Madonna will not apologize for loathing hydrangeas

Sorry, hydrangeas: Madonna’s just not that crazy for you. Just days after a video of the multi-hyphenate dismissing a bouquet of hydrangeas from a fan went viral, a rep has released a statement regarding the floral spurn, which occurred at the Venice Film Festival. (Madonna was at the fete premiering her film W.E.) Said the rep in a statement to CNN: “She’s entitled to like any flower she wants and she didn’t want to hurt the feeling of the hydrangeas of the world … No disrespect to the hydrangeas lovers of the world but she prefers different types of flowers.”

So there you have it. No apology to you, beautiful hydrangeas that were just hoping for a shot at the sequel to Madonna’s “Love Profusion” video. But who should really be offended?

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  • @Kate Ward

    This is not news. This is pathetic. A robot could have written this story, and it will eventually take your job. And I say: “good riddance.”

    • Marissa

      Madonna, is that you?

      • Glomey Homerdobie

        Hi Marissa, Yes this is me, after having a new face grafted on by an African witch doctor. I’m getting a new bone through my nose next week. Thanks for asking, Mad-Donna

      • Nancy

        the fake british accent really cracks me up

      • Madonna

        ..please…I have a taste, OK?

      • Madonna

        At least I said…’ thank you’, my people.

        What else do you want from me?

      • Hilda


      • Beyoncilicious

        who runs the world… girls!

      • Nancy

        All she needs is a broom and a pointy hat.

    • the-material-witch

      Madonna has always been the biggest bitch and everyone but her stans know this. I can’t wait to show her fans that the material witch is no longer a force like Gaga or even Beyonce these days. It will take so much for Madonna to sell over 350K the first week in america. According to Facebook, only Jesus and Justin B. are more popular than Gaga…lol. Go away Madonna and I wish you lose that lawsuit for “Material Girl”.

    • Regina George

      Somewhere, a hydrangea is crying…

      • Acaseofgeo

        I LOVE Madonna but 2 things here: She acted LIKE an ASS and she looks like she’s had more plastic surgery than Dolly & Joan Rivers, who are more than 10 and 20 years her age. Badddddd……

      • Sport Underwire Bra

        Madonna makes headlines…easily. Wow

      • Caren

        She probably had those as her wedding flowers once LOL…

      • Nancy

        I hate Madonna. She can just die already.

    • Lordis

      She has always been a witch. She is a fake looking prude.

      • wow Queendonna

        she is an Italian mix..what do you expect? LOL

      • Crystal

        She is American and 2rd generation Italian descent. She’s not Italian at all! She was born in Michigan.

      • Squishmar

        Hey, if black people insist on still being called “African-Americans” then Madonna can be called Italian/French-Canadian… or wherever her ancestors came from. Her people have probably been in the U.S. for less time than most American black people’s forebears.

    • Nick

      Want news? Anderson Cooper. You’re in the “popwatch” section of EW… Your herp derp “This is not news” argument isn’t even original. These dumb comments are all over any entertainment or celebrity-centric publication. What is wrong with you anyway? Why do you assume that anyone here cares what you think? Do you feel that you are some kind of esteemed opinionator? Robots can’t take information and form conversational paragraphs with it. So there’s that. Look at the category keywords for this article. Do you have Asperger’s or something?

      • pastafarian

        Could be Meningitis.. Aspergers.. a burger for your ass.

    • lucas

      This is If you want real news go to… Moron

      • Glomey Homerdobie

        I agree completely, if you want moron news, go to CNN. And I heard Anderson Cooper uses corncobs illegally, so yes definitely, take everything you hear from AC & CNN as truth!

      • JeannieUk

        Madonna makes headline…effortlessly! And we love her..

    • Hmnnn

      The video is funny…at least she said THANK YOU!

  • Brett

    She didn’t toss them back at the fan. It’s just that her comments were unfortunately caught on video and it went viral. Everybody knows Madonna’s been a “diva” (read: bitch) for years. This comes as no surprise. I’d rather see apologies from her for her fake British accent or the terrible theme song to “Die Another Day.”

  • JF

    This story is dumb. She clearly smiled to the guy and tried to be nice. What she was saying wasn’t meant to be heard, but unfortunately it was and the masses need something to satisfy their Audrey II-like appetite.

    • mikeman

      yeah, what she was saying on a stage with a microphone in front of her wasn’t meant to be heard… i don’t care if you’re you or you’re madonna, it’s in poor taste to speak negatively about a fan’s well-meaning gesture/gift you’ve just received when you’re on a stage with cameras, microphones, and a crowd in front of you.

    • Marissa

      I don’t think that if nobody heard what she said, the comment would be any less rude.

      • Sam

        So, it’s now rude to have an opinion or particular taste regarding a gift, even if you’re alone? I understand the displeasure some may feel for her comment being a public one (and I tend to agree, since she DID have a mic in front of her), but really Marissa, if she were talking to herself at home alone after the event it would still be rude? A little much, yes?

      • Lori R

        Agreed. A gift should be appreciated and not criticized. She went even farther by saying “He obviously doesn’t know that…” as if she is the most important person in the world and this fan should KNOWN she loathed hydrangeas! EYE ROLL. Bottom line, she is full of herself and quite honestly, she should drop the fake British accent. It’s annoying, and I loathe it. :D

      • Lori R

        PS…saw her in concert and seriously, it was the worst concert I’ve ever been too. It was SO boring. I went with 9 friends and we all thought the same thing. It sucked. Oh, and we LOVED how she came on stage 1-1/2 hours late – cuz, ya know, she’s Madonna. Seriously, never again would I go see her ‘live’ while she fakes singing with her fake accent. Ugh.

      • Justin

        I like her attitude ! Awesome… and I am a double D

      • Acaseofgeo

        @Sam, I think the point is, regardless of where it was said, it was rude. Of course Madonna is allowed to have her opinion of Hydrangeas, and I tend to agree with her, and certainly all by herself or even with close friends she can be rude. But rude is rude. Lets not give her slack for “forgetting” there was a microphone right in front of her…..We’re talking about a MASTER MEDIA manipuator. I do love Madonna but to truly love someone, you need to tell them when they’re wrong, and here, Madonna was wrong.

      • Acaseofgeo

        @Sam, the point is that Madonna was rude. She is certainly allowed to have her opinion and can say anything she wants, but that freedom of speech comes with consequences. I love Madonna, but to truly love someone, you need to tell them when they were wrong, and here, Madonna WAS RUDE and wrong. And she shouldn’t get slack for “forgetting” the mic was on….she is a MASTER MEDIA manipulator.

      • Gloria

        The real problem is her attitude. She takes the flowers with barely a glance at the poor guy, contorts her face into a clearly fake smile, and gives him a dismissive thank you. And tops it off with an eye roll! Her like or dislike of the particular flower is irrelevant, and anyone can make the mistake of forgetting they are wearing a microphone; we see it happen frequently with celebrities. Maybe she was tired, having a bad day, etc… But the whole exchange just makes her look rude, classless, and someone who has no regard for her fans.

      • @Sam

        No, it is not “now” rude to be ugracious when accepting a gift. It has always been rude. The fact is, she wasn’t alone, and she should no better. The whole thing makes her look like an ass.

    • Bob R

      I don’t agree with your defense of Madonna, but I applaud the phrase “Audrey II-Like appetite”

    • Ashley

      The smile and niceness was probably fake. This fan took time out to get the gift. She was disrespectful to the fan and it more then likely hurt there feeling when they saw the video.

      • crispy

        He wasn’t a “fan.” He was a reporter at a press conference who was supposed to be there asking questions about her movie… not fawning all over her and bringing her flowers.

      • Jay

        Please, I don’t care who you are, but to be so blatantly rude and obnoxious about it is ridiculous (and what is with the accent?!). Any normal person would have graciously accepted whether they liked it or not. Seriously…some humility goes a long way. What a snob.

    • bjh

      She threw the flower on the floor. How rude is that? She is a piece of crap.

  • R@mis

    Wow. By trying to be “funny” and “witty,” her rep just comes across as shallow, and sheds a terrible light on Madonna herself. This is obviously about a fan -you know, those creatures that spend their hard-earned money on your albums, your concerts, and, ocassionally your films; the same people that have made you a multimillionaire, Madonna- who had a nice gesture toward the superstar. The least she could do was keep the comment to herself, and PRETEND she was pleased, if anything, to not make him feel like crap. The fact that she didn’t care one bit that the cameras and mics were on proves that she is completely enraptured by her own celebrity, and feels entitled to say whatever she wants, even if it offends fans’ feeling. I love her music, you know, but this is a very disappointing thing.

    • REALLY

      R@mis, Get off your high and mighty horse it’s as becoming as you claim the release that was put out was rude and offensive. She despite what everyone thinks, is human and was doing the same thing that you have probably done yourself but feel the need to now judge her for. Don’t be such a spazz, she was polite and thought no one could hear her, and if they were from a fan and not some guy wanting attention they would have known what her favorite flowers are and given them to her.

      • vicky7

        Really u r wrong-there is no excuse for anyone to be rude in this instance…Madionna was WRONG-I am fan and she was wrong -it’s her choice not to like the flower but do not insult the fan -how the heck is he suppose to know that n who cares-it was a kind gesture whether he wanted a photo moment or not-he did nothing wrong-she did-so BE FAIR!!

      • Brian Wallace

        “She was polite and thought no one could hear her.” Really? REALLY? Are things opposite in your world?


      • tlee

        “… and was doing the same thing that you have probably done yourself but feel the need to now judge her for.”
        Umm, no actually, that is not something I have done. And even if I had, it would still have been just as obnoxious for me to do it. I would expect people to call me an obnoxious bitch for it and rightly so. Then I would make sure I never did it again.

  • Jillian

    I love all flowers equally! Seriously though, Madonna is an overrated bitch!

  • Clete

    Seem to be a lot of press going on about someone not liking some flowers. Seems to be kind of a non-issue that should haven’t been reported in the first place.

    • LMNOP

      The story is NOT the fact that she happens to dislike Hydrangeas…..

      • Flip

        Um, yes it is.

      • JMB in FL

        Um… no it’s not. The story is her rudeness. The hydrangeas are irrelevant, whether or not the publicist was trying to make them the focus of the story. If Madonna hated roses and a fan gave her roses, the story would be the same. However, I do think that it’s being blown out of proportion. Slow entertainment news day, I guess.

  • Betty

    Wow, is that really Madonna? What’s with the accent? And the plastic surgery? I don’t think it’s her.

  • Ann

    It’s no surprise that Madonna is completely full of herself. Who accepts a bouquet of flowers, makes a face and then immediately tells the person next to her that she loathes those particular flowers? Obnoxious.

    • vicky7

      I agree-that was just rude n in extremely poor taste-I didn’t think she was like that-

      • LMNOP

        YES, she’s always been “like that”…’s actually amusing to her die-hard fans.

  • ra5

    Madonna is history.

  • JDW

    The comment was perfectly fine. It was the phony and affected accent with which she said it that was offensive.

    • LMNOP


  • Eisaak

    I am forever a dumber person for reading and knowing this worthless “news story”. I can never un-know this and I hope that some one was fired for allowing this to be seen and known…. maybe even a whole division of people should lose their job for making me know this.


    • vicky7

      get a life-really-the headline oughta to tell u before u read-try reading the World War III then- n stop commenting bec u look even more silly responding to an article that U find dumb-

    • Glomey Homerdobie

      I agree completely, it makes about as much sense as a rabbit with a donut on its head!

  • vakamalua

    She is soooo past her use-by date!

  • c

    yeah ok thats it?…um wow, what’s next? does George Michael dislike Daisies?…lol…who gives a F

  • scoobydon

    Didn’t know people from Michigan had a British accent.

    • Lori R

      LOL, I live in Michigan and think the same thing every time she opens her mouth. It’s so annoying!! Eh, she’s barely from Michigan anymore. She may as well say she’s from NYC! We in MI probably wouldn’t mind. We’ll just keep our Kid Rock and our Eminem!! :D

  • stevie68a

    She was her charming self, what she said was not to the fan. She’s a goddess.

    • Glomey Homerdobie

      She is a dried-up hydrangea, unworthy of a vase.

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