Madonna will not apologize for loathing hydrangeas

Sorry, hydrangeas: Madonna’s just not that crazy for you. Read the full post.

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  • LunaTec

    She’s an idiot. Money can’t buy class.. exhibit A.

  • Ashley

    She should apologize to the fan who gave her the flowers. You’re not above anyone get over yourself.

  • vicky7

    Madonna shld know better-that is reacting in poor taste-she was being hypocritical and high minded. The proper thing to do was to accept graciously and thank the fan and leave it that-Madonna is not that special-that was poor taste n showed a self entiltlement attitude as if he was beneath her-we need to learn to be gracious at times when someone means well-

  • Duncan Wright

    Who cares. She’s a has been with a fake British accent.

  • like a loser

    Madonna ( who is now unrecognizable with all the plastic surgery; you want women to respect you? age gracefully and stop trying to be the eternal teen ), has never appreciated anything, including the fact that she has had such a lucrative career based on so little talent. And being from Michigan and trying to sound British. Knock it off, and have some class, and just say “thank you” . What a loser.

    • LMNOP

      Echoed !!!

  • ny21

    If he was a real fan he should know what she likes and doesn’t like she was probably disappointed he called himself a fan and didn’t know that but in anycase she wouldn’t get crap from me

    • LMNOP

      How the fu@k would he know what she would appreciate ??? Isn’t the respectful gesture enough to be appreciated ??? Apparently not for this hag.

  • celebrity does not equal class

    If this article deserved to be seen and read, it should have said Madonna refuses to apologize for having zero class and manners. The point isn’t the type of flower or if there was a live mic nearby, but the fact this has-been doesn’t know the meaning of graciously accepting a well meaning gesture and leave it at that. What a loser!

  • Judy3

    She has no class period. Never has, never will.

  • rosanna

    Madonna needs to remember she wouldn’t be who she is today if it wasn’t for her fans. It was a nice gesture from a fan,and she didn’t have to be rude in public. She was brat in the 80’s and still is now.

    • LMNOP

      Certainly true

  • JB

    She seems like a terrible person to me. Someone went out of his/her way to send her flowers, and she can’t even just appreciate the thought. Who cares if you don’t like hydrangeas? It was a nice thought. Was it worth hurting the feelings of a fan? Where would she be without her fans?

    • Dani

      Except it wasn’t from a fan. It was from a reporter who later admitted to knowing she didn’t like that kind of flower.

      • LMNOP

        Now thats funny !

    • LMNOP

      Absolutely true !!!

  • clique84

    Who. F@#$ing. Cares.


    Madonna is, has always been, and will always be a cold, vicious and vile bitch. Yes, I met her once and she was nasty as hell at her 1st children’s book signing of all times and places.

    The only surprise about this story is that people are actually surprised.

    • Squishmar

      Funny you mention her children’s books because I was reminded of them and her different way of dressing for her “serious” endeavours. I guess it just kind of lulls people into thinking that she might have some class to go with her classier attire at these events.

  • Ann

    Look, I’m not going to get into it with anyone over whether or not she’s entitled to her opinion, or even whether or not what she did was rude (which I happen to believe).

    My comment is two-fold:

    1) She “loathes” hydrangeas. LOATHES. As in, hates. Hydrangeas. Why? Doesn’t that just seem like a weird thing to say? I can see saying something like “I prefer peonies.” And even if, say, an ex-bf gave me foxgloves and now they make me twitch, I still wouldn’t be all “I LOATHE foxgloves” if someone else gave them to me. Eh.

    2) Her accent. Isn’t she from, like, Detroit?

    • Lori R

      Ann, I’m right with you. It just shows what a selfish and self absorbed person she is. And yes, she’s from Bay City, MI. I live in a suburb of Detroit and we do not have British accents (lol). We have the hard ‘A’ or the ‘Michigan A’ accent. If you live in the UP, they tend to have more of a Canadian accent., In those cases they may add the word, “EH?” to the end of their sentences. This whole tread is making me laugh. It’s nice to see someone commenting normally on the boards for a change instead of all the negative responses that crop up. It used to be so much more fun!! Anyhoo, I’ll just throw in that MI will just pretend she was not born here. We’ll keep Kid Rock and Eminem.

    • Squishmar

      Ann, I just had a discussion with my husband about this ridiculous item (and yes, I’m aware I’m here…LOL) and I said the same thing about this… the thing that’s odd is that she said she *loathes* hydrangeas. I can see liking another flower more or even just not caring for hydrangeas… but the words “absolutely loathe” suggests something that she may want to talk to a therapist about. Or else she’s just a drama queen. Oh. Yeah. I guess it’s that. ;)

  • dilweeder

    Madonna has a house in bridgehampton in long island new york.Almost every house worth 2 million or more has hydrangea in at least one place on the grounds.I think she is trying to create a new basis for real estate evaluation to NOT have hydryangea on her property to create a new spin as the “madonna” anti- hydrangea landscaping technique
    for creating a new boutique resale gimmick. The only problem with that is only a gay couple would be interested in buying her property and we all know that gay men LOVE those hydrangaes. I’m not even gay and i like them. I never liked madonna however -even when she was trying to get the dj’s at danceteria to play her demos and offering them her motor city mouth organ for compensation.

  • brady

    Forever more proof Madonna can’t. At least just say thank you and move on. Don’t be a c*** and disrespect a fan.

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