Rush Limbaugh says Obama hoped for greater hurricane disaster


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As many as 40 people were killed by Mother Nature and in accidents related to Hurricane Irene, and more than 8 million lost power during the storm that flooded areas of the East Coast, but there was nevertheless a great sigh of relief that the damage wasn’t as massive as initially feared. Rush Limbaugh, however, thinks that President Obama is disappointed that Irene didn’t cause more havoc. On Monday’s radio show, the conservative pundit lambasted the media for inflating the threat of the storm — a reasonably fair criticism with the benefit of hindsight — but he went on to accuse the president of craven opportunism. “I’ll guarantee you Obama was hoping this was going to be a disaster as another excuse for his failing economy,” he said. “If he’s out there blaming tsunamis, if he’s blaming earthquakes, and whatever natural disasters there are, this one was made to order, but it just didn’t measure up.” MediaMatters has the short clip below:

Look, this is an entertainment blog, and though Limbaugh’s extremely popular radio show technically falls under our domain, it’s not our habit to parse the outrageous comments of political commentators from the Right or Left. But this one blast is jarring: Limbaugh believes that Obama is disappointed that the country escaped greater damage… What kind of mind-set do you have to have to even make that accusation? I mean, there were also people who accused the Bush Administration of letting the 9/11 attacks happen for political gain. You can find their musings all over the Internet. They’re called wackos.

But Rush Limbaugh isn’t some dude stockpiling weapons in his parents basement and ranting about black helicopters and the Carlyle Group. He’s the leading conservative voice in this country — a tablesetter for the Republican party and its leading candidates’ talking points. When he speaks, people listen.

While some people might have no problem swallowing Limbaugh’s assessment of the president, I think his remark is a greater illustration of how his own brain works. Everything is political to this man — even natural disasters — meaning everything is analyzed and weighed for its possible implications in his eternal struggle against the Leftist Cabal That is Ruining His Country. I’m sorry he feels that way, but I’m also grateful I’m not him.

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  • Emjay

    Does this blowhard ever wake up screaming in the middle of the night because he’s had a nightmare that he’s Rush Limbaugh?

    • ComeOnPeopleHaveOpinions

      All the negative comments about Rush are the same people who probably say that residents of New Orleans had no notice to evacuate, they had been told to go to the Superdome and Bush told them to stay home there was nothing to worry about.

      • Henry Plantagenet

        Wow. Lies AND absurd Straw-Man projections. All in the defense of the indefensible.

      • Alyssa

        Jesus Christ man….have a heart. Or stick to the heartless Republicans like Limbaugh and the ” Hopefuls” and see how far is doesnt get you.

        I dont care who you are, defending this man, is like defending satan.-Yes I said that.

      • Craig

        Comments are people?

        Sense: you don’t make any.

      • Rebecca Schaeffer

        At what point did: “I bet he…” become fact? Oh, that’s right—never. And actually, Glenn Beck was the one who called the hurricane “a blessing.”

      • alice

        If the storm had been worse they would have blamed it on global warming. You know it!

      • joe

        I for one, sure am glad rush is not an Obama worshipper like u are.

      • Harry A. Hole

        ok emjay, you’ve made your comment. now you can go back to licking the window on that short yellow bus you ride everyday.

    • Linda K

      I bet that Mother Nature and Obama are working together to get her sons the snow miser and the heat miser into Obama cabinets so then he can control the weather too. Boy what a rat’s ass . . . next we will have snow in South Town.

    • Lem

      Let’s see kiddies, who said : “Never let a good crisis go to waste ” ?

      If you guessed Rahm Emanuel former chief of staff to the President, you win !

      • Alyssa

        maybe that is why he is FORMER.

      • Bug

        The Bush administration rode the 9/11 crisis for 9 years – I guess that is where Rahm got it from!

      • rm

        wow, way to read any meaningful context out of that quote. Try this on for size: A crisis summons the political focus and public attention to effect meaningful deep-rooted change to the problems that caused the crisis, when without the crisis no one would have bothered to fix them (because of the cost, “if it ain’t broke…” mentality, etc.). Geez.

      • Lem

        Ahhh, Rahm got it from Clinton.

        And, Rahm left the position so he could dive into the familiar cesspool of Chicago politics.

    • LM

      Come on, Rush doesn’t even believe this stuff, he’s just about money. It’s what his audience wants to hear, so he gives it to them. If Rush was being honest, he would tell his audience to vote for Obama. Obama has been the most effective republican president since Ronald Reagan! Still in Iraq, still in Afghanistan, started a war in Libya, extended the Bush tax cuts, cut medicare, passed a health care plane that mandates us to buy health insurance, Gitmo is still open and running. I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw a news story about him cutting brush. If Rush really is a republican, he should be overjoyed by Obama.

      • M. Burns

        AND…Obama steals candy from babies.

      • LM

        If John Boehner told him to he would.

      • joe

        don’t forget about obama bankrupting us in 2 yrs. just when u thought nobody could be worse than clinton(jimmy carters’ long lost son) along comes obama. ..makes u proud to be a dem doesn’t it?

      • Alyssa

        @joe, think about the nonsense you are saying ( spewing) . Did you recently have brain surgery and your common sense hasn’t kicked back in yet?
        President Obama did not bankrupt the country in 2 yrs. that is laughable and the dumbest thing I have ever heard. I KNOW- you were in a coma for 8 yrs. Ever heard of George W. Bush? And these really big expensive things called wars he started in Iraq and Afghanistan- along with Guantanamo Bay detention center, and his endless crusade for WMD. Oh yeah, its Obama’s fault. NOT…Bush is the worst president in history with that 11% approval shiner he has on his face.

      • wgalvira

        I agree with you there. His bull crap program is about his salary. However , his business style doesn’t justify the damage he does to the rights of all citizens and for justice everywhere.

  • cal

    That Fat Pig just can’t keep his big trap shut. What a piece of low life

    • Dave

      It takes one to know one cal.

  • jodipo

    Rush is a horrible person

    • The Giamatti

      And so are his sheep followers.

    • Kyle

      It’s douchery as usual. Let’s move on.

  • Jack

    Limbaugh’s comments are about as far-fetched as if a leading Conservative Presidential candidate were to blame the hurricane on g-d’s wrath over the economy! Oh wait……………….

    • Monty

      I’m no Bachmann supporter, but please bash someone for something they actually said in the correct context. The joke, while ill timed, was not LITERAL. There are plenty of reasons to bash Bachmann and Rush. Don’t make up fake ones. It ruins your point and credibility.

      • Seriously

        Bachmann did say that, several times, and only back-pedalled on it and said it was said joke when she was called onto the carpet for it. It was not intended as a joke.

      • Monty

        @Seriously do yourself a favor and LISTEN to the soundbite. do not read a transcript of what she said. Tone and inflection are very importand, and both are lost in print media. If you listen and still do not believe that it was a joke, your liberalism has left you deaf to reason.

        Again, I in no way whatsoever support Bachmann. There are plenty of things you can bash her for that she said. Do not try to manufacture bad press for her. She does that well enough for herself.

        Funny joke? No. Poorly timed? Very. Literal meaning? NO.

      • Seriously

        I did listen to her. She was not joking, and the thoughts expressed are certainly in line with her beliefs. She made a stupid, tactless statement and got caught. Instead of apologizing, she pulled the tired old “it was a joke” defense.

      • Matt

        @Monty – I’m not so sure. I saw the video myself. Just because some people laughed at what she said doesn’t mean she wasn’t being serious. It’s just not the kind of thing you say as a joke, because it simply isn’t funny as a joke. And I don’t mean it’s not funny because it’s insensitive – I literally mean that there’s nothing funny there. So, I have a hard time imagining someone would make that “joke.”

      • joe

        what credibility??

    • Robin

      Gilbert Gottfried makes an ill-timed joke about the disaster in Japan and gets vilified and loses his job; Michelle Bachmann does the same thing and she’s STILL the front-runner for the GOP’s presidential candidate. At least Gilbert was funny. Bachmann is just pathetic.

    • Alyssa

      I agree with both Jack and Robin. Its not even NOV. of ’11 and these ” Hopefuls” and the support of people they probably don’t/shouldn’t( Trump, Limbaugh,Pat Robertson) want are digging them a grave. Well….I can sleep better.

    • Sandra

      @@@ Bachmann … well, she is from a state that pretty routinely has floods, blizzards, tornados … it’s pretty hard to joke about natural disasters (I went through a tornado in 1984 and it’s still “too soon” for jokes … still in the “I’m happy to have survived” mode) … on the other hand my friend thinks tornados are cool. So maybe Bachmann should confine those types of comments to Minnesota … where people understand the craziness that routinely awful weather causes.

      • Alyssa

        every year almost. I live in North Dakota- we are practically conjoined twins with MN. And My Aunt lives on a lake in MN. The water rises really high every winter. OUR WINTERS are nasty and brutal- ill advised for her to say something about our floods though. Lots of possessions have been lost, and people drowning.

    • Sandra

      @Alyssa — only part of your post made it but I’ll reply anyway. I don’t understand Bachmann & I don’t understand her comments, but one thing I do know is that her comments are not presidential … or shouldn’t be said at the national level. When the Red River floods every year, I *think* people in MN, ND feel like it’s too much to bear, watching houses under water yet again; and the people affected say “we’re alive & it’s just stuff”. Bachmann could have said something empathetic but did NOT.

  • mick

    I think Limbaugh easily falls into that group of “wackos”. This man is a disgusting pig.

    • Aysu

      please help the peoples that lose there homes. to be able to get atenhor one at a lower price. with the credit from the last one. it makes it hard to get atenhor in 3 may be 4 years. i don;t think it;s right the way we were treted.some of us lost owe jobs,cut back in work,lose family member; got a lone we couldn;t pay; because we didn;t know any better; and etc;.So please please help us Mr. President Obama. Love all ways. Jane B.

  • DMB

    I personally don’t think Obama cares what happens to this country.

    • Dwight Schrute

      Then you are an idiot.

    • Clete

      You are a god damn moron.

      • Atacan

        DJ, I hate to be negative or deaiftest, but McCain had a very narrow path to victory before this campaign started. His debate performance yesterday, complete with a $300 billion bailout for bad mortgages, turned off a lot of indies and undecideds (as well as a few fiscal Republicans.)As I wrote, it pains me to say it but I’m also not going to be one of these “last men standing” in denial at what’s coming.

    • TQB

      And Rush does?

    • Craig Livingstone

      You are entitled to your opinion. However, what has limbaugh ever done for his country?

      I personally think he is an idiot. Mr. Obama is not an idiot but I do believe he is in WAAAAAY over his abilities!

      • Elizabeth

        WORD! If that self-absorbed dbag ever did anything for anyone else in this world, it would be a cold day in hell.

        He’s beyond an attention-starved s#!+ stirrer – and I’m sure theres a special seating section in hell for those types.

  • MWeyer

    And sadly, compared to Beck or Palin, this is a moderate voice of the Right.

  • jj

    Some people are just born without a soul.

    • Joker

      Some men just want to watch the world burn.

      • Monty

        It’s not about the money…it’s about sending a message

      • Alyssa

        A MESSAGE??? A MESSAGE??? What kind of message can be sent by that statement or the ones the ” Hopefuls” give out other than – ” FU AMERICA! – we are rich, hate gays, love money and corporations, we are just having too fun a time running a circus and bashing Obama to remember our Ol’Buddy Bush….Oh yeah whats your guy’s riff with him anyway, we have short term memory loss”

      • Monty

        @Alyssa I hope you’re a troll, but if you seriously didn’t pick up on the above dialogue, they were two quotes taken from “The Dark Knight”…so…yeah…in this part of the message board joker and I were quoting a Batman movie, with those quotes said about or by the Joker…Go see your doctor, get a prescription for ‘chill’, go to Walgreens or CVS and pick up said prescription, and then take said ‘chill’ pill. Repeat as necessary.

        They are meant to be taken by mouth, but since your head is so far up your @ss, you may as well ask for the suppository.

      • Alyssa

        I dont take serious a person who quotes movies when speaking about real-life. You would know about heads being up @sses and suppositories- seeing as you are full of $h!t.

        I didnt make anything up. I only quoted with sarcasm the campaign the right is running. AND Bush is responsible for the misery of the country- its been proven over and over.

      • Monty

        When reading, it helps to pick up on context clues. For instance, the fact that the poster’s name was “Joker” was a tip off that he was quoting a batman movie. Likewise, after reading your quote, I can gleen that you have education level of a sub high school graduate and are more fit to post your comments on a 13 year old’s twitter account than a thread about a political talk show host. Let’s take a look at just the first line of your post: Again, this is your summation of the views of all republicans/conservatives:

        ”FU AMERICA! – we are rich, hate gays, love money and corporations, we are just having too fun a time running a circus and bashing Obama to remember our Ol’Buddy Bush….Oh yeah whats your guy’s riff with him anyway, we have short term memory loss””

        OK, let’s start with your belief that conservatives “are rich, hate gays, love money and corporations” (let’s end there too, because to tear apart your whole post would take too much time and space). While many who have money vote Republican because their more favorable (to them) distribution of taxes, Republicans also believe in lower overall taxes because they feel there is a glut in government spending on social programs. Republicans believe largely that social servies should be privatized, while Democrats believe that to be a function of the government, with financing provided by an increased tax on those who can afford it to provide programs for those who cannot. Fundamentally, it comes down to how you feel the government should function for public service. Therefor, a person who has money is not a republican, but they vote for republican leaders who keep their taxes from soaring higher than they already are. Democrats also therefor “love money” because they call for a tax increase to take the money from those who earned it and spend it offering important programs to those who do not have the money to afford them.

        A qualifying marker for being a republican is NOT “do you hate gays?” While I feel that the Republican party has hurt itself by leaning against equality for all to be married to whomever consenting adult they wish, Democratic leaders have also failed to usher pro gay marriage laws. Obama himself has done little in terms of legislation for further gay rights. He has vocally supported them, but failed to do so in his actions.

        This is why it is important to educate yourself, so you can understand the issues that people are talking about and form your own opinion. If you get all of your news from the Daily Show or Fox News, you are not getting facts. You are getting the opinions of the writers/talking heads. EDUCATE YOURSELF.

      • wgalvira

        Hey Monti. Did you take the time to research which politicians receive a certain amount of money and from who and why? What do those politicians do with that money? What is your definition of earning your own money ? For example : who of the 2 following examples really earned their money more , a) the brick layer who physically lays bricks or , b) the oil co. Executive who can only be credited with making the stock sell higher by help from allies who lobby for the Executive by getting away with blatant lies.? Too bad you probably won’t ever do your research of the truth. Have a wonderful life the Hell far away from me . Sweetness!

  • jp

    God, how I hate that fat f*ck.

    • Jerry

      You shouldnt talk about Obama that way…they”ll revoke your Entertainment Weekly subscription!

    • Alyssa

      President Obama is fat? you need a lobotomy and glasses.

  • MWeyer

    Right now, the Daily Show writers are listening to stuff like this and moaning “we have to be on vacation now?”

    • rm

      Seriously! It seems like every time The Daily Show go on extended vacation, some event asking for serious mocking happens…

  • MrsT

    Wow. Just WOW. Does he really believe the crap that comes out of his mouth or does he sit back and think of the dumbest, most inane thing he could possibly come up with just to see how many idiots he can get to agree with him? WOW.

    • MWeyer

      See, I’d like to think that, that he’s deliberately doing this just to get attention because the idea someone honestly believes this junk and has such a popular forum to voice it is scary.

  • BobR

    I don’t know what you’re all so upset about. Obama is too busy playing golf to pay attention to anything Limbaugh says.

    • Z

      Please stop with the Obama vacation crapola…it’s been shown over and over again that Obama has taken 1/3 of the vacation time that Bush had taken at the same point in his presidency.

    • Marissa

      No, he’s in Washington, but nice try.

      • Monty

        No, he’s in Minnesota right now.

      • Alyssa

        No that was a couple weeks ago. Keep up. He LEFT Vacation in Martha’s Vineyard EARLY and gave out a message ” Dont Wait, Dont Delay, just take what you need and get to a safe place”. Mayor Bloomsberg said the same thing. – Maybe he is in another state, but not MN. I live next door.

      • Wendy

        Yes. Our president is in Minnesota today. He came for the American Legion Convention. I live near the airport; police and security are everywhere today.

      • Monty

        @Wendy Bingo! Thanks for backing me up! 62/35w I hear has been terrible today because of it.

      • Alyssa

        Okay, my bad. He was here not too long ago as well. ND is a red state, we have ” selective news” sometimes. WHICH I HATE.

    • Deanna

      Regarding golf, Obama has said several times, one of the main reasons he plays golf is to get a chance to be outside. One of the things he misses the most while being president, is just the simple act of going for a walk on a nice day. With golf, he’s outside, walking, interacting with others, while being protected by the Secret Service because the course has full protection. He just can’t go for a walk outside the White House. He would shut down all the local businesses.

      • x

        poor little fellow…can’t go outside. do you hear that? it’s my tiny violin. whatever…he can go outside all day long on the white house lawn.

  • Polly

    He’s just a horrible person. Nothing he says surprises me. This doesn’t shock me at all. I’m surprised people are surprised anymore. The truth of it is what he says resonates with alot of people. That is far more frightening to me than anything. And it’s why this country will be bogged down by political warfare for generations to come. Idiocy reigns supreme, as our coffers are robbed to keep us all forever beholden to the wealthy, ruling, corporate class.

  • Dicazi

    So, Limbaugh’s a psychic now.

    And you are supposed to plan for the WORST in a disaster, and thank God when it’s not as bad as it could have been.
    Guess he’s forgotten all about Katrina.

  • Anthony

    Rush, I “guarantee you” that you’re an SOB and quite likely insane.

    • LOL

      People still care what The Pig Man says?

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