Michele Bachmann throws a surprise birthday party for Elvis

Tea Party favorite Michele Bachmann, who’s riding a wave of publicity after winning last weekend’s Ames Straw Poll in Iowa, has the unfortunate — for a politician, anyway — gift of gaffe. In June, while visiting Waterloo, Ia., she mistakenly claimed it was the birthplace of American icon John Wayne — when, in fact, it was actually the hometown of serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

Yesterday, she put her shoe in her mouth again — though this time, it may have been a blue suede shoe. “Before we get started, let’s all say ‘Happy Birthday’ to Elvis Presley today,” Bachmann told a crowd in Spartanburg, S.C. “We played you a little bit of ‘Promised Land’ when we pulled up. You can’t do better than Elvis Presley and we thought we would celebrate his birthday as we get started to celebrating Take Our Country Back tour.”

Of course, yesterday was the 34th anniversary of the King’s death, not his birthday. An honest mistake. Don’t be cruel to a heart that’s true. Take a look at the clip.

For the record, we still have 15 months before the 2012 election.

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  • Brian


    • Devin “Badass Digest” Faraci

      She is an idiot and her sheep are even worse.

    • J

      agreed. idiot.

    • Jolie

      She’s a dumb beotch, her followers are losers, and the media is guilty of idiocracy for reporting on her.

  • Ray

    The true gaffe are all the people cheering her on as she’s saying this.

    • Mike

      Nothing will ever top the Howard Dean scream. That was fantastic.

      • Mike

        Whoops, didn’t mean to respond to Ray, but my point remains the same lol

  • KC

    Dumb broad.

  • ks

    HAHAHAHAHA stupid woman

  • Regina George

    Michele, go away.

  • UGH

    Does anybody seriously buy into this brainless tw@t?

  • Anonymous

    EW why are you promoting this idiot?

    • UGH

      The same reason they promoted Obummer.

      • NO Thanks 2 Tea

        Better an OBUMMER, than a total dummy…That’s all the left has is hate, racist comments and lies.

      • Will

        I think you mean the far right, not the left

      • craig

        I love how the Tea Baggers think that making up a name like OBUMMER or Oblah-blah or Moo-chelle is somehow making a point. They’re mastery of rhetoric is on the same level as a second grader who calls someone a booger-eater.

      • Biff Tannen

        These Tea Baggers are such booger eaters.

  • john

    Promised Land is actually a Chuck Berry song. But i will not say that to her cause i fear her carzy eyes

    • Jeff

      Yes, but the more famous version was by Elvis.

  • Vince from NYC

    The fact that she is a viable canditate for this country’s highest office makes me very sad. So much of this country is so dumb!

    • Elizabeth


      • Kellee

        I second that completely agree.

    • x

      well, look who most of the country voted in. this guy has no clue what he is doing and his spokesperson actually said that using food stamps is a form of stimulus. at this point, ANYONE up there is better than who we have. give me a break…finally, i think all you folks better look at other folks who are ‘gaffetastic': mainly the #2 guy in charge. between joe running his mouth and barry not knowing what year it is, i think THEY should be the ones you are making fun of and not bachmann (although she has screwed up too).

      • Sookie

        Oust O’Bummer and bring in Hillary. Broke O’Bummer cured me of being a lifelong democrat.

      • Les Moor

        Sorry that you don’t like the job he has attempted to do since inheriting the disaster created by his brain dead predecessor. I’m sure you think the TEA party is a constructive group, right? And that Boehner and his crew, who have vowed to take down the president at any cost and who have dug in like crying three year olds, are a good party to support. Wow, you are out of touch, and you deserve Bachmann.

      • What?

        He wanted the job, didn’t he?

  • Russ

    Another day is always another idiot quote/incident with this tard.

  • Clete

    Did she inherit the advisors from George W?

    • ski-douchey

      Aww man I almost feel bad for her! No wait, no I don’t. Where are her advisors???

      • Sookie

        Do you really believe she listens to anyone but herself?

    • Elizabeth

      Advisors? Oh no – real Mavericks just wing it and/or make up facts. Or just flat out lie *cough, Jon Kyl, cough*

  • Ben

    There are far worse statements made by other people running for office, such as Rick Perry saying he felt Ben Bernanke (appointed by George W. Bush) ways of dealing with the recession were acts of treason! At least there are reporters around to get their statements on record and let the people judge for themselves if they want to vote for them.

    • agree

      This woman is constantly saying something that’s historically inaccurate or just plain crazy. If the Pres. made those kinds of mistakes you’d never hear the end of it.

      • Blue

        President Obama HAS made those kinds of mistakes. Remember when he claimed to have visited 57 states during his campaign?

      • Mark

        He does…you just dont hear about it in the media. ‘Corpse Men…..57 states….Grandma was typical white person’ etc

      • @Blue

        Only difference is that he corrected himself.. This woman stands by her whacky statements all the time

      • Beau

        Oh let’s see about the Obama Gaffs to include wron gnubme rof states, saying he had been to 57 with 1 more to go, signing the wrong year to a guest book in the UK 2008 when it was 2011, what states boarder Kentucky, a referance to teh “Austrian” language which does not exist, number of folks killed in a Kansas tornado, he was off by 9,988, age of his own daughter saying she was 13 when she was 12, saying McCain had not spoken about his Muslim faith (thought he was christian, saying ObamaCare will brign savings and INEFFICIENCY (accurate BTW) saying a particular Medal of Honor recipient was alive, when in fact he died in action, do we really need to go on about this?

      • brian

        Beau- you horrendous spelling and grammar pegs you as just the type of ignorant sucker that would vote for such a fool. Do us all a favor and stay home on voting day.

      • Roger

        Beau…if you want to just boil comparisons down to knowledge and intelligence, would you really choose Bachmann over Obama? Forget about politics, if each took an identical high school history test and submitted to an IQ test, who wins? I look forward to the debates :)

  • marcol

    this woman is a nut

  • cam

    As bad as people think Obama is, it is just SCARY to consider the top three Republican noms as president. A Sarah Palin on steroids and a George Bush on Steroids. (Perry will probably win the nom because the GOP are too relegiously intolerant to elect Rommny, a Mormon). We know what the Repulicans will do if they win back majority power; they make no secret about it; slash medicare and Social Security, or do away with SS all together, and put it in a voucher system only the rich have a handle on, and more tax cuts for the wealthy who are already paying record low rates, and have been “coddeld” too much, as Warren Buffet said. What’s baffeling to me is that somehow, through propaganda, fear and hate mongering, and disguised racism, the GOP is able to trick a large body of middle class that their plan is someone what’s best for everyone, rather then just causing a further ever expanding divide between rich and everyone else. It’s darn near heartbreaking.

    • What?

      Your spelling, grammar and punctuation mark you as a democrat free rider. Loving those food stamps are you?

      • Dean Kelly

        Brilliant. If you can’t argue with someone’s logic then go for their punctuation. That’s the gold standard of debate.

  • Tori

    Wow just wow

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