Barbie turns Faith Hill and Tim McGraw into dolls: See them here! -- FIRST LOOK

This October, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw will celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary. What’s one way to celebrate that milestone? By releasing the powerhouse country duo as dolls, of course — which is what Mattel is doing. EW has the exclusive first look at the pair of new Barbies — known as the Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Doll Gift Set — which officially become available in September for $69.99 at

To get the full scoop on the creation of the dolls, EW talked to Linda Kyaw, designer for Barbie Collector. Turns out that Tim and Faith themselves were rather involved in the design process, especially from the outset. “Tim and Faith sent us photos of every detail” of their outfits for the dolls, Kyaw says, “including Tim’s complete suit, piece-by-piece; and Faith’s dress, make-up, and clear shots of her hair preference. The couple knew exactly what they wanted to see in doll form, and they helped us achieve the best possible results.”

As you can probably imagine, the design process takes time — creating the prototype alone took about two months. “It really takes an army and the process can take anywhere from a weeks to a few months,” Kyaw adds. “With real celebrity likenesses, it is definitely more challenging because there are a lot of factors to consider. Our vision is to capture the true essence of the celebrity — and I think we did just that with Tim and Faith!”

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  • pdt

    Tim McGraw should sue.

    • Loyalty

      Creeping dolls -I think this will be the death of the Barbie and Ken franchise.

      Hopefully Faith and Tim are not depending on this venture to feed their babies.

      • sheithaed

        anatomically correct

      • melissa

        I think they have other ways of feeding their girls besides the dolls

      • Kelcie

        I agree with Melissa. I love how Faith’s Barbie has her smile. Haha! :)

      • Ummm…

        “The couple knew exactly what they wanted to see in doll form, and they helped us achieve the best possible results.” So I guess their wish was to create two dolls that look nothing like either of them.

      • Tom

        but it looks just like them.. come on? you blind or something? ha ha ha

      • paula cheeks

        there are always people that collect specialty barbies. i know that i am going to get a set as soon as i can afford them.they are out of my range but one day i will own one.

      • Myra Robinson

        for your information,The McGraws do not have babies,they are 14,13 and almost 10 now. Tim makes good money,$35 mil a year. these dolls are to commemorate their beautiful 15 year marriage. they don’t need money.

    • President-Elect Perry

      I will abolish these nightmare toys on my first day in office in January of 2013. After I imprison the criminal One-Termer from Chicago. That’s my first duty. Just saying.

    • Strepsi

      @ pdt: I am sure Mattel paid him a handsome licensing fee and he didn’t give them another thought after cashing the cheque.

      In other words, to paraphrase Michael Caine, the Barbies may be horrible, but the boat they buy him will probably be delightful.

      Still…. DAMN those are some bad likenesses.

    • shirley harris

      You are so right. Time and Faith are both good looking people and I can not believe they would sign off on these two dolls that look nothing like them. Yes both should sue

    • mary

      my name is revena bilbrey. i love tims new movie “country strong” it is one of the best performances that i have ever witnessed. if it dosent win an award there is something wrong with. also a america. i love you and thanks for years of enjuyment in music, movies andjust being you. also a fan of faith hill. i miss going to the june jams so you have to carry on without me

  • Ashleigh

    The Tim doll looks more like Charlotte from “Sex and the City”, when she dressed as a man and modeled for that painter. This doll looks like a Barbie in drag.

    • FazeCraze

      This is probably my favorite comment ever posted on

      • shirley harris

        love that comment—a barbie in drag

    • Tessa

      SO TRUE

    • Kari


    • Linda K

      Wow Ashleigh – 1996 wants you back. Seriously if you’re still in thinking about Charlotta in Sex in the City. . . you need to get the doll and set up your shrine to the past. Freakish

      • candacetx

        you’re just jealous because @Ashleigh called it PERFECTLY. #wittyreplyfail

      • Shellene Hunt

        i completely agree with you linda!

      • Ashleigh

        Linda K — just because it is an old reference doesn’t make it any less true. And BTW: SatC premiered in 1998 (according to imdb). My 1996 shrine is dedicated to Ross and Rachel and the Prom Video. ;)

      • Bre

        Sex and the City didn’t start til 1998. Also, it’s Charlotte.

      • Ummm…

        “Wow Ashleigh – 1996 wants you back.” Wow, Linda—come up with a more hip phrase next time. (Oh no he din’t!)

    • Leigh

      I was coming to the comment section to write nearly the same thing. Female cross dresser.

    • Iakovos

      Ashleigh… You are too funny. I see it! I think Mattel — or whoever owns Barbie — could have spent some money on more plastic for a much hunkier Tim. The doll seems a little fey in its likeness of the country hottie.

    • Gayle

      OM Gosh you are right!

    • Karen

      LOL!! TOO funny…that comment!!
      I’ve seen them in concert…they look a WHOLE lot better than this…and there’s nothing wrong with my eyesight!!! ;))

    • april smith

      okay people that does not do him any justice to how pretty he really is that looks more like a women than tim i would not let them sell me looking like that he should object quickly before they get on the market i mean come on now what’s really going on now faith i live her and i am one of her biggest fans so she looks similar but thumbs down on tim definately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • googliezoo

        Ooof…..Punctuation is your friend. That was painful to read.

    • lenscrafter

      First thing I thought when I looked at it!!! And, of these type dolls, it is the most “in Drag” I’ve ever seen! I may have to get it just coz!

    • HelenaHanbaskett

      YES!!!! lol.

      • HelenaHanbaskett

        Oh, and BRE….
        Do you have OCD? We all know what she meant and does the year or spelling HAVE TO BE perfect? Take a midol! sheesh!!

    • Ashleigh

      Ooh! There seems to be a new picture than there was this morning. The Tim doll here (now facing sideways) still doesn’t look much like Mr. McGraw, but doesn’t look nearly as drag king. Not bad!

      • dee123

        Yeah. No fair EW you changed the picture. The other one was horrible.

    • kittyra


      • Gwen


    • cuyon

      I thought it looked like Harry Hamlin.

  • Brian Wallace

    If you take that hat off, do you get Tim McGraw’s bald head? Barbie dolls of Disney’s Princesses are more realistic than these two. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are inbred idiots.


  • dee123

    Come on! They haven’t changed the Barbie at all & the Tim one will give me nightmares, i’m sure.

  • Summer

    Why is the Tim doll wearing the hat Lady Gaga had in the ‘Telephone’ clip?

    • dee123

      LOL! That’s so true.

  • KBC

    I didn’t know Tim McGraw was a drag king!

  • ChristineOH

    The Faith doll is totally generic. I would have guessed Taylor Swift. But the Tim doll is really awful.

    • Dominic

      I’m getting a young Mary Hart and Mariah Carey’s male persona from her Obsessed video.

  • Zzzzzzzzz

    That’s just gross.

  • Terri Pinkston

    I have to agree, the hat looks like a sun hat, not a cowboy hat and the Tim doll looks like Barbie in drag. Not the best likeness I have ever seen.

    • Mr. Holloway

      Imagine how much worse it would’ve been if they “army” of people HADN’T spent “months” working on the design.

      • HelenaHanbaskett

        LOL! Good one!


    This is one of the stupidest things I have ever seen. They don’t look anywhere close to what they look like. And $69, really?? What a waste of money. These people are just out for the cash. Very disappointing that they have come to this

    • Linda

      I agree they look nothing like Faith or Tim, this couple are getting to full of themselves, I can’t even imagine anyone buying them, I wouldn’t want them if they were free, for that price only the rich could afford them.

  • KKF

    For starters: Neither doll resembles the person they represent. For follow up: This is a pathetic attempt to salvage Faith’s failing career. Tim’s career is in a bit better shape, but Faith Hill is over.

    • Myra Robinson

      I cannot believe my favorite couple gave their approval on these dolls. they look nothing like them. for one thing,her mouth is not that wide and her smile is more natural. AND SHE IS NOT A HASBEEN,SHE HAS BEEN WORKING ON HER ALBUM WHILE HE HAS BEEN TOURING.HER ALBUM WILL BE OUT REAL SOON.

  • Elizabeth

    From the folks who bring you bobbleheads that look nothing like the athletes…

    Y I K E S….

    • irene

      that is so true about the bobble heads.. i got the roberta alomar doll.. no likeness at all.. and yes tim looks like a teenage girl in

  • William

    Now Faiths Ex , scott Hendrix can use them as Voodoo

    • candacetx

      if he still hasn’t moved on after nearly 20 years… then he has a whole ‘nuther set of problems completely unrelated to these dolls.

      • melissa

        I agree, get of it dude you lost a good person

      • Myra Robinson

        for your information,Scott Hendrix is very happily married and he and Faith and Tim are friendly. Faith and Tim were meant to be. and they did approve these dolls. they like them and they don’t need money. they will donate the money to a charity,that is what they do. I hate it when people make horrible comments about two great enter

  • wtm

    I guess I would’ve known who these dolls were supposed to be, but as usual the resemblance is pretty vague (Cruella de Vil was one of the exceptions–that one really looked like Glenn Close). And it’s a shame the tailoring of the male dolls’ clothes isn’t better.

    • Myra Robinson

      you people are sick. if you cannot say something nice don’t say anything at all. these dolls are cute and I think it is about time,someone did this for the sweetest couple in country music. they deserve this.

      • William

        Dear Myra, thanks for your Information, I was only joking, and I love faith hill. but dont tell tim.

  • Roy

    Reba has had her own Barbie for months now and she didn’t get her own story!?!? She is a legend! What has Faith Hill done lately? Give credit where it is due!

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