Matt Damon for President? Michael Moore wants the Oscar-winner to run, but would you vote for him?


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When you hear the name Matt Damon called, the first thing you might think of — well besides this — could now be “Hail to the Chief.” At least, that’s what controversial Oscar-winning director Michael Moore would like.

Over the weekend, Moore participated in‘s Virtual Town Hall to discuss third-party election strategies and he had one in particular that caught some attention: Vote Matt Damon!

“I think that [Matt Damon] has been very courageous in not caring about who he offends by saying the things that need to be said here,” said Moore. “And if you want to win, the Republicans have certainly shown the way — that when you run someone who is popular, you win. Sometimes even when you run an actor, you win. And I guess I only throw his name out there because I’d like us to start thinking that way.”

But before we go making any “Damon 2012: We Do Like Them Apples” buttons, it’s important to note that while the actor is an outspoken activist and respected humanitarian, he himself has not expressed any desire to run for office any time soon. During a visit to his CNN show back in March, Damon explained to host Piers Morgan about his political aspirations, “I feel like the work I do now allows me to change things,” adding, “I love my job. I love making movies.” The 41-year-old said that while he’s “interested in everyone’s opinion” and “interested in people who don’t agree with me,” politics still isn’t his top career choice.

Nevertheless, if Damon did decide to run, let’s look at all the pop-culture pros and cons:

Pros: Handsome, has political-like experience (see: The Adjustment Bureau), would make debates against Sarah Palin must-see TV, general ass-kicking abilities, Oscar-winner, family man, distinguished member of both Team America and The Handsome Men’s Club, has the vote of teachers everywhere.

Cons: Currently follicly challenged, an easy slander campaign target due to his dalliance with Sarah Silverman and playing snitches (The Departed, The Informant!), lost the vote of s—-y cameramen everywhere, The Legend of Bagger Vance.

Vote in our poll below, and let us know if you would vote for Matt Damon as President of the United States of America.

Does Matt Damon have a future in politics? Would Michael Moore’s endorsement help or hurt him? If he did decide to run, who should be his running mate? Ben Affleck? Morgan Freeman? George Clooney? Let us know!

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  • amanda

    I love me some Matt Damon but the only thing I want him President of is my bed. Make it happen people!

    • LOL

      ANY Democrat is better than ANY Republican. Voting GOP is voting to cut your own throat.

      • Jay

        LOL, while I would generally agree. you cant make blanket “ANY” statements like that. They are not true 100% of the time.
        I’m sure there are one or two republicans worth a damn, I just dont know who they are

      • well…

        He can’t make “any” statements like you can’t make “not true 100% of the time” statements…

    • Sassyfras


    • Strepsi

      I love Matt Damon because the tip of his nose is a perfect cube.

  • Kelly

    Damon is my favorite actor but if Michael Moore is backing him then I have to say no!

  • Gregoire

    It would be too much like the plot of the Adjustment Bureau. But he’s a beautiful man and I’d prefer seeing him in films for years to come….

  • whatevs

    He’s a little too condescending with his views for my taste, but you know, everyone’s different.

    • GinaBallerina

      Exactly. I don’t agree with anything I’ve heard him say, politically, so, no, I wouldn’t ever vote for him.

  • Real Critic

    Umm, Michael Moore? How have Republicans “shown the way” by winning with a popular candidate? Every Right Wing candidate is publicly maligned in the media (sometimes by this very publication). Aren’t you getting something confused by the Dems running with the under-qualified (ever so apparent right now) obama on his “audacity of hope” and “change” platform that was simply a whole bunch of hot air. I do like this article, because it continues to show Moore’s irrelevance more and more.

    • Jason

      Let’s see: how about your hero Ronald Reagan? Moron.

      • Ace

        Or the Governator, while we’re at it?

  • Mark

    YES !! Another vote for team MATT !!

  • thesaurusrs

    He’s smart, well-educated, adorably caring, a great family man, interested in making the world a better place… in short he’s probably too good for politics.

    • Gregoire

      LOL true!

    • Rachel

      THIS. They’d never accept such a person!

      • Chel

        Well said!

    • abadstroller

      He doesn’t seem to be the sort who would feel comfortable making compromises to campaign (in the first place) or to govern if ever he could or would be elected. I’ll settle for listening to and looking at Matt Damon…it’s a sacrifice, but a sacrifice I can live with!

  • Zaa

    Not just NO, but HEEEEELLLLLL NO!!

  • what!

    not nearly qualified enough. the poll results are sickening.

    • asher

      @what! – Gimme a break, this poll was just for fun. I voted “Yes, only if Ben Affleck ran for VP’ just because I thought it was funny. Its so not that serious!

    • Anonymous

      No, the fact that people would seriously vote for Sarah Palin in sickening.

      • Strepsi

        Sarah Palin is a much worse actor than Matt Damon.

  • redvector

    So the Dems have come to the realization that Barak Obama is an affirmative action president that has no clue what he’s doing. Who keeps repeating the same message and still expects to get a different result. Even Dems are starting to tune him out and change the channel.

    • Rachel

      One of the more racist things I’ve seen in a long time. Millions of people voted for him–a Harvard-law graduate, senator, and author, and you call him “an affirmative action president”? That’s beyond insulting. You’re right that a lot of Dems are frustrated, but please watch what you say.

      • whatevs

        If that’s one of the more racist things you’ve seen in a long time, you need to get out more.

      • Chel

        Personally I didn’t see the racism in that comment.

      • y

        hmmm…seeings how dems throw the race card at every waking moment, i’m not shocked that you saw an opportunity to throw it here. he WAS voted in because of many things and the color of his skin was one of them. the bad thing is, all you had to do was look past that to see he was in WAY over his head. this was actually REVERSE racism at it’s worst. (i agree with WHATEVS…you need to go live in the real world for a while).

      • K

        Don’t feed the bears, Rachel. And, y, there’s no such thing as reverse racism, fool.

  • Tegan Jovanka

    Like Harrison Ford, Matt Damon could be president in the pretend world. As to the real world, absolutely not.

  • Marie

    Since Michael Moore is a complete idiot, I am not going to agree with anything he says!! Actors should not be Presidents. Reagan wasn’t that great of an actor, so he switched jobs, Damon is already a good actor, he doesn’t need another job!

  • Clete

    Sorry, I’m all ready committed ( or should be) to vote for Roseanne Barr.

    • Cheeseburger in Paradise

      Then you are bat**** insane.

  • MWeyer

    Michael Moore represents all liberals/Democrats like Sarah Palin represents all conservatives/Republicans. The guy is just an egomaniac who wants attention and whose ideas of how to run the government are (to be charitable) niave to the extreme. Sorry, but a guy who owns an eight million dollar New York apartment and takes private planes to Cannes no longer has the right to “speak for the common man” as he so often claims. Moore is one of those people who don’t understand politics is compromise, he thinks a President should do anything he wants (unless he’s a Republican one) no matter the consequences so har d to take anything he says seriously.

  • reel_deal

    Want to stick a flag at where this country goes downhill? When we elect Matt Damon simply because he’s Matt Damon

    • Strepsi

      I live in another country, and we in the rest of the world stuck that flag in for you, when you elected George W. Bush… a SECOND time.

      • Lex

        Strepsi you’re my hero.

    • Templar

      He couldn’t be any more inept than Broke Obummer.

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