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I truly hope all of you are singing “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” in your head while reading this blog. Why on earth it’s taken us ten years to get Bret Michaels to come on our show and sing that song is beyond me. The good news is it finally happened, and all seems right with the universe. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if all the sudden the stock market went up and there was peace in the Middle East now.

This week’s episode was incredibly interesting on many levels.  First of all, let’s talk about poor Blake. Man, did this guy really step in it when he decided to play Melissa. In Melissa’s defense what Blake pulled was shady and I’m sure its tough to get played like she did and then have it thrown in your face like that. The challenge this week was hysterical and slightly uncomfortable to watch. The great thing about the synchronized swimming competition is so much was riding on the line, the contestants had no choice but to go for it. Here are my thoughts on the competition: The guys’ swimsuits were just a tad bit too small and a little see-through for my taste. The girls, on the other hand, absolutely loved it and were totally sizing the guys up out loud while they were standing there. Erica was a complete train wreck and didn’t know up from down. I was thoroughly impressed with how good the guys were and more than a bit disturbed at how bad the women were. I find it funny that Vienna always feels cheated and is the victim when she tries and doesn’t get what she wants or things don’t go her way. I sense a theme here! The truth is, Michelle tried just as hard and did just as well — if not better — in the competition and caught the judges’ eye. Michael definitely had a leg up on the guys’ side with his dance training. But it was his personality that really stole the show and earned him the rose. By the way, Michael, that hug you gave me while wearing that banana hammock was not okay and I really haven’t slept well since.

The blow up between Kasey and Vienna following the competition was incredibly uncomfortable for everybody in the house. It was so public nobody really knew what to say or do. I’ll be interested to hear your opinions of what you thought of this and what you think about their relationship. Later in the show the two of them were celebrating their six-month anniversary. Kasey was in the midst of expressing his love when he reached in his pocket and pulled out a jewelry box. Obviously it was a ring. When Vienna saw the box she interrupted his speech to exclaim, “I don’t want it to be an engagement ring!” I thought Kasey was very kind in just saying, “You killed the mood.” How in the world Kasey continued to give her the promise ring after that I’ll never know. Then Kasey broke out into song. I had completely forgotten that Kasey sang to Ali during her season — somehow I had blocked that out of my mind, and I feel like it will take a while to get this song out of my head.

This week’s dates were very compelling. For the first time you really got to see the relationship blossoming between Michelle and Graham. Michelle really opened up about her feelings towards Graham but he seemed reluctant; Michelle felt he had been hurt before and was closed off. I’ll be interested to find out if that was indeed why he was reluctant. We’ll find out much more when they all come together for the finale of Bachelor Pad.  Once again Michael took his ex fiancée Holly on his date, and once again they shared an amazingly emotional scene with all of us. It’s been incredible to watch the two of them deal with such a tough situation in such a mature way.

At the rose ceremony I announced the tables would be turned, and this week the ladies were safe. This time Vienna didn’t get upset and threaten to stage a walkout — apparently this twist was okay with her. Jake came into this game at a huge disadvantage and a massive target on his back. He made one last ditch effort to save himself and everybody else from the power couples, but for some reason the stragglers couldn’t pull it together, and much to the delight of Kasey and Vienna, Jake went down. He really only has himself to blame. That very first week if he hadn’t given Vienna the rose, things would have been much different. Now with Jake gone, the power couples are only that much stronger. I think Jake hit the nail on the head when he said if you don’t vote against the power couples, you’re “not playin’ the game,” you’re just “playin’ stupid.” With Jake gone and the numbers dwindling, it will be interesting to see how the game changes as people begin to feel more desperate.
Thanks for watching again this week and a special thanks to Bret Michaels for helping us out. Now everybody turn the lights down low and crank up “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.”  See ya next week, in the meantime look me up on twitter @chrisbharrison or find more great Bachelor Pad material at

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  • Ambee

    No tease on next week’s scene that is so interesting that we couldn’t see Jake actually walk off, but watched the masked guy swim in the pool instead? Shucks.

    • LOL

      America loves crap.

      • Twix

        Which means you must be the most loved person in America.

    • BeBe

      Yes I agree what was up with that. I didnt get to see Jake get voted off. Just saw Chris announce “Kasey” and then that was it…

      • Sweety

        Me too, I thought it was a cliffhanger for next week until I just read Chris’s blog

      • Heidi

        I agreed that was so weird. Both Kasey and Jake said to the camera that words would be said (either Kasey to Jake or Jake to everyone) but it was the worst editing in the end – Kasey – a word – then nothing but the idiot with the mask which is stupid by the way.

      • Audrey

        I had a small amount of hope that Kasey was the one leaving when we got the “cliffhanger” end, but guess that’s not the case. Wonder why we didn’t get to see Jake leave….was that on accident or on purpose and Chris is just trying to throw us all off and Kasey really did get the boot?

      • amber

        Hey Kasey I thought you were going to punch Jake in the face. Pansy!!! If I were Jake I would have bite him in the wrist and torn that stupid heart tat off.

  • Barb

    Chris don’t act! You enjoyed being hugged by a dude wearing a banana hammock. You seem to catch everyone cheap except yourself. You are just a tool!

    • Steph

      Chris ROCKS. The only tool is you Barb!

    • Tyler

      Hey Chris-

      You are a loser. You are also a smug jerk. The producers should replace you with Jeff the Mask.

      • Heidi

        I agree. He’s like the guy who smiles to your face and then talks s— behind your back. He cares little about anything but ratings.

      • Olivya

        @Heidi, that’s exactly what I think. He has a fake, phony smile that creeps me out.

  • Dash

    Thanks for fanning the flames of gay panic, Chris Harrison!

    • Duh!

      It’s called humor…get a grip!

      • andrea’s fault

        Hey, you just stole my thought! I read it that way, too. Why all of a sudden is there a plethora of peoople who put Chris down for making a joke laced with irony? It is the best kind of humor.The problem is, too many people do now know about ironic humor. So good on you, “Duh!” and I add my superfluous “Duh” to yours. Kudos to you.

      • ghostlight

        I know what ironic humor is. The problem is, Chris just isn’t funny. Smug and insincere, yes. Funny? No.

      • Jan Kay

        Yah Really it is all about MONEY. Who wouldn’t do “stupid” stuff for one Chris Harrison Pay Check??
        Another DUH

  • FrankLee

    OMFG !

    • FrankLee

      Maybe they duped Reality Steve once again. Maybe Kasey went home and they are showing Jakes departure limo scene now, but it really doesn’t happen till later in the show. Those tweets from Kasey sayin he’s still there might be a smoke screen too. Can’t wait for Monday.

      • Mellissa

        OMFG, read what Chris wrote! He wrote that JAKE WENT HOME!!

      • FrankLee

        Oh, sorry. I never read the dumb blog. Heck, watchin the dumb show is bad enough. Thank god for alcohol to numb the pain.

  • jenny hashim

    Once again, the floaters played stupid. Oh well. We get another week of Vienna and Kasey. Yippee. Im wondering, tho, Chris, is it coincidental that you said Kasey’s name and immediately cut to black? Did something happen that needed to be cut out??

    • Deby

      jenny – that’s what I’m screamin. What happened right after Kasey’s name was called? Did he ko Jake?

      • at

        We will see what happens next week.

      • mom2amk

        Kasey can’t “KO” Jake… all he can do is “punch him in the nose!” LOL

    • Samantha

      ARE you serious? You really don’t get that cutting to black was to oure u back to watch next week to see what happens? y in the world the rest of those idiots don’t see they should vote kasey and vienna out just for some peace in the house is beyond me. I don’t think I could stand to be around either one of them more than 24 hours. Not a huge fan of jakes but i’d laugh my butt off if kasey took a swing at him and jake ducked and then knocked mr keep safe and protect out cold. I think kasey has some deep seeded mental issues he really needs help.

    • Valdez

      I don’t understand why floaters are such stupid people. They seem so afraid to step up to the plate and play their own game. It’s like they’re saying “I don’t need $125,000 dollars, I’m just so lonely and I want to make some new friends, you take the money.”

  • josh

    Chris, Kasey is as creepy as a pedophile while Vienna is worse than Casey Anthony.

    • Southern Woman

      I thought I was the only one who felt that way!!! Who in the heck made THEM the “power couple”. I missed the 1st episode. They make me want to throw up!!!!! He is as “creepy” as they get and she’s like a cat in heat. YUK!!!!!!!!! Hated to see Jake go … I was wishing for Kasey and his tatoo!

      • BamaGirl

        I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Heidi

        I think they worked something out before the show ever aired. It seemed like they all knew most of who was coming and some partnerships had already been established. It smacks of cheating but honestly why they keep those guys in power I will never know. I mean, maybe they’re all friends outside of the game, but it seems like no one had any idea that Vienna was so annoying and self-centred, and Kasey was so cocky (yet dumb as a stick)

      • princesspr

        Heidi….I agree with you….most of them live in the Los Angeles area and knew who was going to be on the show….the allianceS started before the contestants walked into the house.

        I love now the show is airing and Vienna and Kasey are watching the bad edited they are receiving and now want to clean up their action…apologizing to Jake….we wish him the best and all this type of stuff…well too late EVERYONE has seen your true colors K/V and the viewers do not like you….BWHAAAAAA!

        However, evil will not prevail….Kasey and Vienna can’t win…. UGH!

    • DK


    • Mellissa

      Oh, c’mon, a whiney, self centered, ugly woman is not worse than a baby killer, and you know it.

    • Beth

      You hit the nail on the head!!!

  • CyndiG

    WHY DIDNT THEY SHOW JAKE LEAVE!!!!!?????? BOO!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Oh you know they’ll work THAT drama next week! I bet the first 20 minutes will be Jake’s departure and Kreepy Kasey’s gloating about how he’s the master mind of this ship of fools and what a man he is for protecting that wretched Vienna from the clutches of horrible, terrifying Jake.

      • Jan Kay

        At this point – I don’t know who I dislike more out of the 3 – Kasey Jake or Vienna. It is a tie.

  • Renee

    Chris, I need to know, what happened as Jake left. Did Casey and Vienna get their last jabs at him?

    • Nancy

      This is EXACTLY why they didn’t show the ending…so that you watch next week to see what happened.

  • Ronda

    Great, I was hoping that with the last moment, Casey actually went home! I can’t stand those two, especially Casey. He thinks he is God’s gift to the World and he has so much power! I think
    I will stop watching until atleast one of them are gone! Why are they the power couple? I say bring back Ames and Jackie! Everytime Casey speaks I mute. Atleast vienna was a little tamer tonite.

    • Lola73

      “Kasey speaks, I mute.” That is classic … and I’m doing the same thing at my house. His voice gives me the creeps.

      • BamaGirl

        Haha!!!! On Talk Soup a few nights ago the host filled his mouth with cotton balls and started talking like Kasey–I nearly peed on myself it was so funny! What a goob……

    • Mellissa

      But you missed his singing!

      • Heidi

        why will no one tell him he can’t sing and that it isn’t good if he just makes up songs as he goes along?

      • Mellissa

        Because it’s so much more fun to ridicule him for it then tell him. Plus, you would think after the first time he serenaded a woman on TV went so well, he’d learn.

  • Lina

    Telling Jake “good job” was the first classy thing Vienna did all season. The fact that Kasey went bonkers on her when she did speaks volumes about his character. They deserve each other!

    • Ally

      You know the ONLY reason why she even bothered to say that is just like what Kasey said- she doesn’t want America to hate her again. Both of them came out the other day and said they both wished Jake the best and have no hard feelings- its bs. They look like immature a-holes and are now covering their tracks.

  • baddancer

    Chris, GREAT BLOG! You make us laugh each week. Jake was right, but too little too late. He messed up week one and the writing was on the wall after he gave the rose to Vienna. And why didn’t the psycho want an engagement ring from bad singing Kasey? Hang around with competitive swimmers a bit more and you won’t even care about the nearly naked hugging!

    • ghostlight

      Yeah, Chris GREAT BLOG! Say, has your wife forgiven you for cheating on her in New Zealand with Bachelor producer Ryan Callahan’s wife? Is that why Rozalyn isn’t on this show? Because she knew all about it and wanted to spill it after she got thrown off for doing the same thing? I bet that was “hilarious and uncomfortable to watch”!!

      • Joyce

        Ghostlight, you are not only rude, but downright weird. What did Chris ever do to you? Do us all a favor & disappear.

      • theory…

        Maybe…ghostlight is the one who was cuckolded? He sure can’t let it go, can he?

  • Rhonda

    I won’t watch this show ever again unless they have another twist and brung Jake back…

    • @Rhonda

      I doubt they’ll brung him back, but who knows, they might BRING him back.

      • kristy adonteng


    • karyn

      I second that!

    • Florida

      I third that!!!

    • Jenna

      Yeah because we all want to watch a physically and emotionally abusive smug bastard. NOT!

  • Wilma

    Very disappointed about the ending of the Bachelor Pad tonight!! Why didn’t Jake get any air time, when leaving. I can’t believe how stupid these people are. If you are playing a game for petes sake play the freaking game and vote off the power couples. Are you all a bunch of idiots!!!

    • me

      Agreed. These morons should know better by now to split the couples like Sausage and Kermit.

    • Lola73

      Um…yes, they are stupid. They’re on this game aren’t they? To not vote off Kasey and Vienna is beyond stupid and as much as I’d hate to see them win, the rest of the crew deserve to lose!!!

  • Billy Jean

    Loved the synchronized swimming and this weeks episode in general. Wish we could have seen a closer look at Jake in his banana hammock who according to Erica could have won the competition hands down had that been the criteria!

    • ghostlight

      Jake only digs the peen. Didn’t you know?

  • Rhonda

    Vienna is a poor excuse for a lady. She deserves nothing good which is why she has Kacey the loser.

    • josh

      Very true, even a prostitute has more class and morals than Vienna.

    • Darren

      Hitler had more class and morals than Vienna.

    • Lola73

      Erica said it best when she referred to Vienna as “trailer trash.” Couldn’t stand her on the Bachelor and I loathe her here. I continue to watch just hoping for the day when she gets kicked out.

      • sprite

        Oh please…Like Erica is so much better.

      • Heidi

        I am conflicted about Erica. Sometimes she seems like she’s spaced out on multiple medications (or takes the shortbus to school) and other times she makes alot of sense, is honest, talks a decent strategic game and has good judgement about people. I see her having a permanent spot on The Soup but gosh darn it I like her, too!
        There is something wrong with a show when Erica is the most redeeming character on there.

    • Ally

      I love how Chris Harrison makes is BLATANTLY obvious in his blog that he doesn’t like Vienna haha

      • Paige

        Uhhh, is there anyone who LIKES that wretched woman? I can’t stand to watch this show because of her. It makes me nauseous.

      • Jenna

        @Paige. I like her.

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