Teen Choice Awards: 'Harry Potter' tops 'Twilight' in contest that makes non-teens feel old and cranky


Image Credit: Myles Aronowitz

Dracula must be spinning in his grave.

The Teen Choice Awards create a “choice vampire” category, and the winner is Robert Pattinson’s Edward Cullen for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse?  He beat Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, and Paul Wesley from The Vampire Diaries (which won five other awards), and Twilight co-star Nikki Reed — okay, fine whatever. But, but … he also bested Alexander Skarsgard’s Eric Northman from True Blood?

Nice going, teens.

Okay, deep breath … Maybe the target demographic for the Fox awards show shouldn’t exactly be watching the hyper-sexualized, ultra-violent True Blood, so let’s just chalk this travesty up to inexperience.

Nothing against the girl, but this is the award show where Selena Gomez gets five awards for things like choice female hottie (oh, good Lord). She also won choice TV Comedy Actress, Choice Music Single, Choice … Okay, enough with the “choice already.” She also won best love song and musical group, for her band The Scene.

Rebecca Black, who became famous this year because her song Friday, like the flu, spread quickly around the globe due to how bad it was, won “choice web star.” Obviously, these ain’t the Peabody Awards.

The big showdown was supposed to be between Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Parts 1 and 2 and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, but then it seemed like they were all getting awards, based on genre, or the season their movie came out.


Image Credit: Jaap Buitendijk

In Twilight‘s column, Taylor Lautner won sci-fi actor, Kellan Lutz  and Ashley Greene won the scene-stealers prize, while Pattinson won, as mentioned, best vampire and also best movie actor (yeah, for Water For Elephants, but I’m counting it for Twilight anyway. How many teens do we actually believe saw that movie?)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 1 claimed best sci-fi movie, while the second installment picked up the bigger prize, Choice Summer Movie. Tom Felton won best villain, and Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson won choice summer male and female stars, respectively, and jointly claimed the best “movie liplock” honor for Deathly Hallows — Part 1. Other liplock contenders were Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer for Beastly; Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman for Black Swan (all right, high-five on that one, teens); Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, Twilight: Eclipse; and Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, also from Eclipse.

Although it’s a little convenient to divide up “choice movie actor” from “choice summer movie star” (what, Pattinson’s no good in the summer?), but we’ve obviously got to call this one for Harry Potter, which bodes well for your taste, teens. We all know Twilight drives a certain number of you bonkers, and hey, my two-year-old is crazy for The Smurfs, so different tastes for different ages, I guess. But on behalf of the millions of non-teens out there, you made the right choice on this one.

And maybe I’m being hard on you. There was sincerity in the speech given by Demi Lovato, who had a rough year of rehab, depression and eating disorders, but looks to be back on a healthy track. She won best summer song for Skyscraper, and the Inspire Award, which led her to thank her fans for supporting her during her hard times. “I couldn’t have made it through the incredible journey that I went through without your help and your strength that got me through it. You guys are what got me through this last year,” she said. Considering we’ve all seen what happens when a young artist says no, no, no to rehab, let’s hope this one continues toward a happier ending.

Yeah, teens, it wasn’t all cringe-inducing. You gave Rebecca Black a prize, (you couldn’t have made up a more appropriate “choice survivor of online vitriol” trophy?), but you also bestowed five on the undeniably talented Taylor Swift: country star, female artist, country single (Mean), break-up song (Back to December), and fashion icon, as well as the “ultimate choice” honor, whatever that is.


Image Credit: Chris Polk/KCA2010/Getty Images

But then you go ahead and give “choice action stars” to Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie for The Tourist? I’m one of the few who actually liked that movie, but … really? Action stars? For that kind of frothy, romantic shenanigans movie?

Look, I know I’m being hard on you. And these are not The 34-year-old Guy Who’s Probably More Than a Little Jaded After Consuming So Much Pop Culture Awards. But, I’m just … All right, moving on.

Justin Bieber won some awards. SHOCKER! But … okay, yeah, this is funny. You named him choice male hottie, a crown he shares with girlfriend Gomez. And he got choice male musical artist, but also best (ugh, I can’t keep saying “choice”) TV villain for that psycho kid he played on CSI. All right, that’s offbeat. But best of all you named him “Choice Twit.” I mean — LOL, teens! And he was obviously right there to hear it, and …


It’s for favorite celebrity on Twitter. Uh huh. Well. This is awkward.

I guess after all this old-guy ranting, teens, you’re pretty ticked off at me. And maybe I flew off the handle a little. It’s your prize; you can give it to anyone you want. I’d argue that maintaining credibility means it’s not a good idea to just go throwing surfboard trophies to everyone like it’s some kind of instantly forgettable popularity contest or something. I mean, you don’t want to become the Golden Globes, right?

But I say all this in jest. Just kidding around, teens. Maybe you’ll consider me if you ever had a category for “Choice Hissy Fit” or something, right?

Ah. You already have that category. Ed Helms won it for The Hangover: Part II.

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  • maka

    Usted es solo un amargado.

    • TFT

      United in the lonely armadillos of love

      • KC

        Selena and Bieber look like Teen mom and son in that picture.
        Just saying.

      • Mike

        Totally unrelated, but is anyone else thinking about the Holiday Armadillo right now?

      • Rashad

        The Teen Choice Awards is such an annoying award show. Just AWFUL

      • Ash

        Selena Gomez looks like Justin’s young auntie. And her head is so much bigger than his, and no offence to Gomez, but he looks more feminine than her. Anyway, I hate these awards. Just reminds how annoying hollywood is.

      • Jason C.

        Who makes up these awards?! Twilight and Harry Potter are now considered science fiction! What is scientific about vampires and wizards?! Nothing, these should be fantasy, not science fiction!!!

      • Dominic

        Thank you Jason for nailing the true crime in these awards…my god, if the teens can’t understand the differences between fantasy and sci fi at their age then how on earth will they ever run the world one day!

      • Viv

        @Mike, I am now! “It’s the holiday ARMADILLO!” I’m glad they use the phrase “Choice actor” rather than “Best actor” it keeps it real and puts the emphasis on the fact that these aren’t awards based on talent.

      • april

        you all win twit awards

    • Cygnus

      My biggest complaint is that they’re throwing in R-rated shows for teens to vote on. Should they really know what Ed Helms did in Hangover II? Should they really know about Alexander Skarsgard’s vampire in True Blood? Granted, the whole Teen Choice Awards is a giant popularity contest, and amounts to nothing in the grand scheme of things, but isnt their Twilight, Harry Potter, Beiber, Swift Fest enough? Why throw in the R-rated nominees at all?

      • “A giant popularity contest . . .

        [that] amounts to nothing in the grand scheme of things.” Cygnus you’ve just described every single award show from the Oscars on down.

      • Cygnus

        Actually, Oscar and Emmy winners go on to get substantially larger paychecks for a movie or two or more. Teen Choice gets those actors and actresses nothing more than some screen time.

      • Cassie

        Oh yes, because teens NEVER watch R rated movies OR True Blood. Give me a break.

      • Andrea

        I agree, they should’nt include the R-rated things, but not because teens shouldn’t be watching the R-rated things. They shouldn’t include the R-rated shows because they’ll never win. Even if the Twilight franchise made a movie even Stephanie Meyer couldn’t stand behind, the movie and it’s cast would still win an outlandish amount of awards. Being a 16 year old who has never watched the trash that is the Teen Choice awards, I happen to think it’s ludicrous that Alexander didn’t win Choice Vampire or best or whatever stupid title they come up with, because Eric Northman is truly one amazing character, and certainly the best out of the vampires he was grouped with (although I do admittedly adore The Vampire diaries). I don’t even think most teens have watched Alexanders fantastic portrayal of amnesia-ridden Eric, which, therefore, doesn’t even make them suitable voters. But, oh well, I guess it is just the Teen Choice awards, it’s not like Alan Ball cares if they win or not, he has repeatedly stated True Blood is intended for adults. Now I completely understand that statement, it’s intended for adults because teens/tweens vote Edward Cullen, a sparkling broodfest, over Eric Northman, a vampire of many layers and always has you wondering what will happen next. Way to go, fellow teens.

  • Ray Tarantino

    This was definitely the most C-listy Teen Choice Awards ever. There were no good performers and, for those of us who can’t tell our Demi Lovatos from our Selena Gomezes, it was extremely light on actual celebrities.

    • Regina George

      And the definition of actual celebrities is?

  • COOL

    Big Time Rush should have been nominated

  • Lane

    yeah I just don’t get teens. and i’m just barely into my 20s. I don’t get the justin-bieber-as-a-hottie-thing, I don’t get why those terrible twilight movies are so popular and I don’t get the selena gomez thing, at least in regards to her music, she is gorgeous. I just. don’t. get it.

    oh well.

    • Fanta

      I don’t get it either. When I was fourteen my hottie was Leonardo DiCaprio.

      • K

        Check out a picture of Leonardo Dicaprio on Growing Pains (when he was about 16 or 17), you might be surprised by your 14 year old self’s taste in “hotties.”

      • Shannon

        I never could bring myself to have the hots for Leo until he beefed up and and manned up in The Departed and so on. Until then, it was just more like, “Yeah, he’s got a cute face. I mean, for a beanpole of a dude.” Girls around me in 8th grade were losing their freaking minds over the guy and toting around pictures of him, but I just couldn’t partake with it all. The dude looked incomplete.

      • ^

        Dicaprio doesn’t look right beefed up. He looks….swollen. He’s trying to hard to get rid of that baby-faced image to take on more serious roles and it”s not working. I think he’s a decent enough actor but I think he’s miscast most of the time just because of his looks.

      • HaHa

        EW will see the light one day that Twilight and Bieber are all passing fads and will be printing/posting “Guilty Pleasure” articles that will laugh and point at the popularity of such mediocrity.

      • Cygnus

        I get older but the Teen Choice Award female hotties stay the same age. (thanks Wooderson!)

      • LisaB

        Here’s the thing: I don’t think anyone involved with Twilight or those of us who love it (and I am so not a teen) would argue that it IS just a guilty pleasure. But it’s a fun, sexy little guilty pleasure for millions, so why knock it? I don’t spend my time knocking other people’s perplexing taste in how they occupy their down time (like reality TV and current music trends). Live and let live . . . and look forward to more substantive work from my favorite young actors, Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson (in fact, see some of their previous work, some of which is really enjoyable and entertaining, after all, isn’t that what it is supposed to be?)

      • Marcy Runkle

        Because soooooo many people don’t see Twilight as a poorly-written, schlocky guilty pleasure. They think it’s genius. Which is just so, so sad.

      • jj

        nope didn’t find leo cute at 14. don’t find him that attractive now, but definitely more than when he was just a skinny gangly kid with a big head.

      • keke

        for the record i also never thought NKOTB or N Sync or any of the bubble gum pop groups had any hot guys in them. i guess teen girls like that kind of look bc it seems “safe”? Like you don’t think Justin Bieber is capable of date raping you- he’s cute but you could take him….

      • jj

        “Because soooooo many people don’t see Twilight as a poorly-written, schlocky guilty pleasure. They think it’s genius. Which is just so, so sad.” This explains my hatred all of things Twilight so perfectly. I don’t care if you like crap, but don’t act like it’s not crap. Don’t even try to compare it to real works of art. And calling Stephanie Meyer a good writer is like calling Snooki a good writer.

      • Fanta

        I was fourteen 5 years ago. I am just saying that when I was a teenager I did not fantasize on babies.

      • Me34

        Everyone here is being extremely shallow and they’re fighting for who is the “prettiest” or “hottest” celebrity. It’s just sad. And now the storm of complaints about my comment will start in 3, 2, 1… -_-

    • Maddie

      Yeah, i’m only 20, but those two look like little kids from my perspective. Selena really looks like she’s hugging her younger brother.

      • dear abby

        Eh? Who cares if they look like little kids? I believe she’s a year younger than you and he’s not far behind. Your age shows in the way that you criticize them solely on their appearance, by the way.

      • Adam

        I was thinking the exact same thing. He’s apparently 17 but the hair makes him look like he’s 12, AND I think some girls I know have grown more facial hair. I refuse to believe she is 19…

      • koalialoalo

        well considering that the category was choice male hottie and female hottie then yes, i’d judge them solely on their appearance

        i just turned 21 and i wouldn’t vote the beibs as a hottie…selena is really pretty – kinda weird naming her a hottie though

      • LisaB

        I have had the same thought for some time. He looks like a little boy, and acts like one, too (e.g., the reference to Jesus loving all of us on the Teen Choice Awards — REALLY?). She is not going to get past those baby cheeks of hers by latching on to a boyfriend that looks like he’s 12. Yuk. I find them very uncomfortable to watch. No real chemistry whatsoever.

      • lulu

        my husband is 3 yrs. younger than me / went through the early years with people thinking I was his MOTHER! but it evens out – he is the one with gray hair now / not me! (but he still has a baby face!)

    • Kirsie

      Even I don’t get it, and I’m 15, turning 16 in a month. Justin should have won the twit award, except have it relate to him being a retard… I do not like him at all. And Twilight is dumb. The books were OKAY but the movies just turned into crap. And Harry Potter should’ve won more awards… grr..

      • Regina George

        Well, I just had to say this….. Harry Potter won all the good awards! Suck it, Twihards!

      • Kahta

        @Regina…Grow up!

      • Regina George

        I’m sorry if I deeply offended any Twihards. I understand they are very passionate, borderline obsessive. My apologies.

        But you can still suck it!

      • Katyo

        In my experience, the anti-Twilight crowd is just as, if not more so, obsessive about bashing it than the fans are about praising it. I’m 30 years old, I liked the books and the movies aren’t bad. They remind of what it was like to be in love at that age, when you’re young and naive and think your boyfriend or girlfriend is the most important thing in existence. It amazes me that some people waste so much energy rabidly and relentlessly bashing a series of books/movies and their fans. Criticism is one thing, but going out of your way time and again to be negative is just pointless and silly.

    • Anon

      Because those aren’t teens: they’re tweens! I swear I’m a teen I should know! The media loves to get those two age groups mixed up when they are not the same!

      • dear abby

        I believe you just won the internets for the day. A spot-on statement.

      • Lane

        ahhh very true. then I edit my statement, I don’t get tweens. at all.

      • chris

        hear, hear!

      • Woot

        Yup, hit the nail on the head. I’m 19 and none of my friends like Twilight or any of that Justin Bieber crap. A couple of my female friends were on the Twilight bandwagon back when it first came out, but they wisely moved on (though we all love Harry Potter, and always will.)

      • Gabe

        Anon you are exactly correct! Thank you!

      • Blonde South

        Very true.

  • lol

    show was a bore, but i think it was nice of rob pattinson to take the time and talk about Cancer Bites which is a new campaign.

  • MJ

    I’ve never completely understood why the celebs show up for this show. I mean, I am just trying to imagine how agents sell it: “Ok, you will go deaf about halfway in from girls screaming for Bieber and Twilight, but you’ll win a cool fake surfboard!”

    • Cris

      Tweens rule the world nowadays. That’s how the agents sell this. This show is more bogus than the MTV Movie Awards … people show up because tween girls are the ones with all the disposable income nowadays, and they’re the ones who go to see Twilight and all that other crap five times.

      • Lauren

        I’m a tween and I hate Twilight. Not all tweens love Twilight.

      • Blonde South

        That’s true Lauren, not all tweens and young teens like Twilight or Justin Bieber but the ones who do are the ones are most majorly feeding the Twilight and Bieber monsters.

    • dear abby

      Seriously? You don’t know how the agents sell them on attending an event where they’ll be served on a silver platter to not only thousands of the people who make them their money, but millions at home as well? Yeah, I’m sure it’s really difficult.

  • Ron

    These awards are as useless as the MTV movie awards. Same movies (Twilight and Harry Potter), same “actors” and same winners. Teens will regret their decisions in about 3 years thankfully.

    • madscntst

      Actually, the MTV movie awards are much worse. At least the Teen Choice is *supposed* to be about what kids like. When MTV started, it wasn’t just for kids; now it’s an embarrassment.

  • Super Bass

    all that matters is i saw my future husband and father of my many babies tom felton and my gigolo ian somerhalder

    • dear abby

      Oh, how I laughed at this. But poor Tom Felton. He overdid it a bit in Planet of the Apes. I saw it this weekend and after my husband chuckled at his overacting, I noticed several other people in the theater laughing at him as well. I know he was playing a ‘bad guy’, but he really did lay it on way too thick. I liked him a lot better in the second Deathly Hallows. But back to the laughing. I’m never, ever calling Ian Somerhalder anything but ‘my gigolo ian somerhalder’.

      • Shannon

        lol, yeah, me neither. “My gigolo Ian Somerhalder” he shall be.

    • Shannon


  • Meg

    I’m 17, and while I enjoy plenty of the stuff on the TCAs (TVD, Harry Potter), these awards aggravate me every year. Some of the categories are just ridiculous (Hissy Fit? Really?), and the fact that anything to do with Twilight means an automatic win is just annoying.

  • A

    Justin Bieber wins best, er sorry, “choice,” TV villain for a guest role on CSI? This is why award shows like this are dumb.

    • Cris

      … and why teens are dumb …

      • Cassie

        Tweens, as one of the above posters pointed out.

  • Sara

    No every word you spoke was true! These teens should be ashamed of themselves. I don’t think there’s ever been a generation of teens and tweens that idolized such garbage. The two biggest upsets for me was:
    Choice Vampire- Robert Pattinson…um Edward is not a vampire. I refuse to call him a vampire and he should never have been under this category. You have vampires like Eric, Damon and Katherine and these ridiculous teens pick the sparkly fairy. *rolls eyes*
    Choice Hottie: Beiber???? The 12 yr old grl is a male hottie??? and he was in the same category as Ian Smolderhotter. What is wrong with the world. If this is the next generation, I’m terrified!

    • anti

      excuse me Sara, edward is more of a vampire then you are, he gave a new perception of vampire. Old perception ugly ,old. disgusting!

      New perception, vampire looks good, smells good, has a good heart , doesn’t have to kill human for blood etc.

      • Kal

        You obviously never read Dracula.

      • Kirsie

        ……… Really anti? Really? First off Sara wasn’t even saying she was a vampire?? And the “New perception” as you call it is more like: Looks ugly, how do you know how Robert Pattinson smells? Probably disgusting cause he smokes. I’m gonna stop here before I jump through the computer screen and knock some sense into you…. I am ashamed to be a teen nowadays -_-

      • Sara

        First of all, horrible comeback about me not being a vampire or wtvr? That just made you look bad. Second of all, there are good looking vampires today like Eric and Damon…i wouldnt call Edward a good looking vampire anyway. Besides, Stephenie Meyer didn’t create the idea of a good looking vampire. LJ Smith wrote TVD back in the 90’s. So no Edward didn’t bring any new perception to vampires…in fact he isn’t a vampire at all. But he did teach me a lot about this new creature called the EmoSparklingFairy! fascinating stuff!

      • A real vampire

        Hey, anti…At least Sara is real. Edward is a figment of your imaginaton.

      • Sara

        Wow. Your response back to me proves every point I was trying to make….Instead of making valid points you just sit here and insult like a petulant baby.
        Anyway, I read TVD back in the 90’s so yes I was a major fan of the “new” type of vampire way before SMeyer decided to completely deface the whole mythology of vampires.
        @everyone else: I would also like to point out that before I said teens should be ashamed of themselves when I really should be blaming those pesky tweens! Apology to all teens out there!!!

    • Dave

      LMAO @ what an idiot ‘anti’ is. “Edward is more of a vampire than you” lmao, is that supposed to be an insult directed at Sara? As if Sara is trying to be a vampire? Anti, did you know that vampires aren’t real?

      • anti

        yeah, who cares who create whom first, the fact is you have bad taste. Sara, what I mean is that you are ugly and disgusting!

        Of course vampires are’t real , if you can read.
        Who cares about vampires before twilight? None the followers (VD and TB) came after twilght, stupid thing as summit can make a movie even if you give them 100 miilion dollar budget.

      • Red

        Dear Anti,
        I would just like to point out that 1) you are being extremely rude. There is absolutely no reason to call someone ‘ugly and disgusting’ just because they have a different opinion than you. 2) There are different version of vampires, and just because others consider the classic tale of Vampires does not mean that they have bad taste, just as it doesn’t mean you have bad taste for preferring the newer version of Vampires. 3)We all know Vampires aren’t real lol. It was more of your statement that ‘Edward is more of a Vampire than you are’ that made it seem as if you thought otherwise. 4) Several people care about Vampires before Twilight. Dracula was THE Vampire/Story WAY before Twilight even existed, as well as Interview with a Vampire. 5) Although the shows Vampire Diaries and True Blood came out during the hype of Vampires through the Twilight movies, the books DID come out before Twilight. VD was published in the 1990s and the Sookie Stackhouse novels were first published in early 2000s. 6)Summit created the first Twilight movie on actually a smaller budget, it was the fan base that made the movie as popular as it is. The movie itself was deemed rotten on RottenTomatoes.

        So Anti, please do us a favor and don’t make judgements unless you have logical and/or at least decent reasoning behind it. You only appear close-minded. Everyone has their opinion, no need to bash on others about it (and I actually mean this towards everybody).

      • manon

        Okay, I risk to be shot after this, but, reading all these comments about vampires, I really don’t get it. I don’t get the fascination for the vamp things. I like the reaction of Red because it’s reasonable and mature. I’m not into the Harry Potter series, though I know the quality is very good and it may win the awards it deserves. I love the Twilight Saga but, as the majority of its fans, not for the vamp things primarly but for the classic love story and its lead actors. Vampires are just what they are: fictional characters and every author or filmmaker has the freedom to handle this stuff, following his own imagination. I don’t get why people just can’t appreciate different opinions, without judgement. That is immature reacting. I gave True Blood a chance when it came on TV in my country and I can’t help it but everytime I saw the fangs and the fake blood I started laughing. It is really not my thing but I understand people loving it so it’s all right to me. But please, what’s the difference between adults and teens or tweens about this matter? Adults’re liking fangs, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Green man or whatever!! Do I have to judge all these people only because I don’t like it at all? When I was young I read the classics (Dostojevski, Tolstoj) and I thought I knew everything best lol. Now that I’m older I realize I don’t know anything but I like to enjoy some lighter stuff from time to time. Nothing wrong with that. Keep it cool, people lol

      • jj

        ok. i’ve just got to ask. how is Twilight a “classic love story”? All i’ve ever seen is a bunch of characters who are obsessed with one another!! I guess that appeals to teens and tweens and immature adults who think that obsession equals love. But i’m saddened that more people don’t know better. No wonder we have people stuck in abusive relationships or that commit murder sucides over loved ones. Somehow people have gotten this sick and twisted impression that obsession is a good thing. That stalking is ok if you say you are doing it bc you love someone!

      • manon

        JJ, I don’t get why everyone is reading so much in literary candy, what the Twibooks are. The love story is classic because of the theme of forbidden love. Obsession? If you are a reader you have to know that many novels are about obsession, normal relationships don’t sell, too boring I think. Romeo and Juliet weren’t obsessed with each other? Cathy wasn’t obsessed with Heathcliff? It’s not because these theatre play and book are world literature that the theme isn’t the same. So all lovers of this genre are stuck in abusive relationships? I wish it was that easy but, believe me, in my long career working in psychiatry, this link is never made lol. Why does nobody mention that apart from your points Twilight is about respect for each other, something many young girls don’t find anymore with their boyfriends. You can see it both ways but it still remains literary candy for everyond who like it. Point.

  • Rolo Tomasi

    I like how the writer works for a company that contributes ad nauseum to the popularity of these celebrities and movies. Irony

    • dear abby

      The writer also works for a publication (not a company – there’s Time Warner, and then there’s EW) that loves to dive into both sides of things, yet still sell magazines. I don’t find it ironic in the slightest. Is it ironic when a local newspaper prints a rebuttal written by someone in response to an opinion piece by one of their reporters? No, it’s just good journalism. And this was funny, which makes it even better.

  • Emma

    At least we got one right, for sure: Best Breakout Star, Darren Criss!

    • LizzieK

      Agreed…now if only we could get Starkid songs on Glee…

  • j quinn

    im sorry, but really???
    “choice vampire?”
    why on earth would they add that category? am i the only one who found that category to be really stupid??

    • dear abby

      No, definitely not. “Okay guys, let’s make a category where members of only two casts can be nominated!”

      • lol

        not as bad as the one they had last year with best teeth or smile.

  • Sharon

    What I don’t understand is how movies like Black Swan got nominated for a teen awards show when it’s rated R… how did these “teens” see it, I’m pretty sure the majority of teens haven’t seen this movie because their parents left them. The teen boys only voted to the kiss in this movie because it’s girl on girl action. Whatever. I don’t get Teen Choice Awards. (I didn’t even get it when I was a Teen)

    • Gabe

      I was 15 when it came out, and my parents took me to see Black Swan in the theaters. We loved it. I probably would’ve voted for it had I even remotely cared about these awards.

      • dear abby

        Yes, but clearly you have to know you’re in the minority. Most teens, or tweens I should say since that’s who really decides these things, haven’t seen Black Swan. And ‘I was 15 when it came out’? What, are you sixteen now? Couldn’t you have just said that instead? Very little difference, I assure you.

      • Gabe

        Yeah I’m 16 now, it doesn’t matter much.. But I don’t feel like it’s that much of a minority… A lot of my friends have seen it or want to see it, and they are all 16 or 17 too… I’m just saying that not all teens should be lumped together like that.

    • what

      There were MANY rated R (or the equivalent from tv) that were nominated. I do not understand this. Shouldnt ALL the nominations have to be the equivalent of PG13 and lower?

      • Sharon

        @What: That’s what I was getting at.
        @Gabe like Dear Abby said, you are the minority, how many of your friends have tried sneaking into a rated R movie because their parents wouldn’t take them? (I worked as a Manager at a movie theater, so I know the majority of teenagers try this) If you’re a teenager 18 and under, you’re grouped together, it’s just the way it works.

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