'Dirty Dancing' remake: EW.com reader outrage heroically captured in 15 Baby faces

Within minutes of our announcement that Kenny Ortega has signed on to directDirty Dancing reboot, many of you had already echoed my own reaction to the news. (EWWWWW.com.) It struck me violently in the face that perhaps the horror of this situation can best be expressed by the original Baby, Jennifer Grey herself.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” –Sarah 

“Nobody puts Baby in a remake! Terrible idea!” –Scout

“Quit killing my adolescent years, Hollywood!” –Lindsay

“This finally proves to me that there is no God. Why must Hollywood remake everything? Vomit!” –S

“WHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!” –Christie Robin

“WHAT?! No. This should not happen.” –Kristen


“Barf” –Tom Bregeron

“No no no no no no no.” –Katie

“Why? Why? Why?” –Kaiulani


“WTF!” –Rusty Shackleford

“I can imagine this version will be cast with two bland refugees from the CW who will dance to a quasi-hip hop soundtrack and will have the chemistry of plain yogurt and two-day-old pizza.” –Mark

“The people greenlighting this crap need to be drug into the street and forced to watch their ‘remakes’ with their eyes taped open MARATHON MAN style. Enough is enough!!!!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!!” –lettergirl

“I think the question everyone wants to know is….will Baby wear a mask with cat ears or will she just wear 3D glasses?” –Matt Damon (although probably not Bald Matt Damon)

“Is this really necessary?” –ice castle

“HORRIBLE IDEA!!!! Leave Patrick Swayze’s legacy alone!” –Jen

Oh, well. It’s happening! In the immortal words of creepy Neil, “Sometimes, in this world, you see things you don’t want to see.”

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  • peggym

    The original was already over -the- top cheesy but strangely compelling. I can’t imagine how it could be redone keeping both those elements.

    • Amanda

      The 80’s were over-the-top and cheesy – that’s why all those movies like Dirty Dancing, Footloose, Fame, Flashdance, etc totally worked and are completely reminiscent of that era. This is a bad idea! Hopefully they’ll rethink it once the new Footloose totally *hopefully* fails!

      • Chase

        Lol!! I don’t know what they were thinking when they started production on the Footloose, remake. That movie is so dated. Name 1 city where teenager’s can’t have a prom??? In the 80’s it seemed somewhat plausible, but not in 2011..

      • Lauri

        @Chase – 2 or 3 years ago, proms were cancelled in a couple of cities – in one it was because a lesbian high school student wanted to bring a female date, in another instance, a school in the south still has segregated proms. Blacks have one, and whites have a separate one. So, the themes in the movie may not resonate today (I am sure if you look hard enough, you will find a small southern town that doesn’t allow dancing, music or alcohol, much like the one in the original Footloose) but don’t be so sure that proms are as universal as you think they are. There are many small towns in the south that are still decades behind the rest of the country.

      • Shannon

        @Lauri – What an ignorant thing to say. You obviously have never been to the “South” Remember Mark

      • Shannon

        Remeber what Mark Twain said, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” Name one town you’ve been to that is “decades behind the rest of the country.” (my first comment was accidently posted by my cat before I finished)
        As for Dirty Dancing, please leave it alone Hollywood.

    • abadstroller

      Agree. JUST LEAVE IT.

      • TFT

        Even during the best decade of the 20th century, there were some things about the 80s that are best completely forgotten, like this movie.

    • steve

      One would think that Hollywood trash gets paid enough and has access to enough drugs to come up with some original ideas. On second thought, maybe the drugs are the reason they CAN’T come up with any original ideas. Anyways, I won’t be wasting $10 to see this in theaters. I probably won’t even waste my dollar at the dollar theater if/when it winds up there.

    • Dee

      This is a worse idea than Jennifer Gray’s nose job.

  • Brian

    Remakes have been around almost as long as movies. If you don’t like them, stop going to see them. Hollywood will continue to make them as long as people continue to spend money to see them.

    • steve

      Thanks, Nostradamus. I DON’T like them and I WON’T see them.

  • Megan

    Eve seeing the words, “the original ‘Baby'” makes me cringe. She should not be the original, she should forever be THE ONLY ‘baby’. There is no way you can recapture what Swayze and Grey had together.

    • Val

      AMEN Megan. They should leave this one well enough alone. I love the movie and it does NOT need a remake!

  • Amy

    This is hilarious. And depressing.

    • TFT

      My first reaction is that it makes me want to vomit. After I’m done vomiting, and I clean myself up, and remind myself never to seriously think about this movie again for at least another twenty years.

  • Karen

    On hearing the news of a remake this morning, I think I vomited a little in my mouth. Leave this movie alone. I feel that Footloose will be forever tainted after what they have done to it.

    • Paige

      My thoughts exactly. If they just must remake a movie, let it be an older movie……….maybe from the 60’s that people have forgotten. Films like Footloose, Karate Kid, and Dirty Dancing are far too new still to be remade. If it ain’t broke, why fix it?? This is why so many of us no longer go to see movies anymore at the theater……….because they have run out of fresh ideas and no one wants to see something recycled that was great enough the first time.

      • Victoria

        Paige, I so totally agree with you 110%

      • joan freeman

        who ever could they get to replace the 2 leading characters in the original? this is one movie they should leave uncopied, look what they did to “An Affair to Remember”

    • Anthony

      I don’t know how a remake can taint a movie for you if you are really a fan of it. You either see it or you don’t. You either enjoy it just as much/ more than the original or you don’t. And you move on.

      And while I don’t agree with this remake or the Footloose one, I will see what they do with the movies first and then make a comment.

    • Bebe

      Is ADD in America really this bad? Can people not remember a movie that’s only 25 years old? What’s even worse is that they’re rebooting SPIDERMAN (starring that charisma-free Andrew Somebody from “The Social Network” yet!) That one’s not even 10 years old!! What was wrong with Tobey McGuire? It’s supposed to be SpiderMAN, anyway, not SpiderBOY.

      • asher

        @Bebe – I agree re: Spiderman, it is way too soon… Makes me feel old old old! LOL

  • Elizabeth

    Mark’s comment was awesome – cool points for him!

    Yeah, as I’ve said with Footloose: pass

  • Megh

    True, some 80’s movies are cheesy, but they worked in that era. Footloose is proof that somethings you just can’t recreate.

  • Brad H

    The audience that the studio thought would watch this, are the people freaking out about the remake. Please prepare to lose every cent you spend. :)

  • Lily

    Terrible, terrible, terrible idea. Nauseating. When I think of the “remade” films and how dreadful they were I wonder why people haven’t figured out that “remaking” a classic is a disastrous undertaking. Anyone see the remake of “Psycho” for instance? YUK. Leave “Dirty Dancing” ALONE!!!

    • TFT

      At least I’m not the only person who vomited. Thanks.

  • Hilaryy

    I’m so sad about this! I hope Patrick Swayze is planning to haunt the person who came up with this moronic plan.

    • SCBR

      I was thinking the same thing! The Swayze cannot and should not be replaced! His dancing should live on forever in the ONLY version of this movie!
      That being said – wasnt there a (terrible) sequel to this movie made in the last 5 or so years with some obscure actors? Havana Nights maybe? Yea, that did SO well I can see why the studio thinks a remake is a good idea (choking on sarcasm)

      • asher

        @SCBR – That is true, there was Havana Nights…although at least with that one they had the guts to relocate the proceedings to a different culture and time period. I heard it still stunk, though.

      • anna

        NO one could take the place of Patrick Swayze or Jennifer Grey! They should let Mr.Patrick Swayze rest in peace..it is just another movie2 remake for MONEY ! its so sad 2 do this! next it will b in 3d then 4d and u want to put other songs in it too! leave this great movie alone why not think of Mrs, Swayze how would she feel she lost a real good man and so did his fans! and jennifer Grey is Great too !

  • Cathy

    Typical Hollywood. Terrified to do an original movie because of $$$. Another movie I WON’T BE SEEING.

    • Freddy

      Exactly! And aren’t all these STEP UP movies, modern versions of Dirty Dancing anyway. YUCK

  • Lori

    One of the things that made the movie great was that th girl was ‘virginal’, and she was not model-perfect. That would never happen in movies these days. Everyone is airbrushed to protection, and certainly no one is virginal. It wouldn’t be believable.

    • Lori


      • Juan

        At least it’s Kenny Ortega, he ain’t that bad, they could’ve done worse.

        They’re moving along with it and there’s nothing we can do to stop it so…

  • M H

    I don’t mind the idea of remakes, but maybe that’s because I come from a background in theater where new productions of older plays are always being put on. I think it’s better if you look at remakes like new productions of old material, and not things that are trying to replace the original. With that said I think there could be room for some improvements over the original Dirty Dancing. Mainly in finding a better actress than Jennifer Grey’s was at the time and strengthening the weaker aspects of the screenplay, like the pregnant dancer. As for Swayze I don’t think you could improve upon what he did in the original, but I’ll remain open to what the actor who takes the role tries to do until I see the new movie. And come on the studio’s even gotten the original choreographer, Kenny Ortega, to sign on to direct. That at least seems to show that they’re all interested in making a new version that is somewhat respectful to the original. That’s more than the studios usually give the fans of the original.

    • Kat

      I sort of agree, but have to point out that movies are more permanent than stage productions. If you’ve seen a production of Les Mis, you just saw one version of thousands with its own cast and crew. If you’ve seen Dirty Dancing…you’ve seen THE Dirty Dancing. A remake would, in essence, replace the original movie, at least for younger people. How many kids are learning what the Smurfs or Alvin and the Chipmunks are through those godawful movies rather than the original cartoons? The same happens with these remakes. Kids will grow up familiar with the new one rather than the old, and a shared cultural experience dies a little. I’m not saying remakes are always a bad thing – when the original idea was good but the execution poor, it’s time for a remake. But when the original is something like Dirty Dancing…let it be. It’s pretty much timeless. Let kids understand that “Time of My Life” was something special BEFORE the Black-Eyed Peas disemboweled and dismembered it.

      • Cindi

        @ Kat and M H… It’s nice to see a well-thought out comment with an equally well-thought out reply that manages to disagree without insulting anyone.

      • M H

        I don’t really buy the argument that movies are more permanent than stage productions, because there are many movies where there are different versions or productions, where I love all the productions equally. Granted all for different reasons. I’m thinking specifically of how I love both the 1950 or 1990’s versions of Cyrano de Bergerac, and even how I love Steve Martin’s Roxanne which plays with the tale and modernizes it. Or even how I love both the original version and the recent Coen Brother’s adaptation of True Grit. All a new bad production of something really does is make you appreciate the older one even more. I don’t think that the newer versions will ever take over the old ones, even for a younger generation, that will grow up with the newer one. Because somehow the younger generation will find the older version. Either through their parents who grew up with the original introducing it to them. Or the younger generation later on going back to see the original out of curiosity. For me it’s like the Nightmare on Elm Street remake from 2010 was a fairly terrible movie but it doesn’t ruin Wes Craven’s original or replace it because the original is still there for me to go out and buy and watch. When you get down to it every generation or so is going to have it’s own version of older works or stories. That’s not something to necessarily complain about, because it keeps the stories out there and alive, and it causes people to revisit older movies. I don’t think there’s ever really been a case where the older generation was ever truly in danger of losing the original version, especially in movies. Except maybe George Lucus releasing his Special Editions of the Star Wars trilogy over the original editions on blu-ray, but that is more like a case where that’s an exception rather than the rule.

      • davey

        Excellent comment!
        “I’m not saying remakes are always a bad thing – when the original idea was good but the execution poor, it’s time for a remake. But when the original is something like Dirty Dancing…let it be. It’s pretty much timeless. Let kids understand that “Time of My Life” was something special BEFORE the Black-Eyed Peas disemboweled and dismembered it.”


  • waiting4godot

    there’s no originality left in HW – they’re all too busy doing drugs like coke or crystal meth.

  • Mimi

    NO, NO, NO & NO….there is no way they can improve on this movie…just leave it alone…would you try to re-make Gone With the Wind? Dr. Zhivago? Casablanca? NO! So leave Dirty Dancing alone!

    • uh huh

      did you really just compare Dirty Dancing to Casablanca???

      I don’t want them to remake DD either (it’ll destroy the wonderful memory of a very cheesy time), but to compare it to Casablanca???? Ridiculous.

    • Bosco

      A very successful series is ending this year- maybe it’s time to reboot Harry Potter? After all, it’s been 10 whole years since the first one came out….maybe someone can make it fresher! (We really need to come up witha sarcasm font.)

      • steve

        That won’t happen for at least another 5 years.

      • Princess Adora


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