'Dancing With the Stars': The season 13 couples!

I’ll update this post with the season 13 couples — ranked in order of how much they intrigue me — as soon as they’re announced on today’s Good Morning America. Update: Here they are! In the meantime, check out how the new stampede of sparkly hoofers tried to sell themselves to me at Monday night’s cast announcement in our Sizing Up the Stars photo gallery. And vote for Who Wore Nothing Better in the poll below.

Come on, give Metta World Peace a chance!



12. Kristin Cavallari and Mark Ballas

11. Nancy Grace and Tristan MacManus

10. Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke

9. Chynna Phillips and Tony Dovolani

8. Elisabetta Canalis and Val Chmerkovskiy

7. JR Martinez and Karina Smirnoff

6. Ron Artest and Peta Murgatroyd

5. Ricki Lake and Derek Hough

4. David Arquette and Kym Johnson

3. Chaz Bono and Lacey Schwimmer

2. Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy

1. Carson Kressley and Anna Trebunskaya

I know all you DANCMSTRs expected me to put Maks first, but I love both Carson and Anna Tre-BUN-skaya sooooo much. They could be fantastic (and hilarious). With his mouth and her signature reaction shots, imagine all the hidden gems!

This is great. Anna and Maks both deserve a win.

Peta and Tristan were members of the DWTS Troupe, which I only sort of jokingly referred to as The Decoys (the fakeout versions of Our Pros) during season 12. Here’s a refresher course on how gorgeous and deserving both dancers are now that they’re real, liiiiiiiiiive DWTS pros:

Which couple has you most excited?

Are you even ready for season 13, DANCMSTRs?

Fringe Fairy

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  • Dana

    TMZ was saying Chaz is paired with Lacey we’ll see

    • jessica

      I can see Carson with Karina. Maybe Ron Artest with Kym Johnson. Maybe Tony with Ricki Lake. Those are just my thoughts. We’ll see.

    • J.Norman

      It will be very interesting to see who gets paired (i.e. stuck) with Chaz Bono. I sincerely doubt that any of them volunteered either on their own or without some kind of other compensation to do so. Compensation might be in the form of money or guarantee of being on the next couple of shows.
      ABC might have had to be some serious armtwisting on this one.

      • DRG

        Once again DWTS is using the term “stars” very loosley.

      • Danny

        J. Norman. Just because you are an immature, ignorant idiot doesn’t mean the pros are and need to be coddled for acting like a cruel eternal middle schooler.

      • J.Norman

        @ Danny
        I’m sorry that the truth hurts you. Except for a very select few, no one would want to train and dance 5 hours a day with an overweight transexual.
        i don’t know you, but I can really guess that you have personal reasons for being so defensive. Many more agree with me on this than they do with you.

      • Kevcogator

        I concur with J.Norman on this one. I was half expecting Chaz to get paired with Tony because he always seems to get the lightning rods. I don’t think it is immature, ignorant or cruel to suggest that the pros get some type of “combat pay” for taking on more challenging contestants.

      • ger

        The pros have danced with other overweight people in past seasons, but it’s the fact that Chaz is transgendered that’s brining on the insensitive comments from J.Norman and others. The prejudice is quite clear.

      • allie

        Yeah I’m with J Norman on this one too. That casting was all about the shock value and publicity. Poor Lacey, I love her as a dnacer and she consistently gets stuck with dancers that you just KNOW are going to get kicked to the curb pretty quick. And just as an aside, if “God makes no mistakes” per Lady Gaga, then why do people feel like they were born in the wrong body? You can’t have it both ways.

      • yrt

        All this Chaz Bono talk and “family values”, yet no one seems to care that David Arquette is on the show with all his history of drugs and alcohol. What about that “family value?” We all have crosses to bear and skeletons in our own closet. Do you all really think Chaz wanted to be transgender by choice? Next you all will have a problem will a black person dancing with a white person.

      • Mark

        @ Allie hahahahah. Your intolerance and hatred is showing in spades. I hope you don’t have children to corrupt. What an asinine thing to say. The point of ‘God makes no mistakes’ is that everyone is free to live their life as they are intended to.

      • J.D.

        @Mark @ “The point of ‘God makes no mistakes’ is that everyone is free to live their life as they are intended to.”

        Did God intend Chaz to get a medically unnecessary double mastectomy and start popping hormone pills? I don’t think so. Also, is name-calling your standard response to those who have different views? If anyone has hate, it seems to be Chaz. She is intolerant of her own gender and body. Progressives, at least on this subject, are being stubbornly anti-science. Chaz is a woman.

      • gher

        @J.D. – Mark wasn’t name-calling, he was simply stating his different view of Allie. Your theory doesn’t hold water. We all do “unnecessary” things all the time that are different from what God intended. Haircutting, hair removal, face lifts, laser eye surgery, tattoos, painting nails. If someone wants or feels the need to change their appearance to feel comfortable about themselves, let them. Open your mind a bit, be human.

      • Debra Buchanan

        Why do you make those comments?
        Chaz Bono is a person who has feelings just like everyone else. Sometimes the most controversial individual is the most entertaining dancer. I highly doubt that any one of the pros insist on more money if they have to dance with him…

      • J.D.


        Do I understand correctly that you are equating putting coloring on your nails with mutilating your body? The two aren’t even close to the same level of seriousness.

        It’s true that both may satisfy inner desires, but the former adds a superficial, temporary adornment meant to compliment the body, while the latter destroys integral parts of the body and attempts to mold reality to one’s own purpose. Moreover, corrective eye surgery is meant to heal the body, while sex ‘changes’ try to falsify its nature.

        Supporting such self-destructive actions is not my idea of what is means to ‘be human’. I’m sorry if it is yours.

      • Squishmar

        Yeah, but J.D., if you’re born with poor eyesight why should you undergo surgery to correct that “mistake” that “God” made? Chaz feels he was born in the wrong body so he was trying to correct that.

      • MichaelSoldier

        Did you ignorant haters ever stop to think that maybe Lacey is cool as f**ck and REQUESTED the OPPORTUNITY to work with a groundbreaking citizen, activist and survivor!? Do you really believe anyone working at the top of their field in art and entertainment would be as bigoted and misinformed and full of religion-fueled mean-spiritedness as you are? Chaz is doing the best he can to be a force of goodness and enlightenment in a world that all too easily kicks the outcast to the curb. One day we will all wake up and realize that the so-called outcasts are so much more numerous that they are the MAJORITY and don’t need to put up with this hateful crap.

      • J.D.

        Poor eyesight is a flaw of nature. No woman is ever a flaw of nature. Unfortunately, Chaz disagrees with that view. Chaz thinks that she can deny the scientific fact that she is and always will be a woman. I find it ironic that liberals, always so quick to pit science against conservative causes, would choose to ignore it when it comes to this issue.

      • Squishmar

        @J.D. What makes you think I’m a liberal?
        I tend to agree that “no woman IS ever a flaw of nature”… and yet you have women carving up their bodies en masse. Why should Chaz be made to stand out for removing her breasts rather than ‘enhancing’ her breasts? Same difference if you ask me. Both are against how the female was born. But Chaz’s problems went deeper than that and there are many findings emerging that his problem is beyond psychological and is indeed physiological. However, my main question is: “Why does anyone care?” It doesn’t affect me if Chaz decides to call himself a man and live as a man and it doesn’t hurt anyone either.

      • J.D.


        I didn’t mean to imply that you yourself are liberal. However, the majority of those who defend the self-destructive actions of Chaz would call themselves progressives, or liberals. Sorry for the confusion.
        I think the plastic surgery craze is terrible. One reason that I am commenting on Chaz’s case is that sex change surgeries aren’t just a warped way of treating one’s body, but also truly and permanently harmful. I haven’t heard any scientific evidence to suggest that any man or woman has a physiological need to change their sex. As far as I know, the issue relates to the brain and the intellect. I believe Chaz needs medical treatment, but of a psychological kind. Finally, as for why I care, I think the question should be: why should I NOT care about the well-being of another? Peace.

    • Rush

      Dammit! Lacey is the hottest dancer they have and she always gets paired with first round goofballs.

  • Barack Palin

    I can’t imagine Chaz being paired with Anna or Karina. In Russia people like Chaz would be sent to Siberia.

    • A mom

      And that is why no one wants to live in Russia!! PS – there are lots of gays in Russia but because your country is backwards, they can not live a life of freedom

    • PIMB

      So again Mark gets a youngster. And I don’t think Rikki is a ringer but I bet she has themost dance experience (Derek). Maks gets another athelete. I think they will be around at least a little while. Poor Lacey. And heavens to Murgatroyd. I think Kym and Anna may be around a while.

    • yrt

      @ Barak Palin – Siberia? People Like Chaz? What decade are you living in???

      All this Chaz Bono talk and “family values”, yet no one seems to care that David Arquette is on the show with all his history of drugs and alcohol. What about that “family value?” We all have crosses to bear and skeletons in our own closet. Do you all really think Chaz wanted to be transgender by choice? Next you all will have a problem will a black person dancing with a white person.

    • Shye

      LOL..some of you are nuts!!

      • @Shye

        We’re ALL nuts, we are all posting inconsequential comments an on an entertainment site. LOL

  • Zo

    Please don’t saddle Tony Dovolani with Nancy Grace. The poor man has suffered enough.
    (Also, Maksim should not be paired with Nancy either, as he would murder her day one and he is too pretty for prison.)

    Hoping to see Chaz Bono paired with Kym Johnson. She is classy, big-hearted, and mature enough to be a wonderful partner to him.

    • t.t

      Am I the only one hoping Nancy grace is with Maks.
      Maks would slaughter her lool think of the comedy!

    • PN

      If Maks paired with Nancy, there would be a huge screaming match, with shouting and expletives and cursing so much that it wouldn’t be appropriate for prime time TV. And Maks WOULD chew her up about a wrong dance move or step in the routine. He was very tough on Kirstie Alley last spring

    • SAMMIE

      “wonderful partner to him” ITS STILL A SHE!!!!!!!!

  • Zo

    PS- MEAN Tease, Fringe Fairy!!!!!!!!

    • Annie Barrett

      No! I’m awesome! ABC is mean!!!!!!

  • Kim

    Please don’t put Nancy with Maks. I want him around past the first week!

  • Lola

    Widely reported that Maks is with Hope and his bro Val is with George C’s ex.

  • lily

    i hope Kym Johnson is paired with David Arquette! that would be fun. i also heard that Maks asked that soccer player to join so her could dance with her. maybe that will happen.

    @Zo- i agree. i hope Tony is paired with someone fun…maybe Ricki Lake??

  • lily

    *so HE could dance with her.

  • truamerican

    This has to be the worst cast in DWTS history. Will not be watching!

    • sandygirl

      Won’t stop you from commenting though. I’ll bet you’ll take a peak after everybody starts talking about it. I can’t wait.

  • Rag Hag

    Can’t wait for this season! What a collection of personalities and know I will enjoy Annie’s commentary! Don’t forget Derek is back in the mix, as well–but I agree–I love Tony and other than Audrina he always seems to get stuck with someone that’s a goner early on!!!

    • A

      If Derek swoops back in with an excellent partner and wins, I just might cry. The guy has won three times while Maks and Tony have not!

      • maria

        Part of the reason I don’t want to watch is because Derek is back. It was so nice not to have him on last season!!

      • Connie

        I’m only watching this season because DEREK is back on. Show was seriously boring last season.

      • @Connie

        Oh so now I know why the insult to the poster later. You like the gay egomaniac.

      • jeannie

        boo hoo!!!

      • abeeotch

        Are you referring to Chaz? Firstly, how completely wrong to call anyone an “IT” and secondly, he is a he. Perhaps inclusion is not part of your vocabulary.

      • abeeotch

        Exactly how was Jennifer Grey, an over 50 year old a guarantee win? How is Rikki Lake a guarantee win.
        I think Tony hasn’t won because Tony’s FreeStyle dance ALWAYS sucks in my opinion.

  • Stacie

    Off the top of my head I’m thinking Hope Solo with Maks, David Arquette with Lacey Schwimmer. Derek maybe with Kristen Cavalleri. Chaz with Anna. I can see Carson with Karina. Maybe Ron Artest with Kym Johnson. Maybe Tony with Ricki Lake. Those are just my thoughts. We’ll see.

    • Kati

      You got ONE right, dummy! Thanks for your stupid thoughts.

      • OMG

        hahahaha you are mean but hahaha

    • Jake

      Yeah, they suck!!

  • Kelly

    Lacey and Nancy Grace, Candis Cane and Chaz, Carson and Bruno!

  • schmamie79

    Any change they’ll match Carson with another man?

    • schmamie79


    • A

      I doubt it. Lance Bass was paired with Lacey a few years ago.

  • Sheryl

    I’m hoping Maks and Mark take a break this season, but probably won’t cause they’re both fame wh*res.

    • Sugar

      What? How could you possibly put Maks in the same sentence with Mark? Maks is confident and competitive, Mark is an upstaging ham. HUGE difference.

  • bean

    Booo! No Chelsea or Dmitri this year. At least Maks is stil there.

    • David

      Very sad about Chelsea! Enjoyed her one appearance on SYTYCD this summer. Another reason not to watch this pathetic group of losers. How in the world can they call these people “stars”??

    • AJBarrett

      I see that Louis didn’t make the cut this season. Maybe Kendra was too much for him!

      • DogBoy

        Louis + Chaz … match made in heaven.

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