Madonna will not apologize for loathing hydrangeas

Sorry, hydrangeas: Madonna’s just not that crazy for you. Read the full post.

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  • Sue1

    No one expected her to apologize for her flower-loathing-choices, she should have apologized to the person who gave her a gift (fan or reporter, still a person) . The fact that she could not/would not do that speaks volumes. Maybe she thinks the Gaga has been getting too much PR.

  • wendeeloo

    Why do women want those fake cheeks that make their faces look so wide – not to mention, when they smile the cheeks no longer move naturally. It’s just weird – and sad – because the person no longer looks the same – like Dolly Parton – who USED to look so pretty.

  • JPX

    It’s just another example of how vile Madonna is. Nothing is less appealing than a person who walks around with an undeserved sense of entitlement. I’ve never understood her appeal; she treats those around her as peasants and she is as narcissistic as they come. Also, what a stupid position to take – “I hate hydrangeas”. The correct response to the fan should’ve been, “Thank you”. What a colossal jerk.


    I live in Italy,the flowers have been given by a TV programm,LE IENE,and they knew that Madonna loathes hydrangeas.It was intentional.

    • MarionC

      Love it! Let’s ALL send hydrangeas to her door!

      • Squishmar

        That will be the “story” next week…. “Madonna inundated with hydrangeas… Driven to madness.”

  • Snarkface

    I can’t belive how many headlines of this story are coming up in my Google news feed…I had to click finally….who gives a crap about this stuff….why is this story on all of my entertainment news feeds????

  • Chloe Canacalon

    Am I the ONLY one pointing out the breach in security?

    A full grown man approached her table with an object in his hands (luckily this time was a bouquet of flowers), managed to get face-to-face with her and only after giving her the flowers, the security guy appeared.

    Last year a retired firefighter was arrested for stalking her and waiting around her NY apartment with an ice pick, remember? What about the crazy man who broke into her London house and is on trial?

    The thing is: the man should not have approached her (hence her “eyes”). He gave her flowers. She accepted them and thanked him. Was it forced and unnatural? Yeah. She was trying to get rid of him.

    I have been given presents I did not like. I accepted them and thanked whoever gave them to me. And I am sure as hell I talked about how I disliked certain presents to other people. Big deal.

    • Excretia

      Um scuse me, but yo poopie do stink, miss Clhoe. Yous all like you a big deal, but you jus a stanky c/l HOE!

  • Alex

    The real issue here is… Madonna has no business being at a film festival. “Madonna” and “film” should never occur in the same sentence after such gems as: Body of Evidence, Shanghai Surprise, Who’s That Girl, Evita, Swept Away, and her “amazing” cameo in Die Another Day.

  • foxy

    They already have the idea that she doesnt like those flowers…still they did give it to her anyway…for publicity.

  • Ned Deltoid

    That wasn’t a bouquet, it was a single stalk that the guy snipped off a plant in front of the building with his toenail clippers. Madonna wears an iWrist-camera which pans the entire vicinity and she watched it transpire.

    • Excretia

      She wear a carerea on her hand? An her hands was outside while the rest of her was inside? What she do when she use the toilet? Record dat and flick da bean to it?

  • renny3

    Again, people, it was NOT A FAN. It was a delivery guy who was told to give everyone on the panel a hydrangea. I’m sure Mr. Delievery Guy could have cared less if she liked the stupid flower or not.

  • nie1952

    What happened to her face? Hasn’t anyone noticed???

    • Marilyn

      Uh…. You might want to “notice” the comments. Several people have indeed.

  • JaneK

    Madonna is, and always has been, a four star b–ch. She is dismissive and elitist to her fans and other celebrities. She is also massively irrelevant these days. Why on earth would anyone be surprised about her being snarky to a fan or a flower? She bores me to death.

    • Adriana

      Madonna will never be irrelevant…Duh! Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry…They all want to be Madonna and Madonna’s name is constantly in the headlines…30 years into her career. A legend like Madonna will never be irrelevant. Obviously people still care enough about Madonna news if a stupid video about flower makes headlines.

      • simone

        Her name is constantly in the headlines because she uses stunts to keep promoting herself. Whether its kissing britney and christina at the VMAS, her 12 year old boyfriend, adopting a child or her skewed face. She’s a wealthy dancer from detroit, not some brilliant mind that is solving our generations problems.

      • Adriana

        Well she’s obviously brilliant at what she does…which is make people talk. She’s Madonna and no one can take that away from her…Not you, not anyone. She’s a survivor an ambitious and powerful woman who plays by her own rules and no one else’s. Jeez…thirty years later and she’s still pissing people off…Good job Madonna.

      • Sue1

        Yes, Adriana, because it’s not about actual talent, it’s about pissing people off.

      • Excretia

        Naw, she ugly, and now dat gaga girl took her place by far…Nuttin but a new face on has been now.

  • Snurfles

    She was rude. Period. It was a gift. My mother always taught me to say thank you for a gift, whether I like it or not. Too bad Madonna’s mother didn’t get that point across to her.

    • Adriana

      Madonna’s mother died when she was 5 you idiot.

      • Excretia

        Her brain died when she was 5.

  • Adriana

    Why is everyone so shocked about this? I thought everyone knew Madonna was a bitch and proud of it. So she doesn’t like those particular flowers…BIG DEAL! Besides the guy who gave her those flowers was just a reporter and was probably the only person who got up and approached her.

  • Dee Jones

    Madonna has turned into a phony, fake British accent but really from Detroit, narcisstic fool.

    • Excretia

      She ain’t turned into it, she been it all her life!

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