Bert and Ernie are asexual puppets, will not wed


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In response to an online petition asking Sesame Street producers to let odd couple Bert and Ernie marry as a way to teach tolerance to young children, Sesame Workshop has issued a statement on the nature of Bert and Ernie’s relationship: “Bert and Ernie are best friends. They were created to teach preschoolers that people can be good friends with those who are very different from themselves. Even though they are identified as male characters and possess many human traits and characteristics (as most Sesame Street Muppets™ do), they remain puppets, and do not have a sexual orientation.”

Sesame Street begins its 42nd season next month. Putting the Bert and Ernie issue to bed, would you like to see a same-sex couple introduced on the show? I haven’t watched Sesame Street in close to 30 years, but if there are no official puppet couples, then you can’t fault producers for holding to that tradition. But what about introducing a same-sex human couple? 

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  • crispy

    Well, they did have Anderson Cooper on the show inside Oscar the Grouch’s trash can. And we never saw Oscar’s head. Just sayin

    • justin


    • Tye-Grr


    • jennifer

      see where your mind is thats what am talking about thats what you people want to teach our children OMG,sick.

      • Janine

        Wow, overreact much?

      • jennifer

        im guesing you dont have any kids huh and if you do dyfus must be involve,or you dont know what the word overreactting means,please be quiet this is only for real parents that love there kids OK.

      • qwen

        i guest you dont have any kidshuh and if you dyfus must be involve,or maybe you dont know what the word overreacting means please be quiet and let a real parent speak thank you

      • Linda

        I will not have my kids watching kids shows that include any kinds of sexual situations/gender issues/whatever.

      • Arizona

        Um, as a matter of fact, *I* have a kid (7.5), and not only is he familiar with the concepts of homosexuality and oral sex, he also knows how to take a joke.

      • Shannon

        I am a parent and a tolerant one that teaches my daughter to respect others. I also love my kid, jennifer (sic), I just have an opinion different than yours.

      • Kat

        Some people really can’t take a joke. Wow.

      • Ken

        Nobody is stopping the parents that wish to expose their children to certain types of sexuality/orientation/gender shows simply by renting a dvd or whatever. But I honestly don’t believe that kids shows on public television should have anything to with sexual situations at all.

      • jennifer

        To Shonnon and Kat,i did not say that people should not respect other people’s lifestyle,to each is own come on but bert and ernie is it that bad?going to a toddler show thats bin around for ages thats been teaching kids about abc’s and 123’s.and about me cant take a joke that joke was not funny about cant seeing oscar head with the other man and him in the trash can let the kids stay kids until its there time to become an adult and deside what they want to be.And no disrespect Shonnon not saying that you dont love your kid but not everyone that could have kids is real parents thats why there’s a lot of our kids that’s getting molested because some people allows anyone to babysit there kids, this is for straight or gay you have to be carefull in these days who you allow around your children.and i respect others and they should respect other people’s wishes also dont you think. leave bert and ernie be.

        To Shanon and Kat, no one is saying that people should not respect other people’s wishes,but bert and ernie?

      • Squishmar

        jennifer, I sincerely hope English is your second language. Because if it’s not… I think both your children AND you could desperately use Sesame Street!

  • Rolol Tomasi

    People are so stupid. Enough with this gay agenda.

    • Agenda?

      Can you list some of the bullet points on this “agenda?”

      • Jay

        bullet point number one: create an issue where there isn’t one by trying to make puppets gay

      • DRG

        Gay activists on the left who think Bert and Ernie are gay are as absurd as anti-gay activists on the right, like Jerry Falwell, who insist that the Telletubbies are gay.

      • Jenny

        Your agenda is cramming the immoral ridiculous notion of “gay marriage” down our throats. Does that answer your question?

      • The Devil

        @DRG: Yes, you are 100% and make too much sense to be posting on the internet. You must have wandered here by accident

      • The Devil

        @Jenny: You can likewise say that the heterosexual agenda is cramming the immoral, ridiculous notion of “homophobia” and “inequality” down our throats.

      • Holly

        You know, it’s one thing to say that an issue of such adult-level nature (ie. sex and marriage) should or should not be on a kid’s show – I think it probably should not. But it is all you anti-gay rednecks who are always pushing YOUR agenda down everyone else’s throat on gay marriage. It is none of your business who anyone marries. So don’t try to turn it around and say gays are “pushing an agenda”. They are trying to overturn a ban put in place by people like YOU.

      • Jenny

        To Holly the idiot: Did you know that the institution of marriage has between one man and one woman since, oh, the dawn of time? You and the morally bankrupt are the ones trying to change the definition of marriage. Good job. Can we now marry children? Why not? There was never anything to be banned until fruitcakes like you tried to change a heterosexual union that has remained unchanged for thousands of years

      • Eolra

        Too Jenny: There was a time, not long ago, that the definition of marriage did not include marrying out of your race. Was it wrong to change that? Also, women, and people of colour, were not considered equals, or even *people* under the law, for hundreds and hundreds of years. I, for one, am quite happy that enlightenment has allowed these views to change within the law. Just because something has been so for long time does not automatically make it right.

      • Jenny

        Eolra: I don’t have any problem with other races marrying. Never said I did. So where did you surmise that from my post? And no, something that “has been” for a long time does not necessarilly make it right. However, in this case, it does. Go now and marry your shoes.

      • @Jenny

        You are wrong about marriage being between one man and one woman since “the dawn of time.” Polygamy (I know that is probably a big word for you but you can look it up) was common in ancient socities. In the Bible Lamech had two wives and many men in the Bible had multiple wives.

      • A

        Jenny = bigot.

      • Eolra

        Hi Jenny,

        My point was that the definition of marriage did not used to include marriages between races either, just as is the case with same-sex marriages now. 50 years ago people had the same attitudes towards inter-racial marriage as you do now towards same-sex marriage.

      • Hey Jenny

        If you are against same sex marriage then don’t marry another woman. Worry about the plank in your own eye, not the speck in your neighbor’s.

      • crispy

        Jenny’s whole argument crumbles with one single word: DIVORCE

      • @A

        More like:

        Jenny = closet case.

      • @crispy

        Amen! If the anti-gay marriage people want to “protect marriage” then they need to outlaw divorce.

      • D

        My question is why does EVERYTHING including children’s programming have to be sexualize. As the reps of the program stated, there aren’t ANY couples on Sesame Street. Why force one now unless it is indeed part of a political agenda. Aren’t men allowed to be friends without introducing sex into the equation?

      • @ Jenny the non bigot

        GOD doesn’t recognize anything. God didn’t create the institution of marriage, a bunch of old men sitting around espousing their beliefs and interpretations created the institution. And for what it’s worth, why should the institution exist anywhere outside of the church. Marriage is a “contract” wherein two parties have, with clear intent, determined to agree to be bound to each other. The word Marriage is one of the last vestige and strongholds of the church over the state, give everyone a civil union to legislate their contractual obligations, let the church bless you with a marriage if it wants. Also, how is it not suppressing a religious right if a church wants to bless a gay union as a marriage? Lastly, it was a petition to ask to let Bert and Ernie marry, it wasn’t an agenda. Everyone has a right to make a request, PBS just decided they weren’t going to honor it, and they did it in a respectful manner, you should take notes.

      • Me Jenny.. Me Idiot.

        @ Jenny –

        God is gay. Why do you think there’s no Mrs. God? Why do so many of your priests touch alter boys? Could it be a little of the divine influence is trickling down? By the way… Yes, you ARE a bigot. You probably think Earth was created 6001 years ago. Since you said divorce is outlawed in your religion, I assume you’re Catholic. I’m so sorry.

      • Joe

        Why do you have to put sexuality on kids shows? That’s wrong.

    • Ali


      • Jenny

        Oh, so now you are trying to justlfy two men marrying each other based on the equally immoral practice of polygamy that was practised 6000 years ago? In Biblical times men indeed had more than one wife. They did not however, have relations with men and call it marriage. And to “A” I’m not a bigot, I’m a person with a brain. If it was legal to murder children and I disagreed with the popular majority, would I still be a “bigot?”

      • Eolra

        Hi Jenny,

        I truly encourage you to try to open your heart to love instead of hate. Gay people are just people – just people- like you or me, trying to make it in this life. They have the same hopes, dreams, and fears as anyone else. It is not for you to judge. Acceptance and understanding are the only way to make a better world.

      • Jenny

        I understand your point but just because 50 years ago people had the same attitudes towards interracial marriage as they do now gay marriage, does not make them both the same, i.e., both prosecuted falsely because they were both illegal and or shunned. A black man marrying a white woman is not the same thing as a black man “marrying” a white man, but I guess you don’t understand the logic or the difference between the two scenarios. Sorry. I’m not sure how to make it any clearer.

      • Jenny

        Eolra: Again, you are misunderstanding what I say. I know that gay people are people. I do not hate them. I DISAGREE WITH GAY MARRIAGE. Does that make sense? How is my disagreement translate into “hate?” I don’t hate anyone. And I do accept and understand them, as I had tons of gay friends in college. However, that does not mean they have the moral right to marry.

      • Jenny

        To “Hey Jenny”: If you are saying to me to worry about the plank in my eye instead of the speck in my neighbor’s, then you must agree that gay marriage is a speck, or a sin, or a problem, or you wouldn’t have used that analogy. I’m confused. I thought gay marriage was great. Hmmm.

      • Jenny

        To Crispy: Divorce is outlawed in my religion. I’ve been married for 19 years. Now what do you have to say?

      • @Jenny

        You were the one who said in your post that:

        “the institution of marriage has between one man and one woman since, oh, the dawn of time?”

        I pointed out that you were wrong on that. The definition of marriage has indeed changed over time.

      • A

        If you are saying that people who have honest disagreements with you don’t have a brain, as you impy, then yes, you are a bigot. If you want to deny your fellow human beings the right to have legal recognition for a relationship, than yes you are a bigot. Why do you care if two consenting adults are legally allowed to file a joint tax return?

      • @Jenny

        Do you support the outlawing of divorce then?

      • Martillo

        Can anyone explain why gay marriage is wrong without using religion? I can understand why churches wouldn’t want to perform a gay marriage ceremony, and support their right not to. But if the only argument against gay marriage is on religious grounds, then there is no argument, it’s a non-issue.

      • crispy

        Well, first of all, I say you need to learn how to use the Reply button properly, you imbecile.

      • Jenny

        To @Jenny: Because the legal definition of marriage has changed over time, i.e., polygamy, as you state, does not mean that polygamous relationships were truly marriage either. It was just as false. GOD recognizes marriage as one man and one women, not one man and three women, not a man and a tree and not two men. My point is that just because something is “legally recognized” as such does not make it so. A legal definition does not make it a moral one. So what is your argument again?

      • Jenny

        To A: As I impy? I assume you mean, as I imply. No, I do not call people who have disagreements with me as idiots based on moral grounds. However, if the masses are too stupid to recognize what is moral and what is not, at a certain age, then yes, I do believe there is an amount of idiocy coming into play. Usually 8 year olds understand the difference between right and wrong. Sadly enough, that does not apply to Americans in this day and age.

      • crispy

        Jenny=American Taliban

      • m

        Leave Jenny alone.She’s clearly an idiot who can’t comprehend that denying gay people the right to marriage is a form of hatred. Jenny, when you get to judgement day, God is gonna tell you that the immoral things in life involve being a hateful bigot.

      • @Jenny

        Why “must” I agree that it is a sin?

      • Jenny

        Crispy= Really stupid screen name + falling back on name calling without any logical aruguments to back his ridiculous ideas up.

      • A

        So now you say that people who don’t agree with what YOU view as morality are stupid? My assertion that you are a bigot still stands.

      • Jenny

        To “m”: I don’t hate anyone. You just say I do as a blanket statement that buys into your liberal bs. So I hope it makes you feel better to spout untrue nonsense. Also, I’m not a hateful bigot. I disagree with your opinion.I know that’s all it is, and you know that’s all it is. But don’t worry, I know you don’t know any better. Why are you talking about Judgment Day, BTW? Thought that was a Christian concept, which I thought you rejected. Nope. I’m pretty sure I’m okay, but men who marry men will face judgement, NOT ME, as it is against Gods’ law. You’re welcome to rebut with me with more of your nonsense, if you want.

      • @Jenny

        1) God had no problem with polygamy in the Bible
        2) Saying that people who have different views from you are stupid doesn’t give you much room to accuse them of name calling
        3) you haven’t answered the question about whether or not you think divorce should be outlawed

      • Jenny

        Again, to “A” and to “@Jenny”: Because as I said, the difference between right and wrong is usually mastered by eight year olds, in other words, common sense. Apparantly you do not know the diiference between right and wrong, and I’m sorry. Don’t know quite how that happens, unless you lack a profound amount of innate intelligences.

      • Jenny

        To @Jenny once again:

        1. How do you know God didn’t have a problem with polygamy in the Bible? Did he tell you?
        2. If a spade is a spade, I call it a spade. You are inherently stupid if you do not understand the difference between right and wrong. However, to call me a “closet case” or “taliban” is not the same as calling someone, rightly so, stupid. You are stupid. I am not gay, nor am I a terrorist.
        3. If you could read, and look back on the comments above, I already said I do not believe in divorce except on extreme grounds (adultery or battering).

      • @Jenny

        You still have not answered the question. Do you think that divorce should be OUTLAWED?

      • AD

        Straight marriage = special rights for heterosexuals.

      • crispy

        You are trying to institutionalize your religious morality on the rest of us… it is exactly the same thing as sharia law.

      • Edlow

        although I don’t agree with gay marriage…that is NOT why i don’t want a gay puppet couple on tv. For the I don’t want to see a straight couple sticking their tongues down their throats on childrens tv because I don’t want to have to explain to my 3 year old why someone is doing that. Its not important in a 3 year old life. they don’t need to be tolerant of a make out session or cuss words, so we keep them off tv. the same concept should apply to gay couple in childrens television. it is not important to a 3 year olds life so we should keep it off their radars. What they need at three is counting and smiles and colors and happiness and basic neighborly love and sharing and caring….not gay or straigh, not make out or not make out, not shoot someone or don’t shoot someone….for crying out loud it is a show whose primary audience is between 18 months and 3 years of age!!!

      • NedPepper

        JENNY SAYS: “Divorce is outlawed in my religion. I’ve been married for 19 years. Now what do you have to say?”

        Your husband must be a miserable man. Who knows….maybe he’s got something on the down low…

      • Eolra

        But Jenny, the issue of gay marriage is not gay people are not trying to get married in YOUR RELIGION, they are trying to get married LEGALLY so that they can enjoy the same LEGAL benefits that heterosexual couples have.

      • Mark

        Jenny. Marriage didn’t start with the Bible. Marriage, as an institution, started with the Code of Hammurabi. Not for religious purposes to satisfy God, but for legal purposes. Therefore, laws should be changed when social habits change.

      • qwen

        see this idiot saying god is gay you must be praying to your own god,am not catholic never like that religion, so you think going around raping little kids is good,not every religion is right and in the bible god created adam and eve not adam and steave,two woman or two men cant produce kids it takes a man and a woman with that being said,i dont care what two grwn folks do just leave the kids out of it let them be what they want to be when they grow up.just because the preist does that dont make it right who said they where going to heaven,its not every thing people do on earth is right be carefull what you say about god and go read the bible

      • Joe

        These sickos want to put sexual situations on kids shows, and the last time I checked my cable guide, anything with sexual situations requires a PG to an R rating. This is a G rated kids show. The point is moot. End of discussion.

      • Squishmar

        So many responses I don’t know where this will end up but what Martillo said is absolutely the bottom line argument… if you can’t explain why gay marriage is “wrong” without using religion as an answer then there really is no argument. It *is* a non-issue. And Jenny, come on… you said in one of your posts that, “If it was legal to murder children and I disagreed with the popular majority, would I still be a “bigot?”” You’ve got to realize the difference is that gay marriage harms absolutely no one. How will it change or affect your life or anyone else’s in a negative way if gays are allowed to marry? The answer is: It won’t.

      • murley

        i love it when people say they don’t hate gay people; they just don’t think they deserve equal rights and they are inherently morally wrong. that is a line that is drawn only in your mind, to justify your prejudice, but that distinction isn’t actually legitimate. it isn’t your place to judge others no matter how morally superior you feel. and yeah, yeah, you had tons of gay friends in college. i’ll bet i know what they said about you behind your back….

    • DocRules

      I’m a gay male, and I don’t think that Bert and Ernie should get married. That being said, I am consistently bothered by the phrase “gay agenda”. While we don’t need two classic puppet characters to suddenly get married to teach tolerance, kids do need to learn about acceptance. But maybe you’re right. Enough with this “agenda”. Equality doesn’t matter.

      • AcaseofGeo

        I am also a gay male, and I post on EW regularly using this name. Sometimes snarky, sometimes passionately, sometimes silly. I agree that Bert and Ernie should NOT get married. Children’s programming is not the place to make this kind of statement. I think Sesame Street does a great job already on the tolerance issue. I am also bothered by the “gay agenda” phrase. I don’t really see OR live an agenda; I simply live my life. Equality and the right to marry are not an agenda. They are basic human dignities in this country.

      • Keira

        I agree with earlier statements that a children’s show is not the appropriate place to discuss adult topics. However; I am NOT in agreement with the amount of hatred being spewed against the gay community. For those of you who “claim” to be Christians or to love God you need to take a look in the mirror. Personally, I don’t consider anyone an enemy, for me life’s too short to harbour bitterness or hatred against anyone …but if you are so against the gay community you would do well to remember that Jesus told us to love our enemies, do GOOD to them and pray for them. Your behaviour is the exact opposite of that, which indicates that you pick and choose the verses that suit you instead of living them out.

      • Regina George

        Whatever. It’s a children’s show. Please stop turning it into some big thing.

    • Rybak

      Sure! When you heterosexuals stop flaunting your lifestyles in everyone’s faces all the time :))

      No, seriously. Public displays of affection are gross no matter who the people are :)

    • mediablitz

      I agree Rolol. What’s with the gay agenda? Sesame Street is for kids. Why do the adults want to bring their crap onto the innocent show? Everything must have a gay storyline to it? Great for Sesame Street to take a stand. I grew up with knowing Bert and Ernie as best friends. These perverts. Want to change the relationship to suit their own twisted agenda. Yeh. I said it. I did!

      • 623east68thstreet

        Couldn’t agree more! Why can’t Bert and Ernie just be FRIENDS?? Why does their relationship have to be more?

      • Ken

        It’s called Gender-socialization. It was dreamt up by some mad professor at some university who supposedly knows what’s best for everyone elses kids, and also so he/she could publish to ge the ph.d probably.

    • natasha

      I so agree with you…I am sick and tired of this gay agenda mess…and now want it on children show…that is highly unacceptable and ridiculous!

      • A

        natasha = bigot.

      • C


      • Ken

        I don’t care even if it was straight/relationships.. I really don’t want that one my childrens public television shows. If you want that, you can rent them a movie, and show them all about it.

    • lirababe

      Advocate all you want, but I have a huge problem with you trying to indoctrinate three year olds. Keep your agenda out of kindergarten.

    • Cameron J

      Exactly- I mean, I support gay rights profusely. But… they’re freaking muppets! They’re kid show material. I can’t imagine Bert and Ernie getting married to anyone, really. And I can see why Sesame Street didn’t marry them. It kind of grates on how gay must be everywhere- if all your characters on every TV show in a channel aren’t gay, GLAAD boycotts you. Logically, gay needs to be as normal as straight.

      • Ellen

        Thank you, Cameron, for expressing my own thoughts very well. I fully support gay rights, but when GLAAD or anyone else shoves it down my throat with the ludicrous idea of PUPPETS being gay and marrying each other on Sesame Street…? Well, let’s just say shyte like this will probably do more harm than good to their cause; I certainly have less respect for them after reading this.

  • PDDB

    Whew. I would hate for Bert and Ernie’s relationship to be ruined by getting married.

  • Dicazi

    I seriously doubt that either Burt or Ernie are “fully functional”.

    • Andrei

      True, but they’ve both been going around for years with a fist up their &$#*

      • Squishmar

        Now *that’s* funny! :D

  • Green

    I am in full support of gay marriage, but they are both clearly men and have just been friends forever – since I was a child in fact. As they said, I think it is a valuable message about being friends with people different to you already, they don’t need to make it into something else.

  • jj

    That’s a no on any type of marriage. It’s unnatural to use ‘sex’ and ‘sesame street’ in the same sentence.

  • BrandonK

    I’m gay, and I think this whole Bert-and-Ernie-as-a-couple thing is silly. I get it, it’s funny, but there’s no need to take it to the point where it’s a real issue. Let’s leave the puppet sexuality to Avenue Q.

    • tim

      yeah, except they have miss piggy in heat over kermit so it’s hypoctrical of them to say they don’t have sexual orientations

      • C

        Didn’t know Miss Piggy was a regular on Sesame Street.

      • Andy

        Miss Piggy wasn’t on Sesame Street…and in any case, Bert and Ernie may or may not have sexual orientations (oh my god am I really typing this?!?), but they were created as FRIENDS. Nothing more.

      • Ken

        There was never any sexuality issues on sesame st. It’s a kids show for ___ sake.

  • Court

    I agree on the same-sex couple. Something like that would be totally harmless. I can remember a lot that happened to the human characters on the show from when I was a little kid; seeing a positive, healthy gay relationship portrayed as something normal and everyday (as it IS) would be awesome, especially for those kids who grow up with two parents of the same sex. Also, I kinda always thought of all the puppets as children, too, and that Bert and Ernie were cousins. It’d be weird if they got married!

  • Sara

    I love that they clarified that Bert and Ernie are puppets.

    • Ace

      Me too. I actually got a big kick out of the (completely justified) condescending tone of the statement.

      I’m game for a same-sex *human* couple on the show, though. Sesame Street has always been a pleasantly diverse neighborhood.

    • Ms. Chanandler Bong

      For reals. Bert and Ernie don’t need to marry in order to teach kids tolerance. They already do that by not being selfish a-holes to each other.

      • jessie

        like your post, love your comment name. Hope you have enjoyed your “new apartment”! ;)

    • 623east68thstreet

      Totally! They’re. Just. Puppets.

  • DiabloBlanco

    I think that they need to keep sesame street innocent. They do not need to introduce sexual deviants to the programming. Bert and Ernie have been simply best friends since I was a child all those years ago.

    • Ace

      Sexual deviants? Seriously? It’s not like they’re bringing in R Kelly or Warren Jeffs to guest star.

    • Holly

      Stop embarrassing yourself “Diablo.” That’s just stupid.

      • Maura

        Right on Diablo!!!

      • Andy

        Ok, maybe Diablo is off with his comment about “sexual deviants” but otherwise he is right on track. Why create a gay-rights issue where none exists?

    • mediablitz

      I agree with Diablo. Anybody who can stop what they’re doing to try and get Sesame Street to have Bert and Ernie portrayed as gay are deviants in my eyes as well. Diablo is not embarrassing himself. You are! I’m glad to see some people (even gays) agreeing about NOT having them portrayed as gay. Usually it’s the other way around with everybody singing how wonderful it is and how they support being gay. Well I don’t.

      • SteverB

        How nice for you.

  • Rose

    How stupid that anyone would even think about such a thing for a children’s show with puppets. I guess it’s the old ignorant stereotype that if somebody isn’t married, that person must be gay. But ya know, some people, gay or straight, just don’t wanna be married.

    • Ace

      And some people are puppets.

    • Marisol Montero

      Hello!! Do these people realize that they are puppets not real only in our children eyes enough already!! There are others things to worry about in this world!!!

  • Damian Sarcuni

    Can we do something better with our time please? We’re in a goddamned economic crisis, there’s conflict all over Asia, cancer thrives, crimes go unsolved, there’s gotta be SOMETHING better to work on than getting the f’n puppets to screw.

    • Ken

      Well they can not, for whatever reason, seem to do anything right for the last 3 years, so let’s focus all that energy on making 6 percent of the entire world happy. That makes so much ___ing sense.

  • Jenny

    Can someone please kill me now? Give me a break. Enough with the gays. “Gay marriage” is not a marriage and never will be. It’s like calling a duck a dog. Just cause you call it a dog, it’s still a duck. You can tell the world is drowning in sin when what’s good is considered evil and what’s evil is considered good. Gays STFU.

    • MikeB

      SFTU certainly give you the moral high ground

      • Jenny

        The phrase has nothing to do with moral high ground. What does, is the fact that I myself have morals and a brain. Sorry if you got confused

      • Andrei

        Funny how the Christian right claims ownership of the word “marriage”, when the concept pre-dates Christ by quite a long time (see the earlier post regarding Hammurabi).

        Marriage is a civil contract, nothing more, nothing less, no matter what scaraments may heve been grafted onto it in later years. Unless you’re ready to claim the Hindus, Druids, Wiccans, atheists and agnostics should not be allowed to marry, the Christian definition of “Marriage” should have no place in this discussion.

      • Andrei

        Sorry, “sacraments”

      • Arizona

        No, I think you got it right with “scaraments.”

      • Squishmar

        Andrei… marriage predates Hammurabi by a long time.

      • Squishmar

        But that is a great point, Andrei. I wonder how Jenny would answer that. If “marriage” to her is what is in the Bible then what *about* other religions? How does she recognize marriages between a man and a woman of other faiths? Or of no faiths, for that matter. Surely, she wouldn’t argue the right of two atheists to have a legal marriage recognized by the State. But by her logic, it would seem that she would have to deny that right.

    • Ilovemygaydads

      Move to Antartica, where you can be alone, bigot. Gay people getting married has nothing to do with animals. PEOPLE is the key word, period. A marriage is recognized as legal and binding by the STATE, not the church, so as long as the state the two PEOPLE live in recognizes it as a marriage, then it’s a marriage. Take your precious book and kindly STFU yourself.

      • Jenny

        I didn’t say it had anything to do with animals, stupid. If you could read you would see that. I said, that calling something marriage does NOT make it marriage. I guess you can’t read. What a pity. And I’m not alone. Only immoral idiots support this nonsense, which includes you.

      • Jenny

        BTW, “Ilovemygaydads”, if the state passed murder as legal, would that make it okay? According to your logic, as long as a state passes something, it’s good. I weep for the future.

      • Mark

        Jenny. Murder is legal. It’s called capital punishment.

      • chata

        jenny- i’m glad youre comparing MURDER to love between two people who want to solidify and make legal their commitment to one another. i am a christian and i would never dare to be such a harsh and unpleasant person. .its called compassion and acceptance. i respect your right to your own opinion but not your cruelty.

      • Andy

        “ilovemygaydads”, I am a gay man and am embarrassed for you. Just because you disagree with someone’s opinion doesn’t mean you have to resort to “STFU” and other childish rants.

      • Squishmar

        Andy… his response of “STFU” was in direct response to Jenny, who used “STFU” first. Yes, the nice, holier-than-thou Christian woman told someone to “STFU.” Shocking.

    • fedupnon-gay

      I agree with you Jenny. I’m just fed up. Everything now is gay, gay, gay. And if you don’t say “I support the gays” you become a pariah. Stupid to want Sesame Street to change Bert and Ernie. So glad they took a stand.

      • Jenny

        Thanks. i love how the gays won’t stop preaching “tolerance” yet they are totally intolerant of moral views themselves. Kinda calls them out on their own hyprocisy, eh?

      • psyche

        Jenny: I’m not intolerant. I think you are perfectly entitled to your opinion. That doesn’t mean I have to agree with you. A lot of people seem to confuse “free speech” or tolerance with the idea that people can’t argue or respectfully have a different opinion.

        If you are referring to tolerance in terms of the tone you are getting from other commentators, I think you should reread your own comments. You are very combative. And when you aren’t combative, you are superior (the very phrase “intolerant of a moral view”, where you imply that the rest of us are immoral heathens is superiority to the extreme). I think you might even call yourself morally “elite”. Or morally “pretentious”.

        Saying that you’re more “moral” than I am, is the equivalent of me saying that I am more “intelligent” than you are. Both are relative, nebulous terms that encompass a lot of things. It’s a pi**ng contest that is very difficult to win.

        I think my morals come from my tolerance and ability to love and respect my fellow mans and their decisions, so long as they are not hurting anyone else.

        Worry about the hooligans in London or any of the other terrible things that man does to fellow man. Worry about what you can do to make other people’s lives better instead of trying to shovel s**t on other people’s happiness and choices. I think that is a moral choice for this lifetime.

    • @Jenny

      Thank God you aren’t like other men, huh?

      • Jenny

        I have no idea what you are talking about. I’m obviously not a man from my screen name. Your intelligence is not shining too through. Anything else?

      • @Jenny

        If you don’t get the reference you are denser that I thought.

    • Ace

      Jenny, I don’t see how you can speak to people as disrespectfully as you have been on this board and still claim to have morals — at least not how I (and the Bible) define morality. If you want people to see you as morally upright, you might consider loving them instead of judging them.

      And that goes for everyone on BOTH sides of the argument. Bert and Ernie might have been created to teach patience and tolerance, but it’s clear that most of us haven’t learned our lesson.

      • murley

        thank you! it seems convenient to me that jenny, who is so ready to reference the bible to support her arguments, seemed to have missed all the parts that tell us not to judge others. and fyi, calling someone inherently, morally WRONG, is judging them.

    • phfyrebyrd

      Doesn’t god also say “judge not, lest ye be judged?”

    • What the what?

      @jenny-How do you know what kind of marriage “God” recognizes? Have you actually met “God.” I would venture to say you have not.

    • Cameron J

      Jenny, do my friends a favor and stop making Christians look bad. Not all of them are right wing, hateful and entitled people who think they own the world, and you’re just making them look like that with every condescending word you speak. Thank you.

  • Solange

    Whoever thought to petition for B & E to get married was stupid. This is a CHILDREN’s show and doesn’t need to introduce sex or sexual orientation or sexual relationships. Children have enough other shows to battle with sex everyday. Keep Sesame Street innocent and fun. Don’t change something that isn’t broke.

  • Joseph Ollivier

    Its very important that young children understand that Berts posterior is useful for something other than to sit on and that Ernie understand that there are all kinds of sexual organs on his body to use. What nonsense – a petition, who signed it, the mental ward at Sing Sing Prison.

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