Katt Williams unleashes on heckler during Phoenix show

On a sliding scale of Chappelle to Richards, where does Katt Williams stand? The fiery funnyman has become the latest in a string of comedians to make headlines for combative onstage antics. At a performance in Phoenix on Saturday, Williams fought back against a heckler, who was of Mexican descent, by launching into an aggressive diatribe. Shouting “USA! USA!” sporadically, Williams asked the heckler, “Do you remember when white people used to say go back to Africa? And we’d have to tell them we don’t want to? So if you love Mexico, b—-, get the f—over there!” He then began singing the “Star Spangled Banner” before saying, “It’s not even racial — you’re a b—! I don’t give a f— what race that is, that [guy]’s a p—-.” At the time of this posting, Williams’ representation was unable to comment on the incident. See the rest of Williams’ comments in the NFSW video after the jump. UPDATE: Williams has spoken out about the incident: “My remarks were not meant to be offensive,” he said. “I want to apologize if my comedy act was taken out of context.” He added, “I sincerely appreciate my fans within the Mexican community and would never intentionally go out of my way to offend them.”

What do you think, Popwatchers? Has comedy reached a tipping point of late? When does comedy cross the line in respect to race and ethnicity? Do you think Williams needs to apologize for his remarks?

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  • William Morrissey

    When You play with a Bull sometimes you get the horns…

    • JAM

      well said. comedy has no barrier, all is fair in jest and joke.

      • alice

        Why the hell are these people here if they don’t like America? Nobody is forcing them to be here.

    • all american

      I hate when latino vs mexican vs chicano etc comes up! Wgf! Theyre all the same….baby making, car stealing heroin abusers! They drive around southern calif with giant Mexico flags on their cars and blab in spanish all day! GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY!

      • Patriot

        shut your racist trap up you stupid son of a b****
        Nice way of stereotyping an entire culture douchebag. FYI, latino and chicano are two different things you imbecile. Go back to sucking Rush Limbaugh’s c***

      • all american

        Lmao….u still delivered that bull sh i t to me after i said it doesnt matter! Yous are all the same! If u speak with any kind of spanish accent, GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY!

      • AlGOre

        I’m willing to bet that All-American is a liberal trying to make conservatives look bad. I’d also bet that Patriot is the same person. This is an old trick; plant a straw man in the crowd and then attack him. Williams’ point is a valid one. Integrate into society if you want to stay here, don’t just try to establish a new country. The Mexican government has failed its people. As a result, many Mexican nationalists have worked to create the idea that Mexico would have been prosperous but-for America. As a result, a portion of the immigrants feel they have a right to be here and that they are simply taking their country back. This is what the average American worries about with amnesty: are we just being generous to people who love America, or are we enabling those who wish to see us destroyed?
        Every immigrant race who has come in large numbers has met with initial friction: Itallains, Jews, Chinese,… however, the competing cultures eventually “melt” together preserving both. This is what has been great about American culture. However, I worry that there are too many Mexican Nationalists among the illegal immigrants who want to refuse to integrate with our society because they see their mission as one which is hostile to the US.
        I think everyone could support a strong/effective guest worker program with a path to citizenship, not an entitlement.

      • Patriot

        @All American It is not your f***ing country ass wipe. It’s my country too. You and your racist tea baggers can go straight to hell. The God I praise does not want bigoted, ignorant individuals like you in his kingdom. You guys think that you’re honoring God with all your xenophobic shenanigans when you’re actually being recruited by satan himself.

      • M


      • Ton

        If you’re not Native to this country, as myself then you get the f**k out of my country! Stupid pilgrim!

      • john smith

        well put all american:)

    • billi bob joe thorough lewis

      Shame on ew for associating this with richards! If katt dudnt use a racial slur, then the two shouldnt be mentioned together!

      • pastafarian

        Oi, read the article Billy Bob, it’s the first line even. On the sliding scale between the extremes of passive-resistant Chappelle and foot-in-mouth race-rant Richards, where do we think Katt falls on that scale? Prolly somewhere in the middle.

      • ab

        where has the white man ever colonized and integrated. they have stole pillages, plundered raped and murdered every indigenous people in their hostile takeovers to include america. So why on earth should Mexican or any one else assimilate to your wicked ways and culture. America have you forgotten your history, it is amongst the darkest and dirtiest in the world. When you assimilate and integrate with native you murdered to lay claim on this land then we can see eye to eye. You colonize africa and to this day don’t call your self africans, you distinguish your self by the term afrikaners.

    • jmark

      Kat Williams is an idol. He did a show in albuqueruqe over the summer. First he showed up four hours late. He was supposed to go on around 8PM and didn’t arrive till after midnight. Then he got on stage and was belligerent and spitting on the crowd. My opinion he should get heckled and a foot in his ass. After the show he refused to give money back to ticketmaster to accommodate refunds and we pied 95 dollars a ticket to see him. I don’t even know why he’s in the news anymore especially being compared to chapelle or prior. He’s old news and overplayed. He has his 15 minutes or fame and now he’s a drugged out has been. Stop giving home credit like he’s a comedy legend. He’s a has been and needs rehab.

    • Socrates

      As a Mexican-America, I would have left, shone I had pride and respect for my Ethnicity and gotten a refund. Not stay there a play his game. Just simply get up and leave the ignorance of the ENTIRE room.

  • TAMc

    The comedy stage is one of the last bastions of free speech. Katt shouldn’t have to apologize for anything. The heckler prevented Katt from doing what he was paid to do. The only thing that bothers me is that Katt should be funnier when handling the issue.

  • Sean

    NEVER. There is no such line. This thing has been going on in comedy clubs since forever, yet for some reason, lazy writers are picking up on it now. Most people when speaking of comic geniuses would put Lenny Bruce at or near the top of the list. He was the person who fought for comedians to be able to speak their minds and say whatever they want, and now stupid rags like this want to ruin comics and bring them back to the 1940s. If you are going to be offended by anything, ANYTHING, you have no reason going to a comedy club in the first place, especially not someone like Katt Williams. There are plenty of comedians who don’t use this type of language. Do your homework before you go see a comic if you are so easily offended. Jesus Christ.

    • Jeff C.


      • Incredulous

        I think it’s great to see that we have reached a point where people on the internet have become so lazy, both physically and intellectually, that stating a totally random single word can pass as stating a position of agreement. I tip my cap, Jeff. If you hadn’t put forth the effort to type “this,” we would have all been denied the joy of your contribution.

  • Craig

    Wasn’t racist, but it WAS refreshingly nationalistic.

    • Sarah

      lol, I was about to say something similar.

    • LM

      “Refreshingly nationalistic?”
      *sigh* [shakes head)

    • Captain

      Nationalistic? Really? Go back to English class.

      • Sean

        Who cares!?!? Everyone knows it’s the f***ing Jews who are ruining America!!

      • AlGOre

        Sean, are you a Ron Paul supporter?

    • Massa


  • whatevs

    Honestly, I don’t care how any comic responds to a heckler. When you’re disruptive to someone’s performance, you sign up for everything that comes with it.

    Race is the easiest thing to target because that’s the only thing you can know about a stranger.

    • tinybubble

      itsa well known fact..you get what u give..the heckler set the tone and tried to become the center of attention katt did what any other comic does got with him and maintain the point of the show even the guy lady friend was laughing…the crowd was rolling..lesson learned dont throw your heckling self in the ring if u cant take the heat

  • RickterScale

    If you get offended by a comedian you are too dumb to be there.

  • Kobra Van Doom

    To quote the late, great Rick James “Cocaine’s a helluva drug!”

  • Try it

    This is America. Our morality is capital. If you don’t like what someone has to say, don’t buy tickets to their shows, their albums, merchandise. Or click on articles about them. The media won’t report what we ignore.

  • Desmo

    I hate mexicans

    • Joe

      Hahahahahahahaha I love racists their misery is hilarious

      • It’s true

        Mexican isn’t a race, dumbass.

      • Captain

        Does it matter? Racism is basically hating someone because the colour of their skin or where they come from. Don’t nitpick.

      • It’s true

        No, racism is having the belief that someone is inferior because of their race. You can hate all day long and it not necessarily be related to racism. People toss out the word racism so much today it’s practically meaningless, and certainly has cheapened what people in the past did to fight for equality.

      • It’s true

        This annoys me so much, I’m posting twice!

        Hating on Mexican immigrants has NOTHING to do with racism. The majority aren’t up in arms about this issue because these people are predominately Hispanic, but instead because of the entitlement, drain-the-system mentality that a large percentage of Mexican immigrants seem to foster. And that anger is only aggravated when they’re called racists. People don’t care and probably even welcome (as do I) legal, hard-working immigrants who want to come here to better themselves REGARDLESS of which country they come from or the color of their skin.

      • Patriot

        Right, but you automatically linked being Mexican to being undocumented. There are tons of illegal Asians and Armenians living in this country yet no one calls them out. Tea baggers like to pick on hispanics because we are the scapegoats for everything that goes wrong in this country. No one said he was undocumented asswipe…you made that assumption yourself.

      • pastafarian

        Soo.. bigots.

    • Massa


  • zimmerman

    i love mexicans.

    • alice

      because you would have to cut your own ___ing lawn from now on loser.

      • Massa


      • AlGOre

        “American-Indian” **laughs because it sounds like they belong to us*** I think they were just called savages before America got here lol!
        Like the land belongs to them simply because they hunted buffalo here while the rest of the world was developing into a civilization. Thank God the Europeans took over, or this country would still be as underdeveloped as South America and the only immigration problem it would have is the number of people trying to leave

  • Mr. Come and GetIt Ladies

    I could go for a margarita

  • V

    Oh WHO CARES? It’s an effing comedy show. Get a sense of humor.

  • Kb

    is he going to go on leno or was it letterman to apologize?

  • Rick Hunter

    Haha, he made fun of Mexicans. Me likes when Mexicans are made fun of. Huh ha haw huh.

  • nando2920

    If he was funny it would be news. I could go for some mexican food now I bet Arizona has some good places

    • Maggie

      Why is it okay for black performers to attack hispanics, but Michael Richards from Seinfeld, was publicly dragged through the mud for addressing a black heckler and forced into a public apology. Are there suppose to be different rules for black entertainers?

      • JRock

        Exactly. They are hypocrites.


        so… before responding to this I went back and watched the michael richards tape and if you don’t see the difference between the two I don’t know what to say to you but my take is that katt williams was sepcifically responding to what that guy said, but michale richards… oh, he went off about race not only when it didn’t apply but from my take they weren’t even heckling him they were just talking and interupted him… jmo

        BTW – Katt Williams HILARIOUS!!!

      • Jay

        I don’t think it IS OK, (and I think that’s why one of the reason why this made it into Popwatch) But I think other factors come into play with something like this, including level of celebrity. When Tracy Morgan recent act hit the news, he was called out for it, and it made headlines for a bit. Katt Williams isn’t on that level. Richardson used an actual slur, which seemed to be the biggest issue people had.
        Doesn’t make it right or fair, but sometimes it’s hard to compare different instances of “crossing the line”

      • Jason C

        Maggie: Your comment shows seeds of racism. There’s a huge difference between what Richards did and what Williams did. Williams didn’t use racial slurs against the heckler in question, Richards did.Williams comments had.nothing to do with race, he was just trying to say that if you think Mexico is better than America then go back to Mexico. He even said he didn’t care what race the guy was, and he said anyone that thinks another country is better than America should go there. Watch the clip and pay attention before you comment. Otherwise you sound racist calling someone out on race when its not the issue.

      • Massa


      • the simple truth

        the reason is katt is jelous of not having a culture to be proud of…who would be proud to be from africa?? really think about it….starving, AIDS ridden, pirates, mass murderers, and rapists…also if your main concern is day laborors taking your job you fail at life anyways

      • AlGOre

        The Simple Truth is the most racist Mexican I have ever heard of

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