Snap judgment of Kim Kardashian's wedding dress: Classic with a dash of crazy

If you couldn’t tell by the recent Keeping Up With the Kardashian marathons and a media circus that nearly rivaled the April nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Kim Kardashian got hitched in Santa Barbara, Calif., yesterday, and though official photos from the event are being kept mostly under wraps, some images have been released. (Us attempted to get first dibs with this photo, in which Kim and step-dad Bruce Jenner resemble two snowmen.)

In this gallery are images of the $20,000 cake and bridesmaids dressed in white — a move she totally stole from Middleton — and, of course, the dress! (See left!) Based on the details so conveniently leaked into the press, we knew the reality star/mogul/model/ubiquitous spokesperson would don a gown by family friend Vera Wang, who designed sister Khloe’s dress in 2009. But what would it look like?

As it turns out, the gown we all some waited for with bated breath mild interest was just short of underwhelming — or, at least, the portion of the dress we can actually see was. From the little glimpse we do see, the strapless gown was a simple choice for the usually va-va-voom star, but if you’ve watched her on Keeping Up With the Kardashians — guilty as charged — then you know that among her sisters, Kim embraces the classic and romantic. But her fatal flaw? That awkward head piece. Sure, it probably costs more than I spent during four years at a private university, but that doesn’t make it okay. Is she channeling Nicole Richie? Was it actually a necklace that didn’t fit over her bun?

Sorry Kim, we prefer Khloe’s lavender-accented ensemble. (Until we get a better glimpse, at least.) What do you guys think?

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  • Maria

    SNOREWAY! I was so disappointed! It was all so boring. There was no Kim K pop to it.

    • The Assessment…

      the dress: she looked like a slut.

      the cake: it made her look like a slut.

      the flowers: slutty.

      the wedding sex tape: oh, she looked like an innocent angel with a d!ck in her mouth!

      on the dancefloor: kinda whorish, but mostly looked like a slut.

      • Let’s hope she pulls…

        a Jade Goody, gets cancer and slowly dies. Now THAT would be gripping television.

      • Regina George

        That’s so mean. You can hate people, I don’t care, but you can’t hope they get cancer and slowly die.

      • sheithaed

        It needs to have a retractable caboose in the back for easy access.

      • cammie

        LEAVE THEM ALONE! seriously.. it really is sick to see so many people hating on them. They’re just more successful than you. Deal with it.

      • @Regina

        I can’t? Umm, I just did.

      • I wonder

        if the dress showed off that lovely case of psoriasis she apparently has now. Huzzah!

      • diamondsnthysky

        still lmao about that one

      • tweet

        Stop Hatin…………your probably a SLUT!!

      • @Tweet

        HAHA on you—I don’t even own a “probably a SLUT.”

      • @@Tweet

        Way too subtle for tweet.

      • RIss

        Your probably hating on her because your a slut. You just need to shutup, because she’s more succesful than you’ll ever be!

      • Chauncey

        LMAO. perfect

      • @RIss

        Well, @Tweet has much better grammar.

      • Actually

        I don’t own a “probably hating on her because your a slut” either. Learn the difference between “you’re” meaning “you ARE” and “your,” meaning “it BELONGS to you.” Moron.

      • @Actually

        I think what Riss is trying to say is that your a-slut is somehow making your probably hate on her—which I take to presumably mean Kim Kardashian (which is ironic, since she’s actually a slut as well). So maybe you need to show your a-slut who’s boss, so it will leave your probably alone and quit forcing it (her/him?) to do things against its will. Get all that?

    • Tan

      Maybe its just the lighting in the picture…but that looks like she has really obvious tan bikini top tan lines up her chest and shoulder?
      For someone whose main job is working out, tanning and looking pretty, thats kind of embarassing.

      • @tan

        had to go back and look at the picture. I see what you’re talking about. Totally underwhelming as far as I can tell.

      • Dort

        I caught that right away. She tried so hard to out do The Duchess of Cambridge. Not even close.

    • ames

      it enhanced her pit fat. Not a good dress at all

  • tt

    Who cares? Can u not find anything else to write about? If I need to know anything about a ho ill read penthouse. Losers

  • Gina Vera

    Why do we care again . . .oh that’s right big butt.

    • Fender

      We don’t care, but apparently the entertainment media has nothing better with which to inundate us.

    • steph

      big butt and sex tape.

  • Ruby

    Yes, very underwhelming. Classic sure, but just meh. That doesn’t surprise me though. Kim is one of those woman who is always dressed up the nines…face all did up like she was doing a photoshoot everyday, hair perfect, completely waxed and hair free, well thought through wardrobe…that when she tries to dress up she just looks like she always does.

    • DG

      @Ruby: I completely agree! She looks the same on her wedding day as when she is on the red carpet or even out getting coffee…kinda sad that on the day she should be “glowing” all I can think is: she’s looked better.

    • Jessica Nelson

      Ruby you make a good point. But if your all such haters how did you end up on this web page in the first place? I’l be honest i looked for it because i wanted to see anything i could for myself because of all the “hype” that always surrounds them. I am quite jealous but other than my parents not being famous and having tons of money i am sure Kim and I have some things in common.

      • Squishmar

        Have you *read* the other comments? Ruby is the one you single out as a hater? You’re deluded. She was actually complimenting Kim for always looking so great that it would be hard to outdo herself on her wedding day. If you want to see real haters, take a look at the first five comments here… calling her a slut and wishing cancer on her. Idiots. (Not you… but choose your targets more wisely.)

      • Don’t play with fire, Squishmar

        …or we’ll wish cancer on you too. And then you and Cancerslut can carpool to chemo.

  • T

    Funny – I see people posting comments on all of these sites saying things like “Who cares? Can u not find anything else to write about? If I need to know anything about a ho ill read penthouse. Losers” yet they are still on here posting!!! If you don’t care as you are claiming than get off the site!!!

    • Alyssa

      You guys say the same thing about Twilight comments. We can comment on what we want, disgusted or excited. AND believe me just as with Twilight, when we say ” WHO CARES” -we mean it.

      After all we are constantly reminded of the Constitution by the ” Republican Hopefuls”. And I believe freedom of speech is in there.

      • Squishmar

        But the point is– if it’s negative attention, it’s still attention. Truly not caring is apathy. On this site recently, they had one of those pop culture debates that they’ve been having… well, this one was about The Backstreet Boys and N Sync. I didn’t even read the article–and I’ve enjoyed these debates on other topics that they’ve had. But I have no opinion and just the slightest knowledge of those two bands so I *truly* didn’t care.

      • @Squishmar

        If all EW gets is positive comments about their obsessions (Glee, Twilight, reality TV stars), then they will never learn that there is a large portion of their readership that wishes that they would focus on other things for a change. Things that involve actual talent and entertainment.

      • H

        Yeah, but over half the comments are negative ones. If a story gets little to no response, that’s when they’ll stop reporting on the subject. They like seeing the controversy in the reviews, if they even care at all. Your negative comments are just fueling the kardashian fire.

      • Squishmar

        H– EXACTLY. Have you taken a look at the “news” about the divorce. Over 1,200 comments. Let me repeat that: OVER 1,200 COMMENTS. In less than 12 hours. I didn’t read the comments but I would bet that about 75% or more are negative (probably more). Now, does that “show EW” that their readership wishes they would focus on other things? Come on. It just encourages them to do more stories like that. Interest is interest… negative or positive.

  • datruth82

    Actually, that’s a traditional Armenian head dress. So, she was just including her father’s culture as part of her big day. Makes sense.

    • jana


      • Ana

        I think it’s pretty too. I realize Kim sets herself up for this sort of thing but the comments on her dress just seem like more reaching for reasons to hate her.

    • lisa

      I think she needs either the huge earrings or the head dress — not both. Together, it’s too much.

  • Nicole

    She looks fat

    • lefty

      I wouldn’t say fat, but she definitely isn’t as thin as she’s been…which is interesting since she’s been bragging about her owrkouts with “gunnar” to prepare for the wedding.

    • Regina George

      She’s curvy.

      • Caitlin H

        Too much sausage, too little casing.

  • Kim

    When my husband, Jason, and I recently got married, it was very small but it turned out better than a super expensive wedding. We had friends and family, and had our wedding near the Bois deBoul in Paris.

    • Jerry


    • Caitlin H

      Now that sounds lovely and personal – just the way a wedding should be.

      • Moe

        Sounds more like bragging than me. You got married in Paris; whooptidoo. All of the people complaining about how little they care about this reality star’s wedding care EVEN LESS about Kim & Jason’s wedding.

    • ames

      you HAVE to say that, because you didn’t have the option of a Fancy Wedding. When you can honestly decide between the two, then I’ll believe your opinion. However, you have to talk up your own Wedding, to convince yourself that you never wanted the Fancy Wedding you never had a shot at.

  • Margo

    I know its just a tv show but its kind of sad. I’m sure she did the best she could.

    • Jennifer

      Actually, it’s not just a tv show; this was an actual wedding. :-/

  • Lauren

    The beautiful Kim is far from fat she looks amzing,the bustline is perfectly tailored for her. I am sure her other outfits are fantastic and realyy pop,we will see. Much love to kim kris and thwhole entertaining family,i love the show.
    A true fan in nc.

  • JBR

    I’m a fan of Kim as an image, not so much a person. However, I think based upon the Hollywood Reporter video & this image– she looked gorgeous, but *yawn* as always. When you look great all the time, trying to stand our for your wedding, is, apparently difficult. If it wasn’t for the veil I would have assumed this was a red carpet affair!

    • Jackie

      It’s not that she looks “great always”, it’s that she always wears five pounds of dark makeup. So that’s why she doesn’t look any different.
      I do like that she went for a ballgown instead of the insanely overdone tight mermaid look.

  • dj

    It makes her ass look big.

    • Regina George

      It is big.

  • aditi

    Why are you all so jealous of her….It’s not like she does drugs, gets locked up for 2 minutes, and goes back out to drink and party…she actually works for a living and provides entertainment…that’s her JOB….she knows how to make money, unlike most of the US, who are too lazy……so be quiet and let her have her day.

    • lefty

      I’m sorry…I don’t follow. Who’s jealous?

    • Sara

      No one is jealous here; it’s just being covered everywhere and as humans we make judgements based on it. No “haters” here.
      As for my two cents, I love the headpiece (it’s different and interesting) and that she did her hair up; I do think she looks heavy and it is ridiculous she’s marrying Kris at all. She just wanted so badly to get married when she turned 30 and Reggie broke her heart. So was obviously desperate.

      • Jack

        Agree 100%.

    • blah

      @aditi Lazy? Kiss my american azz. Lazy people don’t WALK to work. Lazy people wont walk to look for work.and I am not the only person in my amall American town that does walk to and from work. You wanna see lazy aditi, look in a mirror.__

  • Meg

    Um, no. It’s sad and pathetic that KK/KH’s wedding keeps being compared to the royal wedding. There’s a huge difference between them.

    • Annie

      I agree Meg, I find it ridiculous that every media outlet is treating this like the Royal Wedding. Kim is not royalty, in fact, she is not even Hollywood Royalty. She married a man she has known less than a year. What was the hurry to get married?

    • Alyssa

      I third that. WE ARE ALL PRINCESSES on our wedding day. I mean WTF??? what woman doesn’t feel like a Princess on that day. And what is with all this trying to out-do Princess Kate and Prince William. Jessica Simpson said the same thing. GROW UP GIRLS. Kate has more poise and class in her pinky than both Kim and Jess combined who are both on their 2nd weddings. I bet if it wasn’t tradition Will and Kate would have had an intimate ceremony on a beach or something.

      Their ” Mama’s” must have never read ” A Little Princess” to them. As Sarah Crew says. ” All girls are princesses, even the ones dressed in rags. Old, young, big, small, all of them. Didn’t your dad ever tell you that Miss Minchin ?” Great book and movie.

      • Seriously

        I didn’t want to feel like a princess on my wedding day, aminly because I don’t get this obsession by grown women with being one. It’s fine when you’re a little girl, but there comes a time when you have to grow up. You’re not a princess, and the marriage is more important than the wedding.

      • Alyssa

        its different than wanting to be a Disney Princess- its a feeling. Besides deep down alot of women are still in touch with the girl inside of them. They shouldnt obsess over it no-but there is nothing wrong with feeling like a Princess on your wedding day. Girlie Girls especially do.

    • Fender

      A $2M engagement ring. She said yes to the ring. The fact that she was given it by a guy she didn’t know a year ago (?) is incidental.

      • blah

        Actual cost was lower than 2 million..her friend is a jewelry designer so he got it way below retail.,in my opinion, any man that going to spend more money on an engagement ring than he would on a car has got to be either stupid, crazy, or pull-out-all-the-stops-to-convince-you in love. The last one is rhe far as the comment about the wedding day being more important than the marrige… bull. The wedding day is the ONE DAY that you will have to celebrate your soon to be everyday marriage. Its the FIRST DAY of joining your kife with your spouses.

    • Elli

      Did she really need three dresses for one event? (one more than the woman who married the crown prince of England needed?)

  • Sean

    You know, the headline link on the front page says “Kim Kardashian: Assess wedding dress.” I looked at it quickly, and thought it said “ASSLESS wedding dress.” The funny thing is, I didn’t even flinch when I thought I read that — I just thought, “That figures.” And that is the entirety of all the thought I’ve given to KK’s wedding.

    • Shannon


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