Britney Spears vs. Christina Aguilera: Who's the greater turn-of-the-millennium pop diva?

Britney or Christina? It’s a question that philosophers have been contemplating since approximately 5 A.D. (after Disney). One’s the ultimate American girl, the other’s multi-lingual and multi-talented. One’s got enormous popularity; the other’s got an enormous voice. One’s a blonde ex-Mouseketeer who was romantically linked to Fred Durst, the other’s… a blonde ex-Mouseketeer who was romantically linked to Fred Durst. How to choose? It was a tough debate for Leah Greenblatt and me. Check out our arguments below, and tell us what you think in the comments.

(This is part of an ongoing series of posts in which EW writers debate the most defining pop culture rivalries. Past subjects have included Schwarzenegger/Stallone, Godfather/Goodfellas, and the neverending boy-band battle between ‘N Sync and the Backstreet Boys. Come back here on Thursday for a duel over the relative greatness of Movies and Videogames, and then spin back here in one week for a cage match between The Simpsons and South Park to decide the great American animated comedy.)

Melissa Maerz (Team Christina): You know that old debate about how a woman is either a Marilyn or a Jackie? Well, Britney’s a Marilyn: sure, she’s sexy, but she’s totally blank, and she sings like she’s trying to fog up a mirror, one tiny breath at a time. Christina’s a total Jackie. And, yes, I know it’s weird to say that about someone who’s worn ass-less chaps, but hear me out. She’s a super ambitious lady knows what she wants and how to get it—even if what she wants is to foxy-box her brains out. Britney always looks like someone else is pressing the “desire” button on her Britbot controls.

Leah Greenblatt (Team Britney): It’s interesting that you call Britney a Marilyn, because I think Brit actually has a lot more in common with her than just a breathy giggle and a box of Clairol. Pop culture has always had sexpots to spare, but the thing that I think made Marilyn outlast so many of them was her vulnerability. Britney has that same indefinable quality—and I admit she basically sounds like a baby with a head cold when she sings—that Marilyn had; there’s a kitteny sweetness to her sexiness that Christina just doesn’t project. If anything, Christina to me is a Joan Crawford—the kind of lady you admire and know is incredibly talented but are also kind of terrified of, because she projects this hardness that pushes people away; something about her attitude seems to say “I don’t need you to like me. In fact, you not liking me only makes me stronger.” (Oh look! She actually made a song about that.) Also like Joan, she has crazy eyebrows.

MM: Christina would give you the hanger for saying that! I agree that Britney’s more likeable, but only in the vague, dispassionate way that, say, Cheerios are likeable. When it comes to actually loving someone, she’s got nothing on Christina, who adores the people close to her with equal hold-my-earrings ferociousness: men (and not necessarily attractive men, which makes me like her more), her son Max (who inspired an album about how baby-love can transform a woman into a mighty cyborg), and yeah, probably herself. But when Britney’s just singing down a list of menu options for dudes (Threeway? Slave 4 U? Lace and leather?), maybe we could use more songs like “Beautiful.”

LG: I will give you that Britney is not a balladress (even though I still hold a spot for her tinkly little music box sadz “Everytime” and that topless-Stephen-Dorff video. Go towards the light, Britney!) In fact, I think Christina’s “You Lost Me” and “I Am,” from the much-maligned Bionic, are two of the most gorgeous things she’s ever done; they actually have that vulnerability I’ve been looking for in her. But it’s hard to find as many pop-song highs in her catalogue; I like “Genie in a Bottle” and “Candyman” a lot, but not the way that I love “…Baby One More Time,” “Toxic,” and “Circus.”

I should say as an aside that there’s absolutely room for both of these women; it’s ridiculous to say we can only have one. To me though, Christina’s vocal superiority has always been a little schoolyard show-offy; why deliver a vowel in one note when you can do it in 47? Well, because that’s 43 more than we asked for. (See: this year’s Aretha Grammys tribute.)

MM: I’m a big lover of “Toxic,” though I’d put “Ain’t No Other Man” against it any day. I think that’s one of the most romantic marriage anthems ever, and it’s the perfect style guide to what makes a great man (soul, class, general bad-assery). You’re totally right that Christina’s kind of an exhibitionist, in terms of her singing, and, uh, otherwise. But you’ve got to admire the sheer force of that powerhouse voice, erupting as it does from this tiny body that probably spends 90% of its energy trying not to topple over on those stripper heels. When I watched her on The Voice, I loved that she could walk in there looking like a little blonde Snooki who’d just rolled out of bed, lazily mumble, “Just do it like this,” and then open that mouth and unleash an emotional intensity that could strip the hair gel off Adam Levine’s head. She’s not even trying! Though of course, maybe that’s a reason to root for Britney. You can tell she’s worked so incredibly hard for this, she’s almost exhausted. That’s why I’m partial to the punk-rock, shaved-head-era Britney who sang “Piece of Me,” her most spirited defense against her detractors. It’s like, “I’ve been doing this since I was 17! Stop talking about me, bitch!” Some songwriter might’ve jotted those thoughts down on her hand for her as a cheat sheet, but she really owns them.

LG: Girl, these two had already earned their ten-years-of-showbiz-service gold wristwatches by the time they were 17—don’t forget the Disney days! I won’t lie and say that Britney’s at the peak of her powers now; she’s clearly lost a lot of the fire she had in her bodysuit-sparkle, dance-not-shuffle days, and I really do miss that look in her eyes that said she was loving the power she had onstage. To me, though, it takes more than a voice like Christina has; I think that can actually be a crutch sometimes, leaving us with more ululating than actual entertaining. It’s a fantastic party trick, but it’s not a substitute for great material, and Britney still gets the best in the business to work with her. Even if it takes a village to build a pop song like  “I Wanna Go,” it beats Christina panting about her X-rated brunch menu—hold the (fertilized) eggs, please!—or her woohoo.

Bottom line, I think they’ve both given us a pretty fantastic decade-plus of pop ridiculosity, and some truly great songs; I can’t take either of that away from them. But even though my head tells me Christina is the technically superior artist, my heart belongs to Britney.

MM: Hey, Christina’s a 30-year-old divorcee and single mom. If she can still brag about getting “strawberries and cream” in bed, more power to her. And while we’re at it, Britney deserves to have some handsome young thing serve her Breakfast Cheetos to her on a silver platter, too. Suddenly, I’m ashamed of pitting these two against each other in some kind of diva-off. Why should there only be room for one of them when there’s still space for way too many boring rock dudes in this world?

LG: Exactly. So, we agree! I have a feeling EW readers might want to say a little something though…

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  • Regina George

    Christina Aguilera has more talent, but Britney does better concerts and is better looking.

    • Melissa

      Britney is horrible in concert! She just walks around looking lost. Beyonce at age 29 can dance circles around Britney at 19.

      IMO, Brintey is more popular because society loves a BLANK woman. It is easy to project your ideal personality onto a person who offers no opinons of their own.

      • JackieB

        Does anyone remember when Britney used to sing live?? I do, and she WASN’T that bad!! She sang live at the VMA’s when she stripped from the suit to “I Don’t Get No Satisfaction”, and on ballads in her concerts.
        It’s so sad that she’s been beaten down so much, she doesn’t even have confidence to sing (and she’s a singer). That alone should give the edge to Christina, because it’s their profession.
        I do wish Britney would try to sing live again; I bet she’d be able to do it (or at least sing parts when she’s dancing).

      • Real

        Britney is good at being a “actress” when she performs, but her voice is nothing classy. She is a actress on stage and in music videos, but she is nothing epic.

      • Lauren

        for the love of god jackieb, you think she sounds good LIVE??????? you must be hittin the sauce woman.

      • Tati

        Shut the he’ll up beyond sucks her songs don’t make sense anymore

      • jen

        which are better? t-shirts or polos? which are better? puppies or kittens? which are better? blue or purple? decisions decisions.. (now that should keep them busy for a few hours)

      • angela

        Britney had far from a blank personality. She was dorky and lovable, sweet and friendly. The kind of person where you wont hear bad things about.

      • Helen

        No Britney will always be queen b

      • Max

        It’s funny they are asking who the greater diva is when one of them barely sings live and sounds like a 14 year old on a good day. If the question was who the ‘biggest popstar’ or ‘person with more fans’ was I’d say Britney but as far as the greater diva, Christina wins by a country mile. It’s insulting to real singers like Adele to class Britney as a great ‘diva’. Even Britney wouldn’t want that. This article’s title needs rephrasing.

      • jen

        I’m so stupid. I can’t decide.

      • Katie

        “Brintey is more popular because society loves a BLANK woman” – that is one of the weakest statements I have ever read on here. You have no idea what you are talking about…

      • bethany

        K… U kinda protected Britney, because 29 and 19… of course a 29 yr old would have more expierience n they both weren’t old n so Britney did have to learn, but who knows everything the 1st tme?!?! Britney Spears became alot better!!!!!!

      • Squishmar

        Max, that was what I was confused about too and why I ultimately voted for Christina…. the term “diva” definitely implies that there is singing involved–no question and that that is what the person in question is known for. Britney is known for many things and may be a great performer (or once was) but she’s never been known as a great singer and sometimes, not even a proficient singer. So, yeah… Christina, definitely. And even Britney fans would have to agree (although I guess not everyone’s using that yardstick because Britney’s wayyy ahead in the poll).

      • jen

        darn it.. I still can’t decide..

      • G

        Yeah, shouldn’t the real answer to this question be Beyonce? I know she’s not quite a “pop” diva but she’s certainly the full pacakge, having both the voice and the persona.

    • Jean Guy Levesque

      Christina sings better but Britney is better looking. Both became FAT COWS and because Britney seems to be attracted to white trash, I’ll give my nod to Christina. Vive la Quebec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • bethany

        ewwww Britney is better and isn’t fat

      • diana

        how can you call them FAT they are not you must be brainless.

      • Blonde South

        According to her arrest report Christina only weighs 100 pounds. How is that fat?

    • Cygnus

      Xtina had me at Dirrty. That clean cut girl from Genie in a Bottle got down and dirrrrrrty, and not only blew up that video with hot, raunchy sexuality, but lost in the video is a strong vocal performance. I’m still waiting for “sweatin til my clothes come off.”

    • skyler

      Christina Aguilera britney spears is fake!

    • Leonardo

      That was in the past now they are fat and Britney doesn’t dance and she still can’t sing :P

    • kz

      WAS better looking. Now they both look beat. I guess Britney is the better off of the two but that’s not saying much anymore.

    • oliviersansau

      i aint a huge fan of them, but i would need to go with B. When has Christina EVER released a good album? NEVER!!!!!! she does not produce good albums. She is self-centered. She does not have a lot to say. In fact, the only thing she can sing about is how she “dont care what yall think of me”, and yet, KEEPS SINGING ABOUT IT.
      She growls a lot, which people mistakes for powerful pipes. And that hair, THAT HAIR?
      B has made better, more consistent albums.

      • Squishmar

        Yes, I’ll give you the hair. But come on. The woman DOES have powerful pipes. There is no question and that is not debatable. It’s a fact. I don’t own either of their albums and I like songs on the radio from both of them… but not even the most diehard Britney fans are deluded enough to say Christina doesn’t have an incredible voice. That’s just absurd. You may not care for her style of singing but that divisive style in itself is proof of power in her cords.

    • Olive

      IMO, Brintey is more popular because society loves a BLANK woman. ~Mysingleparentmatch.C óM ~

    • Ashley

      I do not understand this debate. Whose better than who? what are we? Five. the truth is Nitger singer is as talented aa they used to be. I wouldn’t put Christina in a category of diva nor Britney. Whose talented is based on your personal preference not anyone else.

    • Charles

      More good looking? you gotta to be kidding right? Christina looks like a Barbie doll. She is more beautiful than Britney and talented. Britney is more sexy and glamorous than Christina.

  • crispy

    They are both terrible.

    • jen

      Who are these people?!?!?

      • bethany

        r u dumb!!!! Britney Spears is the best singer female

      • trey

        lipsyncing isn’t singing twerp

    • Tori

      Seriously! They suck!

  • daisyj

    I actually heard this discussion underway once at an Austin bookstore. Eventual decision: Shakira.

    • SaraS

      UGH, Shakira!?!? What, you mean that nasal voiced belly dancer with 1 hit!? Get outta here.

      • MikeR

        Shakira is an international superstar with more than just “one hit.” She sells out arenas everytime she’s on tour in the U.S. or abroad.

      • Tye-Grr

        You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. She has several hits and she’s an international superstar. She’s also gorgeous, has a great voice, and writes her own lyrics and music. She’s also very political. I’d take her over both Xtina and Britney any day of the week/month/year.

      • PL

        You have no idea how many #1 hits Shakira has had… outside of the US! There’s a world out there.

      • Blonde South

        Not only has she had several hits internationally, she’s had more then 1 hit here in the US too…

    • erin

      Shakira actually writes a lot of her own music. She wins.

      • BLT

        check out “back to basics”….Xtina writes from the heart. double album, xtina at her best.

    • BLT

      Shakira….no. The winner, by default, is P!nk.

      • bahkey

        I agree pink is a rock chick who can bring it, the awards show a couple yrs. ago was top notch. Plus live she does a few zep tunes. go to you tube and check out her doing bobby MaGee

      • Diva!

        Everyone knows the woman who stomps all over these b!tches is Beyonce.

      • Megan

        You mean the Beyonce that can’t get a hit on the radio anymore? Or do you forget that for the first time since she started, she’s had zero hits out of two singles released? Neither RUN THE WORLD nor BEST THING YOU NEVER HAD managed to even hit the BILLBOARD TOP Ten, in spite of expensive, much ballyhooed videos and tons of promotion.

      • Diva!

        And yet her album still managed to sell more copies than Britney in its first week. Please, Beyonce can sing and dance circles around Ms. Spears, who can’t even dance while she’s LIPSYNCHING!!! That performance on Jimmy Kimmel was horrendous. Show ANYONE a side-by-side vieo of Britney & Beyonce and they will all tell you that Bey wins hands-down. Beyonce’s album shows her growth as an artist, and it is the most critically acclaimed of her career. “Run The World” was nominated for Best Female Vid at the VMA’s, where was Britney’s??? Don’t let Bey’s SIXTEEN Grammy Awards hit you on your way out.

      • Classy

        Beyonce probably bought a ton of copies of her own album. Almost no one is checking for, and even less are talking about her music. Femme Fatale got higher ratings from TOP critics than 4. Idk whats been goin on with Brits dancing lately, but if u did a side by side of their dancing from Britney’s pre-breakdown and you’ll see Britney kicked her ass all over the park (actually there are such clips on YouTube). As for the 16 Grammys, it’s prunable not a tough feat when your Dad is apart of the Academy that gets to decide nominees and u have little competition in the R and B categories most years. It’s been years m years since anyone looked to the Grammys to award musical excellence.

      • Blonde South

        At this point I think Beyonce and Pink beat these two. Although Britney’s not that far behind. And poor Christina… she used to be my favorite of this bunch…

      • Classy

        Beyonce’s songs are not even on the charts. No one is talking about her music.

      • flapjacks

        Can’t it just be both Shakira AND P!nk? I mean, both of them kick ass.

    • WhiteLady

      I agree that Shakira wins for me but I don’t think she ever was a Mouseketeer…

  • Captain

    Britney has always been the one-and-only Pop Princess. She was the Madonna of the 90s the way Lady GaGa is the Madonna of the 2000s. She puts on one hell of a show (even if her songs are lacking).

    • crispy

      No, Madonna was the Madonna of the 90s.

      • Jonathan


      • Mike

        How could anyone that releases their first single in 1999 be considered an “anything” of the 90s??? lol Agreed with crispy on this one.

      • Bonnie


      • jen

        It’s too bad it couldn’t have just ended there in the 90s.

      • Bee

        Yep and Britney is the Britney of the 2000s and Lady Gaga is the Lady Gaga of the latter part of the 2000s and onwards.

        Also, Melissa Maerz: I’m not that big of a Britney fan, but NO WAY Ain’t No Other Man can stand beside Toxic. The latter is one of the best pop songs in the last two decades imo.

        Anyways, I voted Britney not because I like her that much over Christina, but unlike the latter who comes across as a total b**ch, Britney despite her blonde moments comes cross as the much nice person.

      • Taylor

        It’s funny that ‘Bee’ says ‘Ain’t No Other Man’ can’t touch ‘Toxic.’ Call me when Britney has anything remotely CLOSE to being as classic, timeless, anthemic and iconic as ‘Beautiful.’ It’ll never happen.

    • Lauren

      how can someone who released their first single in 1998 be the madonna of the 90’s…?

      • flapjacks

        Particularly while Madonna was still going extremely strong around that time.

  • Stacey

    I am Team Britney. Yes I know she doesn’t have the voice Christina does. But there is something about Britney that makes me want to listen to her. And hold all her CDs on my Ipod at the moment; even the Greatest Hits collections LOL. Britney may not have the voice. Although when you hear her voice early in her career; she did have one. But the studio went for the processed song and led her to dance genre which sells alot more than the ballads these days. Britney has had the hard knocks. And worked for her success; and was a victim of it. But all her songs are so catchy. “Toxic,” Womanizer. Hold it Against Me, Till the World Ends now I Wanna Go. Even Gimme More is catchy. All her CDs have told us something about her. Yes Christina has the voice power. But as it’s been said; there is some iciness about her. She doesn’t seem genuine. What you get from Britney is catchy songs, genuiness and she is very hot. And she and her sons seem to love each other. Britney is very captivating. The fact she’s still going over 12 years later. Wow!

    • Tiffany

      The thing that Brintey has that Christina doesn’t: MAX MARTIN. He has produced most of Britney’s music, and he is a pop genius. Britney was lucky to have him do 99% of her work for her.

      • Marissa

        It’s not really luck when Christina could easily work with him. She chooses not to.

    • Aiden

      How in the world can you say you found ‘genuiness’ in Britney’s work? 98% of her songs around about SEX. Christina, while she does have sexual songs, have songs about redemption, perserverance, identity, self-acceptance…etc. Britney has never put out a single song that has been as touching as something like “I Am,” “Keep on Singing My Song,” “Cruz,” “The Voice Within,” or ‘Walk Away.’ Britney is here for ass shaking, Christina is here for empowerment and meaning.

      • Cassie

        I’m sure you have not heard Britney’s earlier albums then, back when she truly was sweet and genuine. Those songs were definitely not all about sex and had some undeniable emotion behind them.

      • Zac

        Go take a look at “Let go” by Britney spears. That song seems pretty uplifting to me.

      • Aiden

        ‘Sweet and genuine’ does not equate to being raw, emotional and powerful. I can only think of a couple Britney songs that aren’t about dancing or sex and they’re not well known for a reason. Like I said, Britney is the ass shaker, Christina is the empowering and meaningful one.

      • Hana

        Well you clearly have no brain. Have you even heard a Britney Spears song? They aren’t all about sex, dancing, other stupid crap. Christina, on the other hand, pretty much all the songs on her newest album are about being a sl*t.

    • Bonnie

      Britney WAS captivating, now she’s an empty mess that can’t even do the only thing she was ever truly good at–dancing. I saw her perform “live” on Jimmy Kimmel. She was lip syncing and all she could manage in the way of “dancing” was a few pelvic thrusts, she could barely walk the stage. It’s so, so sad and I wish someone would get her out of the spotlight and some major help, rather than using her to continue to make $$. Clearly she can’t handle life and it’s time to her the help she needs. If she had his talent, it’d me Michael Jackson all over again…she’s surrounded by sycophants.

  • mick

    Britney has a more supportive fanbase but Christina is the one with the talent.

    • Tori

      Yeah, the talent of yelling and calling it “singing”, looking like a sl*t, and messing up the lyrics to a song she’s heard all her life.

  • Marissa

    Christina has the stronger voice, obviously, but I still prefer Britney’s tone. Plus, Britney has always been the more entertaining presence and performer. Britney’s music is leaps and bounds more interesting and fun too. So, my vote goes to Britney!

    • Nicole

      Agreed. Britney is (was?) a much better all-around entertainer. The voice isn’t as important, just look at Madonna. It was never about her voice, it was about HER. Plus, is anyone still listening to Genie in a Bottle? i don’t even particularly like pop music but I have at least 5 Britney songs on my ipod.

      • erin

        Then buy posters and pay money to go see her wriggle around on stage, but DON”T call it music.

  • Grammar Watch

    “It was a tough debate for Leah Greenblatt and I.”

    No. Just no. Why are so many people afraid of the word “me” and inserting “I” and “myself” where it has no business?

    • Grammar Watch

      where _they_ have no business. Yes, I caught my own error.

    • Lauren

      the original statement was grammatically correct, grammar police. perhaps it’s time to go back to the academy?

      • Harper Lee

        No, Grammar Watch is correct. You would never say, “It was a tough debate for I,” but you would say, “It was a tough debate for me.” Therefore, the sentence should be, “It was a tough debate for Leah Greenblatt and me.” It’s like when people caption pictures of themselves, “John and I at the beach.” You would never say, “This is a picture of I at the beach.” It’s just wrong and a result of people trying to sound intelligent.

        By the way, I am totally team Christina. She had me at “What a Girl Wants.”

      • Madox

        I know. I’m amazed with the number of people who don’t know when to use “I” or “me”. So many “professional” writers make this mistake. Please feel free to rip apart my post. Team Britney, btw.

  • cheese

    I like them both, and I admit Christina is a better singer but I just love Britney,

  • Lem


    Better looking, better hits, better personality….Britney is pop culture…uggs in the middle of summer, her easily identifiable voice, her humble personality. Her HUGE catalog of hits.

    It’s Britney bitch….any day.

  • mela

    Nobody’s denying that Christina has the better voice. But I’m a Britney girl. Her music’s just…fun.

  • Amanda

    I’ve said this many times to my friends and family: Christina has the better voice (by far) but Britney has the better image.

    • Jiminy

      SERIOUSLY??? The white trash pin-up girl has a “better image?”
      At least Christina has not created any neglected offspring…yet.

      • TayMads

        Christina has a son named Max that she barely even mentions…I’ve never seen her talk about her son or pictures of them together. But then again that can either be a good or bad thing.

      • Aiden

        Seriously? Maybe in like 2001 Britney had a better image. She is the poster child for pop puppet/white trash. She does NOT have the better image. Why do you think her team freaked out and have been crafting her image ever so effortlessly the past few years? Because Brit finally got to do her own thing during her breakdown years and she came out looking like trash!

        Also, Xtina NEVER stops talking about her son Max, so I don’t know what TayMads is talking about. I wish she’d talk more about her music, honestly.

    • Andy

      Wow, you actually made me spit out my water. Hahahahahahaha.

      Thank you for that one.

  • kelly71396

    I watched some documentary a long time ago on Christina. It was a good 10-12 years ago. All her and her mother kept saying over and over again was how all the kids were jealous of her and they had to move and then all the kids were jealous of her there too. I know that technically Christina has a better voice, but Britney is far more likable. I have to actually like someone if I’m going to spend money on them. All the everyone is and always has been jealous of me was a bunch of crap and I haven’t had any use for Christina since the day I saw that.

    • Squishmar

      Even if it was the truth?

  • jocie,

    Britney Spears hands down, she’s till relevant has a top grossing concert, and has a top five hit on radio, and on billboard. What does that say Team Britney all the way, sorry xtina your time has passed.

    • rachel

      They are selling Britney’s concert tickets on Groupon! 2 for 1!

      • Jake

        At least she’s sold enough to not cancel her tour, like Christina’sill-fated Bionic tour.

    • Aiden

      Christina’s not relevant, yet she is one of the most talked about celebs of 2010/2011, has a movie that grossed 100 million, the #1 show on NBC, got invited to the Grammy’s superbowl…etc. RIGHT. Xtina haters kill me with the ‘she’s not relevant’ thing. She’s more relevant than she has been in years. Deal with it.

      • Jon

        Funny how you never mentioned her music. She is primarily a singer. When was the last time she had a hit? I don’t even know one single song from her Bionic album. While she may have the better voice, she has lost her relevance in the music industry. She’s doing a TV show for crying out loud.

      • EAP

        2011: Moves Like Jagger

      • Aiden

        See #3 song on Billboard/#1 song on itunes.

    • Zoe

      No hits? Maroon 5’s duet with Christina ‘Moves Like Jagger’ is higher right now on the billboard hot 100 than Britney’s latest single not to mention it dropped 2 positions while ‘Moves Like Jagger’ moved from #5 to #3 Im just saying.

  • glenn

    Christina Aguilera is one of the worst singers ever, she oversings every note just like that other overrated singer Mariah Carey.

    • SaraS

      Man, I so disagree. Her songs can give me goosebumps even while listening through the speakers in my car. She needs NO autotune.

      • @ glenn

        I know you are not dissing my beautiful Mimi who holds the record for most number one’s by a solo artist.

    • gaga

      sorry but mariah carey BLOWS christina out of the water. her voice is softer and she has more control when hitting higher notes

      • JackieB

        Wish that was true; I used to love me some Mariah Carey. She lost her voice a long time ago. She can’t sing in tune and barely whispers her hits, which cover about 6 notes nowadays. So, sooo sad.
        I miss the belt-y Mariah in the ’90s.

      • Dreams

        Maybe back in the 90’s, but not now.

    • gato

      dont bring Mariah into this! Neither one of them can touch her

      • JoeC

        Amen, gato! JackieB you should listen to Mariah’s last CD, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel she sings as well on that CD as she ever has; songs like ‘H.A.T.E.U.’ and ‘It’s a Wrap’ show that The Voice is still amazing! Check it out!

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