Chris Harrison blogs 'Bachelor Pad' episode 2


After week one’s epic three-hour event, week two started off with the same gusto. With things changing so much the competitions have become huge this season. The only safe place to be sitting during elimination is with a rose. This week’s competition was rough to watch. It was interesting how it opened up a lot of issues in the house, and also within certain individuals.
Melissa and Michael won the competition and each of them won dates where they were able to take three others with them. Could their dates have been any more different and could they have gone any different? Michael and his crew went to an old haunted hospital here in LA while Melissa and the boys got to go yachting. The big story on Michael’s date was obviously his choosing his ex-fiancée Holly to join him. I found it amazing to watch how mature the two of them were together in what must have been a very difficult situation. Look at the difference between the way they acted compared to the way Vienna and Jake are when they’re together. Michael gave Holly the rose so they could finally talk alone about their feelings. What transpired on the roof was one of the most moving scenes I’ve ever witnessed on any of our shows. That conversation was so real so raw and so emotional it moved them both to tears. I was incredibly impressed with both of them and just how open and honest they were with each other.

As mature and emotional as Michael’s date was, Melissa’s date was exactly the opposite. The big question to come out of this date is how far will people go to win the money? What are you willing to do and what is okay to do in the name of the “game,” Blake made the decision to form an alliance with Melissa on this date, but the only way to do that and get the rose was to lead her on. In your mind, was this crossing the line of decency or is all fair in love and war? Blake and Holly had an instant connection in the house and they are starting to explore just what that is, but obviously this doesn’t create and awkward love triangle — it creates a horribly awkward love square! This will play out in the coming weeks because obviously when there’s this much pressure something or someone (Melissa) is bound to blow.

Bachelor Pad is not for the weak at heart, and Gia — who should’ve learned this during the last go around — got another very good lesson this week. Gia went to Graham to try to break up the power couple Kasey and Vienna. Ironically if she had done this when she had the power last week, it would’ve never been an issue and none of this would’ve ever happened. Graham’s allegiance is clearly with Kasey so he went directly to Kasey and spilled the beans. Maybe out of arrogance or ignorance, Kasey let Gia know that Graham had told him everything and that she was now a sitting duck. Gia got caught in the middle — and as Alli discovered last week when you’re in the middle you’re alone and dead in Bachelor Pad. Gia got flustered and felt betrayed and decided she has had about enough of Bachelor Pad life… until next summer that is. I along with the other houseguests was surprised to see Gia get so upset she left. But like she said in the limo she was probably going home so instead of giving Kasey the pleasure of shoving her off the cliff, she decided to jump.

One of the great things about Bachelor Pad is things can change on a dime and this week I’m the one that dropped the bomb. Kasey and Vienna and the others in their alliance thought they had it all figured out. It was interesting to watch their reactions when I pulled the rug out from under them and announced that two women would be going home this week. Vienna immediately got emotional and asked everybody to stage a walkout — no seriously, she really did. She assumed she had so much power and sympathy that everybody would give up a shot at a quarter of a million dollars because she wasn’t happy with the twist in the game. Shockingly this attempt at a coup didn’t quite work out and they all decided to stay. When I was talking to the group this week Vienna made the statement that she was forced to be on TV and that we were forcing her to be in the house with Jake. I did my best flight attendant impersonation and promptly showed her the exits and told her to feel free to use them. This will not be the last time I tell the guests of Bachelor Pad that they are free to leave any time they want.

Once cooler heads prevailed and everybody decided to stay the vote for one more woman began and so did the backstabbing and betrayal. Kasey looked Ames and Jackie in the eye and told them they had nothing to worry about and that Jackie would be safe. The tough thing about being the self-proclaimed king is you have to make tough decisions and sacrifices. After making his promise to Jackie, Ella changed everything by making an alliance with Kirk. That was a smart move that saved her this week. Because of that alliance, Kasey was forced to change his vote and stab Jackie and Ames in the back. Kasey brought up a great question to himself in one of his interviews: When there’s money on the line do you do what’s right, or do you go for the money? His answer was go for the money.

Ames and Jackie quickly found each other on Bachelor Pad and fell hard for one another. When Jackie got voted out I felt bad for them because I really wanted them to spend more time together and see where this relationship could take them. Then Ames pulled a move and an exit that only Ames could pull. In a grand gesture of love and commitment Ames left the game and left the money and chased down Jackie in the limo to give love a chance. So, Kasey in answer to your question, Ames would most definitely say doing the right thing is far more important than the money. As Ames said that was the happiest limo exit in Bachelor history.

As you can clearly see alliances have been formed but that can change quickly in this house and the only person you can really trust is yourself. Jake is fighting for his survival and continually trying to bury the hatchet with Kasey and Vienna. Kasey and Vienna are continually trying to bury the hatchet in Jakes’ back and plotting his demise. Something’s gotta give here and it most certainly will. One final note this week I’d like to apologize to the houseguests for our lax security this year. Apparently any old masked man could just walk in off the street and into the house. I guess it’s true what they say to make an omelet you have to break a few colored eggs. We have a lot of great stuff for you on our web site and I will always continue to fill you in on all things bachelor via twitter @chrisbharrison.

I end this week’s blog on a very sad note. Our thoughts and prayers are with our friend Michelle Money and her family whose loving father Scott Cartwright lost his long brave battle against colon cancer. As you saw in last week’s episode the two of them had an extraordinarily strong bond. He meant the world to her and will be missed beyond measure. Michelle, your entire Bachelor family is thinking about you and know that we are all here for you. I have a friend battling rectal cancer right now. In light of all this news, gentlemen I urge you to get tested and don’t be embarrassed or ashamed to go in if you think something might be wrong. Ladies, urge the men in your life to ask questions and get tested, early detection can make such a difference.

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  • franklee

    Gia, ur beautiful, even when ur crying. Ames, ur the man, even if u wear red pants.

    • Ida Red

      Ditto on Ames!!

      • you bet

        love that Ames…
        Loved Chris’ comments to Vienna regarding the exits…

      • CAM

        Doesn’t anyone else think that Ames is just a little weird???

      • Fantastic News!

        Chris Wh0rison was g@ngb@nged by a high school mob for stealling their shtick. Tacky loser.

    • Denise

      Ames, sorry, you’re a cutie, but those red pants have to go.

      • Prepdom

        Hey people who do not know PREPPINESS when they see it: Those are Nantucket Reds Ames was wearing! If you know what preppy means, Nantucket Reds are a standard in any prep’s wardrobe. Ames oooozes preppiness!!

      • dartwoman63

        Ditto on the red pants.

      • Fantastic News!

        Says who? Some low-class heifer whose only chance of running in the wealthy circles where Ames lives is to work there as a domestic.

    • Tiffany

      Ah ha ha Ames and his red pants! He is a gentleman though.

      • Sweety

        I love Ames. He is a perfect gentleman. I hope his and Jackie relationship lasts for a long time

    • Prepdom

      Hey folks, Nantucket red pants and shorts are standard preppy garb. All you have to do is visit Martha’s Vineyard where the preppiest hang out, and you will see why Ames didn’t think twice about wearing them!

      • enehls

        Ames and Jackie look good together , but I think Ames has more woman there then he can handle. Jackie is twice the women then Ashley.

    • Katie

      ok ok, I know that red pants were not that great, But Ames is such a cutie! What a great guy and a hopeless romantic.

    • LW6776

      Hey I love the red pants. To me it’s not preppy, it’s kind of quirky and different and I like that.

    • Pam

      Gia is beautiful until she opens her mouth. She’s whiney, immature, and dumb. She knows all about BP; why did she come back for a second time if its so mean and back-stabbing?
      Ames is a class act…a rarity for the Bachelor/ette/BP shows! He is a gentleman and intelligent and very nice!! Not sure if jackie is right for him after her mean tirade against Michelle on Women Tell All and dropping the F-bomb!
      I’m way over the Jake/Vienna/Kasey story! Lets move on people!

      • Susan

        She came back a second time to try & win the money! And, why shouldn’t she? OMG, if I were in that house with some of these truly ugly, ugly people (Vienna & Kasey, you know I’m talking about you!), I might cry as well. Gia gets credit for not giving them the satisfaction of being so cruel. Were these people not liked in high school or loved as children or something?!?

    • H&R

      I don’t thinkk Gia is beautiful at all. She’s average.
      I love Ames! I hope he’ll be happy with Jackie. I like his red pants, too. Shows his uniqueness.

    • LAR

      Isn’t Ames a “portfolio manager” in New York? He probably has plenty of money, he doesn’t need that $250,000! Yay for him and Jackie!

    • Carol

      SO romantic… EXCEPT I read on People that they already broke up. And according to Jackie, “It was NOT mutual.” Hmmmmm sounds like he dumped her, which isn’t shocking considering how few of these relationships actually last… they were so cute though!! I thought they would have a shot.

    • Olive

      Loved Chris’ comments to Vienna regarding the exits…I upload my hot pics on Mysingleparentmatch.C óM under the name of flyer009

  • Nena

    This is a Crazy Show – I am watching for the masked man – whoever thought of that was Brilliant – nothing like a litte comic relief after an exhausting bout of drama thanks to The POWER couple – Kasey needs change his slogan to “guard an protect my brain” because there is not much left up there!! WOW – does he really think that – I can hardly wait to see him exit STAGE LEFT along with his “girlfriend” Vienna.
    Thanks for the Blog Chris – you are a classy guy and I absolutely love how you handle the various groups from season to season – you really are a class act!! Cheers

    • Sherri Rothenberg

      Couldn’t agree more…goodbye to the power couple!!! And yes, the mask man is too funny…please let him be the next bachelor.

      • So Sad

        That’s sad news. Why would she agree to be away from him in his last months? The doctors certainly told the family that it was the end, and if they didn’t, she has a computer and could look it up. Michelle is selfish, a bad mother and a worse daughter.

    • Katie

      Awwwww Michelles dad died!! I feel so bad for her! Last week when she talked about it I couldn’t even explain how I felt. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family

      • Kathi M. Snider

        Ditto. I know how hard it is to lose a parent. May she feel blessed to have had as much time with her father as she did and to have the close, loving relationship they had. Others DO care. Hoe her memories will bring her comfort in the days to come.

      • ghostlight

        Honey badger doesn’t care. Honey badger doesn’t give a s*&t about Michelle or her dad.

    • ‘Lish

      He’s a total opportunist who makes millions of dollars exploiting people. And these idiots are happy to be exploited! I don’t know which is worse.

      • ‘Lish

        Chris Harrison, that is..

      • ghostlight

        What’s worse are all the naive fans (like the one’s kiss his a$$ here) that are taken in by his “nice guy” act. He’s a skeezeball, just like all reality show producers.

      • Susan

        OMG! That’s his job, how he makes his living. Just like you do something to earn a living, I presume. I usually laugh when Chris finally makes his appearance because he is on the show so little these days. So, when he showed some spine and called Vienna out by saying the doors were open and he’d call her a cab, I felt like cheering. The only thing I truly feel bad about some of these reality shows is that they are pandering to the lowest common denominator of our society. We do not ALL want to see people behaving badly a la, the train wreck that is Vienna & Kasey. Please, God, let them be gone soon. No one who behaves that badly should be rewarded with $250K!! Anyway, if you don’t want to be exploited, don’t watch. It’s that simple. Once the audience for these type of shows is gone, so will be the shows.

    • Heidi

      I don’t think Chris is much of a class act, he just was so rude to Gia in his blod – she’s not willing to hurt people and was STRONG hearted enough to stand up and say NO MORE after being strong enough to confront Graham, and strong enough to take on the power couple by standing up for Jake. SHE SHOULD BE THE NEXT BACHELORETTE. I was really turned off by Chris’ comments about her coming back next year and that she should have learned her lesson, etc. Seriously, shut up Chris. She’s one of the only strong hearted people in that group. To keep risking her trust in others after being burned, that takes guts and courage. Many just give up. I didn’t feel she gave up, I felt she stood up for herself. I only wish someone had overheard what Casey said to her because he was the most arrogant ass—- in his little speech. I loved how he ran scared (talk about weak) like a little boy after her as she went to confront the others and repeat what Kasey said.

      • Heidi

        I meant he was rude to Gia in his blog. :)

      • Susan

        Have you not ever watched Survivor and how the host speaks to contestants who want out? He is outright disdainful and rightly so. I think Chris was trying to let her know she should be strong and not let these people run rough-shod all over her. She IS better than that. You cannot give up when things don’t go your way. However, I still give her much credit for leaving if she really felt she was going to be voted out anyway. Again, why give that group the satisfaction?!?

    • Mark

      ITA… Jeff the Mask is hilarious! It’s the best part of the show; the next-best is all the politicking that goes on during the voting. This is the only show I’ve seen that does that (even Tribal Council stops before voting begins) and it’s really interesting to watch. I felt bad for Gia; if she actually felt she had a pre-show friendship with Graham and he screwed her over when she was trying to help him, I don’t blame her for getting upset (although I do see Chris’s point that the show is brutal and she shouldn’t be surprised by that by now).

  • Sherri Rothenberg

    The only thing I can say about the whole Vienna and Jake situation, that I agree with V on, is why did you think that would make good TV? I watched Jake’s season and I thought he made a huge mistake and looked what happened. He acted like an ass and she played him and still continues to play Jake and Casey both, wake up boys she is evil. Vienna, just remember Karma is a bitch and so are you, you will end up alone, fake tears and all.

    Gia, you are a wonderful soul, good for you for standing up for yourself and leaving.

    Ames….I feel for you last season, you and Jackie are the bomb. Way to go for following your heart, you are right you are the true winners of Bachelor Pad two. Good luck to you both.

  • Stephanie

    I love you, Chris Harrison! Love the flight attendant schtick!! You suffer victims gladly and are so v v wise. Ames–thank you for being AmesAzing!!! Every woman wants one of you. Btw I’m every woman. :)

  • Angela

    I think when Jackie and Ames left the show, that was the most romantic scene in the history of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. I think those two actually have a chance. :)

  • Kristi

    I love Ames so much. And I dig his sense of style and those pants. He rocks it!

  • Maddie

    Chris!!! I loved how you called Vienna on her BS and put her in her place. Thank you!
    If she had a shred of decency or an ounce of dignity, she would have left the show right away. But, it’s Vienna we’re talking about, we can probably expect more dignity from howling monkeys out in the wild…

    And is it just me or is Jake getting way too desperate??

    As for Blake, what he did to Melissa was deceitful and uncool, but Melissa is not exactly all together either….

    Aimes and Jackie…..that was sweet. I wonder if he’ll ever regret it? I have watched enough of these shows to be very cynical about tv love….we’ll see. Hope they’ll make it though, they both seem nice and level-headed.

    • ghostlight

      All you twits are thanking Chris for putting Vienna in her place. Chris Harrison is listed as a PRODUCER on this show; that means he CAST Vienna, who you hate so much! Why are you thanking that giant douche??

      • Michele

        Really?? Of course he/they/whomever cast her and didn’t tell her Jake was going to be there. It makes for “good” t.v.. He put her in her place because of her whining bs. Just because he cast her doesn’t mean she HAS to stay, that was the point. I’m sure she was paid to break up on public television and even if she wasn’t, she wasn’t FORCED to do it either, like she claimed. Chris’ point was that they weren’t making her do anything, she’s there by choice. All things considered, they did a great job casting, this is train wreck t.v. after all. I don’t always agree with what they do but I also keep in mind what I’m watching. Think before you post and if you don’t like it, don’t watch.

      • Joyce

        “Ghost”light, I think you need to disappear as your dimness is showing.


      I agree that what Chris said to Vienna was well deserved! She absolutely is the lowest of low and her tongue is evil…and doesn’t know how to stop lying. She’s actually making a case FOR Jake and I didn’t like him before she opened her mouth. Now he’s looking like the better person. Go figure!

      • Sweety

        I know I am starting to like Jake more and more after seeing the way he is being treated by Vienna and Kasey. Both of them are so horrible.

      • Vikkie

        Totally agree!!! I was completely sleazed out by Jake’s fame whorin’ ways at the time of the ‘televised break-up’ but Vienna and Kasey have given new meaning to sleaze – yuk, yuk, yuk!!!

  • josh

    I am suprised Vienna is not the poster girl for communicable diseases.

    • Rosegarden

      Ha ha!

  • Sam

    Ames is a class act. Vienna and Casey are a joke…they are two of the most ignorant people out there right now. Why are people working with them they are making themselves look bad just by associating with them. Even though Blake was a little shady I still like him. It is wrong to lead someone on, but it is a game you have to depend on relationships to win the money. His biggest mistake is picking her…she is off her rocker.

    • sockigal

      I really dislike seeing the type of behavior that Vienna and Casey keep displaying. Both are extremely unlikeable personalities, and really not even fun to watch! It’s funner to watch questionable personalities when the people are really smart and interesting, but these crying fits, anger, ugliness, and extreme drama (even when drama is unwarrented) is just rediculas. I remember when Vienna was on the first time, I just hated watching her on TV. I feel the same this time. And Blake saying those horrible things about wooing Michelle was pretty bad! He reminded me of Bentley from last season. Just not cool! Don’t diss her on national TV dude. You could have played her, but not said anything about it in your interviews, just let it play out. She is a crazy girl, but Blake showed horrible character.

      • Michele

        You mean Melissa but otherwise AMEN to all of the above! As I like to say, call Waste Management…it’s time to take out the trash!!

      • Sweety

        Yes, you are absolutely right. Blake went on men tell it all and was disgusted by how Bentley treated Ashley and now he is treating Melissa the exact same way. He is disgusting

      • kkp

        “Funner” is not a real word, but I think I actually heard it in a McDonald’s commercial tonight, so I guess everyone will be saying it soon. Agggghhhhh!!!

    • Valerie

      Hey Everyone! Here comes Melissa – straight off from the Fruit Loops cereal box!

  • Brooke

    Chris -I literally screamed “TELL HER OFF!!!” when you put Vienna in her place.The way she was talking to you, was so inappropriate and just screamed entitled brat that I wanted to slap her. Then you knocked her butt off of that pedestal.

    This was your best moment Chris…..Well done.(But I still suggest a good smack next time)

    • Alli

      Amen Brooke!!!!

    • guiltypleasure

      Here here! Best Chis Harrison moment ever.

      • Anne

        He was channeling Jeff Probst during that moment- well done!

      • Carla Houston

        Right On, Anne! That’s exactly what I thought. Chris served it to her just like Probst does on Survivor. And I loved every second of it!!

    • Sweety

      Defintely, Brooke. Best Chris Harrison moment ever!!!!! I loved it

    • Jane

      That was the best moment ever. My husband and I actually burst out laughing and clapping. Vienna is so disgusting. and Kasey, ewww. They belong together.

    • elle

      I just posted about this myself. For my money – the best Chris Harrison moment ever. Vienna needed a smack-down (a Suze Orman version where she rips them to shreds – but they deserve it!).

      Chris’ telling her off was my favorite moment of the night. (ok Ames running after the limo was really the best!)

  • karrie

    Ames is the best!! Chris: I am so happy that you told Vienna off!! it was about time!! get her off the show!!!

  • Cassie

    Sad to see Ames leave. I guess I’m happy he found someone, but…just wanted to see more of him.

    I liked Gia, and still like Erica Rose. Always thought Blake was creepy.

    Chris, you need a copyeditor – found 3 obvious errors in here. Doesn’t EW go over your columns?

    • Ashley

      Those errors popped out at me too. I want to be a proofreader/copy editor. How ’bout it, Chris?

  • mindthegap

    Ames is so fabulous. If he and Jackie don’t make it. I hope the show makes him a Bachelor. He is really so charming because he is so unaffected. The first time I saw his fuschia pants, I thought, what the? This time I saw them on Bachelor Pad and thought what a cool cat he is because he really does not care what other people think of him. Wear a pair of pants twice on tv that other men would not be caught dead in? Sure, he loves them. The only thing he cares about with regards to other people’s feelings is not making them feel badly but he really does not seem to think about trying to conform himself to their opinions of him.

    The masked man coming into the house at night is pure genius. Absolutely hilarious.

    Ella who thinks she is more entitled to win because she had a child is being totally self-centered (her child is an extension of herself so, yeah, she is really thinking of herself). Nobody owes her anything just because she has a son. Everybody there has just as much right as her to that money–which is really no right at all. Why is her son’s life more important than anyone else’s? Parents who think that their child is the center of the universe are so annoying. Just because their offspring are the center of their universe doesn’t make them the center of mine or anyone else’s. I hope she gets voted off really soon.

    Blake is so disgusting. I wanted to wretch when I watched him making out with Michelle. He and Bentley are two of a kind.

    Can’t wait to see what happens next week.

    • Cokie

      You are obviously not a parent, and you’re kind of a tool too.

      • cbwrob

        I am a parent and instead of gong on a t.v. show to try and get money to support my child…I have a job.

        I said to my wife last night(and I do like Ella) if she is so dang determined to do something for her child she needs to get a job and work.

        She is entitled to nothing at all and has zero chance of winning, she really needs to come to terms with the fact she is going home empy handed.

      • Anon

        I applaud mindthegap’s comment and your high & mighty tone might make you feel superior but guess what? You and your offspring are no more special or entitled than anyone else. Sorry to break the news that you are ordinary. All of this, “if you had a child, you’d understand” b.s. that people like you spout out with your holier-than-thou tone is irritating and wrong. Children are a biological result of sex, that’s it. They are not more special or entitled to more in this world than anyone else and you are not a better person for having got knocked up (or knocking up) while barebacking it in the sack.

      • Vikkie

        Go Anon!!!

    • Sweety

      @mindthegap: I agree with you. Ames is such a perfect gentleman. I don’t think he has knowingly ever hurt someone’s feelings. I hope his relationship lasts with Jackie. He deserves it and like you said if it doesn’t I would love to see him as a Bachelor

    • Heidi

      No No NO I do not want to see Ames as the next Bachelor. That means he would have broken up with Jackie to go for the opportunity. I would have no respect for him.
      I’d much rather MICHAEL be the next bachelor and GIA the next bachelorette.

  • Lorraine

    We cheered when Chris put Vienna in her place. Way to go Chris! We love Ames, we get a kick out of his sweet deer-in-the-headlights expressions, but he is a classy guy. Hope it works out with him and Jackie.

  • armyofwon


    Thank you for giving Jake a pass this week. I am more of the confrontational type myself but I respect a man that has his humility. Kasey is a joke the only reason why he is acting tough is because he out weighs and towers over Jake. Nothing but a bully! He didn’t pull that with the Canadian. Why do these men think Veinna is pretty? Low standards! I like that we get a glimpse in a relationship with her, we now know what Jake went threw. Why does she always say that what he did was unforgivable? What is? What did he do that is so bad? This is so common with her type. (skanks) They act like flirty little trashy innocents. The second that you catch them cheating, then its the guy who is at fault. (usually followed with a restraining order) Like to see the gruesome twosome kicked the heck off in a big way and see Jake continue being a gentlemen, but one that can play this game.

    • sockigal

      I agree with your assessment of Jake. Seems like an OK guy. If you noticed, with all the Vienna & Kasey bad mouthing going on, Jake hasn’t said anything negative about either one. He is being more mature in this situation. Vienna and Kasey are nasty people! Hope they are off the show soon and not asked to come back! I know the show believes all publicity is good business, but I just don’t think people really want to see these two on TV. Most are just waiting for them to be kicked out! And Chris, the word plays are getting old! Last season we heard Dot..Dot…Dot…. over and over and over again! It got old really fast, and seems very similar to what politicians do when they repeat certain phases over and over again to get their point across. It I have to hear “Protect and Guard” again on this show, I am going to start some type of drinking game or maybe just turn the TV off until Kasey is gone. It’s very annoying!

      • armyofwon

        How old is Kasey? really! “I have to protect my gurlfriend”. That’s like junior high school behavior. “Vienna” WTF? She is There are no words. “Fugly! She’s Fugly inside and out.”

    • Becca

      I hope Kasey gets what he deserves when it comes to Vienna and you know it’s gonna happen!!! They have both been so rude to Jake. So pompous and sure of themselves. I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces when they are voted off!!!!! Yay!!!!!!

      • armyofwon

        He will! If there is anything that can be said about Vienna, it is that she’s consistent. Oh ya! How childish of Kasey and Vienna to criticize Jake on his decision to donate his winnings to charity. (There quilt and greed were talking) Why would Vienna talk about his personal business affairs because he wants to donate his money. Why would he tell the world he is doing this for charity when he would just turn around and keep his earnings? His credibility and future would be shot! Jake has not given anyone a reason to not believe him. The only thing about Jake that we can’t trust is his decision making abilities. (i.e. Giving Vienna roses) But there are not many guy’s that could say that they never made that same mistake. (guilty)

    • Anne

      If anyone has followed Jake on all of his gigs on reality TV(Bachelorette,Bachelor,DWTS,Bachelor Pad)and all his interviews you will see that he is consistent in one thing: seeking publicity and fame. He is the most insincere, self centered, egotistical jerk while attempting to project the nice guy image but he’s easy to see thru. Everything he’s doing on BP attempting to mend his relationship with V is only because he wants camera time by continuing to play out the drama of their sick relationship and to suck viewers in to repair all the damage he did in the “break up interview”that was shown on TV. I’m not a fan of Vienna and Kasey but at least they are consistent in showing their true character but Jake is totally fake.

      • Brenda T.

        So very true.

        Can’t stand Vienna and Kasey, but anyone that believes anything that comes out of Jake’s mouth is very naive.

      • cbear

        THANK YOU! I’m so glad someone else doesn”t believe the bs Jake is putting out there. As annoying as Vienna is sometimes at least youknow where you stand with her. Jake is a snake!

      • skipper940

        I so agree. He is putting on a show for the camera. “Please forgive me” I could puke. He follows them around like a puppy. Pay attention to me. If he actuallly says he wants her to fall off a cliff like they have showed in previews he is sick.

    • Sher

      I thought Kasey was a bit crazy in the last show but he takes the cake this time. I can’t wait to see him and little miss visious, Vienna, fall apart. I don’t like how they gang up on Jake. No matter what he did or did not do, he has way more credibility than Crazy Kasey or Vicious Vienna.

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