My hero! Ryan Gosling (or, at least, someone that looks a lot like him) breaks up a fight in NYC

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better analogy for life in New York City (well, other than every episode of Louie) than this new viral video, which is making the rounds today: One minute you’re getting your butt kicked in the middle of a busy downtown Manhattan street, the next Ryan Gosling (or at least someone that looks very much like him) swoops in with his bravery and handsomeness to save you. (EW contacted Gosling’s publicist, who could not be reached in time for comment.)

The incident, which was caught on camera by some very amused youths, finds two men having a physical scuffle in the middle of the street. While it appears some good Samaritans were trying to intervene and break up the altercation, a real guy — namely “the guy … from The Notebook” — was needed to get the job done. Though Alleged Gosling’s superhero garb didn’t include tights (if only) or a cape, he did have some superhero strength (who needs real guns when you’ve got those guns?) and managed to stop the fight. Whether or not this is or isn’t Gosling, it’s comforting to know that not only does the Drive star live here and could come to your rescue at any moment, his crime-fighting doppelgänger could as well. I love New York.

Do you think that’s Ryan Gosling in the video, PopWatchers? If it is him does it further solidify his spot as dreamiest man alive? Post in the comments section below!

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  • Georgie

    According to “On Location Vacations,” he’s upstate, not in Manhattan…

    /end stalkeriness

    • AJ

      Yes, he’s filming in Schenectady, but it’s only about a 2.5-3 hour drive to the city from there.

    • JMilano

      Like it says in lower comments, he has the same tattoo. It is probably him.

  • Skip182

    Nice to hear the two girls giggling throughout the fight. You stay classy ladies!

    • Mr. Holloway

      To be fair, you can’t reasonably expect them to dial 911 for help AND keep their camera phone focused on the action.

      • sheithaed

        They are too busy picked their thongs out of their butts to care.

    • Heidi

      why would they put their hands in front of the camera right when he’s walking towards them? Silly girls.

      Good for Ryan. He even dropped his groceries to deal with it.

  • matt

    This is in my neighborhood and I see him around all the time. It makes sense.

  • Dave

    Wouldn’t it have been funny if the girls filming and laughing had been arrested just like in the Seinfeld finale?

    • Mr. Holloway

      It wasn’t particular funny during the “Seinfeld” finale, but it would’ve been hilarious here.

      Good call!

      • Beth

        I want to just hug you and tell you it’ll be OK.I’m 35.. I’ve spent a lot of my life struggling with who I am. And I know how much it hurts. The OP and you reply has lrleiatly brought tears to my eyes.

    • Ruby

      Ya I would’ve laughed for sure.

  • boomer

    It looks like him and the tattoo on the upper arm looks pretty similar to the one Ryan Gosling has of the giving tree.

    • sheithaed

      It’s probably a tattoo of his own name just in case he forgets.

  • Silent E

    His publicist “couldn’t be reached in time for comment?” It’s a blog, people! It’s not like you are on a press deadline. Get confirmation before you run “maybes.” Don’t ask me if it looks like him, tell me if it IS him.

    • Todd

      I second Silent E. Come on, EW. At the very least have an update. I don’t want to pass this story along until its verified. I could very well end up looking like an idiot. I fact I guess you don’t fear, since you ran the story without confirmation yourself.

    • K. Harker

      Agreed. This is pretty bush league.

  • Yummy Anderson

    Thats not him. And the stupid beeyotches laughing while filming this thing are gonna get smacked in their ample butts so hard when karma comes calling.

  • lefty

    I don’t understand what everyone wants the girls to be doing instead of giggling or filming. My guy friends always tell me to absolutely stay out of the way if any fight happens…not get in the middle of it (as a girl).

    • Lyndsey

      When I was bartending & helping manage a bar the bouncers always told me the same thing. In the case of strangers, I always listened but when I knew the guys I was the first to jump in the middle. Amazingly I was able to help diffuse some of those fights however I too a punch to the nose once by accident…can’t believe it didn’t break my nose. I saw a ton of fights during those years (and took people to the hospital) and those girls shouldn’t have tried to break it up, especially if they didn’t know the guys. Of course, my first thought wouldn’t have been to break out the camera either! Trust me, if you’ve ever seen a guy’s head smashed into a sidewalk you’d cease to find the funny in a street fight!!

  • BP

    The real question is why are the girls filiming this so stupid?

  • Andrea

    I agree with Aly. While it would be great if this was Ryan Gosling, it’s pretty nice to know he has a doppelgänger roaming the streets of NYC.

  • Anna

    It looks like him.

  • Paula

    Guys, it IS him. Look at his tattoo! If you google image Ryan Gosling, you’ll see he really does have that exact tattoo. Here’s a little investigative journalism for ya, EW!

    • Anna

      I agree. That’s definitely him because of the tattoo on his left arm.

  • JennaD

    THR ran the Ryan Gosling vid story too. Guess it must be him.

  • 2face

    When people film crime with cameras, there are evidence for the trial. Why is that stupid? I think it’s pretty goddamn brilliant. But I guess you have never been a jury and had to listen to witnesses try to explain who did what in a street fight. A camera is pretty good explanation.

    • Shannon

      It’s different when the ones doing the taping are giggling. So when you see someone’s head being smashed into the cement, one person keeps the camera on the situation for evidence, while the others go get help. Their reactions – and others just passing and watching – disturb me.

      Good job, Ryan Gosling for stepping in.

  • cam

    added New York-y bonus: they seem to be fighting over a piece of art.

    • Liv

      Yep. I lived in New York for almost a decade, when we finally moved (to Wyoming) it was wonderful to have space BUT I miss the art. I miss people who love art. I love that these guys are willing to fight over art. Art feeds us!

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