'Drop Dead Diva': We want Jane with this guy!


SPOILER ALERT! On last night’s Drop Dead Diva, Jane met a new judge, played by Lex Medlin, pictured. He appears confident, charming, clever, and capable of delivering a double entendre in a non-sleazy manner. (“Thank you for the plant, by the way… it’s very pretty,” he told Jane, who’d given him a welcome gift/bribe.) When the two of them ended the episode walking arm-and-arm to drinks then dinner, I cheered from my sofa. The tramp-stamped waitress Grayson stopped dating because Jane had convinced him he was leading the girl on was right when she looked at all Jane has done for Grayson and said, “That’s more than a friendship. That’s an investment…. You should tell him how you really feel or move on. You might not be sleeping with him, Jane, but you’re still giving it away.”

The question is, does anyone want Jane and Grayson together at this point? I keep going back to what Fred said last week when Jane asked him if her thinking Grayson could do better than the waitress meant that she thought he could do better than her when she was still Deb: “Well, you’ve changed…. You have higher expectations of yourself, so maybe you have higher expectations for Grayson.” Seeing a man “have fun” with a woman we assume is shallow makes him less attractive — even if he deserves to have some fun after one fiancée died and another left him at the altar. And why was Grayson satisfied with Deb?

Where are you hoping this story line is headed? We’re told Medlin’s character will be sticking around for the remainder of the season (only three more episodes to go!). I’m hoping they continue to make him the perfect match for Jane (Brooke Elliott) and, in the season finale, it’s Grayson who realizes he feels more than friendship and tells Jane so in the final moment. Then we don’t find out until the season 4 premiere — and there must be a season 4 — whether Grayson is man enough for Jane or still has some baking to do (as my friend Eva likes to say). That would be poetic, right? Jane has spent three seasons trying to believe she’s good enough for Grayson and fit the new her into his life. Has she thought about whether he fits into hers? Basically, what I’m saying is, we know it’s still too early for them to get together, so let’s make him work for it, for a change. I’m almost sad producers played the amnesia card in the season 2 finale, because how great would it be if Grayson finally fell in love with Jane, and Jane got temporary amnesia and forgot who he was (both in this life and her last one as Deb)?

Your turn. Did you applaud Jane’s decision to move on? UPDATE: Medlin tells us the judge was also originally supposed to be a 29-year-old ex-surfer. “The day that they called me into audition, Carol Kritzer was casting, and Carol had cast me in CSI, which I recurred on, so she kinda thought outside the box,” he says. “The first time I met Brooke, I walked up and I said, ‘Hi, I’m Lex. I apologize. You were supposed to get a 29-year-old ex-surfer and you got a late thirties fat guy. She just smiled, and looked at me, and said, ‘You’re perfect.’ And that was it.”

And while we’re talking reactions: How are you feeling about Stacy after she made out with a man (the star of a cop show she’s recurring on) who isn’t Fred? I’m excited for April Bowlby and Ben Feldman to get more screen time, but I don’t love losing respect for Stacy.

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  • ChrisTea

    This new Judge is great and a strong personality to compliment Jane’s. I’m looking forward to this relationship. (And I don’t think Jane is suited to Grayson anymore.) Stacy’s attitude has been a disappointment. One kiss with the actor was one thing but then when SHE went in for a second one, I just wanted to slap her. Poor Fred. Not so great being human, huh?

    • Jmo

      [I have to start reading the comments first, save myself some time] You are dead right! I couldn’t agree with you more.

    • Nicole

      LOVE, LOVE the new judge too. He is infinitely more interesting than Grayson already. I’d really like to see Grayson fall for Jane once she’s smitten with Judge McAwesome and twist in the wind for a while. Then I’d like to see Jane stay with the judge anyway, because she’s moved on.

      As for Stacy, my first thought was that they were putting on a show for papparazzi. Did anyone else think that? She seemed to be implying throughout the episode that it would be good for the show if people saw the two costars together in real life, so that was my assumption. Even if that was the case though, she could have called Fred to warn him first or not done it at all. I don’t think that she was straight-up cheating on Fred though – how dumb is she? She knew he was right inside the house…

      • DJ

        That was my thought also (about Stacy). It just didn’t seem consistent with her character, but then – as you said – why wouldn’t she have warned Fred. I’m still waiting to see how that plays out, but I think there’s more to it than the obvious.

  • craig

    I thought so last night. He’s so adorable. I want to date him.

  • DJ

    Soooo ready for Jane to move on and I really enjoyed the new character last night. I don’t ‘feel’ the chemistry between Jane and Grayson anymore. We’ve all been down that yo-yo string one time too many. Here come ‘da judge! Yeaaaa!!!!

  • bamalam

    I’ve said it from the beginning…I want Jane and Grayson together. Not Deb/Jane, but Jane/Jane. I love every one of their moments on screen together.

    • Melissa in CA

      Me too!

  • JB

    The situation with grayson has now dragged on FOR THREE SEASONS. It needs to be resolved and I don’t mean in terms of her just waffling back and forth in her feelings for Grayson and whether she should or is moving on. I mean in the real way, where Grayson finally figures out what’s going on…..That said, I do like Grayson and Jane. You really see how much Grayson values Jane’s opinions and her friendship. We see that he truly does take into consideration her opinions. We know when Deb became Jane she lost 8 years of her life, but she also jumped ahead in terms of maturity in relation to Grayson also. I also think the show is supposedly about Jane become this confident assertive person and using some of Deb’s mojo to not hide her light or whatever. Why can’t Jane just tell Grayson she loves him or kiss him or something?

    • TaviaT

      I agree… I still am on team Jane/Grayson side… I just think he should be the one to realize he’s in love with her…of course after her Mr. Judge are together for awhile then have a season of him pining for Jane in secret because she has moved on… but they have to drag it out longer because that has really been the center of the whole show.. It would be like it is closing in on the ending of a good book. Of course we still have the issue of him finding out its really Deb…. But she can have this relationship now… Hey she needs hers too..lol.. But seriously obstacles make any story good…

  • Lorie

    I really liked this new guy, so I hope he returns next season.
    Like you said, Mandi, there must be a season 4.

  • Kim

    I never liked Grayson. I think he’s skeevy for some reason. Every time he’s on screen I get bummed out. I liked the new judge. Fred is awesome. Maybe Grayson and Stacy?

    • teekay

      I’m with you Kim! For me, the fatal flaw of the Grayson character has always been that he was with Deb in the first place – they had nothing in common and I can only assume he was drawn to her looks, period. I get why the Deb side of Jane wants to be with him, but the new Jane deserves to be with someone who appreciates everything she brings to the table, including the fact that she is absolutely beautiful. Anyway, I do LOVE this show and am rooting for judge BF all the way. :D

  • Susie

    I think the judge reminds me of Dan Ackroid and they are ok together, but in her heart and soul Greyson is her soul mate and will always be. I think next season he should fall in love with Jane. She is after all Deb/Jane. If Fred can have Stacy why can’t Jane be with Greyson? I have lots of ideas for this show so if the writers need someone to become their new writer I am available

  • Steph

    LUUUUUVVVV the new judge, much better match for her…time to move on. Grayson seems too young and immature. Disappointed in Stacy’s plotline. did I say I liked the new judge?!?!?

  • Judy

    I love the new judge! He and Jane (not Deb) go so well together. Grayson was good for Deb, but not for Jane. They just don’t click. Don’t like what Stacy did, I really like Fred.

  • Erin

    I am CRUSHED about Stacy. How could she do that to Fred?!?!?!

  • jfms777

    That Stacy/Fred story is interesting. But I wish Jane would dump Grayson. Girl, you can do better. Besides, the actor playing Grayson is rather wooden. This new judge has juice. And he is fat–that is so great. A judge who looks like a judge.

    • Jmo

      Bottomline, it’s not about the fat, it’s about the confidence. I would date Judge Owen in a heartbeat. He seems fun to be around. More please!
      PS- to anyone on the show reading these, Don’t Make the Judge a Plot Device.

    • Tina

      Can’t agree more. Jane is too good for Grayson. Grayson is not interesting, and not attractive at all except for his look (but he is not that good-looking in my eyes anyway). I really like the judge, and think there is a lot of chemistry between him and Jane.

  • Dee

    I really liked David Denham’s Tony the lawyer from last year. I thought they were great together. And I’ve always wondered why Greyson was with Deb to begin with, which is very judgmental of me, but oh well.

    • laylagalise

      Yes! I wish he’d come back. They were perfect together (and he’s not bad on the eyes).

      • Madeline

        Yeah, I like Tony better than this new judge. The judge is cute, but he seems a little dad-like. And Jane’s too fabulous for a paternal sig. o.

    • xe94@aol.com

      Ok, I like Tony too. I am not feeling this judge at all.

  • filmmefatale

    Love the new judge with the super sexy voice! I think the real question is: “Besides his good looks, what does Grayson have to offer?” Honestly, he’s kind of boring and shallow. You would think that Jane (aka Deb) would notice that as her new self. She’s given so much to their friendship without getting anything in return. It’s time for Jane to move on from pining over and coddling Grayson. If we’re supposed to believe she’s a confident woman, she needs to start acting like it.

  • KG

    I love the judge for Jane!!! I think Jane and Grayson should remain friends. They have such a close friendship and not sure it would work if it went in another direction. I felt so bad for Fred. What is Stacy thinking? I just love this show. All of the actors are fabulous!!!!

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