Jon Stewart blasts 'Newsweek' for Michele Bachmann cover

Oh, snap(shot)! Last night, Jon Stewart took Newsweek and its editor Tina Brown to task for the magazine’s… well, how should we put it?… uncomely photo of Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann (headline: “Queen of Rage”). After a package of clips of conservatives railing on the liberal news media’s built-in bias, Stewart pointed out just that via the Newsweek cover. “There is one thing that you can’t say about Michele Bachmann: That’s she’s not photogenic.” See Stewart describe Bachmann’s wide-eyed expression as looking like “the exact moment she sees the Amazing Robalto turn his hat into a dove” in the full clip after the jump.

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  • jordan

    This woman is disgusting. What a terrible person. The things I’ve heard her say are completely idiotic.

    • jordan’s dad

      Jordan, go back to your room and stop posting on blogs. You know little to nothing about her and you simply say these things because she is affliated with the Tea Party.

      • jordan’s mom

        Dad, you’re an ignoramus. Crazy & crackpot & liar are the 3 best words to describe that woman – no matter what her political bent.

      • jordan’s dad

        Please disregard my previous “pro Tea Party” reply to Jordan, my child. I completely forgot that I’m an idiot. Pardon the interruption.

      • Jordan’s Mom Lover

        Jordan’s Mom sounds hot and should ditch Jordan’s Dad

      • Jordan’s dad’s lover

        Please elect my wife.

      • stan

        Pretty good reason, I’d say…

      • Jordan’s Grandma to Jordan’s Grandpa

        I told you to wear a rubber you a$$hole.

      • Jon Stewart

        I love Newsweek. I read it on the toilet, and I love when they have pictures of little kids… if you know what I mean.

      • TFT

        How is that Summer of Recovery working out for you? How is that upsidedown mortgage working out for you? Does Barney Frank and Pelozi give you wet dreams about no credit checks and banning happy meals working out for you guys? How are those 50 percent of campaign promises broken working out for you? How is that job working at Starbucks working out for you? How does it feel when your president abdicates his authority on the budget when you need him most?

      • SNIKT!

        Ah, the idiocy does so flow from the Conservative side of the fence, doesn’t it. Rock on, Jordan. Consider yourself one of the enlightened. The rest can go back to worshipping Bachmann, living their “righteous” lives filled with hate and ignorance, and praying to an imaginary being who lives in the sky.

      • SNIKT!

        I am a bit disappointed in Stewarts take on this issue though. Considering the BS brigade and drivel that flows out of FOX News and ANY Christian-based group, Newsweek’s story and cover pic was a nice change of pace from the usually timid liberal front. Take THAT ORIELLY!

      • SNIKT!

        Once again, it seems the voice of truth and reason needs to remind you of something:
        The reason we are even in a “Summer of Recovery” in the FIRST PLACE is due to 8 YEARS of the Bush Administraton.

        Like all Conservatives, your memory spans are short and foggy. Obama and company inherited this crap economy. Recession, its what happens when you get a Republican White House AND a Republican House and Senate. (Ahem, 2002 thru 2006.)

      • Devin “Badass Digest” Faraci

        She is physically UGLY. Why Jon is defending her appearance probably says a lot about his wife who is probably really old now.

      • It’s true

        SNIKT!, you’re a sad, pathetic little troll of a human. Still holding onto that 8 years of Bush nonsense? Let me guess, you probably still carry a chip on your shoulder for your high school girlfriend dumping you for the quarterback. Actually, I meant to say she dumped you for a slightly less pathetic loser than yourself, since someone like you couldn’t hope to get a girl who would could snag the quarterback. You and your mentally challenged political allies need to go play in the London streets while wearing expensive and easy to steal accessories.

      • Fez

        @SNIKT! If you had said that 3 years ago, I would completely agree with you, but now it’s like this. If you work for a company, and your boss gets fired, and you get promoted to do his job, and the region distict manager shows up 2 years later, and says the business is a mess, people are showing up late, and you aren’t making the company any money, why shouldn’t I fire your butt?!?! And the excuse you give them is that it’s your old bosses fault everything sucks.

        No, it doesn’t fly. You get S__ Canned. End of story.

      • Sam J

        The jordan family is pure comedy.

        Bachmann sucks.

      • swede700

        You’re talking about the woman who said on live TV that she didn’t know whether Barack Obama was a terrorist or not?

    • jordan’s dad

      now adding this to the reply of jordan – Jordan, go back to your room and stop posting on blogs. You know little to nothing about her and you simply say these things because she is affliated with the Tea Party.

      • jordan’s brother


      • Jiminy

        jordan’s dad double-posted: TEABAGGER FAIL.

      • jordan’s dad’s parole officer

        Where are you?

      • Jordan

        STOP FIGHTING! You always do this in public! I hate all of you!!!!! The minute I get my driver’s license, I am so out of here!

      • Jordan’s dad

        P.S. And Jordan… I’m sorry I molested you all those years. I learned it from my Christian Priest in Church. And the Tea Party is made of pedophiles so I thought it was okay to do that!

      • Jordan’s 16 and pregnant sister

        it’s not about politics but about how bullies work. Really – it’s just add fuel to the fire when it’s only a spark. Work together and get me my unemployment benefits and pay for my baby b/c his daddy won’t

      • Jordan’s Family Counselor

        Your check bounced…again.

      • Taxpayer to ‘jordan’s dad’s parole officer’

        Get back to work, you lazy government employee mofo. If you had paid attention in school, you could get a real job in the private sector instead of being an underachieving tax sucker like the rest of your fellow government employees. Sterillize all welfare recipients!

      • Sam J


        The funniest internet family of……ever? The jordan family!!!

        Bachman sucks

    • B

      Nevertheless, using unflattering pictures in the media to influence opinion is immoral. Who do they think they are.. Fox News?

  • rlrose328

    Love that final picture of Tina Brown… LOL!!!! Anyway, I agree with John on one level, but on another, she deserves every little tiny piece of mocking thrown her way. I’m behind Newsweek 100%.

  • Ken

    that is the main difference between people on the left like Stewart and Maher, and the right like Beck and Limbaugh. If the left does something stupid or unfair, Stewart and Mahaer aren’t afraid to call them on it. Beck and Limbaugh will never call out the right no matter what they do.

    • Ken’s Dad

      All hail liberals and their need to make themselves feel better about themselves with idiotic comments like this. Do you feel better about yourself now, Kennyboy?

      • Kens Grandpa

        Do all you cons have to defend every idiotic like minded dolt and belittle anyone who thinks differently from yourself?
        Boy, did I go wrong with you…

      • Ken’s Grandma

        Ken, I think it’s time to put your grandfather in a home. This is at considerable cost to me, so do your mom a favor and start saving up for your dad’s retirement community, because it looks like he’s becoming senile, too.

      • Ken

        No, sir. Not with a father like you in lineage. Just like the “dives” you attempted at the pool at my school, your sentences are stupid.

      • Ken’s dad

        P.S. And Ken… I’m sorry I molested you all those years. I learned it from my Christian Priest in Church. And the Tea Party is made of pedophiles so I thought it was okay to do that!

      • Michelle’s husband

        @ jordan’s dad and Ken’s dad – call me!!

    • Frank

      Really Ken, that’s the MAIN difference? Wow, you are clueless

    • rick

      ken,if that were the case stewarts show would have to cancel all guests to make time for him to call out obama on what the hell made you think you were qualified to be president of the united states of america.

      • wino

        are you serious? so why dont you tell us rick what the qualifications are? since you so clearly think that obama’s resume is lacking substance.

      • rick’s mom

        Son, I have looked all through the Constitution and didn’t see any “qualifications” other than age and citizenship. I told you this is what happens when you don’t do your homework. Now go clean your room.

      • Regina George

        No offense, but the whole rick’s mom, ken’s dad and whatever thing is getting really old.

      • Regina George’s Mom

        Regina, go to your room. Mommy’s “friend” is here.

    • DGH

      Once again uninformed people should not be allowed on the internet. Beck and Limbaugh will go against any Republican not “conservative” enough just as Maher will go against any Democrat not “liberal” enough. Stewert will go after anyone unless of course you are his friend then you get a pass.

      • JH

        Just like Stewart didn’t go after his friend Anthony Weiner? Of course he did. Get off the internet (you said it).

    • Maddie

      While I agree, I think in this case The Daily Show focuses a lot on calling out irresponsible, sensation-seeking journalism, which seems to be the case in this instance.

    • Alyssa

      I don’t know why there are so many family reunions on here. I watch comedy central. I watched the said episode. And have to ask….the big deal is? Jon made lite of a stupid situation. WHO THE HELL hasn’t had a dumb picture. I hate every picture of me. My yearbook pics for school-boy am I glad those days are over. My Aunt said she made the school retake pics of my cousin when he was 11 cause he made a face that mirrored Hannibal Lecter. My mom is a school para and has to take yearbook pics, she brings them home and gives me permission to throw darts at it.

      Come ON! Grow up- to be honest, Newsweek is a conservative magazine. -YES it IS. I have read it numerous times. Its either neutral or right. She took a bad pic – WHOOP, most do see her as nuts without a pic anyway. Move on.

      • Alyssa Sucks …

        .. anything for two bucks. Just ask her dad … and her uncles and cousins.

  • jordan’s dad

    Jordan, go back to your room and stop posting on blogs. You know little to nothing about her and you simply say these things because she is affliated with the Tea Party.

    • crispy

      Yeh, it wasn’t funny the first two times.

      • pie thrower

        Are you kidding crispy??? It’s hilarious. jordan’s dad, make sure to repeat that post 50 more times. It’s only really funny when it reaches 50. Do it again, please. Pretty please.

    • Jiminy

      LOL! How many times did you hit the “post comment” button, grandpa?

      • jordan’s dad


        I’m too young and celibate to be a grandpa

    • Jordan’s dad

      P.S. And Jordan my son… I’m sorry I molested you all those years. I learned it from my Christian Priest in Church. And the Tea Party is made of pedophiles so I thought it was okay to do that!

      • Liberals Suck

        And you can bet that all of the pedophiles, including the shameful priests who are going to burn in Hell for eternity, are democrats. The worst dregs of society, all of the ugly people, the tax-sucking/self-entitled minorities, the unions, the welfare wh0res, the entire prison population, and the rainbow coalition – from all of the gays, lesbians, transsexuals, transvestites, and all of the sexually confused, to the Three Clown Posse of Al ‘Just Scream Rape’ Sharpton, Jesse ‘Yea, I Fu**ed ‘Em, So What?’ Jackson, and ‘Calypso’ Louie Farrakhan and his nation of I’s-Lame – are all democrats. The true, unchallenged, pure sh!t of society. Yep. We hate you and wish you would all die … and soon, so we can take our Country back from the putrid, unwashed masses who can’t/won’t support themselves and foul our Land just by being here. Be gone!

      • Alyssa

        WOW…skipping meds is not a good thing. And…uh… who let you out of the psych ward?

        OH YEAH…the molesting priests are liberal, all liberals are ugly, unions do nothing for money, the middle-class is the minority, being on welfare makes you a ____, everyone in prison is democrat, all gays are evil, everyone who is sexually confused is evil and democrat, and we choose not to support ourselves and should all die.

        What extremely strong CRACK are you on? keep being classy….NOT

      • Alyssa Sucks

        … anything for $2. Just ask her dad and her uncles. That’s classy.

      • Alyssa

        ^^^ Your a head case, I know you’re ” Liberals suck” . Seek help, you’re very very very ill. 2$?? what the hell are you talking about. What do you have is more like it…Schizophrenia?

  • tiebaojin

    I don’t see what the problem with this photo is. This woman LOOKS like this – in every photo taken of her she has this mindless stare; it’s just her natural state, people, get over it!

    • deeidub

      That was my reaction to the photo, too. If all this media hype hadn’t started up and I happened to see the magazine in the checkout line, I wouldn’t immediately think “Oh, what a horrible picture.” I’d simply see that it was Ms. Bachmann and that she was looking a little stiff and awkward as usual, and get on with my day.

      • Katie

        Agreed. I thought it looked like she usually looks. I don’t see what the big deal is.

    • Darth Vader

      A picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, thanks for sparing us the thousand words and just showing the picture. Crazy is as crazy does.

  • mikeman

    for someone who hate’s the stimulus so much, she sure tried her hardest to get as much of it as she could. huff post has a real eye opener about what she says about government hand outs and how she actually acts.

    • Aprilcot26

      Thanks for the heads up…just read the piece and it’s *very* interesting.

  • teresa

    Jordan, I completely agree with you. Who cares what she looks like? She’s a terrible person and in no way should have any influence in politics.

  • jo’ mama

    I’m not a fan of Sarah Palin, but I thought Newsweek went too far with the picture of her in a sexy pose. However, I don’t agree that this portrayal of Michelle Bachman is unfair. She is a pretty woman, but her eyes are blank. If they had doctored her eyes, I could understand the criticism, but that’s the way she really looks. It’s hard for me to understand how people actually believe the bizarre, illogical and downright inaccurate things she says. It’s like watching a female Jim Jones.

    • Katie

      My only problem with your comment about the picture of Sarah Palin that Newsweek used is that you don’t consider the fact that Palin chose to wear the shorts and do the pose. She could have said no. If you don’t want someone to make you look like a bimbo – don’t act like one for the cameras.

      • Also Katie

        Palin wore the shorts for a photo for a runners’ magazine. Newsweek then chose to use it.

  • Lunatic Fringe

    Kill em all! Let God sort em out!

  • @mikeman

    Thank you! This is a woman who worked for the IRS. Now all of a sudden goverment is the enemy and she’s against raising taxes?

    • wino

      LOL, maybe she has selective memory.

    • Alexia

      Apparently she was on maternity leave for the vast majority of her time there and never got beyond entry-level work -except for one case she brought against a liberal group.

  • Templar

    In Newsweek’s defense, they edited out the flying monkeys.

    • tia

      Lol! Funniest thing I’ve read all day, thanks!

  • DavidJ

    What the hell is wrong with Newsweek lately? I’m no fan of Bachmann, but cheap and sleazy covers like these do nothing but make them look horribly baised and about as trashy as a supermarket tabloid.

    • Han Solo

      If the photos aren’t doctored, how are they cheap and sleazy? This is an actual picture of the person, just like Palin’s picture. No one photoshopped it.

      • Alex

        Yeah, but it’s not like they just take one picture and call it good.

  • Dave

    This video’s hilariousness aside, I actually think this was a poor, poor move by newsweek. Way to give in to the stereotype that all liberal media is biased. Weren’t they also in the news last year for that columnist writing about how gay actors can’t play straight guys? Guess this is strike 2…

  • Karl

    Tina Brown’s reply to the cover was pretty weak. Anyone who thinks there isn’t a media bias needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

    • Elizabeth

      Karl… last name Rove?

  • DGH

    They should have done side by side picture with her sister the Wicked Witch of the West Polosi. At least the media is finally owning up to what most people already knew that they are as biased if not more than Fox News.

    • Devin “Badass Digest” Faraci

      Nah. Fox is not only totally biased, they constantly blatantly lie and twist facts.

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