It turns out I'm still mad at Zack for trying to thwart Kelly's modeling career in Paris


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Seeing this shot of Tiffani Thiessen and Mark-Paul Gosselaar hugging it out at a charity event over the weekend reminded me that I still have a lot of animosity towards Zack Morris. (Which sucks, because one-time cupcake-feeder Mark-Paul Gosselaar in person is pretty awesome.) He tried to take away the most important opportunity of Kelly Kapowski’s feathered little life because he was afraid he was going to lose her. That manipulative bastard!

Do you ever see photos of perfectly nice actor-people and realize you still resent them for something their stupid characters did? That’s crazy. We’re all crazy!

Funny or Die already covered The 10 Creepiest Things About Zack Morris pretty well. So the real point of this blog item, despite the headline, is that you guys MUST join me in reliving Saved by the Bell’s ridiculous modeling montage from season 2, episode 10: “Model Students.” There’s an Arrested Development hidden gem in it for you if you do…. 

Skip to 1:36 if you’re pressed for time and need no re-introduction to Teen Fashion magazine photographer Adam Trask.

Top 5 Realizations re: ‘Saved by the Bell’ Modeling Montage Now That I’m All Grown Up

5. Lisa Turtle was even worse at modeling than I remembered!

4. Why and HOW was there a Bayside school store? What is this, college?

3. Kelly’s “you caught me on the pay phone” spin-around is the cheesy photo shoot pose I’ve been trying to recreate all my life (and it’s never worked).

2. Someone in wardrobe REALLY screwed Jessie Spano with that dreadful westernwear at the end. All three girls had to do denim-on-denim (and at this point it rightfully sounds like I’m treating this photo shoot like a porn set), but Kelly got to rock what was pretty much a white denim two-piece while Jessi — who was clearly the best swimsuit model based on the creepy cardboard cutouts Scuba Screech had shot during swim team practice — had to wear mom-jeans with huge brown thigh patches. I remember thinking at the time that Kelly was so much better at modeling than Lisa and Jessie that a heavy hand in editing wouldn’t make any difference. But looking back in my old age, this s— was totally fixed to make Kelly seem like the obvious choice.

1. That photographer definitely says “Glasses off, hair down” during Jessi’s “studious yet fashionable” staircase descent. Did the Arrested Development writers have the Saved by the Bell modeling montage on the mind when they scripted Kitty and G.O.B.’s close encounter in the copy room? How awful!

Do you have anything to get off your chest re: the Saved by the Bell modeling montage? And what’s the first scene YOU thought of when you saw Kelly and Zack? It’s gotta be better than mine.

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  • Anissa

    Our high school had a school story. It’s wasn’t large but you could get candy, paper/pencils/supplies, and school branded t-shirts/sweatshirts…

    • Vicky

      Yeah my grade school had a school store too. It was like the highlight of the week. We could skip out on class for like 15 minutes to hit up the school store. Every kid’s dream.

    • ebola

      Yeah, actually now that I think about it my high school had a little one too. It’s a private school, though, so that might make a difference

  • O’Brien

    I still can’t believe she ditched the Semester at Sea. I loved Zack, but come on.

    But I also think of that first kiss, when they’re outside of the dance. Ahh. Memories.

  • rebecca a.

    where is the reunion movie?! I need to see what is going on with the bayside crew. kelly & zack still married? kids?

    • Angie

      Didn’t you see Zack on Jimmy Fallon a couple years ago? He and Kelli got divorced!

      • Jeff

        They’re still together. Zack and Kelly are still married. Screw what he said on Fallon.

  • Kalie

    What still bugs me is Kelly dumping Zack for her creepy boss. To make matters worse, she broke up with the guy a couple of episodes later because he was cheating on her the whole time. I also hated it when Kelly dated her professor in college. It was supposed to be an innocent family show.

    • Amanda

      I understand you hating Jeff, but Professor Laskey was awesome, smart and a total babe. Plus he had the moral compass to break up with Kelly because he felt guilty dating a student. I thought he was pretty nice about it too.

      • Nicole

        Yeah, I totally had a thing for Jeremiah Laskey.

      • Ann

        If he really had a moral compass, he wouldn’t have dated his student/babysitter in the first place. He was twice her age and had already been married and divorced. She was only 18 or 19. Creepy.

  • Chelsea

    Regarding your question about tying character actions to the actor—for me it’s Mary Tyler Moore in Ordinary People. I’ve never been able to separate the cold bitch of a mother she was in that movie from the actual MTM, lol

    Now back to Zack and Kelly…I would have to say the episodes where they almost got back together at Jessie’s father’s wedding in Palm Springs.

    • Captain

      Yeah, I do it too. Especially when the actors seem like their characters in real life. Like Annalynne McCord or Hilarie Burton.

  • Ramona

    um…..what was the arrested development “gem”? i obviously missed??

    • Dr. Lola Spratt

      Glasses off, hair down. Click the hyperlink about Gob and Kitty in the copy room to see the clip. The gem in the SBTB clip above is at 1:47. The photographer says it to Jessie.

      • ramona

        oh yeah! thanks!

  • Kate

    I never liked Zack. He was always so manipulative. They’d have him be nice to people when he needed to be, so you didn’t just hate him. I couldn’t believe Kelly didn’t tell him to wait 6 months, so she could live out her dream. It was only 6 months. If he did lose her it wasn’t meant to be. I didn’t think that part was a great message for teenagers either.

  • WhitneyD

    My HS had a store- you could buy school supplies, sweatshirts, and snacks. It’s where you paid for your yearbook… and where they sold any fundraising stuff for the various teams. Like when the waterpolo team sold their team photo. lol

  • Blake

    This “modeling shoot” episode is as bad as the girls getting their own music video where they worked out in a gym singing “put your mind to it, go for it, you’re gonna break a sweat. Rock and rolllll you ain’t seen nothin yet!” Youtube that!!!!

    • Sputnick22

      I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m so… scared.

    • M

      I loved that song! Oh my you have brought back some good memories.

      • Nicole

        Um, they were a full on girl group, and it was called Hot Sundae. Certain people might have that song on their ipod. 1 2 3 Jump! 1 2 3 Stretch!

        Hot Sundae is not to be confused with Zack Attack, obviously – that was a totally different band that lasted for one episode. At least Hot Sundae used the actors’ own voices though – I could never stand the fake voices used in the ZA episode.

  • Swtndl81

    Still mad at Kelly for cheating on Zack with Jeff!!!

  • C.

    First thing I thought when I saw that picture was, “I wonder if they are still living in that really crappy apartment with the bugs and the dead body outline, etc…”

  • Jenna Fawn

    When Kelly broke up with Zack at the masquerade ball was the first thing to come to mind. As for actor/character association, I have never been able to look at David Carradine and see anyone other than the Evil, slave beating, wife abusing S O B Justin that he played in North and South.

  • Fingerlakes Dave

    It’s GOTTA be a VERY SLOW news day!

  • M

    Their are a few actors I can’t help but look at and only see the characters they played. Examples…Hilarie Burton because I really thought Peyton was a needy, pathetic little girl. Also Vanessa Williams on Ugly Betty was legendary. Every time I see her on Desperate Housewives I keep waiting for Mark her assistant to show up.

    • KBC

      YES! Mark needs to show up on Wisteria Lane sometime.

  • Sara

    I hated Kelly! And everything about her….in high school and in college. Luckily, I got over the hate so that I can now completely adore Tiffani Theissen!

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