Is Adam the worst player in 'Big Brother' history?


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This season of Big Brother has seen its share of tragedy. Daniele tried to prove she could win the game without her father, BB legend Evel Dick… but the game proved her wrong. Jeff had a clear route to victory with an alliance that loved him… until one of his closest friends, Shelly, stabbed him in the back. You could almost look at this season as a portrait of generational conflict: The new players had big plans to sabotage the all-stars, but the Newbies’ tendency to betray each other (and occasionally just make incredibly stupid gameplay moves) gave the Veterans a shockingly smooth ride. But with only three episodes left in the season, viewers are mainly focusing on the most tragic contestant of all: Adam, the man who reached the Final Four despite the fact that he has done absolutely nothing all summer.

Now, maybe that’s an unfair assessment. There are many routes to victory in the Big Brother house. Making too many aggressive moves will put a target on your back. A good social game is only an advantage until the point when people start counting Jury votes. Players who base their gameplay on winning competitions (which is basically what Rachel did last season) are only safe until they lose a competition. You could certainly argue that the fact that Adam has made it this far is proof that his strategy of absolute neutrality — let’s call it “the Switzerland Offense” — has worked.

You could argue that. But you’d be wrong. Adam has made it this far purely because of forces beyond his control. The Big Brother house was split down the middle this entire season: The initial Newbie/Veteran divide quickly transformed into a constant battle between Daniele and Jeff’s respective squads. That meant Adam, purely by virtue of being the least-threatening housemate at all times, was never really in danger. Whichever side of the house was in power always had bigger targets in their sniper scope.

Adam certainly hasn’t been the only floater this season. Porsche tooted along for the first half of the season. Lawon’s only notable move turned out to be his own Big Brother suicide. Heck, Jordan — who looks like the easy pick to win the whole season — has only really gotten this far because of her close alliances with Jeff and Rachel. But the difference is that all these players at least tried to make legitimate game moves. Porsche has emerged as a minor force in competitions; Lawon seemed to realize that he was floating, which led to his Hail Mary play; and if the worst thing you can say about Jordan is that she makes friends with people who carry her to victory, then that’s not too shabby.

And that’s, I think, the first big gripe with Adam: There is no real way that his Switzerland Offense will lead him to victory. He’s so focused on not being eliminated that he hasn’t ever really thought about winning. Shelly got a weird amount of criticism for booting Jeff out of the house, but her strategy was sound: She seemed to be the first person to realize that allying with Jeff and Jordan was the best guarantee for a third-place finish.

But really, the main gripe with Adam is much simpler: Even if he’s not a bad Big Brother player, he is certainly incredibly boring. Big Brother is a game, after all, and the best housemates play the game with a flourish. By comparison, Adam is like the best bunter in Major League Baseball. Sure, it’s a useful skill… but it’s not going to get you to Cooperstown.

Fellow Big Brother fans, do you think Adam ranks in the upper echelons of the worst players in Big Brother history? Wouldn’t you have expected such a professed BB fan to have more insidious plans for the house? Or do you think Adam’s fandom was his Achilles Heel, preventing him from acting against his beloved Veterans? Do you think he has a genuine path to victory?

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  • Chelsea

    Nothing will ever top Marcellas not using the veto on himself…

    • Jen

      I agree that was a moronic move. Kayser was also pretty dim at playing the game considering he was actually an intelligent person.

    • Mark

      Yes, that’s the current standard for judging BB stupidity. But I wonder how history will judge Lawon, who VOLUNTEERED TO BE EVICTED, based on nothing more than the idea that he might return with “super powers” – an idea that seemed to just pop into his head from nowhere.

      • dj

        Absolutely agree. It never occured to Lawon that he might have to win his way back in–he thought it would be automatic.

    • Slim

      Is Adam the worst ?

      • Mike

        Is Adam the worst player? Who knows. But is he the most uninteresting and annoying player to watch? Absolutely.

    • MattB

      The thing about Marcellas’ move is that:
      a) Veto wasn’t really an established thing back in BB3
      b) Danielle was a reallllly good player, so the fact she outplayed him isn’t really insulting

      Dominic throwing the veto this year was more stupid. But not of those moves were as terrible as Adam’s embarrassing gameplay – it’s better to go out early from a mistake than make the end looking so pathetic.

      Adam makes Zach, Jerry and Cowboy look like masterminds.

  • Scott

    It’s actually only two episodes left this season — tonight, and the finale night.


      Jordan is NOT going to win!

  • Chad Concelmo

    YES! Adam is easily the worst player ever. And the fact that he is in the Final Four proves the faults with Big Brother as a game. Still love the show (should I be embarrassed to admit this?), but when the game is changed constantly throughout the season, there is really no strategy to winning outside luck. Luck that Adam, unfortunately, seems to possess.

    • Pitz

      I agree totally. When the game changes on a constant basis, there is no real strategy. The game does not run the entire summer. It is week to week. The producers throw twists in to keep fan favorites and it kind of bit them in the ass this year.

    • Tenney

      I agree with you Chad, too much of this game is due to luck and the producers manipulating it at will. Jordan and Rachel were lucky that the duo’s twist came back when they were on the block. Their alliance was again lucky that the producers decided a player was going to be coming back and it ended up being Brandon (was that rigged, who knows). POV competitions that just happened to play to a person’s strength – just when they desperately needed to win that POV. In the end, the luckiest 2 people are going to be at the end – not necessarily the most deserving.

      Someone else here made a comment that there needs to be more incentive to win competitions or penalties for not winning. I agree with that. They need to find a way to make “non-playing” the competitions a negative. Too many people this season said they purposely did bad on a competition because they didn’t want to be faced with making a decision- in essence, they didn’t want to be faced with playing the game. I mean, did they come to play or not? If they didn’t come to play, they should not be rewarded for that.

      • Tenney

        Oh I forgot to say… Yes, Adam is the worst player I’ve ever seen on Big Brother.

      • Jeremy

        I think the problem with penalizing players for not winning competitions is that it completely ignores the social aspect of the game. Let’s be honest, Big Brother is as much a social game as it is a competition game, maybe more so.

      • frankI

        I’d love it if there was a severe penalty for losing. Something really bad like the person who finishes last in an HOH comp gets a penalty nom. And the person who comes in second to last can’t vote in that week’s eviction. This way people who tried to float all the way to the end would almost certainly get booted in the first few weeks for being completely useless.

    • daphne

      You mean final 3. And given that he’s irresistible to go up against, probably final 2.

      And if so he is obviously a great player for $50k.

      And what if he takes Porsche and the jury finds her almost as useless and less likeable? Can a winner be a bad player?

      I don’t know, but it’s hard to argue against.

      Totally agree that the others mentioned are worse. Just wondering if most anyone who leaves early couldn’t be deemed worse?

      Unless the game just sucks. There is always that possibility.

    • Alan

      I don’t think worst player ever is correct. Worst Player ever to make Final 4 would be possibly more accurate. But lots of bad players have played the game and left early.

  • Buffy Freak

    Before this season I would have said Enzo was the worst BB player, at least the worst to make it so far in the game. But Adam makes Enzo look like the Michael Jordan of Big Brother.

    • Mark

      It’s true, there’s much to dislike about the lame Enzo. But he did help form one of the most successful (and stupidly named) alliances in BB history, and was fiercely loyal to them. The right alliance, even ones the audience can’t stand, can take you far in Big Brother – remember the Nerd Hurd?

    • Darren Franich

      Yeah, I have to agree with Mark. Enzo didn’t just help form “the Brigade,” he was THE guy who pushed for its creation. And even if he was kind of a muppet in competitions, he was always the Brigade’s ringleader. If memory serves, he was the one who made the big push to get rid of Matt, probably the single most important vote of last season. Compared to Adam, Enzo looks like an Evel Dick-level mastermind. (Albeit an Evel Dick who couldn’t win competitions.)

      • MattB

        Enzo would have beaten Lane at the end too, so he can’t have been that bad.

        Adam should lose to anyone in the entire cast. Even Keith.

      • ronny

        oh please, they named an alliance with a bunch of idiots. seriously, he didnt NOTHING except yell brigade, say yo, and grenades, over the entire summer. didnt do A THING game wise.

  • Eric P

    He will never win no matter who he’s up against. Definetly the most spineless player ever.

    • Jules

      I think he can beat Porche if he wins all the last competitions.

      • Flip

        I hope not. Porsche is the ONLY one left I want to win!

      • John

        Rooting for Porsche 100%. And I absolutely hated her early on.

      • Jamie

        That’s the problem with Adam. If he was in the final four with porsche, then yes he would deserve to win, because it would mean he turned on Jordan and Rachel. However, he’s so spineless and idiotic that he won’t even attempt to take Porsche to the end.

    • lourdes Bigay

      Adam is not only spineless and stupid at the same time he is crazy if he think that he will win. BB gave the game to Rachel or Jordon.

      • Mike

        What bothers me most about Adam is how delusional he is when it comes to how highly he thinks of himself and his game play. He thinks he’ll be asked back for an all stars season…he’s talked about this on the feeds. He is in for a rude awakening when he leaves the house and finds out how America felt about him and his awful game play.

    • Bob

      He could beat Rachel if the Newbies and Dani stick with him

      • Christina

        He has no chance to beat Rachel. She has Brenden, Dani, Jordan, and Jeff’s votes. Dani hated Adam’s gameplay, there’s no way she will vote for him.

  • BeBe

    Yes Adam sucks as a big brother player and shouldnt win the money. However, If someone takes him to the final two then they most likely will win because he hasnt done anything all season and most have.

  • diane

    I think the problem with BB every year is not so much the twists but more so the lack of incentive for most players to win comps, the only people who try at comps are always the ones who are in jeopardy, and for the most part the floaters never need to try, there needs to be more incentive to get everyone involved in playing the comps and not throwing them..

  • Yoja

    I can’t believe he didn’t use the POV last night. Khalia had a solid plan, and I simply don’t understand how Adam could think he has a better chance with Jordan in the house.

    • Dana

      ME too! Why can’t people see that Jordan and Rachel are only going to take care of each other. Rachel is good at winning competions, but I really cannot stand her personality. Jordan is sweet, but she has won before! Give someone else a chance.

    • Mrsly

      Wrong. Keeping Kalia was a known liar and manipulator. Her game play was to go with the power. Adam knew Kalia would take Porshe over him. Plus, Kalia was better at comps than Jordan, America’s sweetheart. You have to play for Jury votes. Saving Jordan gives him cred with the veterans. He knows he can’t Dani’s vote, so best to get kalia in the jury house with God, Dani. The right move was to keep Jordan and at the very least have a shot a getting her and Jeff’s vote, if for some miracle he get’s to the final 2. I don’t see him winning, but it was his best shot. Whoever goes with Adam to the final 2 is about to get $500,000. His best shot at the money is against Rachel, which I think he loses 6-1, with Shelly his lone vote. But if he wins the HOH and take Porsche over Rachel he may lose her vote, as well as all the veterans. I don’t see any chance for Adam winning. His only hope is Porsche winning the last HOH and take him, pissing off the vet’s who give it to Adam out of spite. But I think Porsche knows her best bet is against Rachel and may win out of spite. I see her getting all the newbee’s and Dani the deciding vote.

  • cheese

    He is the worst player to ever get so far, but I am sure he will say that was his strategy. Either way I hope he does not get the $$$. Although I would probably vote for him over Rachel.

  • Jim

    Adam is the worst player to get this far. I do not think there is any way a jury will give him $500,000 for floating throughout the show

    • Jamie

      The only way I can see the jury voting for him is that he takes Jordan to the end and reveals to Brendon and Rachel that Jeff threw the veto that got Brendon eliminated, hoping that Brendon and Rachel will get so pissed off that they’ll vote for him over Jordan. That way he’ll get Jordan/Brendan/Porsche/Danielle’s vote. but there’s only like a 1% chance of this happening.

  • ns

    The only way to define success in Big Brother is staying alive. In that respect, Adam can hardly be called a bad player.

    Besides, unlike what Rachel seems to think, a “floater” isn’t someone who doesn’t win competitions, it’s someone who isn’t clearly tied to any particular alliance. That’s a perfectly legitimate way to play the game.

    • diane

      Adam floated and floated and floated up until 2 weeks ago, geez when Jeff was voted out he made a final 2 deal with Kalia, only after finding out Kalia told someone about it did he change his mind. Adam went where the power was, bottom line

  • Jules

    Well.. Worse player? Maybe.. But Adam has wonnthe last two comps (POV then HOH).. If his strategy was to lay low and let the sides knock each other out and then turn on the heat at the end and win the comps.. He is freaking genius.. And didn’t one of the other players articulate that same strategy earlier this season in the DR?

    • JD

      no matter how hard he tried, he never woul dhave beat Brendon, Dani, or Jeff if they were still in the house. the only reason he’s winning now is that the better players are gone.

      • Mimi


  • diane

    Adams game, or lack there of, was that he only fought to win when it affected him personally, he didnt ever fight to win and help someone in his alliance, and unfortunetly that is what flaoters do, To future BB HGS, get the floaters out of your alliances!

    • M

      You said that Adam only fought to win when it affected him personally. It’s a game not a party or about winning friends. The fact that they’ve let him get away with that speaks more about their bad game play. He couldn’t win things that required muscles but the brain is our greatest muscle. Shelley played a good game also. Jeff turned out to be a little dopey. Rachel should win ahead of the remaining players.

  • maddi

    Adam 100 percent is the worst player to ever be on bb! What an embarrasement! He’s useless, wouldnt know a power move if it hit him in the face! Watching him on the feeds is even worse! CBS has been generous with its editing of him!

  • VH,

    Yes Adam sucks!!! I appreciate that he is a huge fan of BB but maybe that’s all he should have been was a fan, not a player!!! He has done nothing thus far, but switch between alliances. He gives up in every competition faster than I have ever seen anyone in BB history!!! I will be very upset if Adam wins!!!! No offence Adam, but as Kalia said don’t be just a fan, be an Allstar… oops to late, only 3 episodes left… time to float along with whoever will take you!!!

    • craig

      Appletinis, no wonder, he is a girl and plays like a real weak one. What a VAG !

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