What does the cancellation of 'Eureka' mean for SyFy's future?


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The news that Syfy has canceled Eureka would have already been disappointing to fans — particularly since the network also backtracked on an earlier plan to order a shortened sixth season. But more than a few viewers are taking the news as evidence that the network formerly (and more accurately) known as the Sci-Fi Channel is suffering from an existential crisis. Commenter Doug sardonically voices the complaint of several EW readers when he says, “Now they have room for another Wrestling show or ‘Reality’ paranormal special.” Exombre notes: “MTV doesn’t show videos anymore, why should ‘Syfy’ have any legitimate science fiction?” Is Syfy having an identity crisis?

Now, it’s not entirely accurate to say that Syfy has de-genrefied itself: The network just debuted the new superpowered hit Alphas, and one of its most popular series is the X-Files-ish Warehouse 13, which if nothing else is the only show currently on television to prominently feature a character named H.G. Wells. But there’s no denying the fact that the network still hasn’t found a deep-thinking critically-acclaimed sci-fi show to replace Battlestar Galactica, the bleakly thrilling space opera that will always define the mid-00s for those lucky few who actually watched it. As EW’s Ken Tucker pointed out last year, the network’s post-BSG programming has trended towards much more lighthearted fare. The network’s one real attempt to craft a dark work of philosophical sci-fi was Caprica, a BSG prequel that had its moments but could never quite find its footing.

The cynical part of me feels honor-bound to point out that Battlestar Galactica always looked out of place on the network. When I was growing up on the Sci-Fi Channel, it featured plenty of fantastic TV reruns, but besides the last few seasons of MST3k, the show’s original programming was always a mix of cheapo filmed-in-Canada fare like Mission Genesis. Farscape is the only pre-BSG show that really carved a distinctive niche for itself. (Stargate: Atlantis has its fans, but nobody’s perfect.) With its original programming, the network has always veered towards the shallower end of the genre pool. In that sense, the cancellation of Eureka and the arrival of the WWE just feel like par for the course.

Still, the future slate is not encouraging. The only big hope for genuinely good science-fiction in Syfy’s post-Battlestar Galactica period is… another Battlestar Galactica show. Viewers, does the loss of Eureka leave you feeling troubled about Syfy’s future? Don’t you wish they could put together a cheap-yet-awesome science-fiction show? Or can anything save us from the Tommy Lee show?

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  • Jen

    Another great show they had during the Farscape years was The Invisible Man. Cancelled before it should have been too, of course.

    • Fresh


      • Stargate Atlantis wasn’t that bad

        What is the point of the SyFy network if not for showing sci-fi all the time. I hate this trend that all networks that used to be unique are basically turning into reality networks with barely any connection to the original theme of the network, like the History Channel – its all this pawn star junk or other reality garbage.

      • Stargate Atlantis wasn’t that bad

        If SyFy wants to be smart about it, pick up reruns of Legend of the Seeker (there are no fantasy shows on tv anymore) or better yet, start making new episodes or bring back Firefly OR do both.

      • thin

        I’m there with you, too. I really enjoyed The Invisible Man, and I still think of those characters as Bobby and Darien when I see them in other shows.

      • Eric p

        Make new episodes of Firefly!!! Yeah that’s realistic!! Only animated shows can be brought back to life after such a long time.

      • C.L.Mahle

        Syfy is such a disappointment. Wrestling, ghost hunting, garage sale movie memorabilia AND THOSE INSIPID SCHLOCKY HORROR MOVIES. eureka is a fun, nearly sci-fi show that was at least enjoyable. Hard to believe professionals at this network are so unable to even recognize the genre has many devotees. Reality tv is not and never can be anything even related to science fiction, I know Ghosthunters has its followers but seriously, what does it have to do with a thought provoking literary form? Are Syfy (Siffy), NBC, Comcast execs absolutely certain audiences have lost the ability to imagine, to think? SciFi Friday nights used to be a great reason leave afterwork Happy Hour early and come home to relax in front of some quality tv. If I have to watch reality tv on genre based providers, I am hoping someone will program a competition type show starring these hack network execs-“So You Think You Can Program.” I just can’t fathom why anyone would so dilute a stalwart genre and give away established branding . Bright note, BBCAmerica has figured it out for Saturday night.

      • Laura

        @StargateAWasnt that bad: I couldn’t agree more regarding Legend of the Seeker and Firefly. I don’t see anybody doing Firefly (if Nathan can’t get it done, nobody can), but LotS didn’t get the audience it should have due to the way it was released. There’s still a lot of potential there!

      • Irish

        Agreed! I loved Farscape and Invisible Man. At least Farscape got a little longer run.

      • Jill

        Stargate you hit the nail on the head. I am sick of it too. Eureka should have been a perfect fit for the original intent of the network. I knew things would go south when they unnecessarily changed the name of the network. No doubt they will replace it with a repo show or something about hoarding. What happened to clever entertainment?

      • SyFy (dumb name) is over

        Falling Skies (a terrific show) and FRINGE (extremely well written and riveting) are the types of shows SyFy should be concentrating on making instead of taking the easy way out and becoming indistinguishable from any other network. At the very least bring back Legend of the Seeker, it was a fantastic show with solid characters and a good story, plus there is not much fantasy on tv. unfortunately none of this will likely happen.

    • Fresh

      And Sliders was enjoyable.

      • Ace

        Wasn’t that on Fox?

      • Pari

        It was originally on Fox was the SciFi channel snatched it up for the last couple of seasons.

      • SNIKT!

        Sliders was decent on FOX, for the first two seasons at least. On SciFi however it was quite bad during the 4th season and outright HORRIBLE suring the fifth and final season.

        What a lot of people don’t get is that it isn’t always all about production costs; its about straight up BAD WRITING. Bad ideas executed by untalented individuals. Haven is a good example of a lower budget X-Files/Supernatural clone that is actually pretty decent due excellent actors, competent directors and scripts written by people who have actually finished high school.

        Unfortuantely, it now seems that the suits who run SyFy are happy with the returns a dozen Ghost Hunter shows can bring in, and the brain dead fanbase is happy to lap them up.

        Just how braindead ARE most viewers of SyFy now? If ratingsfor wrestling, Ghost Hunters and kindergarden level Saturday movies aren’t proof enough, look how much those same viewers hated STARGATE UNIVERSE. That show was intelligent and character driven, but not enough like a cartoon to keep the attention of the idiotic masses.

      • benlinus

        @SNIKT! Sorry man bu SGU took to long to pick up any steam. Hell I gave the show a shot for about 6 or 8 episodes but it never caught my attention. Hell I was really rooting for SGU but that show was no BSG or Lost. It’s a real shame regarding Eureka though I just started watching it through Net Flix. Alphas has some potential, feels like a more grounded version of the X Men crossed with X Factor. Keep in mind Syfy is still actively developing SciFi content, they have not sold their souls completely like MTV; the Wrestling is just there to pay the bills.

      • Ames

        I may be putting myself in your “idiot masses” category by saying this, but by the time I heard about Star Gate Universe there was already talk about cancelling it. So I never bothered to watch. Shows do not last long on SyFy, so I tend not to get too engaged.

      • Shiny

        Why would Syfy make a reality show with Tommy Lee? How many people who watch Syfy sit around wishing they could learn more about Tommy Lee? Jesus H. Christ.

      • Its Um

        Wait a doggone minute! When I was watching Sliders on hulu I kept seeing the peacock, don’t ever remembered of seeing a damn fox logo, and also I was a fox network fan in the 90’s I surely don’t remember it being there.

      • Kiki

        @benlinus – Netflix is half the problem (along with Hulu). While both are ultimately more convenient, networks cannot measure viewership and therefore viewers using those services are essentially invisible. To make sure a show continues, in the eyes of a network, you have to watch it live, or the next day via DVR.

      • molly

        I have felt that SYFY sounds like a venereal diseaase more than a channel and why not just change the name entirely to the crap channel..junk, pawn, fake ghosties and wrestling..the only thing about them all is its all frigging fiction, no science to it, no integrity at all.

    • BJG

      Farscape, First Wave, Invisible Man, The Chronicle. I loved them all. I’ll give any scripted sci-fi a try but, for goodness sake, no more WWE. ALso, you know,SyFy, the first step is to admit that you are powerless over ghost hunting. You’ve got to kick that habit.

      • anya

        Thank you for remembering First Wave…It seems nobody else does!

        And I love love LOVE Farscape (note the present tense). I cried when it was canceled for no better reason than it was too expensive. No it wasn’t. The typical network executive behavior is to come in and undo everything the previous executive did, whether it was successful or not. Just like the government.

        I blame survivor.

      • benlinus

        Yeah that was the time I started watching Scifi, during the spring of 2001 when Prime time Scifi consisted of The Invisible Man, First Wave, Farscape, and Lexx.

      • Sherry

        hear hear!

      • Ryan

        Im glad you said First Wave. But there are lots of shows that had promise but where either ahead of their time or just didnt pick up steam fast enough to get a strong following from the start. Firefly is a prime example of a show a head of its time. Dead Like Me was also clever but lost steam in the end. Also, what about Defying Gravity on ABC? It had an interesting concept.

    • Rio

      I loved that show!!! The Invisible Man was really good.

    • Fingerlakes Dave


    • Rush

      If the owners of the network were interested in it being a successful channel, then they need to stop worrying about it and let their freak flag fly. Buy and run past seasons of Fringe. Have X-Files marathons on weekends. Run a retro block where they play old Twilight Zone and Star Trek episodes. There’s a vast audience that hungers for a true Sci-Fi channel. Someone needs to tap into this.

      • Meg

        In Canada we do have such a thing: Space. They show stuff like Star Trek and Stargate almost all day. Maybe they should try getting a license to broadcast in the US or something. Sounds like they could make some money!

      • Steve

        That’s exactly what we need in the US, a station similar to Canada’s “Space”. Really wish someone here would invest in something like that. Forget SyFy; there’s no way they’ll ever come back to doing decent scifi. Farscape was one of the best series ever: cancelled. Invisible Man and First Wave had awesome potential: cancelled. The closer a series is to true SF, the more likely it is to be cancelled on that network.

      • Ralph

        To be fair, Syfy still runs a LOT of what most people woudl call sci-fi programming. Right now there is a 4 hour block of twilight zone, followed by an hour of stargate and enterprise.
        Of course its followed by nearly 5 hours of Ghost Hunters (ugh) but at least they show SOME SyFy.
        And as sad as it is, TV is a business. If they can spend less money by running reality, and the masses actually DO watch it, can you really blame the hire ups? Why pay for extra for Eureka when you can get better returns by running a cheap episode of Ghost Hunters?

      • Ryan

        If SyFy wouldn’t make 300 Mega-shark vs Octodile type movies, they would have the budget to make a couple of really good shows. Who watches that junk? There is no excuse for canceling the original programming.

    • jmo

      OMG, I can’t believe I forgot about that show. It was SO Great! I loved how the show really started to play with the idea of what makes a person “evil” vs being psychopathic or sociopathic and how trust and love play into it. I enjoyed every episode and I wish they had more of a chance to let the story play out.

    • Lari

      When The Invisible Man was cancelled for no good reason, I lost faith in watching anything and investing myself in it again. It was a terrific show and the reason to cancel was because the special effects were so expensive. They could have used more stock footage and fans wouldn’t have cared. But for that matter, I doubt if the special effects changed that much from the first episode onward. In other words, it wasn’t a big surprise.

  • The Dude

    The fact is that while there are a bunch of reality shows and wrestling specials, the bulk of Syfy programming is still sci-fi and fantasy (weekdays are almost entirely devoted to marathons of classic sci-fi shows, and weekend days/nights are FILLED with monster movies). I don’t think they’re having an identity crisis per se…they’re just looking at other cable networks (like USA and TNT) and wondering why their original programming is taking off while Syfy’s is doing mediocre at best. They just need to find the good-quality shows, and until then they have to fill their schedule with SOMETHING…why not reality/wrestling shows that can at least get people tuning into the channel at all? “Alphas” was a step in the right direction (great acting supporting a good-but-not-great premise), so maybe they’re getting ready to unveil some stuff in the near future.

    • Lisapeth

      The author seems to be lacking a consistent point. Or maybe just not being honest about the point. Arguing that the Syfy channel is suffering an identity crisis in the same breath as pointing out that Warehouse 13 is the most popular show is just contradictory. Warehouse 13 is sci-fi, the author compares it to The X-Files himself. The issue seems to be people have a limited view of what sci-fi should be, not Syfy losing touch with it.

      What the author truly seems to be arguing is that it sucks BSG is done, it’s clone never really got going and was canceled, and Syfy really just need to make a new and better BSG clone so that it will stick around. Or restart BSG. Either way. BSG.

      • CA

        Re read this article Lisapeth — you are way off on what you think Darren is writing about.

      • Snsetblaze

        While I can agree only with your comment that people have a limited view of what sci-fi should be (but not with the rest of the post). Sci-Fi can include both horror (the monster of the week movies) and fantasy (Tin Man, Earth Sea, the sci-fi dragon type movies) or not as these genres often mix elements … but thing for sure is that WRESTLING is not sci-fi and just does not belong on the network … unless the wrestlers start wrestling aliens or dragons or the sharktopus. I might watch then.

      • Rush

        Two genre shows does not a network make.

    • Kate

      Dude: It’s interesting that you mention USA Network’s original programming as taking off while SyFy’s hasn’t: they are owned by the same people. It’s one of the reasons that to me, Alphas feels like a USA Network show and not a SyFy channel one, the way that the Invisible Man (oh yeah I loved Bobby Hobbes, baby!) and First Wave were clearly Sci-Fi Channel shows back in the day. I do think Alphas is a step in the right direction in terms of investing; NBCUni has invested in that show in getting people who have experience working within the genre and seem to like it. (Which is why BSG worked, too, but don’t get me started.)

      As for Eureka: I really enjoyed this show until it jumped the shark in Season 4. Please, if you watch, you know it did, and you know when and how it jumped. Instead of the reinvention of itself by a time jump forward (another BSG move) it feels like it’s folding in upon itself instead, and quite frankly I needed a whiteboard with 16 different colors to keep up with what happened in which timeline when. Sometimes you can’t be both smart and cheeky, and Eureka, which started as both, has ended up as neither. Sorry to see it go but simultaneously understand why it has to go and why SyFy is cutting its losses on the thing.

      • Ames

        Hey Kate, did you see the episode of Eureka when something went wrong, and none of the geniuses in town could fix it, but the normal-brained sheriff hit upon the answer? That was a good one.

        (i.e., you’re right, Eureka is nothing to mourn over)

      • majestrate

        Have to partially agree with Kate on this; S4 of Eureka was horrid and painful and made it clear that the rumors of cancellation were for good reason.

        S5, in my eyes, has redeemed the show, but I’m afraid S4’s attempt at rebooting the series has caused too much damage.

        Ames, I have a friend that was telling me a story today. This guy is pretty smart, above average intelligence, easily. He had a rental truck that he had to drop-off after hours, and was told to park the truck, drop the keys in a drop-box. The driver’s side door was having issues with the key, and the key had to be used to lock it, you couldn’t lock it and then close the door. For 10 minutes he fiddled with the key, then by chance a friend called him on his cell phone and asked what he was up to. My friend answered and explained what was going on, and the person he was talking to, a person with a “normal brain”, said “lock the driver side door and go out of the passenger side door, where the key is working fine”.

        Smart people tend to focus on difficult problems so often, that the simple solutions can easily evade them. So the premise isn’t as unlikely as you might think. Considering that the geniuses dumbed down the science for Jack, so that he could understand what was happening.

      • lalee

        I’d actually disagree with that point. In terms of Eureka, I thought Season 3, particularly the last part of season 3 was the worst–it was directionless and meandering. As far as timeline antics, I thought the beginning of Season 2 was by far the more difficult concept to follow. I still don’t get that. I didn’t see Season 4 as jumping the shark–the characters and situations are essentially the same. I saw it as rather a reboot to give it some freshness. I agree with your point about BSG but then again, I didn’t love that show sometimes because of things I do love about Eureka (mostly in terms of execution and having fully developed characters that are actually likable). Nice point about First Wave and Invisible Man though.

        And majestrate, we’re still in season 4. But the confusion caused over their stupid seasons is why Syfy sucks.

      • Tia

        I agree with Kate. I would love Eureka to return to the old time and I miss the type of Sciency show it was in Season 1.

    • Fingerlakes Dave

      Look at “Falling Skies”. Why is that show NOT on SiFi? (I refuse to use SyFy. They can bite me.)
      Well written, well acted, produced, directed and great special effects.
      Also, not a light storyline.

      • Eric p

        Because a different channel produced it for themselves…

  • Dicazi

    I haven’t care about the fate of SciFi/SyFy since they screwed Farscape. They could fold for all I care.

    • grey


      I disowned them after that as well. (I’m still livid about how they treated “Farscape!” Argh!!)

      I just wish they would be honest with themselves and, more importantly, the rest of the world and change their name completely. Regardless of whatever sci-fi shows they rerun during the day they are not a science fiction dedicated channel and they need to own up to that. Stop trying to front themselves as one. Sell the copyright to the name(s) SciFi, SciFy, Science Fiction Channel, etc. and let someone else really and truly provide a science fiction channel. I don’t like to wish ill will on anyone but it really would warm my heart to see them crash and burn and go completely bankrupt. Let them get screwed they way they’ve screwed us sci-fi fans!!

      • Frankenkitty

        I agree!

      • Fingerlakes Dave

        Never happen. Too big a parent corporation.

      • Steve

        Bonnie Hammer was the exec at SciFi responsible for killing “Farscape”. And look at what’s happened to her career. In the great American tradition, she’s failed upwards, become a serious bigshot at NBC.

    • jud

      yep. syfy has sucked for a long time. i tried watching eureka once and nearly threw up it was so inane.

      • Gwen

        “Throwing up” over a television show? Man, you need to get a life!!

      • Mark


      • Chase

        @ jud… Same here. The network needs new management. It shouldn’t be that diffcult to find a tv series for sci-fi fans. No more of this reality crap and fake wrestling.. STOP being cheap…

      • Unhappy camper

        All Sci-Fi has to do is look at the fans of BSG. Maybe not the huge audience that they wanted, but loyal and obsessed with the show. That’s the kind of base they should be aiming for. I don’t even bother checking the schedule for SciFi anymore because they have nothing interesting, just garbage, wresting, and stupid 70’s type monster movies on the weekend.

  • jenjen

    A little disappointed “Haven” isn’t mentioned above. it’s a great show for SyFy and should get some consideration as such.That being said, this channel seriously worries me when it comes to liking shows, it seems like no show lasts long with them. Picky Picky Picky. Love some “Haven” though, hoping we get at least 6 seasons.

    • Erwin

      Don’t mean to scare you but from what I’ve been hearing Haven’s in trouble itself.

      • Fingerlakes Dave

        My understanding is we almost didn’t get a second season.

    • Brian

      I would like to co-sign your entry. Haven is a fantastic show!!

    • Lisa London

      Agreed. I enjoy Haven as well. Hopefully, SyFy will keep it on for another season so we can at least get the major story-arcs properly solved.

    • SM

      I love Haven, but there’s a strong argument that it’s more in the horror arena rather than sci-fi.

      • Lisapeth

        SM, this is exactly the problem! Stop being so strict about what can or can’t be sci-fi.It isn’t all space and time travel. Sci-fi and horror are genres that have traditionally been linked, The X-Files and The Twilight Zone have long been considered sci-fi and are much closer to horror than Haven is.

        On a side note, I have recently discovered Haven and love it. I live where it is being filmed (Nova Scotia, Canada; not Maine for those who may not know) and it is so nice to see the beautiful scenery we have been so famous for be displayed on TV.

      • BJG

        I can accept that horror and fantasy are close cousins to the science fiction genre and I am really enjoying Haven.

      • SM

        Um, yeah, see, the comment was that Haven wasn’t mentioned in an article that is decrying the loss of sci-fi shows on the network. If a show is seen as more horror than sci-fi, it won’t be mentioned among the casualties of dying sci-fi shows.

    • Kate

      Haven had a lackluster start and the fact that it even got a second season was honestly a bit of a miracle. It’s rare these days to get a channel to give something with a slow-burn a chance to ramp up. That being said, now that it is beginning to pay off for those who have watched from the outset, I hope it stays on for a bit. But like Alphas, Haven to me feels like a USA Network show farmed out to SyFy because it’s more a genre show and less a crime-solving show.

    • RJ

      What about Sanctuary? Merlin? Being Human? Those are good shows too. I hope they don’t get cancelled. I am really getting frustrated here, “SyFy and USA are really the only channels I watch because I like/love the shows on them and for some reason USA isn’t loosing any shows, I feel like it is the same as in politics, the reason I don’t vote. What I think doesn’t matter and from reading all the complaints from fans of SGU and others that have been cancelled, it seems like what the majority of the fans think don’t matter. Some of us are watching these shows and enjoying them. Why do we have to be dissapointed? I LOVE Eureka, SGU, and many others that have been cancelled, but I am just one person. Who cares what I think, (not a question, it is a statement).

      • Michelle

        I am frustrated too. We don’t have SyFy as such and have to rely on our networks in NZ to purchase these shows. We just get into a good show and then find out it has been axed. I would like to see one show finish with a scripted ending and not just a season final then nothing. SGU was like that no ending nothing resolved. I hate that. It’s like the last pages of a book are missing.

    • Snsetblaze

      If it makes it, the show will be cancelled after five when actors’ contracts are up.

    • RUCookie

      I enjoy Haven as well…

    • Tia

      I agree also. I think Haven is in the right direction for the channel formerly known as SciFi.

  • Thom

    I may actually have to start watching Syfy again if the new Battlestar Galactica prequel becomes a series.

    • Unhappy camper

      If it’s anything like Caprica don’t bother. That was a waste of time and money. Bring back the real BSG a few years after they settled on that planet.

      • Pardusian141

        DUDE! did you realy pay attention to the ending of the reimaged BSG? The way they ended it was perfect. Personally, I liked the original BSG from 1978 and the final reimaged BSG episode Daybreak was a fitting conclusion to the franchise. BSG was a rare occurance where they actually tied up a lot of plot lines in the end. I didn’t even bother with the spinoff caprica as I don’t have cable tv at my house. My dad does, and he said they advertised it as a show that it wasnt.
        SGU was more my style. True it started off slowly but it was realy picking up in the second season. Farscape was also cleaver. I enjoyed the movie Farscapse: The Peacekeeper Wars that gave a solid conclusion.
        Eureka, tied up most of the loose ends with how it ended. I was happy with that. Yes I want it to continue but I can’t realy do a thing about it….

  • Kevin

    SyFy does not have a Sci-Fi personality. They could just buy secondary rights to all movies and shows and just play reruns. I sometimes sit and watch Star Wars marathons on those other networks – would rather do it on SyFy.

  • Erwin

    I am a bit concerned. However, I won’t panic until they cancel Warehouse 13. Sure, it’s waaaaayyyy more light-hearted than BSG, but it’s one of the few shows I find to be consistently enjoyable (especially in the summer)

    • Kate

      Then you are in luck. Warehouse 13 already renewed for Season 4; it has the best ratings of any of the original content on SyFy that isn’t WWE.

  • Katie

    I’d like an H.G. Wells spin off…especially after watching last nights episode. I think the pitch to SyFy was setting it during the Victorian age. It would be deeper than Warehouse 13 less comical oh and yes the guy from Torchwood needs to be on it I love his and HG’s chemistry.

  • Gerry

    Syfy needs to stop it with the wrestling and reality shows.

    There’s absolutely no reason as to why they couldn’t produce something akin or the caliber of Game of Thrones or Torchwood Miracle Day (okay, maybe not a very good show, but you know what I mean).

    I thought Battlestar Galactica, Farscape and Warehouse 13’s success would lead to the creation of clever, unique programming. I’m still impressed that at one time they aired Lexx — certainly not for everyone, but it was way, way out there and different.

    Now they seem content making low budget reality drivel.

    • Fingerlakes Dave

      Hell, Why can’t they come up with another 10 years of a winner like Stargate SG-1?

      • ErichEpoor

        Simple, because they didn’t start SG-1. It started on Showtime. They picked it up after Showtime wanted to drop it.

    • Aminah

      I liked Eureka, Farscape, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate Universe, Startgate Atlantis, all the Star Trek Series but they always stopped them. But to put reality, and wrestling on a Science Fiction Channel is crazy.

  • Frank

    Alphas stinks. Horrid writing. Even worse acting. Blah! SyFy keeping wrestling – methinks that they have no clue what they want as their demographic for viewers. Personally, I keep my shirt on when watching TV, have all my own teeth, and don’t own a single wife-beater t-shirt.

    • Caitlin

      Yes, because all fans of wrestling are dumb toothless men. Newsflash: there are a lot of other types of people that watch it.

      • Wrestling Sucks

        OK, so you’re a dumb toothless woman. Big difference.

    • Justin

      Wrong, Frank. Alphas is a great show. You just don’t know good shows when you see them.

    • BJG

      Does anybody know what the ratings of SyFy WWE are vs a scripted show like Alphas?

      • Mike

        All i know is WWE is the highest rated show on SyFy almost every single week….

      • Bob

        If you look at the recent episode of each show, highest ratings first, it goes like this:
        Warehouse 13

      • Fingerlakes Dave

        If Eureka is the #3 show, isn’t that killing the goose that lays the golden egg, or one of them?
        Or is it because they have to start paying out the producers and developers of the series at the 5 year mark?
        (I remember something like that from along my years)

      • Heather

        One of the producers of Eureka on Twitter explained it as, they are up there, but the show is costly to make and the brass isn’t getting the bang for their buck.

  • carel

    I would like to add my fury that Eureka is being cancelled. One more wrestling show and I will run amok.

  • David

    With sci-fi and “sci-fi-ish” programming popping up on a variety of channels,(massive shout out to Fringe)SyFy has more to do than just find good programming.It also has to compete successfully with channels that are now dipping their toes into sci-fi and in some cases doing a fine job of it.SyFy is an NBC property which gives it deeper pockets than you might think especially with Comcast in control.Let’s hope they find a way to stand out or if not frankly that the channel fades away instead of becoming a joke.

    • grey

      But they dug this hole for themselves. If they had stayed a true science fiction channel with quality programming, both rerun and original, many of the producers of good sci-fi shows on other channels would have come to them first! Imagine shows like “Fringe,” etc all on one channel! There would never be a conflict any night of the week for us sci-fi geeks. Heck, it would be geek heaven. Every night of the week 2-3 quality, first-run, sci-fi shows to watch! TPTB at SciFy apparently not only never had a decent business model but also no vision of how wonderful the channel really could be. Idiots.

      • pastafarian

        Walking Dead, Falling Skies, Torchwood, Fringe, The Event, V. There’s been a smattering of shows, good and not so good, that coulda been SyFy properties. But even if they stuck with their sci fi roots, who’s to say they could compete budget-wise with some other networks, even with NBC (we’re Number 4!) backing it.

    • Fingerlakes Dave

      Oh. Comcast is in control…..hmmmmm…..

  • Lisa London

    I am very sad to hear that Eureka has been cancelled. I really came to care for these characters – all of them. Not many shows can do that these days. Worried that most of this seaon has alreayd been filmed. Are they going to left us with a cliffhanger? Could they do stand-alone movies a la Stargate SG1 (but better)?

  • Jason

    I don’t get why sci-fi struggles so much on tv when it does SO well in the movies. What is the difference?

    • Lisapeth

      My guess is because to watch sci-fi you truly need to fully immerse yourself in the story. The audience needs to do this for most shows to survive, but it is much easier (and more socially accepted) for people to care about Ross and Rachael, or who Barney is marrying than what planet Cpt. Reynolds landed on last night. Just think of Star Trek, BSG, X-Files or Firefly devotees and how many jokes are made at their expense.

      Movies likely do better because it requires you to only immerse yourself in that universe for a couple hours, while sitting in a dark theatre with dozens of other people doing the same. Also, budgeting for a movie would make the experience that much more rewarding. Then you have the classic movies, such as Star Wars, which have basically become mythical and taken on a life of their own.

      • zathra

        & programs like The Big Bang Theory which perpetuate the stereotype of sci – fi fans as ” geeks “, ” nerds ” dateless / social – life – less weirdos who are perpetual virgins doesn’t help either. I liked the program initially, but it evolved into a version of Two & a Half Men without so much of the locker room humor.

  • stargatewtchr

    first they did in StarGate, then BSG, NOW Eureka? BTW, isn’t SCIFI owned by NBC? MMMMM

    • ErichEpoor

      Yes, and NBC was the network that cancelled the original Star Trek.

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