisted upon us. And that’s saying a lot.

    • Linda

      She’s right up there with Snooky in brains and class.

      • cheese

        Leave Snooki out of this. She is likable and much younger.

      • ^

        The first idiot of the day.

      • Nicole

        Snooki is much more likable than Kate!

      • ^


      • Abe Froman

        That is an insult to Snooki.

      • Blonde South

        I’m not a big Snooki fan but I’m going to have to agree that she is a lot more likable then Kate Gosselin.

      • Lucy

        I’m no fan of Snooki, but at least she’s only doing it to herself. She’s not dragging a bunch of children with her.

      • Tom

        Real Housewives has suicide. In five years that will evolve to mean entire reality show families committing suicide. Just think of the ratings.

  • JMJ

    Kate – the only person who’s devestated by your show ending is you. Also maybe your ex is right – get the kids ready for a real life of ‘mediocrity’, because you’ve got eight of them and chances are most of them won’t make it in Hollywood. You’re hurting your kids more than you’re helping them, lady…

    • Lori R

      No one is going to hire any of those kids – not with her as the mother! Her reputation has already sealed all of their fate!

  • Shannon S

    So working a “regular job” now makes you a bad father? As a working dad I find that highly offensive. I guess Jon’s a loser for realizing that the reality TV gravy train was coming to an end, and he was gonna have to do what most people do: GO OUT IN THE REAL WORLD AND GET A JOB. I’m not saying Jon is the voice of reason in that family, but he’s clearly handled the media more smoothly than Kate since leaving the show. I honestly think he needs to be given full custody of the kids. And please, please…for the love of God, please don’t ever give this woman another TV show ever again.

    • Alona


    • Leslie

      Jon has handled the media more smoothly than Kate since leaving teh show? Did you live under a rock when he was on the cover of every trash tabloid trashing the mother of his children and dating every 20 year old bimbo in sight? He can be sanctimonious now, but his kids are gonna look back at that some day and know how screwed up he really was AND that he’s the reason that there was constantly papparazzi trying to dig up dirt and take their pictures. Non of that started before Jon started acting like an oversexed teenager.

      • mari

        Actually you are correct BUT it seems like he realized that he really couldn’t live THAT kind of life. Hence, he found a “regular” job. Kate, on the other hand, is still drunk on fame. I hope she realizes that her values are now so warped that it is detrimental to her kids’ growth.

      • TS

        Without question Leslie is one of those ” devastated fans” that KG is talking about. Way to defend a narcissist. Oh and tabloids do not equal literature or news for that matter.

      • Clarece

        Oh Leslie – bitter much? Sorry, but people do change and grow. Sure, Jon may have acted like a “oversexed teenager”, but we all know that Kate absolutely LOVED every second of it because the more he acted that way the more opportunities she had to try and make herself look like a victim. Oh, and it also increased the ratings a ton – BONUS!! She can claim all she wants that she didn’t want that to happen, but it’s clear she totally loved all the publicity. Thankfully for those kids Jon at least is trying to lead a normal life and those kids should learn about the REAL reality – not what Kate keeps trying to create. Let’s face it – they made more money in the last 6 years than most of us could dream of. If she had half a brain in her head she could manage a very nice life for those kids if she planned accordingly. But we all know she didn’t – plus, who will do her hair and pay for her trips? She is so transparent it’s alarming.

      • Blonde South

        I can’t believe I’m defending either one of these people but, while yes, it is true that at first Jon acted like an oversexualized teenager, he has since changed. He was probably acting that way because he was going through a really messy and public divorce. He has since changed and we don’t really hear much of anything about him anymore. Kate on the other hand refuses to go away, the few times I’ve watched the show she is either too busy worrying about herself to care about her children or she’s yelling at and demeaning everyone around her. I sincerely think this woman needs help. I will be happy if they both go away honestly.

  • Beth

    See what all you parents “working a regular job” have done to your kids???? They’re mediocre now! Shame on you for not pursuing a reality show career!

    • Kat

      That was my thought. So parents who dont have reality shows are giving their kids mediocre lives? She’s delusional.

      • Bea

        I know and what about the rich like bill gates a billionaire who instills proper values on his kids. even Donald trump made three of his four children get a higher education in order to work for him. and anderson cooper a vanderbilt has proper work ethic . she is one of those people who seeks to be rich but its a tacky rich. she needs to come back to reality and get a job like the rest of us. she acts like normal people can’t provide for there kids but she was never all that herself.

      • Kay

        She’s probably going to try to get Ann Curry’s job on “Today”. Or be one of the ladies of “The Talk” or “The View” – I am sure that is what she is aiming for.

    • J

      Agreed. I found that comment really insulting to all working parents, especially the tiny fraction of middle class moms that make up her “fans” that watch her show and buy her books.

      • Linda

        I’m going to miss my imaginary friends. Boo-hoo

    • Leslie

      Their lives would be mediocre in comparison to what they have been. That is a fact. Their mother will be working away from them either as a nurse or something else and they’ll never get the same opportunities to travel again. Can you imagine what taking 8 children to Australia would cost? I’m sure the kids will look back at those days and miss them when they’re stuck living year in and year out in their small town and the most exciting thing they get to do is go to the mall or the grocery store. It’s not a slam against normal parents and normal children, because they’ve never known any different. My kids don’t miss what they’ve never had. Her kids will miss what they have had. Period end of story.

      • Beth

        So what you’re saying is that the difference between an exceptional life and a mediocre one is tied up in the money spent in it and the places visited in it? What about the chance for those kids just to be normal kids, going to school and making friends and discovering the world around them? What about not having cameras following them around constantly? What about the joy that can come from just being allowed to be themselves? I know for myself that I may not remember the trips I took when I was a kid, but I certainly remember the love and attention I received. I hope, for their sakes, those kids get the same opportunity.

      • Barb

        You’re projecting an adult’s desires (I’d love to travel to foreign exotic places like Australia!) unto children. The sextuplets just turned 7; do you really think they even remember any of the trip? And by the way, these trips weren’t vacations; the kids were working the whole time.

      • Leslie

        Oh yes – and what horribly tough work they were forced to do – I WISH my work included visiting the zoo and cuddling koalas and meeting Bindy Irwin. What a horrible hardship it was for them – rolling eyes. Those kids loved that trip and they’re SEVEN – my God, not 2 year olds that can’t remember what they did yesterday. They’ll remember that trip for many years to come. They go to school, are not taped once Monday – Friday while they go to school, come home, eat supper, play, do their homework etc. etc. They were just getting filmed for the last year and 1/2 when they went on a big trip or something. Whoop dee doo!

      • Art

        Hey Leslie: They aren’t being filmed as much now because TLC had cut back the show from series to “specials”, limiting the number of episodes. If Kate had her way, they would still be on the full shoot schedule. This is all about her. Don’t be fooled. She thanks the fans for 6 years of Kate Plus Eight. Except it’s been two years, cut down, and low rated of Kate Plus Eight, and four years of Jon and Kate Plus Eight (oh, yeah, remember him?). She is not a victim. Oh, and those tabloids that you spoke of will also tell the tale of how Kate was boning the security guard and acts horrible to everyone. I’m sure they’ll take comfort in tabloid headlines like “MONSTER KATE!!!” when they are older. She wants the trips. She wants the fame. She wants the extensions. She wants the sports cars. She wants the giant house on the 24 acre farm. She wants the free kitchen makeover. And yes, the kids are 7. SEVEN! They will be fine if all this goes away. They (should) have plenty of money in the bank for college and general living. They are all in school. They are not with mommy 24/7. And they don’t see mommy when she is off hosting the View or appearing on Today. I guess they spend quality time when they are props for her People magazine cover. Clearly, you are the FAN who is devastated. I hope sincerely you can find a way to make it through this dark, dark time in your life.

      • Leslie

        And I suppose every “normal” person spends 24/7 with their kids? Boy I must be a “bad” parent too – I don’t spend 24/7 with my kids. God forbid a mother has a life outside of her kids. I’ll get over the show being gone, but what are all the people who love to attack Kate going to do now? I guess they’ll all switch over to bashing Angelina, the Kardashians, Snooki or anybody else who dares to live their lives in front of a camera. Hope you all can get over not having Kate to bash anymore. I’ll miss seeing all the ridiculous comments vilifying her. Peace people – take your hate somewhere else now. It certainly is the end of an era for everybody.

      • Jen

        Ha – so true Leslie – what ever will all the haters do now that their favorite punching bag is off the air?

      • Art

        Leslie, my comment was based on your pitying how these children wouldn’t see their mother if she had to get a job as a nurse. I do enjoy hating Kate. She makes it very easy when she puts herself out as a cash-grabbing martyr with piss poor parenting skills. I used to enjoy the show a lot and thought it was a surprising honest look into their lives. Then it became 30 minute commercials for whatever she could get for free. And playing woe is me to the world. I used to thing she was shrill, but had empathy for her. She cured that right up. I have a great deal of empathy for people struggling in life. She is not struggling. She only wants the cameras on her. To not see that is delusional.

      • greg

        Please. Things are nice but u can be happy without. I hope she burns.

  • Judy

    Thank Goodness Kate & the 8 brats are GONE. Kids no longer cute and she is trashy Good luck!

    • JKC

      Can’t really blame the kids. Their parents had alot to do with how they’re been raised and how they act….the kids not knowing what “normal” is. It’s sad that the money they’ve earned hasn’t gone to the therapy these kids will need.

      • Annia

        What money? She probably spent it all on herself, you know, hair, make up, and those hideous “hooker heels” she’s been wearing.

  • Ms. Chanandler Bong

    She’s a douche.

  • Claire

    Dear Kate, I’ll miss you like I miss having a migraine. Now do the world a favor and go away, you fame-whoring piece of trailer trash.

  • Rob

    Kate is a true train wreck. People are whining about those Toddlers & Tiara’s moms being horrible but I view Kate far worse. Her actions from day one of that show are too many to count in terms of cringe-worthy parenting skills. Recently, while citing finanical strain mind you, she bought herself a 2-seat car. She constantly whines and whines to the point that you run screaming for some WINE! This woman (and to a lesser extent Jon) should not be allowed near a dance studio let alone 8 impressionable kids. Her desperation is quite pathetic.

    • Stephanie

      Yes – because gas prices are so cheap that it’s economical for her to drive a huge gas guzzling poluting van when she has not kids during the day or every other weekend.

      • jennie

        your missing the point noone said she couldnt get a smaller car for herself to run errands. Its the fact she bought a $50,000 car while crying poor. If she is realy that concerned about having an economical car ( and i dont think for a second she wants one) She couldve easily got something for half that amount

  • Javadude54

    I suspect her fans (she has fans?) aren’t nearly as devastated as she thinks they are.

    • Leslie


      • TS

        I rest my case.

      • Bea

        Leslie please get over yourself and stop attacking everyone in the comments section who disagrees with you. Oh and the use of caps all the time is childish.

    • mari

      I think “Leslie” is Kate.

      • Clarece

        Mari is right!!

      • Leslie

        Not Kate – just a person with an ounce of empathy.

      • jdstree

        “Just a person with an ounce of empathy.” And scorn for those who have an ounce of empathy for Jon, or whose empathy has them wishing for a normal life for the kids.

      • Leslie

        Difference – my empathy doesn’t attack anybody for just trying to be a parent who can provide for her children – who cares if it’s in an unorthodox way? The kids didn’t seem too happy for the show to be ending. TLC is all about the drama – putting every imperfect moment on TV – don’t you think if the kids hated being in front of the cameras that TLC would have shown that 1000 times? It would have made the show even more dramatic. They didn’t show that because it wasn’t the case. The kids lived their lives and just happened to be video taped while they did it. I wish I had that kind of footage of my kids when they were small – but nobody has the time to do that. Kate and her kids are lucky to have had the show and hopefully they’ll all move on to bigger and better things. You haters can take your negativity towards everything she does and put it towards the Kardashians or anybody else who dares to have a life in front of cameras.

      • Jen

        I couldn’t agree with Leslie more – there is truly something wrong with our negative society – nobody ever has anything positive to say on a message board anymore – everybody acts like they’re so perfect. It’s really sad actually.

      • Steven

        The haters are just a bunch of fat cackling old house witches that need somebody to bash because they could never keep themselves looking as good as Kate while raising 8 kids and filming a TV show – not that their lives would be interesting enough to bring in a million plus viewers…

      • teresa

        Oh my gosh I can’t believe anyone would defend Kate! She is such a shrew. She put those children on public display. She spanked one on camera, won’t that be a nice memory for the child? Those children did not have a choice whether or not they’d be on TV or traveling around the world. They were forced and when they get their voices, look out. They’ll be writing Mommy Dearest books.
        P.S. Reality TV isn’t a career. She should have been preparing for this day. Let’s hope she kept her nursing degree current….

      • DSM-IV

        I think Leslie has no idea what empathy means and/or where it most ought to be directed.

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