Jon Gosselin comes to grips with Reality, resembles rational human being


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Jon Gosselin: Unlikely voice of reason? It’s hard to believe the idea that Gosselin, the former reality-star-in-the-throes-of-a-midlife crisis and unofficial Ed Hardy spokesman, could be […] Read the full post.

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  • J

    It was good to hear Jon talk the way he did. I certainly do hope he is sinere in what he is saying. I totally agree with what he said. I have been saying that for years now re Kate and the children. The kids need to be brought up in a somwhat normal world…not fantasy. The mother needs to get on being like other mothers and support, and raise those kids as all of did and are!

  • Go Jon

    People forget that Jon wanted the show to end before he and Kate split up. It was her that kept pushing for more fame. I hope she just goes away and Jon can give those kids a normal, happy life.

  • Jeanne Hayes

    He never seemed to like the spotlight much. You could see him recoiling while his wife ate up the whole fame thing. He should have hauled those kids off to Hawaii where his family was, so they could have cousins and grandparents to interact with. LIke a real life.

  • lin

    Jon you’re an A-hole you made a fool of your self and your family if I were you I’d just keep my mouth shut

    • Jay

      @lin: uhm…. seriously? You probably never even watched the show. Jon has always been the victim in that relationship.

      You probably only know kate from a lame dancing show or something. Trust me, SHE is the @sshole

    • Dan

      @ lin… you really hate men, I see. Jon was the victim, not his witch of an ex wife.

    • Joan

      If anyone has made of fool of themselves it’s Kate. Yes he made big mistakes, but what would you expect after being surpressed by that wretched woman and having kids so young.

  • Lisa

    No matter what he says, I respect him much more than his self centered, fame w^ horing wife. And, by the way, EW, a “mid life crisis” doesn’t happen at age 31.

    • LTA

      I don’t know about that, each year of that marriage was probably equal to dog years. Considering that, 31 is about right.

      • Ellen

        Ziiiiinnnng! Very funny, Lisa. I’m glad I finished my coffee before I read it, or you’d owe me a new monitor.

  • Dan

    Jon might have done wrong at times, but he’s forgivin in my book. Most men would have turned to booze, drugs and possibly murder if they were stuck under the same roof with Kate. I wish him and the kids the best.

    • NI

      Oh, well, since he turned to 2 out of 3 (that we know of…) I guess he’s okay.

  • MoveOn

    He seems practical. Kate is not practical. She was controlling and bereated him when married. If true she just bought a new car and at the same time is whining about needing a job to support her job, she loses all credibility. The kids will get over being stars and hopefully transition to be normal kids as they should be.

  • K- HATE

    Jon, you’ve put on weight. You need to eat salad all day, like my kids do.

    • NI

      That’s right, only the bodyguard deserves pizza.

  • AKT

    Well, John has finally grown up. Now it’s Kate’s turn and she’s not handling it any better than he did.

    His past conduct aside, I always thought Kate was a total shrew who browbeat her family into submission. Can’t wait for the kids to enter puberty (that’s right, I’m looking at you, Maddie).

    • Moni

      That’s a good thing. Seeing Maddie go through adolescence would be too much. Glad the show is over.

  • Michelle

    Jon has always been a good man and a much better parent to his kids than Kate. After he and Kate separated and he was free from her belittling and demeaning words and attitude towards him, I think he was a little shocked at the sudden from of being away from her meanness and he went a little crazy. Now all the shock and suddenness has worn off and he is back to his normal self. Make no mistake, Kate was the cause of this marriage breaking up, not Jon.

    • Kate

      Oh, that explains the one bedroom apartment he got in Manhatten, so close to his kids. Or the two bedroom one he has now, miles away from them. yeah, such a good parent.

      • Jay

        When she’s bleeding him dry on child support to buy sports cars and try to remain famous, what do you expect? I commend him for holding together as well as he has. That woman is a shrew

      • Melody

        Go back to your kate shrine. You’ve been conned by her BS and when the truth comes out you will feel stupid

  • WheresTheMoneyNow

    He seems practical. If she has overspent and not saved, then she’ll have to get a job. Kate shouldn’t have money woes. $680,000 a year jobe is not bad. (2007-2011). Let’s say 136 episodes @ $25,000 each = $3.4 million. Where did the money go? Big house and yard?, body guard?, new car for Kate? extras on trips? Sure eight kids are expensive but they made a lot of money. Don’t forget, she also made made money on her book. So Kate stop whining and overspending. Save and take care of your kids. We don’t feel sorry for you ~ just your kids.

  • suni3

    Jon is an arrogant ass. “I have my kids, I have my custody, I pay child support … I don’t have a farm on 24 acres… and the kids seem to have a good time at my house.” —– they also love their home.

    • Jay

      I think you missed the point of his statement. He wasn’t being arrogant. He was being realistic.

      If anything, KATE is the arrogant one.

    • Melody

      You’ve been kneeling before your Kate shrine too long

  • Anika

    Why does she need to stay on TV for money? Kids are expensive, yes, but he has a job and where’s all the money’s she’s made in the last 10 years? All the money from the TV show? From DWTS? From her three (four?) bestselling books? From all her speaking engagements? She should have plenty of money to support her kids.

    • Sheryl

      I agree.

  • Melody

    Jon Gosselin has shown far more affection to his kids than Kate ever has.

    And despite his past whacked out behavior, I consider him the better parent.

    When those kids are old enough, they are going to hesitate to flee from their horrible excuse of a mother.

    • dogfoot

      If you mean NOT going to hesitate, I think your post is entirely correct.

  • Sheryl

    Jon’s a douche and always will be. He is only saying this now because he couldn’t get an entertainment career going because no one cares what he says or does. I say good riddance to Kate and the kids as well. Maybe they will grow up somewhat normal now that they don’t have cameras following them around. TLC will have to change a lot of their programming before I tune in again.

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