Christine O'Donnell walks off Piers Morgan interview

Christine O’Donnell cut her interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan short after the former Republican U.S. Senate candidate from Delaware grew frustrated with the host’s insistence in discussing her previous statements on sex, gay marriage, and the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. The Tea Party darling eventually accused the Brit of being rude, but she initially tried to laugh off his persistent queries into her infamous remarks about masturbation. “Are you the pro-masturbation talk-show host?” she tried to joke, opening the door for Morgan to answer, “If the option is to be the anti, I think I’d be in the pro department, and I’m not afraid to say so.”

O’Donnell tried to steam ahead with her Tea Party talking points, but Morgan interrupted with “Have you committed lust in the heart since then?”

O’Donnell was not amused, but Morgan’s line of questioning seemed to rattle her. “I address that stuff in the book,” she said, before continuing with, “I’m here to talk about the book.” Ooookay. She’d had enough of Morgan and bluntly told him so. “I obviously want to talk about the issues that I choose to talk about in the book,” she remarked, clearly mistaking Morgan for a stenographer.

“Why are you being so weird about this?” Morgan replied. “I’m just asking you questions based on your own public statements and now what you’ve written in your own book.”

“Okay, I’m being pulled away,” O’Donnell said. “You know, we turned down another interview for this.” Watch the exchange below.

For the record, speaking at the Republican’s Women’s Club isn’t an interview. It’s a speech. Piers Morgan, however, was supposed to be an interview. He asks questions. You do your best to answer or deflect them.

I’ll admit that Morgan was a little impudent, but mostly because of O’Donnell’s stubborn refusal to address an issue she’s well known for. (He never even mentioned witchcraft!) Walking off might endear O’Donnell to some of her most devout supporters, but it also demonstrated a lack of preparedness for prime-time. What did you think?

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  • Faris

    Maybe she shouldn’t do interview if she’s not gonna talk about anything. He did nothing wrong.

    • REALLY

      I have no respect for Odunnel(Intentional), but let’s hope Piers can handle the tough questions about his participation in the Murdoch Wire Tap Investigation.

      • J

        I wonder how many people clicked “No” above just because they don’t care for Ms. O’Donnell’s politics. For the record, I don’t either, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve respect. She scheduled the interview believing she was going to discuss the book, and instead Mr. Morgan chose to focus only on sex and sensationalism.

      • Snikt!

        So…blantantly refusing to answer questions on subjects she herself has brought up will actually ENDEAR her to her supporters? Wow.
        Did any of those same supporters actually pass the first grade? They don’t seem too smart. They don’t even seem to use their brains at all.

      • @J

        All of which are things she chose to write about in her book and pontificate about on MTV and Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect.

      • TeaBagger Spokeswoman

        O’Donnell: “I’m hear to talk about my book.”
        Piers:”Let’s discuss your views on gay marriage which you cover in your book.”
        O’Donnell:”I don’t want to talk about that.”
        Piers: “You just said you wanted to talk about your book.”
        O’Donnell:”What I really want to do is lead America back to how we were 230 years ago. A simpler time when we just looked to god without any of t his confusing “science” getting in the way. And get back to burning witches. Witches are bad. We should burn them again.”

      • Ahhh

        was it under her own power or did her trainer lead her off?

    • blinkone

      Piers, what is wrong with you! You don’t pissed off a witch! There will be dire consequences: global warming, starvation and war in Africa, collapse of the global economy, tsunamis and earthquakes and nuclear meltdowns in Japan and supertornadoes in the Midwest, and… oh wait…too late.

    • Susie

      watching her stumble and try to change the subject to what SHE wanted to talk about was hilarious. I’m glad she walked off, I’d rather hear from someone that can be honest and answer a simple question rather then throw a fit like a 4 year old by walking away.

    • trey

      It’s a book. If you tried this with a book written by a big hollywood star (not a politician for instance), and they made it clear they were only willing to talk about certain things, they would have every right to walk out of an interview at any time. Everyone in this business knows that there are what we call “boundaries” to make or break an interview. It’s the way this works. You get some material for your show, and they get some PR for a product or service or whatever. Let’s not be too harsh or hypocritical with ourselves by saying that she was being immature for walking out of the CNN interview. Let’s remember that this business is a two-way street, and it’s not just about CNN getting whatever CNN wants. There are plenty of other outlets for her to promote her book. When you are lied to about an upcoming interview and what it is going to cover and what it is not going to cover, just to create some negativity towards someone by focusing an entire interview on human sexuality like this obviously was about, rather then what you agreed to talk about or what you agreed you are selling to the public, you would quit and walk off the set too. Think of it like a business, and this clowning around would probably make less sense and stop altogether.

      • Holly

        Trey that would be true, except for the fact that sexuality, gay marriage, and creationism are all in her book! She’s there to talk about her book. That is the book. What I don’t get is why, if she feels strongly enough about these things to put them in the book, why doesn’t she want to discuss them on a show? What is she afraid of?

  • crispy

    It’s really too bad her career went nowhere. I miss the LOLZ.

  • Kevin

    Why is she even being interviewed? Her 15 minutes of fame have past. She’s nothing now. It’s a national embarassment that she even made it as far as she did politically. Luckily, there are some smart people in Delaware who saw her for the kook that she is. Away with you, weird witch!

    • KC

      I keep waiting for her layout in some men’s magazine.

      • e4ia


  • Jake

    Please don’t ask her hard questions. Her head might explode.

  • William

    I’m conservative through and through, but COME ON. If you would just answer the question for 15 seconds, it would be over with and then you could talk about what you want to talk about!

    • Holly

      YES! Thank you. I am not officially either liberal or conservative, but clowns like this woman are beyond politics – she is a moron! That’s it. She doesn’t have any consistent political stance. She is like Palin, and to a lesser extent Bachman -just a media-hound looking to ride a political wave of discontent. Right or left, we all need to reject Moron Politics before these nuts destroy us.

  • Ems

    Piers Morgan is O’Donnells Katie Couric. “I came here to talk about my book” she said. Piers looked so confused and he responded, “We are. This subject is in your book”. He was not out of line at all with her, and I didn’t think he was ever rude to her. Heck, he even offered her the chance to come back tonight.

  • Gwen

    If you make statements in public or write a book, you should expect to be asked questions about those statements or that book. What a whackadoo she is!!

    • Dave

      It’s actually a deliberate tactic used by Republicans: say one thing (often horrible and offensive) when your die-hard supporters are listening (ie. At a rally or in a book), and then totally deny it in a public forum (ie. CNN, or national debate). Palin did it in the election (alluding to Obama’s race in rallies), and O’Donnell does it here (I’ll say evolution is a myth in the book but not on a national TV show or in the Delaware debate).

      • DGH

        its a tactic used by dems also but I wouldn’t expect you to see that you’re just as much as a sheep as the tea party people.

  • wmanser

    It was clear she wanted to put her previous media attention behind her. She spoke of her past naive cantor and was a bit embarressed… bad show Christine. Her correct political move was to answer the questions and laugh about them. She simply could not do that because many of her views obviously have not changed. Oddly, she expects the media to ignore them. She’ll continue to appear foolish until she answers those difficult questions about her past political harry carry. She must accept a future political career is an impossibility until she laughs it all off and provides the cantor required to satisfy the media.

    • talkin’

      Well reasoned reply but with 2 small typos that affected the ease of reading.
      I believe you meant “hari kari” and “candor”?
      Not being a spelling cop here – it’s just that finding those typos in an otherwise good piece of commentary throws off the whole.

      • Balkin

        Wow, really? Spelling cops trolling a good point of view. Talk about irrelevant.

      • typin’

        And I found the perfect spelling and lack of typos kind of distracted from your passive-aggressive, holier-than-thou douchebaggery. I mean, if you knew what wmanser meant then who gives a rat’s ass about spelling errors?

      • Dave

        Ooh, talkin’, hate to do this to you but you walked into it: it’s “hara kiri”. Also see: karma… :)

      • Tuzo

        Actually, the correction helped me. I don’t know who she is so I was wondering what embarrassing past she had with a cantor when she was naive. It seemed weird that she would be hanging out with religious Jews.

    • Maggie

      wow, you are exactly correct, well said

  • kaydevo

    O’Donnell exhibits a common habit of Tea Party adherents: refusal to answer perfectly legit questions they don’t like, and often taking offense at being asked. No one should be able to restrict interview questions about what’s in their published book or issues they’ve made public statements about. If you can’t talk about it, don’t write about it!

    • KBC

      Exactly! I noticed the same thing about Michelle Bachmann when I saw her interviewed both on Meet The Press and This Week after winning the Iowa Straw Poll last Sunday.

    • DGH

      I don’t know if the President can pick and choose what questions he gets asked why can’t everyone?

    • Alyssa

      ^^^ First you said you dont know, then you said ” Why cant everyone?” – I know you! your Mitt Romney, a flip-flopper.

  • waya

    She wanted to talk about her book, which mentions the witchcraft thing and gays. She thought she could spew her rehearsed answers and he asked her real questions. She got flustered and gave up, like another GOP flake, Sarah Palin. Why are the GOP women such bimbos lately?

  • Random Peasant

    She turned me into a newt!

    • crispy

      I got better.

      • NoChance

        I keep waiting for her to say “I was a fair cop”.

      • NoChance

        I keep waiting for her to say “It was a fair cop”.

  • dee123

    No gotcha questions here.

  • Thad

    she’s just another nut case

  • jack

    Damn thats a dumb ass woman, her dumb ass should be embarrased from all the sht she been doing,i honestly dont think she knows her ass from her elbows

  • joesmom

    Why do we keep talking about people who have IQ’s in the negative column?

    • Rob

      Because people like her somehow get elected and want to legislate your private life.

      • DGH

        just like how Obama wants to take away my “private” health insurance? Funny how that works.

      • Alyssa

        Wow your really stupid, DO NOT put President Obama in the same category as Palin , Bachmann and O’Donnell. @DGH, you maybe can afford all that private stuff , but I cant. My medicare insurance from President Obama is great. I love ” Obamacare”- he likes that nickname cause Obama does CARE.

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