Lindsay Lohan wears Pippa Middleton's Royal Wedding dress to Kim Kardashian's nuptials: Game on!


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I’m not saying Pippa Middleton and Lindsay Lohan should engage in some sort of cage match or Hunger Games-type competition to determine who wore the glamorous Temperley dress best, but if they did, I would totally watch that. (Vegas odds would have to go in favor of Lohan, no? She’s pretty scrappy.) While Middleton technically wore it first, and in a gorgeous green, to the Royal Wedding of her sister Kate Middleton to Prince William, Lohan cleaned up nicely and (appropriately, no less) wore the equally lovely white version of the gown (guests were instructed to only wear black or white) to America’s — forgive us — Royal Wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. USA! USA! USA!

Okay, since there’s probably not going to be any cage match, you tell us PopWatchers: Pippa or Lindsay? No fighting dirty in the comments section below!

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  • Rob


    Lohan is trash, covered in white. Or is it white, covered in trash?

    • rachel

      Pippa is older than Lindsey, but Lindsey looks like she is a 48 year old. Lindsey makes the dress look REALLY trashy.

      • Stella

        Lindsey looks like Linda Evans from Dynasty!

      • MB

        @Stella Yes. She looks like a middle-aged woman from the ’80s.

      • Ames

        I think she looks like one of Gem’s back-up singers.

      • Shiny

        No contest; the dress looks classy on Pippa and on crotchy on Lindsey.

    • etm

      Yeah, Pippa blows Lindsay away.

      • Joe

        Lindsay just blows.

      • why?

        Why is there so much love over Pippa, her face looks like she is in her 40s, and her smile makes her look retarded. I am no fan of the trashy Lohan, but just really curious about the ugly Pippa

      • Martin Haro

        Don’t say “blow” – she’ll get excited.

      • etm

        I think Pippa is a butterface, but she still looks better than Lindsay.

      • L

        Seriously I don’t think I have ever seen anyone look more unintenially orange then Lindsay Lohan does in that photo there. Is it even considered a tan anymore when someone is that orange?

    • josh

      You guys crack me up! Love the pointing in different directions comment!

    • Kay

      Agreed. Lindsay looks trashy no matter what she wears. Pippa looks classy and sexy at the same time, which is tough to pull off. Also–not so sure that Lindsay could take Pippa in that cage match! Pippa seems pretty scrappy herself, no?

    • Say What

      OK wearing white WRONG!! and she looks like a call girl. However it was kim’s wedding, so…. naked would have been OK too.

      • Say What

        Oh sorry. Just saw kim wanted her guests to look like tampons.

    • Linda K

      oh – i almost threw up – geez how do you get 2 watermelons and a pea brain in that type of dress. Look like LL doesn’t know either. Ho ho ho and its not christmas

  • Megan Jones

    Pippa filled it out better. Sorry Lindsay.

  • Aaron

    Wow, she kind of doesn’t look like a run-over piece of trash for once in 8 years…

  • Meg

    NO! Lindsay needs to wear a bra. Period.

    • Yup

      AGREED. Lohan looks trashy because her boobs are too big for that dress.

    • etm

      Yes! Put on a bra!!

    • allie8

      no doubt. her boobs are at her waist. looks like Dolly Parton on a REALLY Bad day. this round totally goes to Pippa.

    • KLH

      huh? I think the dress is fine it’s the hair that scares me :)

    • SCBR

      Agreed! She seriously couldnt find a bra for that dress? She’s so trashy.
      I love the dress on Pippa!

    • teekay

      Yep. The dress is pretty but LiLo isn’t doing it any favours. And for the love of God, why doesn’t she keep her hair red???

  • dressy

    1. Looks better on Pippa. 2. Does Kris Humphries really spell his name with a “K”?

    • Nick

      Ah yes, the ole komedy K spelling…

    • tap


  • bezza

    It kind of looks like one is up for Best Actress at the Academy Awards and one is up for Best Female Performer at the Adult Video Awards.

    • maggie

      So true! lol

    • Allison

      Bezza for the win!

    • SCBR

      This needs a “like” button.

    • Strepsi

      Sadly, she’ll never win Best Female Performer, even there…. if she thought there was a chance of any sort of recognition at this point, she’d have a c*** in each hand in that photo.

  • carrie

    How is it that Pippa looks elegant and LL looks like a porn star in the same dress?

    • Honeybelle


  • Kat

    Pippa looks better. Lindsay looks nice…. for a 45 year old Orange County housewife.

    • Cricket

      LOL I was thinking the very same thing!

  • jennrae

    Lohan looks like a cartoon. Pippa FTW.

  • lari

    she looks wated and pippa is older than lindsay and lindsay looks 14 years older, she lost her looks.

  • sock monkey

    The guests were instructed on what colour to wear?? Is this a common wedding practice or just an inflated sense of self?

    • JohnT

      An inflated sense of self. One they share with my cousin, who not only told all of us what colour to wear but also asked that none of the women wear low cut dresses and anything shorter then knee length. Yeah, it was a great wedding…

      • ?

        So you mean she asked that people dress with respect????

      • Ruby

        Come on ? … fine, maybe low cut but knee length? You don’t think requiring a dress code, even a respectly one, isn’t a bit much?

      • teekay

        I’m going to go out on a limb and guess this was a dry wedding as well…

  • Regina George

    Too much alcohol can really take a toll on a person.

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    Pippa looks gorgeous and it hugs in in the right areas. Lindsay Lohan looks like she picked up a dress that is 3 sizes too large…

  • leslie

    When the Girls are pointing in 2 different directions, it’s time to put on the bra, LiHo. Game, set and match to Pippa.

    • andrea d


  • maria guevara

    even though i’m american the royals showed more class in comparesin to lindsey lohan the sister of the royal party wore it with class

    • Buddymoore

      You can pick any homeless drug addict off the street and they would still have more class than Lindsay. There really is no argument here, Pippa puts her to shame.

      • Strepsi

        You could pick any homeless drug addict off the street and it might actually BE Lindsay Lohan.

    • L

      If the Kardashian wedding is our “royal wedding” (which is already painful enough) does that make Lindsay Lohan our Pippa Middleton?

      • anonymous

        No comparison between the royal and the skank.

    • Alyssa

      America…the laughing corner of the world, cause of these freaks. Im American too, but we get really damn cocky at times. Pride is our biggest downfall-we dont always have to out do another country. Sorry, Im gonna go here: another example of British vs. America the trio of Harry Potter then the trio of Twilight- Yes I know Rob is British but he acts like a middle-schooler along with KStew and Taylor.

      This IS NOT, our version of a Royal wedding. I would say Chelsea Clinton last year or whatever is probably as close as we got. After all Presidents and first daughters; former first daughters are never forgotten and the highest office is like ” OUR Palace” . So the latest would be Jenna Bush-Hager and Chelsea Clinton-Mezvinsky. But all women are Princesses on their wedding day, literally or not.

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